Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Law & Order: Los Angeles Set Tour (Photos)

Here are several still photographs from last week’s set tour of Law & Order: Los Angeles, which include cast members Regina Hall and Alfred Molina. If you missed the videos of this event, which included a great tour of the set, you can find them here:Law & Order: Los Angeles Behind The Scenes and On Set Interviews.

(Photos used with permission)

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Sherice Bethel said...

i will be watching law and order tonight. law and order is a really good show. terrence howard will do such a good job on the show. terrence howard is such a wonderful actor. terrence howard is my favorite actor. i am such a big fan of terrence howard. i wish terrence howard all the best.

Edna said...

Skeet Ulrich, out of LOLA was a big mistake it was pure stupidity.