Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Law & Order LA “Hollywood” Advance Photos

NBC has released a few more photos from the premiere episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles, which will air on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 10 PM ET (check your local listings). These photos feature Alfred Molina as DDA Ricardo Morales, Regina Hall as DDA Evelyn Price, Cory Stoll as Det. Tomas "TJ" Jarusalski and Skeet Ulrich as Det. Rex Winters. (You can find the other photos from this episode at this link: Law & Order: Los Angeles Advance Photos )
My recap and review of Law & Order: Los Angeles "Hollywood" can be found at this link.

All photos by Dean Hendler/NBC

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Anonymous said...

Is it any truth to the rumors of Catherine Dent guest starring on LOLA?

gahks said...

Haven't heard anything about Catherine Dent. But only twenty days to go until curtain up! Dick Wolf, Rene Balcer and Blake Masters had better make this a worthy successor to the mothership!

All Things Law and Order said...

A few sources have reported that Catherine Dent will have a guest starring role in an upcoming episode (the episode was not named).

Eric said...

To All Things Law And Order,

We were told to do this today, but I am a procrastinator:

You know what has happened with "LOCI" since 2008, what fans are did/and are doing about it from September 2009-present We want to pursuade Mr. Matt Nix and Mr. Dick Wolf to do a "Law & Order" project in Miami to replace "CI" on USA Network. and the petition:

Think you could help your fellow fans out?

janethyland said...

Giggle! Im right behind Molina here.....

He looks complex,disarming in a strange way ...though Im not sure about the buddha haircut.

could be interesting.