Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Law & Order: Los Angeles Promo Ad

Here’s a newly released promo ad from NBC for Law & Order: Los Angeles. (Click on image for a larger view.) Don't forget to tune in Wednesday September 29 at 10 PM ET for the premiere!

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Anonymous said...

Nice cast pic but who cares....

Vincent is back on Criminal Intent for a tenth and final season!!!! This news is from the Futon Critic.

I hope they bring Kate back for the big send off.


Anonymous said...

Dick Wolf should be ashamed of himself for allowing this crap on the air. At least the promos are terrible, and looks like the acting is worse than what we saw in the last season of Criminal Intent.

Bring back the mothership!! Come On TNT...you're already airing last season's episodes. Pick up the original and make some new episodes.

gahks said...

The ad is boring, but at least the cast pics are quite good.

I'd hold off judgement, Anonymous, until we see the first few episodes! Just like the mothership, it could take a couple of weeks before the show really hits its stride!

New episodes of the mothership on TNT would always be ideal, but at the moment I just can't see that happening. I guess we have to be content with what looks like an awesome cast on 'Law & Order: LA'!