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Law & Order CI “Inhumane Society” & “Three-in-One” Episode Information & Advance Photos

Law & Order Criminal Intent finishes its 9th season with a double header on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 beginning at 9:00 PM ET on USA Network. Here is the episode information for “Inhumane Society” and episode information and advance photos for the season finale, “Three-in-One.”

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Inhumane Society” Air Date July 6, 2010 (9 PM ET/8C Tuesday USA Network)
An up-and-coming boxer's career tanks after his involvement in a dogfighting ring is discovered by the police. Then, his troubles continue to mount when his partner is found dead. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Three-in-One” Air Date July 6, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Tuesday USA Network)
The body of a successful real estate agent is discovered in a basement, bled out. In order to understand the suspects, Nichols is forced to rely on an unlikely resource - his own father (F. Murray Abraham). Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Photos by Will Hart/USA Network

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Law & Order CI “Palimpsest” Recap & Review

All Photos from USA Network

The episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent “Palimpsest” seemed to be an attempted mash-up of Dan Brown Meets Agatha Christie Meets Sherlock Holmes Meets Clue. It all boils down to “the butler did it” – they called him a caretaker but he really was just the butler. Ancient books, an excommunicated priest who belonged to an extremist Catholic sect, along with lots of flashbacks plus a mystery woman all made for an episode that had possibilities but quickly descended in to the category of cheap drugstore mystery paperback. When Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) says the case was anything but standard, this was the clue that this episode was going to go way off formula, if this show even has a formula any more.

We aren’t given a reason why Nichols is in London speaking to the Mystery Woman, I can only guess that since Goldblum is starring in a play in London called “The Prisoner of Second Avenue” that the producers of CI wanted to take advantage of his presence there by filming a scene or two. The series also seems to be working hard to make sure Goldblum is surrounded by beautiful ladies, since his partner Serena (Saffron Burrows), his previous love Lenore, and Mystery Lady were all beautiful (maybe it is in his contract). In a strange way I liked Goldblum in the episode – he looked great, and the back story seemed to fit Zach Nichols. I think Goldblum fans would like this episode because it showed the romantic, soft side of Zach. “Classic” LOCI fans probably hated it because it was far outside the traditional method of storytelling for the show. For once viewers got what really seems like a Major Case – two dead guys in a mansion – and the writers blow it with a cheesy story.

There was also an odd scene in the Major Case Squad when Nichols goes to a computer to research Granius Licinianus and the computer screen is completely black; Nichols types in what seems like two or three keys and magically the picture of the person he was looking for pops up. Completely unrealistic and sloppy.

By the way, guest star Louis Cancelmi is married to Sam Waterston’s (Law & Order) daughter Elizabeth, and is also brother to Annie Parisse (Law & Order).

Here is the recap:

Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) is in London, and meets with a mystery woman and talks about a case he had just worked. While he tells her the story, he flashes back to a murder scene at a mansion, the mansion belonging to Palmer Abrigaile, dealer and collector or rare books. Palmer and Dylan Weld, art collector, are dead in Palmer’s home, with Major Case – Detectives Nichols and Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows) on the scene. Nichols knows the Abrigailes. They view the scene where Palmer and Dylan lay dead, and at first look it appears Palmer and Dylan killed each other with swords. ME Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) tells the detectives both had bled out. Nichols sees that Palmer has the sword in his right hand which is strange because he had a condition in his right hand which would have made that difficult.

Nichols meets Palmer’s daughter Lenore (Mili Avital), with whom he has a past, and who seems quite spacey and out of it. He is happy to see Nichols and he has to break the news to her that her father is dead. When she becomes upset, he consoles her. Later, Nichols tells Stevens that his father and Palmer were old friends (he and Palmer had played chess) and his father had treated Lenore and she appeared to be developing schizophrenia. Nichols says she was “wonderfully odd.”

Later, Stevens speaks to Captain Callas on the phone and she is worried that Nichols is being affected by the case and thinks he should go home. The caretaker, Richard Celeste (Erik Jensen), with blood on his clothing, approaches her and hands her a camera. He tells her that Palmer recorded a message on it the previous week and said if something happened to him to give the camera to police.

Merrill Abrigaile (Brennan Brown), Palmer’s nephew and executor of the estate, approaches Nichols and Stevens and tells them that Palmer was in heavy debt. When Nichols introduces himself, Merrill tells him he is listed in Palmer’s will to receive a chessboard. Lenore is set to receive the bulk of the estate.

The detectives watch the video of Palmer and he tells them that he is being blackmailed by Dylan and if he is dead, it was at Dylan’s hands. He also said what Dylan was doing to Lenore was unspeakable and Palmer says he will try to end it soon. He wants Lenore to be able to stay in the house because she is best there. ME Rodgers entered and tells them that both men had disabling blows to the head and had been stabbed afterwards – she believes the crime scene was staged. Lenore walks in the next room, and dances and spins in front of them as in her own little world.

Back in London, Nichols continues to tell his story, saying that he still loved Lenore and what she had once been. He hoped she would say she killed both of them so he could have gotten out of there. Back at the crime scene, Nichols and Stevens speak with Lenore who seems to think that her father is away and she is without a protector. When Nichols seems to be playing up to Lenore, Stevens tells Nichols he does not think it is right to charm Lenore.

Back at Major Case, Captain Zoe Callas (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) says that the ME has ruled it as a double murder. Nichols tells her the ME thinks the scene was staged, but nothing seems to be missing. Callas recalls reading something about an especially rare book , and this jogs Nichols memory, who recalls the book “The Lost Licinianus” written by Granius Licinianus, which is part of early Roman history, and the book is priceless, if it even exists. The book was allegedly passed though collectors over the years but one did not admit they had it. Bernard (Louis Cancelmi) and Regina (Geraldine Hughes) enter, very upset, saying they are friends of the Abrigailes. They later tell Nichols and Stevens that Dylan was a parasite and would sell books to people that they would later find were stolen. He would then blackmail them by telling them he would make their possession of a stolen book public. Palmer paid the blackmail and then allow Dylan to have his way with Lenore. When Stevens tells them they got a call that a moving van has arrived at the crime scene, the two become worried.

Nichols and Stevens arrive on the scene and they order Merrill Abrigaile to stop moving everything. Nichols get very upset. Later, he speaks with Lenore and she calls Merrill a thief. She said Merrill was there the night before to try to convince her father to get her to move out. She gives Nichols a book that belonged to her father. She tells Nichols she loves him but is not free to marry because she has to take care of her father but says if he promises not to tell anyone they can be lovers again. He asks her to tell him about who was there last night after Merrill left. She said Dylan and the “man who comes at night” and says no one sees him. She says if Nichols comes one night maybe they can look for him.

Later, as Stevens updates Callas via phone, Nichols catches up with her and they see Merrill in a scuffle with Bernard and Regina trying to get Bernard to open his coat. Nichols makes him open it and they see Bernard has stolen a book. The caretaker looks on.

Back at Major Case in interrogation, Bernard tells them they have kept Palmer afloat by pilfering. Regina shows them their checkbook showing this. They said that Lenore lives the same day over and over again When Nichols asks if they ever heard her refer to “the man who comes as night”, Bernard can only think of Merrill, who was always pressuring Palmer. Back in London, Nichols tells his lady friend that Merrill wanted Palmer and Lenore out of the way to take care of the estate, saying that greed may be the standard reason for murder but this case was anything but standard.

Back at Major Case, Callas tells the detectives that Merrill is facing disbarment, accused of setting up various legal clients with blackmailer Dylan Weld. Stevens also finds that Celeste’s British passport is fake. Nichols gets a note that was left on his desk, from Lenore, they were invited to a dinner party, a formal wake for Palmer.

At the Abrigaile mansion, Lenore is having her party, with the detectives, Bernard and Regina, and Celeste is waiting on them. Nichols dotes on Lenore. She tells Nichols that her father bought the book “The Lost Licinianus” and her father says she has seen I a hundred times but has no memory of it. She has no idea where it is. Nichols asks if they can take a look for it after dinner.

Later, Lenore takes them into the library and they all look for the book. Merrill tried to get Bernard and Regina to assess the value of the book. They are unable to do so but add that the book is part of one of two portions of Granius' history of Rome, the other is a fragment in the palimpsest in the British museum; the palimpsest being an ancient book that has been erased and written on a second time. With modern technology it is possible to read both without destroying them. The book make contain a Roman view of the trial of Jesus that may differ from what we now know. They hear a strange noise and the detectives head off to search for the source. They reach Palmer’s room and find Celeste saying he was putting Palmer’s clothes away. Stevens notices a sleeping pill and Celeste said he left it for Palmer last night. When Nichols asks about how to get to the attic, Celeste says he does not know. When Celeste leaves, Nichols checks the cabinet that Celeste had been in, and sees a small case with a priest’s case used for the last rights, and wonder if Celeste was a priest.

Stevens has her laptop with her, and they find that Celeste was born in Quebec and ordained in Canada, and he served for 9 years as part of a sect called “The Conclave” who they say are more extreme then the Opus Dei. Celeste had been excommunicated for destroying church documents relating to the purging of Jews from Spain. Nichols says this is all helpful but they need to find those noises at night and the attic.

Nichols and Stevens search the house and find a hidden doorway to the attic, with many books stored. They also find lighting that would help a person read a palimpsest. Someone set it up and would come up there at night looking for “The Lost Licinianus” and Nichols has an idea who.

Nichols speaks with Lenore about the book she always carries and when he asks to see it she gives it to him. She lays down in bed and he covers her. She says he is lucky he is not sick like she is sick. She says he had no choice to leave him, she understands, and he should not be sad. She says she is fine her in this place. He tells her some things are going to happen – confusing and disturbing things, but this will always remain her home.

Later, they ask Celeste to get everybody except Lenore to the attic and he is going to reveal the killer.

Back in London, Nichols tells the woman that he didn’t know if he was right but the pieces were starting to fit. He did not want Lenore there to risk a breakdown but he wanted to know who wanted it most and why. Back in the attic with the group, Nichols first accuses Merrill, telling him that Dylan did not kill Palmer, the scene was staged. As Celeste brings in refreshments, Stevens tells him to be careful as the bag on the table contains evidence. Nichols continues to pressure Merrill, saying that since he is in the will, he can contest it and he tells Merrill to get an attorney. He turns his attention to Bernard and Regina, saying that Palmer saw who was in the attic and wrote it down in ancient Greek, and the paper dropped out of his pocket. Bernard can read Greek but says he did not read the paper, and Nichols says only one person is there who had read the name, and it was someone who wanted the book, and Nichols turns to Celeste and asks who is he. Nichols tells Celeste when he mentioned to him in the hall he found Palmer’s killer that Celeste froze momentarily in concern. He adds Celeste smiled when he brought in the brandy and he saw the note in the evidence bag and read the name and it was Bernard’s. Nichols mentions the seminary and the Conclave and The Lost Licinianus and Celeste says that he did read the note but he did not kill Palmer and the note says so. Stevens tells him that Palmer didn’t write it, Nichols did, and that his reaction is as good as a confession. Nichols says that the book Lenore had is a palimpsest and he shows Celeste the text that appeared under the special lights. Nichols says Celeste wanted to burn the book because it posed a threat to his single minded faith. Celeste says killing Palmer was not his intent, it was just an obstacle. Celeste lunges at Nichols and the book and he is deflected, but then pulls a gun and shoots it but Nichols deflects the shot as well. Celeste says he is on a mission from God. Nichols holds the book in front of him and Celeste asks if he can have and touch the book. Nichols says no.

Back in London, Nichols tells the woman when he found the priests kit in Palmer’s drawer, that is when he knew – Celeste killed Palmer and Dylan and then gave them the last rights. The woman asks what will happen to Lenore, and Nichols says she will be OK; the book collection turned out to be very valuable and she can stay in the house as long as she wants. Back at the mansion, we see the police taking Celeste away, and Lenore asking Bernard and Regina why. Bernard says things will come back to normal and they will continue to be part of her life and look after things there. Lenore walks up to Nichols, who says he is leaving. She asks him why he never kissed her. He says he will and when she asks when, he says tomorrow. We hear Nichols back in London speaking with the mystery woman, saying that you only fall in love for the first time just once, and Lenore was that person for him. She was not just beautiful, she was magic. As we see him walking away, we hear him saying he is going to finally let go of this, and that it is so mysterious, it is not like when they first fell for each other, and if you really love somebody, maybe it never goes away…and we fade to black.

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Law & Order CI “Palimpsest” Episode Information & Promo

Here is the episode information and promo for the June 29 new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “Palimpsest.”

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Palimpsest” Air Date June 29, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Tuesday USA Network)

The ghosts of Nichols' past return to haunt him when he's called to investigate the murder of an old friend; an eccentric book dealer who lived in isolation with his only daughter, a troubled young woman who once held a fond place in Nichols' heart. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Palimpsest" can be found here.

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SVU to Exit NJ; L&O Sets Still Standing reports that Law & Order SVU will exit its New Jersey filming location because of the suspension of the New Jersey film and production tax credit. It also reports that SVU may move to NYC to the vacant Law & Order set. The full story is at this link: 'Law & Order: SVU' Leaves New Jersey Over Nixed Tax Credit & May Move Into 'L&O' Set

The Gothamist reports that the Law & Order sets are still there, and you can see some nice black and white set photos at this link: Law & Order Sets Are Still Standing

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New ADA for Law & Order SVU

EW’s super-scooper Michael Ausiello is reporting that Law & Order SVU is close to hiring a full time ADA. His sources confirm that actress Paula Patton is in advanced talks to take the ADA role. Ausiello says that Patton will replace Sharon Stone...who had replaced Stephanie March, who he says “has since moved on.” He adds that representatives for NBC and Wolf Films declined to comment. Stay tuned!

Michael’s story can be found at this link: 'Law & Order: SVU' exclusive: 'Precious' star circling new ADA post

Update July 21, 2010: It's been confirmed by several sources - Paula Patton has joined Law & Order SVU to play ADA Mikki Von.

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Law & Order CI "The Mobster Will See You Now" Recap & Review

All photos from USA Network

“The Mobster Will See You Now” was interesting story and again they made some nice casting choices for the supporting players. Adding to the interest was the appearance of an ADA, and while this was a stereotypical ADA who is there only as an obstacle, it makes me think of how much more compelling the show was in the early seasons when it had a regular ADA with Courtney Vance as ADA Carver. I did have one question early on in this episode – is this still the Major Case division or is this now just considered a homicide division? I ask because Nichols himself referred to “homicide” being called in, and it was again what seemed like a routine death. I would really like the series to get back to major cases because I think that the higher stakes cases make for more intriguing episodes.

The dialog was improved this week, the only drawback is that it seems each week I am increasingly distracted by Saffron Burrows and what seems to be self-consciousness on her part about speaking her lines with an “American” accent. It is almost as if I can see her mind working on how each line has to come out of her mouth. Unlike other Brits such as Linus Roache or Hugh Laurie who seem to speak “American” without any effort, Saffron does not seem comfortable with it. I still think that Goldblum would be much better served with a different partner next season – and yes, I hope the show has another season.

Here is the recap:

At a cookout, a group of what seems like mobsters – Henry (Adam Rothenberg), Blev (Vincent Curatola), Cubby (Peter Appel), Dom (Lenny Venito) , and Annie (Cathy Moriarty) - talk about their next “business” opportunity. Elsewhere, Joel (Daniel London) finds out he may be facing criminal charges for medical “upcoding” violations and Les Tarney (Paul Urcioli) blackmails Stan for $3 million to not go through with the charges. Afterwards, when Joel tells his business partner Shelly (Kelly AuCoin), Shelly wants to tell Henry but Joel says to say nothing about it. Later, Henry rushes into the emergency room with Dom. But back in his apartment, Les is laying dead on the floor, a woman calling leaving him a frantic message asking where he is.

Later, ME Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) is on the scene with Detectives Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows). the victim's ID says he is Les Tarney, US Department of Health and Human Resources, Associate Inspector General. He choked to death about three hours ago, around 8 PM. Homicide was called in as the woman who found him lost it and said someone murdered her fiancé. Stevens notices his plate is turned the wrong way.

The detectives speak with the Julia Hiken (Erin Fritch) who was “engaged to be engaged” to Tarney. Les was supposed to pick her up and he never showed. She came to his place and used they key under his mat to get in. She is an RN and could see he was dead and thinks someone killed him. When Nichols says his death appears accidental, she disagrees, saying that someone did this and he was working on something big but did not know what it was. Forensics finds a pill on the floor which is not anything like what is in Tarney’s medicine cabinet.

Back with Joel and Shelly, they discuss that Tarney is dead and Shelly seems happy but Joel thinks Shelly talked. Shelly says he didn’t talk and says Henry is nothing like his father Magglio DePiano and this was an accident.

In the morgue, Rodgers shows Nichols the huge piece of meat lodged in Tarney’s throat but his stomach was empty. She also found heavy traces Inderal in his system which can cause difficulty in swallowing. The pill that was found in his apartment was digoxin, which is for congestive heart failure. But his heart was good, and Rodgers says she is getting ready to rule out accidental. Stevens also comments again that his plate was turned the wrong way.

Back at the hospital, the same gang that was at the cookout now stand over an unconscious Dom in his hospital bed and discuss his condition. Henry says he is so sorry.

Back at Major Case, ADA Roydell Getty (Nick Sandow) who is Bureau Chief of Trial Division, enters and Captain Zoe Callas (Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio) introduces him to the detectives. He got a call from Health and Human Services to follow through on the case because of many death threats to their workers since the health care reform bill passed. The only thing suspicious in the apartment was the Inderal and Callas wonders if Tarney got it from his nurse girlfriend Julia.

Later, with Julia in interrogation, she is upset at their questions. She said he wanted the beta blocker as they work like tranquilizers as he had to be totally calm for a meeting about that big deal. She said she told him just two pills and he took three and she admits she stole the pills.

At Les’ office, they find that he had a meeting at 5:30 with Dr. Joel Silverstern at Tribeca Community Hospital. She says Les made everyone around him miserable and he enjoyed it. The detectives then speak with Joel who says they were just going over merger guidelines with HHR. They notice a horse racing photo on the wall and Joel admits his partner Shelly Spring plays the ponies. Stevens gets a call saying that forensics has something.

They get back to Major Case and find that based on the position of Tarney’s plate he either had to be on the other side of the table to make the cut into the steak or someone else did the cutting. Nichols thinks someone killed Tarney and then put the steak in his mouth. Rodgers says a guillotine choke would not leave a mark which cuts the blood supply to the brain. Since he had Inderal in her system, Getty wants to open a grand jury on the nurse, Julia. Nichols thinks it’s Joel and Shelly but Getty still thinks both the Inderal and Julia are the key and Callas tells the detectives to pick her up.

With Julia back in interrogation, she said she warned him about the Inderal and says Tarney has zero people skills but he was kind. As they lead her off, she objects and says she did not do this.

Meanwhile, Joel is back in his office and when he drops his pen, he gets under his desk and sees a listening device. He later tells Shelly he thinks Henry DePiano did it and knew that Tarney was blackmailing him. He tells Shelly to check his own office.

Back at Major Case, the detectives tell Callas that Julia was spotted by the doorman leaving her place at 8:45 when Tarney was killed. Callas tells them that Julia has been arraigned and charged – and she managed to post bail, took a cab home and she jumped from a 10th story window.

Later, Nichols seems regretful. Stevens finds that Silverspring, Joel and Shelly’s company, is in partnership with Law Chair Investment Group, with principal investors Dominic Fibrigazzi, Anthony Blevvins, Theodore Vibiam, and Annalisa Gentileo, and Henry DePiano. Nichols recognizes Henry’s name from his thug father, Mag, who is in Rikers.

The detectives go to Rikers to speak with Mag (Joseph Siravo ) about Henry who says they haven’t spoken since his mother died. He says Henry sweet talked his friends into investing in a hospital, admits he was in contact with the others in the partnership and tells them that Dom collapsed and Henry knew Dom had heart problems.

In Henry’s office, they ask him about Dom and Henry says questions about what Dom is taking for his condition should be asked to his MD. Nichols notices a gold plated stethoscope in a special case which was a gift from his partners. Later, in the elevator, the detectives continue to question Henry and ask about Tarney and mention his meeting with Silverstern and Henry says Joel never mentioned it. He says when Tarney died, he was at home grilling with Dom and is going to see him now. The detectives tag along and question Dom. They tell him a digoxin capsule was found at Tarney’s and when Dom tells them to ask Tarney about it, they tell him he is dead. Dom also said when he fell ill he could not get the child proof cap off his digoxin bottle. They ask him about Henry’s alibi and says that Henry saved his life by getting him in his car and taking him to the hospital. Nichols implies that Dom was at Tarney’s to kill him. Dom says he is retired. After the detectives leave, Dom tells Henry he screwed up and they are on to him. Henry apologizes for getting him involved.

Later, at Henry’s, Joel and Shelly confront him about the listening devices. Henry denies it and says his investors think this is a clean investment because they gave him his word. Joel tells Henry that Shelly is buying him out and he is moving on, and Henry says no he is not. Joel makes a threat to Henry and storms off. Later in the evening Joel is mugged and brutally beaten, Joel using his car panic button to get them to run off.

In the hospital being treated, Joel speaks with the detectives and ADA Getty and says Shelly had been claiming his track losses on his personal income filing and when it came time to get a loan for the hospital they had to go to DePiano’s group for the loan. He tells them Henry bugged their offices and this was beat down because he wanted out. He wants protection.

Back at Major Case, they tell Callas the latest with Joel and that the beat down was a message. Nichols thinks Dom was involved in Tarney’s death and Stevens notes that Dom had his heart attack the same time Tarney choked to death. Getty says juries don’t convict on coincidence. Dom’s prints do not match what was on the capsule and says there is no probably cause to Dom. Getty also thinks Joel may be lying his ass off and seems to think Nichols is bigoted to Italians. When Nichols asks if the people in HHR are sleeping better because an innocent woman jumped to her death, Getty goes after Nichols and has to be pulled away. Getty says it has to be done right.

Later, Nichols thinks about Henry and his father and tells Stevens the whole thing seems familiar. He later finds a case about a person who was a witness against Magglio who was found dead from accidental choking. They think Dom cleaned up Henry’s mess by killing Tarney. Stevens says they still need Dom’s prints. They head over to see Henry and tell him Dom is going to prison for killing Tarney and said they found his finger prints on the bugs and think Henry had Dom murder Tarney and stage it to look like an accident. Nichols mentions the doctors and their upcoding scheme and Henry denies any knowledge. Stevens tells them the duty nurse routinely changes some of the medial equipment when it becomes too soiled and they got Dom’s prints from that. Nichols said they can’t prove Henry ordered the hit and Dom won’t give him up. Nichols beings up Henry’s issue with Henry not wanting to be like his father, and Henry says he is legitimate businessman but Stevens says Dom did all the dirty work. When Henry shrugs it off, Nichols gets on his case about Henry’s indifference and that Henry seems to be trying to get approval from his dead mother. When they imply he is just like his father, he says he hates him, but Nichols says what Magglio did ate up Henry’s mother inside. Nichols says if Magglio knew what Henry did this past week he would be the apple of his eye. After thinking it over, Henry says he will tell him what happened with Tarney if Dom doesn’t do time and he wants their word. Stevens whispers to Nichols they don’t have the authority, but Nichols agrees to it anyway.

Back in Major Case in interrogation, they talk with Henry and ask how he found out about the blackmail and he said from Shelly. Henry wanted to scare Tarney and he took Dom to the meeting for show and he asked Tarney to knock down the price but Tarney laughed. Henry snapped and killed him and Dom tried to stop him. But Dom got ill and Henry told him to get in the car while he finished off Tarney and cleaned up and make him look like Tarney choked, something he learned from his father.

Afterwards, Stevens is suspicious that Henry knew the chokehold from Dartmouth and thinks Henry lied about the whole thing. Nichols says somebody has to answer for the murder of a blackmailer and asks if it should be a mobster with a bad heart and a capacity for good, or a kid who never knew the meaning of the word good. Getty walks in and asks how they got to Henry, and Nichols says they mislead him into thinking they had Dom’s prints, and Getty says that is within the guidelines. Nichols also says he promised Henry that Dom wouldn’t do time and Getty asks Nichols who died and made him district attorney? Stevens tells him Julia Hiken. As Henry is being led off, Getty tells him Dom has been released from the hospital and he will personally make sure he is brought up on charges. Henry is led off and Stevens steps away from Nichols, leaving him to stand there in his own thoughts as we fade to black.

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Law & Order SVU Guest Star Emmy Ads "For Your Consideration"

Here are copies of the Emmy “For Your Consideration” ads (from Daily Variety) for Law & Order SVU; one is a group ad for all guest stars and another is for Ann-Margret only. I haven’t received copies of any ads for Law & Order or Law & Order CI – if there even were any ads placed for those shows. If anyone can verify whether the other L&O shows have ads and where I can get scans of them, I would post them here for everyone to enjoy.

On a side note, if I was picking nominees from this group of SVU guest stars, I would choose Jill Scott and/or Lisa Arrindell Anderson, who both had great roles and performances in the SVU episode "Disabled." On the other hand, if the Emmys had the Oscar equivalent of the "Razzies", I would think Sharon Stone would win hands down.

I certainly hope that S. Epatha Merkerson from Law & Order gets nominated - and wins - for Best Actress in a Drama for her role as Anita Van Buren. It was her best year ever and her performances were convincingly real and incredibly moving. In fact, the writers did an excellent job in developing her storyline and they deserve recognition as well.

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Law & Order CI "The Mobster Will See You Now" Episode Information

Here is the episode information for the June 22, 2010 new episode of law & Order Criminal Intent, "The Mobster Will See You Now".

Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Mobster Will See You Now” Air Date June 22, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Tuesday USA Network)

A government official blackmails two doctors for overcharging patients before he is killed. The doctors have another secret to protect, however, and worry that someone will find out mobsters financed their practice. Stars Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent " The Mobster Will See You Now " can be found here.

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Law & Order CI “True Legacy” Recap & Review

All photos from USA Network

Law & Order Criminal Intent broke the streak of bad episodes with “True Legacy”, a story about a connected political family who will kill to protect the image and the family legacy. It provided a slight twist at the end, with the matriarch of the family actually coordinating an affair between her husband and daughter in law in order to produce another son. Yet again, the guest stars seem to be far more interesting than the detectives working the case, and I am not sure why the show seemingly continues to make Nichols and Stevens so low key. Regardless, the episode was interesting and while somewhat predictable, I enjoyed watching.

The downside is that Law & Order Criminal Intent, which in my opinion has always been the weakest of the shows in the Law & Order franchise, has nothing compelling going for it. Jeff Goldblum’s character has lost the spark that he had when she first appeared with the series, and his work partner Serena Stevens, played by Saffron Burrows, has virtually no chemistry with not only her partner nor with other characters. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, despite her brief appearances, seems to light up the screen and brings energy to her scenes. I still have high hopes that the show can recover with Goldblum in the lead role, but they need to bring some of Zach Nichol’s energy and eccentricities back, as the show needs a jolt.

Here is the recap:

The owner of a food truck, Ryan Foley, of “Foley’s Movable Feast” is found dead in the trunk of his car in an airport parking lot. Detectives Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows) are called to the scene. The victim had been shot, the gun dumped in the truck with the body, his ID also with his body.

Back at Major Case, the detectives confer with Captain Zoe Callas (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and the detectives tell her the gun is untraceable. The surveillance camera in the area had been shot with a paintball gun. Ryan was divorced 5 years ago and has no children and no evidence of acrimony. His office said he was gone for a few days but would not say where, and Callas tells them to do a scan of all the airlines out of LaGuardia. They later find he booked a flight to Miami but he changed seats after he boarded and sat in coach and they found he sat next to Angela Caldera.

Later, the detectives are at the apartment of Rick and Angela Caldera (Holley Fain). She says she knew Ryan but not well, they use his catering firm. She is special counsel on Senator Caldera’s campaign and she is the Senator’s daughter-in-law. Ryan said he was having problems with his food truck business and said she did not see him in Miami. Rick Caldera (James Martinez) arrives and she tells him Ryan was killed. Rick says he has his own business and does not work on his father’s campaign. Afterwards, the detectives comment that they noticed Angela cringed when Rick touched her and suspect she did not cringe when with Ryan.

Later, Angela is at home talking with her mother in law Marta (Laura Harring) about her sister who is ill. Senator Victor Caldera (Jose Zuniga) arrives and asks Angela about his speech tonight. When Victor tends to his grandson, Rick comments to Angela he thinks they should have another child.

Back at major Case, they see footage of the driver of Ryan’s car who is wearing a gold Rolex but whose face can’t be seen. Callas tells them she got a call from CSU who said they found the keys to the BMW in a trash can with a partial print which matched prints on the trunk that match Angela’s, who is in the system for a DUI. They think she and Ryan had a lovers getaway in Miami and realize that with the Senator up for re-election, this may cause a media frenzy. Stevens thinks they could use this to their advantage to get Angela to open up.

Back at home, Angela is getting ready for bed and seems upset. Rick asks her if she has been crying but she says she is fine. Rick says she is barely looking at him and asks what is going on, saying she can talk to him. She says she is just tired. He asks her to promise she will never leave him and she says no, never.

The next day and in a playground, Stevens talks with Angela about the evidence they have. Angela says she can’t do this with her son there. Stevens asks what she is so afraid of and asks if she wants her to bring her in and have the tabloids involved. Angela says Ryan left Miami early as another food truck vendor was giving her trouble and suspects it may be the Falafel King. She admits that she got a message when she got back she got a message from Ryan telling her he wanted to see her and where to find his car and she found his body. She dumped the keys in the trash and ran. She says her husband does not know about the affair and even if they did the Calderas would never let her leave. She saw a lawyer and was told that Victor would oppose it and he refused to represent her.

Back at Major Case, they bring Callas up to speed. They tell her Rick is an only child and has never held a job in politics. But Angela is front and center in the campaign and her ethnicity may have opened up the Senator to a wider constituency. A campaign photo shows Angela and her son Bobby but Rick is not pictured. Callas says they need to know what Rick knew and when he knew it, and when Stevens tells Callas that she told Angela that Rick would not be told, Callas overrides her.

The detectives speak with Rick with what they know and he says it is just a rumor and that Angela would not do this to them, saying she went there for her sister’s surgery. When Nichols says the Miami hotel confirmed Angela and Ryan were there together, Rick wonders if they think he killed Ryan. The detectives press for his whereabouts that day and he says he took his son to school , bid on a scaffolding job, and then went to this mother’s with his son in the afternoon.

At Foley’s Moveable Feast, they speak to Mrs. Dugan who works there are says the Falafel King has grabbed all their territory since Ryan’s death and their trucks were vandalized while Ryan was in Miami. She said that the Falafel King told her that Ryan went to Miami with Angela and she told Ryan about it.

They speak with the Falafel King and says he does not play dirty, he just works hard. The detectives think he told the Senator about Angela having an affair with Ryan. He blows them off. The detectives now wonder if Victor Caldera is involved.

Back at Major Case, they go over all the info they have on Victor. He met Marta Castillo as undergrad at Columbia and see that Marta’s father is General Omar Castillo, and think she learned a few tricks from him and thinks she helped create Victor into a Senator. They look at Victor’s motto, “Family power, the core of our strength” and wonder what did Victor do?

Later, the detectives watch as Caldera makes a campaign appearance with his wife and grandson. The detectives approach and ask to talk to Victor about Ryan. Marta’s brother is there and Nichols notices he is wearing a gold Rolex, which Marta said belonged to her father. They asks Victor about the Falafel King and whether sweetened a deal with info about Angela and Ryan. Marta comes up and makes a veiled threat to the detectives.

Back at Major Case, they check out Marta’s brother Hernando who is known as “Uncle Nando” and was arrested 15 years ago for beating a man to death but it was changed to a self defense plea and all charges were dropped, during Victor Caldera’s stint in the attorney general’s office. They think Victor owed his political rise to Castillo family money, and Hernando is now beholden to Victor and Hernando becomes the “go-to” guy for family problems – like a cheating wife.

At home, Angela is trying to leave and Rick uses force to stop her. He is becoming violent and the police break down the door and pull Rick away. Meanwhile, Bobby is at Victor and Marta’s home and Marta gets a phone call and tells Victor Rick is in jail because he attacked Angela. She says they need to post bail and make a public show of support – for Angela.

Nichols and Stevens are at Angela’s and she blames them for what happened because they shamed him. They tell him Victor already knew. When they mention Hernando she says she would not “do that” for Rick. Nichols suggests witness protection but she says Victor Caldera is a powerful man. Afterward, they think Angela is just plain scared and wonder if Victor had been trailing her for a while and maybe there were other affairs and decide to check her travel records and see if they match with Hernando’s.

Back at Major Case, Angela’s travel records always have her in the company of her father in law. They realize that Angela had Bobby while on one of those trips out of the country with Victor and Marta and Rick arrived later. Callas wonders why.

At Victor’s, Angela asks if Bobby is ready but Victor suggests Bobby stay with them and also says this does not mean she should leave. He says to salvage this Senate race it require sacrifice and says she should go under a doctor’s care for mental problems and say this is what cause the family crisis. When he tells her she will make a public statement, she says Rick will never go for his and he says like Rick, she has no choice, and asks where could she go that they couldn’t find her. He asks if she is sorry for what she has done, and then he kisses her. They don’t realize that Marta is watching.

Victor Caldera has a press conference on the topic and asks for their love and prayers. Callas and the detectives watch on TV at Major Case and Stevens says sometimes Angela registered on trips under her maiden name of Scanlon but Caldera was always there. They wonder if Rick is in denial and Callas suggest they offer him a dose of reality.

With Rick in interrogation with his lawyer, the detectives point the finger at Victor’s involvement and says Rick had to know about Angela and his father. He says he knows how it looks but is satisfied nothing was going on. He said is mother was that convincing; when she tells Victor to jump he says how high. They show him pictures of Angela and Victor together during Rick and Angela’s first year of marriage. He calls him a dirty rotten bastard. His lawyer tries to stop Rick from talking but he says he is his father’s lawyer and not his and he wants him out. Rick then asks if his father is going down for Ryan’s murder and Nichols says there is a way to make it true.

Later, at Victor’s office, Victor asks Rick if he is working with the detectives and wearing a wire. He says he is not there with a wire, he wants compensation for his grief and is taking Bobby away from them. He also tells Marta that Bobby is out of their lives, and says now it is all about money. He tells his mother it is her money and to buy Victor out of it, and she offers him $200K, and he suggests more like $500K. She says he will have it tonight and says he has suffered and one day this will pass. She hugs him and shoots a glance at Victor.

Later, Hernando arrives with a briefcase of money, and when he hands it to Rick he says he is sorry Rick is leaving the family. Rick says it is for the best. When Hernando moves to walk away, he turns back with a gun and immediately the detectives and police appear with guns drawn, and Hernando is arrested.

At the Caldera home, the detectives arrive with police in tow and Rick is also with them. They tell Marta they know why she wanted her son dead and why she wanted her brother to kill Ryan. The empire is hers, not the Senator’s. Marta is stunned when Angela arrives, and says the betrayal is now complete. They tell her Angela never broke from the plan, that the family bio says the family liked to nurture troubled young women and Marta singled out Angela and mentored her. She says when Angela called her from Miami she had Hernando kill Ryan and it was important that Angela saw Ryan’s body to warn her that nobody leave the fold. Angela asks Marta if she know she was sleeping with Victor, why didn’t she want her gone? Nichols told her that she had to stay, she is Bobby’s mother and that Bobby is the “son of real promise” and he will be to the family all that Rick was not. Nichols also says Marta wanted Victor to seduce her as she needed a surrogate, someone obligated to be in the family. Nichols adds there is a paternity test at the hospital San Nicholas which was requested at Bobby’s birth – requested by Marta. Marta could only give Victor one son. Marta calls her son a cowardly boy and knew that she and Victor had a problem with him. Stevens says the crime is not having a son, it is lying and killing to have one. As Stevens cuffs Marta, Nichols tells Victor to call his lawyer and that Victor will be surrendering at Centre Street.

Outside the home as Marta is being led to the police car in cuffs, the detectives watch as Angela tries to reconnect with Rick and Bobby as we fade to black.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Law & Order LA Character Profiles

EW’s Michael Ausiello has posted the character profiles for the new Law & Order LA team. Here they are:

Detective Rex Winters: A handsome, rugged ex-Marine in his early 40s, Winters has the intuition of a natural cop. His experience during the Rodney King Riots — which occurred during his second month on the job — shaped his philosophy on policing. Basically, the world is chaos and people are either good or bad. He’s currently married to his ex-partner. Seeking a Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic actor.

Detective Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski: A mid-30s Hollywood native, TJ possesses a cynical view of the entertainment industry. He’s affable, smart, and confident. In contrast to his partner’s black-and-white view of things, TJ sees all shades of gray. He’s also a health nut with an active social life — which is typically code for major hottie. Seeking a Caucasian actor.

LT. Park: Captain of the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division, the fortysomething Park is a cool professional who keeps his/her private life private. He’s also a passionate advocate for his/her detectives. Seeking an Asian actor or actress.

ADA Peter Morales: An offspring of a political family, Morales — who is also in his 40s — is a “battlefield general” in the courtroom yet “coarsely sardonic and self-deprecating” in real-life. Seeking a Hispanic actor.

DDA Eva Price: This brainy and drop dead gorgeous assistant prosecutor doesn’t take crap from anyone. Seeking a Caucasian or African-American actress in her 20s.

Michael Ausiello made his own casting suggestions, which you can read on his article here: Armchair Casting Director: Law & Order: Los Angeles

My general opinion is that these profiles are like horoscopes – they paint a rather abstract picture and really boil down to shallow traits that could fit anybody. (The line “drop dead gorgeous assistant prosecutor doesn’t take crap from anyone” earned an eye roll from me. This is probably code for "needs lots of cleavage.") I don’t have a real preference to whom they cast – although when I first heard about Law & Order LA my mind first landed on Enrique Murciano (from Without A Trace). Otherwise, my mind is a blank on casting, and now that I’ve read these character profiles I still don’t have any strong opinions. All I know is that if they cast it badly, the show may flop quickly. I’m trying to keep an open mind about who they cast, but will be the first to criticize if they screw it up, after all, it’s what I do best!

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Law & Order CI “True Legacy” Episode Information

Here are the details and promo video for the June 15, 2010 new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “True Legacy.”

Law & Order Criminal Intent “True Legacy” Air Date June 15, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Monday USA Network)

The owner of a popular food truck is murdered, his body left for his fiancée to discover. What some dismiss as a simple street rivalry leads to a powerful political family who'll do just about anything to maintain their dynasty. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "True Legacy" can be found here.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Science Behind Law & Order

For your enjoyment, here’s a humorous look at the science behind Law & Order

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Law & Order CI “Lost Children of the Blood” Recap & Review

All photos from USA Network

This is one of those rare instances where I have to say that I hated an episode. Law & Order CI “Lost Children of the Blood” hit on just about everything that I don’t like – a story that is too dark and too ridiculous, lifeless acting from the leads, stiff dialog, and anything with vampires. When Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) makes a reference to Carl Jung , saying that all disturbing thoughts should written down and filed away, I found myself laughing, thinking that is what the writers should have done with this episode – filed it away…in the circular file.

The series is doing a terrible disservice to Jeff Goldblum. I thoroughly enjoyed most of his episodes last season and I anticipated the same spark to carry through this season. Instead, they’ve paired him with a character that adds nothing to the show and writing that drags viewers into a coma. I am starting to believe that the problem is not Saffron Burrows but more her character Serena Stevens, who seems to be too low key and too sleep inducing. But before anyone attributes my dissatisfaction with this episode to the absence of Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, this episode could not be saved even if it were Vincent and Kathryn in it.

If you are a vampire fan you may love this episode, but if you are a fan of the Law & Order brand, you may be better served by passing up this episode.

Here is the recap:

A Goth-looking college student, Sarah Price, is found dead in her bed after a night of partying with a guy. Later, with Detectives Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Serena Stevens on the scene, ME Rodgers determines Sarah has been exsanguinated. Nichols sees a new edition of a book by Carl Jung called the “Red Book” and it has a note inscribed from “K.” When Sarah’s sister Caroline, and father, an Ohio congressman (Dan Butler) arrive, her sister says Sarah like to read about the occult and thought her recent attire meant something was wrong. Her father thinks it was a phase. Caroline said Sarah hated her father’s world, the public life, and she longed to escape. Her father thinks whatever she found killed her.

Back at Major Case, they discuss what they know with Captain Zoe Callas (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). They think they need to uncover her missing life and go back to her professor at East Side College, who speaks very highly of her but doesn’t know anything about her life. Stevens gets a message that Sarah’s phone records are in.

Back at Major Case, Nichols watched a TV interview with Sarah’s father and comments that he used the word “phase” several times in the interview. Stevens has a record of a Kyle Wyler (Christopher Abbott) making several calls to Sarah. He dropped out of school last quarter and they decide to bring him in. Later, they have him in interrogation and ask him about the Red Book and he says they were both into Jung. He says he was not with Sarah that night and was in his dorm room all night. He said he liked Sarah and is upset she is dead but says lately they have not been in touch. When they confront him the with cell phone records he admits she met her at the club – "The Holy Mother” - but they went separate ways. They ask about the inscription in the book and said it was just about exploring boundaries. He seems very upset.

Back at the club, Kyle talks with his friend Virgil (Matt Burns) and says he doesn’t know what drugs they took but his recollection is blank. Kyle said he confronted her in the alley and things got a little heavy but he is not sure what he did. Virgil says to tell them he was with him. Virgil says what they did was part of the beginning and Sarah is part of the past.

Back in the morgue, Rodgers tells the detectives that she had sex a few hours before her death and there was DNA that belonged to Jeremy Parks, who had been in Rikers for selling club drugs. When they speculate she was poisoned, Rodgers tells them the tox screen requires blood and Sarah was completely drained. The blood they found on the scene with vomit did not belong to Sarah.

They bring this news to Callas and said the blood in the vomit was rare Duffy negative, which belongs to people of West African descent, which may help them in identification. Nichols brings out a similar case from Florida and she tells them to check it out, and they will also look at dorm security tapes.

On a security tape from Kyle’s own building, they see Kyle stagger in and he looks wasted and no blood is on his clothes. There are no security tapes from Sarah’s building because their system had been down since September. Stevens said they do have a match on the Duffy negative from a Harlem blood bank that buys rare types. The blood belongs to a man from Senegal whose last address was a flop in the Bowery but the clinic said he has not shown up for about a month. They wonder if he was selling his blood on the streets.

Later, they go to the flop house and talk to the guy from Senegal, who is there with his wife and baby. They question him about him selling blood and ask if he knows Jeremy Parks. He knows him, but knows him as Anton, who buys from him as his blood is clean and rare. They meet outside the clubs and he wears strange clothes.

The detectives arrive at the Club Stigmata and ask a woman about people who drink human blood. They show her Jeremy’s photo and she won’t say she know shim but when they threaten her with arrest she says she knows him as Anton and tells him where he has a loft. They arrive there and see Anton/Jeremy (Clayne Crawford) in some sort of ceremony. He says he has nothing to hide. They ask him about Sarah, Nichols looking into the refrigerator and seeing blood, and Jeremy admits he drinks human blood.

In interrogation at Major Case, the detectives speak with Jeremy about the blood they found in his refrigerator which matches what was found on Sarah’s body. He admits he had sex with her and they drank blood after meeting at the club. They ask him about his clients in his address book, and says that after Sarah, he was with another lady by the name of Michelle Lindon. When Nichols stops out to confer with Callas, while they are talking, the Congressman and Caroline approach and insist on seeing Jeremy. The Congressman bursts into the room and argues with Jeremy, who blames people like the Congressman w ho send their daughters to him. When the Congressman gets upset they yank him out of the room, and Jeremy laughs with glee.

At the apartment of Michelle Linden, she seems shocked her name is in Jeremy’s address book and denies being with him. Nichols notices she is wearing a thick choker of pearls and she moves them away to show bite marks. She then admits that she was with Jeremy until dawn. She said she met “Anton” through someone named Virgil, and she gives them his contact information.

Back at Jeremy’s, Virgil is there and he’s brought some special blood, saying it is to prepare Jeremy for the demands from beyond. He has Jeremy drink the blood which he says is Sarah’s. Virgil embraces Jeremy and says he will not die.

Back at Major Case, they find Virgil is really Jonathan Parish who has a record for lewd behavior plus indecent exposure. His father spend much of his life in jail and his mother was employed by Vogel Meat Packing. They wonder if this is where he got his fixation on his blood and he may have a fixation on his mother. Stevens gets a message telling her where Virgil is currently employed.

At Prescott & Sons funeral home, the detectives speak with Virgil and says he met Sarah and Kyle but was more taken with Kyle, and calls them groupies. He says at the time of her death he was home. Nichols comments that his mother bled dead pigs and now Virgil is working with dead bodies. Virgil says people should respect what he does.

Later, in Jeremy’s loft, Virgil is cutting into Kyle’s back to draw blood. He pours what looks like alcohol on Kyle’s back and Kyle writhes in pain.

Back at Major Case, Nichols tells Callas that Virgil is a psychotic but is also delusional, thinking he is a vampire. Stevens says that it is Virgil who leads, and “Anton” follows.

Back at Jeremy’s loft, Virgil seems to be giving Kyle the sendoff, saying Kyle is brave. Kyle makes a video recording saying that he is doing this of his own free will and is releasing his blood for others to share. Later, with Kyle dead and police and the detectives on the scene watching Kyle’s video, Stevens says it is an idiotic waste. Jeremy is there, he apparently found Kyle dead and called 911.

Later, at Major Case, the detectives question Jeremy, who does not know how Kyle got into his loft. He seems to think there is no crime. They show him the photo of Sarah, and tell him the needle and tubing used on Kyle also had Sarah’s blood on it. He does not know where that came from. They tell him they think he is innocent and think he is being framed, but the DA will lay a murder case on him just like Virgil planned it. He won’t believe it, but they tell him Virgil has no feelings and that he is psychotic. Nichols walks him though the phases of how Virgil is using him and has now abandoned him because Jeremy can’t reach a higher level and he is being sacrificed.

Later, Jeremy comes to Virgil’s place where he is with a woman, and Jeremy says he was questioned by police. He tells them they showed him evidence, and Nichols and Stevens make their presence known. Virgil says he just wanted Jeremy to know martyrdom. He tells Jeremy that he failed him and he was weak. Nichols says Virgil is delusional and Stevens tells him that planted evidence cuts a lot of family ties. Nichols tells Virgil he is alone but Virgil says he will always have the power of darkness. Nichols says he will always be the light that shines upon him.

Back at Major Case, Virgil is brought into the interrogation room, dressed in jail attire, where Nichols and Stevens are waiting. Stevens comments that it is the real him, and he says his power is not diminished. Nichols says with soap and water, his power has vanished. They suggest he make a plea but he refuses. Nichols asks if his act means that much to him and Virgil says knowing he is eternal means he has nothing to fear. Nichols says he may be wrong about that, locked in an 8 X 12 cell with no human contact, no hope of parole, and time slowing to a glacial pace, and there he will sit, being eternal. As the detectives leave the room and close the door behind them, we fade to black.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Law & Order CI “Lost Children of the Blood” Preview Clips

Here are two preview video clips from the Tuesday June 8, 2010 episode of Law & Order CI “Lost Children of the Blood” which airs on USA Network. The episode stars Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, and Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Lost Children of the Blood" can be found here.

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Law & Order Los Angeles (LOLA) First Promo

In case you missed it when it first aired on NBC, here is the first promo for the new NBC series Law & Order Los Angeles (AKA “LOLA”). The show will begin airing in the fall, on Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM ET/9C.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Law & Order CI “Lost Children of the Blood“ Episode Information

Here is the episode information and promo video for the new June 8 episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “Lost Children of the Blood.”

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Lost Children of the Blood” Air Date June 8, 2010(10PM ET/9C Tuesday, USA Network)
The body of a bright young college student is found completely drained of blood. What appears to be a sex game gone wrong leads to a world of underground clubs, blood dealers, and a fanatical cult who believe themselves immortal. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Lost Children of the Blood" can be found here.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Law & Order SVU & LOLA on CTV Fall 2010 Schedule

Today, Canada’s CTV released their fall schedule, with Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Los Angeles airing on two separate nights. Here is the official CTV press release; the new line up follows the press release. There is a schedule for CTV and for their “sister” network “/A\” , please note that CTV has SVU airing on Tuesdays and “/A\” has it airing on Mondays. It is not clear (at least to me) what day the new episode will first air (I assume it is Tueday on CTV but I could be wrong). "LOLA" will air on Wednesdays at 10PM.


Canada's #1 network gets stronger with the addition of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Conan O'Brien, Marilyn Denis, William Shatner, Jim Belushi, Matthew Perry, Jerry O'Connell, Michael Chiklis, Tom Selleck, Maggie Q, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Irons and more

CTV schedule sees the addition of seven new fall series and four mid-season
Canada's #1 Comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY joins Canada's #1 Drama
GREY'S ANATOMY on Thursdays; now stripped nightly at 7:30 p.m.
14 of Canada's Top 20 most-watched shows return to CTV

Toronto, ON (June 3, 2010) - Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc., revealed today the Fall 2010 programming lineup and schedule for CTV, Canada's most-watched network, and sister network /A\. Seven new series join the CTV schedule this Fall, with four additional new series slated for mid-season. The new series represent the best of new television programs produced by a diverse mix of studios.

"Strength, stability, surprise - it's a programming mix you won't find anywhere else," said Boyce. "From a position of strength, we've freshened up Canada's #1 schedule in all areas, from comedy, drama and reality, to daytime and late-night, to Canadian and American."

The 11 new series are fronted by some of television's biggest names, including Paula Abdul, William Shatner and Conan O'Brien, who joins CTV's late-night lineup with THE CONAN O'BRIEN SHOW.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be coming to you on CTV," said Conan O'Brien in a video message. "Canada was the first place to embrace me...when I took my show here to Toronto several years ago, you treated me like a rock star and I never forgot it. I love your country. I love your people. And I really love your comedy..."

Additionally, CTV announced concurrently today that it has secured the exclusive Canadian broadcast rights to the U.S. version of Simon Cowell's THE X FACTOR, the hottest new competition series on the planet, premiering next Fall (see companion release "CTV Acquires THE X FACTOR for Fall 2011").

New series joining the CTV 2010 Fall Schedule include the one-hour drama NO ORDINARY FAMILY about a family with superpowers starring Michael Chiklis; the bromance Las Vegas legal drama THE DEFENDERS starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell; Dick Wolf's new procedural crime drama LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES; William Shatner's $#*! MY DAD SAYS, based on the popular Twitter account and New York Times bestseller of the same name; and BLUE BLOODS, about a multi-generational New York family of Irish cops, anchored by Tom Selleck.

Premiering in mid-season on CTV are Paula Abdul's return to prime-time as the judge and executive producer of the new dance competition series GOT TO DANCE, based on the hit U.K. format; Canadian Matthew Perry joins Allison Janney in his return to television in the new comedy in MR. SUNSHINE; and the bone-chilling new CRIMINAL MINDS spin-off starring Academy Award®-winner Forest Whitaker. CTV has acquired the streaming rights for each of the new scripted and reality series, which join Canada's leading television portal at

In addition to confirming that TV's #1 comedy will join CTV's powerhouse Thursday lineup, the network confirmed that THE BIG BANG THEORY will be stripped weeknights, one full year ahead of American syndication, providing a strong launching pad at 7:30 p.m. into core prime-time.

CTV also confirmed today that the highly-anticipated original daytime series THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW premieres this Fall. The daily program joins an unprecedented seven other original Canadian prime-time series that have been ordered or renewed for the upcoming season, including the complex, unvarnished portrayal of one of history's most infamous families in THE BORGIAS, FLASHPOINT (Season 4), THE BRIDGE (Season 2), THE LISTENER (Season 2), HICCUPS (Season 2), DAN FOR MAYOR (Season 2) and COMEDY NOW! (Season 13). The network also announced that award-winning Top 20 hit SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA returns with its third season on August 15 (see companion release "CTV Announces Industry-Leading 2010-2011 Canadian Television Package").

Compared to Fall 2009, the CTV Fall 2010 lineup has been updated with more than a dozen schedule changes. While 14 of Canada's Top 20 most-watched programs return, the Fall 2010 CTV Prime-Time Schedule has been refreshed with new programs on every night and in every timeslot from Sunday to Friday. Eighteen of the 21 hours of core prime-time in that time period are in simulcast, more than any other network.

Changes to the CTV 2010 Fall Schedule (all times ET):

Sundays: New Top 20 hit UNDERCOVER BOSS moves to 7 p.m., while CSI: MIAMI joins the Sunday night lineup at 10 p.m.
Mondays: Surging murder mystery drama CASTLE airs at 10 p.m.
Tuesdays: NO ORDINARY FAMILY joins the schedule at 8 p.m.
Wednesdays: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA moves to a new night at 8 p.m., giving way to THE DEFENDERS at the end of its season. Then, at 10 p.m., LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES joins the schedule.
Thursdays: CSI moves to 7 p.m., followed by the addition of THE BIG BANG THEORY at 8 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., it's the half-hour SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA results show, which transitions into $#*! MY DAD SAYS later in the season.
Fridays: It's an all new Friday on CTV with HUMAN TARGET at 8 p.m., CSI: NY at 9 p.m., and the addition of the new Tom Selleck crime drama series BLUE BLOODS at 10 p.m.

Returning to the CTV schedule this Fall is a long list of Canada's most-watched programs, including GREY'S ANATOMY, CRIMINAL MINDS, AMERICAN IDOL, THE AMAZING RACE, THE MENTALIST, DANCING WITH THE STARS, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, LAW & ORDER: SVU, and HUMAN TARGET.

CTV is also home to television's biggest event programming in 2010-2011, including Canada's most-watched television broadcasts, THE 83rd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS® and SUPER BOWL XLV, live from Dallas. Additional big-ticket specials include THE 62nd PRIMETIME EMMY® AWARDS, THE SCOTIABANK GILLER PRIZE, WE DAY, and the 40th Anniversary of THE JUNO AWARDS, airing for the 10th year in a row on CTV live from Toronto.

In Daytime, CTV presents the can't-miss final season of OPRAH, in addition to DR. PHIL and the new daytime hit DR. OZ. Joining THE CONAN O'BRIEN SHOW in late-night are THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART and THE COLBERT REPORT.

Canada's #1 entertainment newsmagazine, ETALK, continues along with CANADA AM, W5, QUESTION PERIOD, the CTV EVENING NEWS and Canada's most-watched newscast, CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LLOYD ROBERTSON.

/A\ FALL 2010

The /A\ schedule is refreshed with the influx of 11 series new to the network, including three brand new shows: the romantic comedy MIKE & MOLLY about finding love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting; the coming-of-age dramatic comedy HELLCATS about a pre-law student turned cheerleader; and Maggie Q as NIKITA in a sexy and suspenseful action series. The 7-8 p.m. hour is revamped with a new early prime-time strip featuring Canada's favourite comedy series CORNER GAS followed by ACCESS HOLLYWOOD in simulcast. Canada's #2 drama series CRIMINAL MINDS provides a beefed up 10 p.m. strip Sunday-Wednesday and Friday.

Changes to the /A\ 2010 Fall Schedule:
Mondays: LAW & ORDER: SVU joins /A\ at 8 p.m. At 9 p.m., TWO AND A HALF MEN joins /A\ in simulcast followed by new Chuck Lorre laugher MIKE & MOLLY in simulcast at 9:30 p.m.
Tuesdays: THE BIG PICTURE features a strong lineup of hot Hollywood movies at 8 p.m.
Wednesdays: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL returns to /A\ at 9 p.m., followed by HELLCATS.
Thursdays: An out-of-simulcast hit on CTV, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES joins /A\ at 8 p.m. followed by new series NIKITA.
Fridays: Friday night favourite MEDIUM joins the /A\ schedule at 8 p.m. in simulcast, followed by DATELINE, also new to /A\.

Fresh and dynamic, /A\ is home to established Top 20 hits, critical favourites and big-buzz new series in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and British Columbia as well as in Alberta on ACCESS in certain primetime hours. /A\ spotlights day-to-day life in local communities in Victoria/Vancouver, Barrie/Toronto, Ottawa and London through its award-winning /A\ News programming. /A\ is owned by CTV Limited, a division of CTVglobemedia, Canada's premier multi-media company. More information about /A\ may be found at

CTV, Canada's Olympic Network, is also Canada's largest private broadcaster. Featuring a wide range of quality news, sports, information, and entertainment programming, CTV is Canada's most-watched television network. CTV Inc. also owns radio stations across the country and owns or has interests in leading national specialty channels, featuring news, sports, factual, arts, entertainment, music, youth and fashion programming. Official broadcaster of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and London 2012 Games of the Olympiad, CTV Inc. is owned by CTVglobemedia Inc., Canada's premier multi-media company, which also owns Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. More information about CTV may be found on the network's website at

Source: BBM Canada
- CTV -

All times ET. New programs are BOLD IN ALL CAPS. (S) = Simulcast

10 p.m. - CSI: MIAMI (S)

10 a.m. - THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW (Monday to Friday)
1 a.m. - THE CONAN O’BRIEN SHOW (Monday to Thursday)

7 p.m. - ETALK
8 p.m. - DANCING WITH THE STARS (performance) (S)
10 p.m. - CASTLE (S)

7 p.m. - ETALK
9 p.m. - DANCING WITH THE STARS (results) (S)

7 p.m. - ETALK
10 p.m. - LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES (S)

7 p.m. - CSI
8:30 p.m. - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA (results) / $#*! MY DAD SAYS (S)
9 p.m. - GREY’S ANATOMY (S)
10 p.m. - THE MENTALIST (S)

7 p.m. - ETALK
8 p.m. - HUMAN TARGET (S)
9 p.m. - CSI: NY (S)
10 p.m. - BLUE BLOODS (S)

7 p.m. - W5


All times ET. New programs are BOLD IN ALL CAPS. (S) = Simulcast

7 p.m. - TMZ WEEKEND

7 p.m. - CORNER GAS
7:30 p.m. - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (S)
9 p.m. - TWO AND A HALF MEN (S)
9:30 p.m. - MIKE & MOLLY (S)

7 p.m. - CORNER GAS
7:30 p.m. - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (S)

7 p.m. - CORNER GAS
7:30 p.m. - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (S)
9 p.m. - HELLCATS (S)

7 p.m. - CORNER GAS
7:30 p.m. - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (S)
9 p.m. - NIKITA (S)

7 p.m.- CORNER GAS
7:30 p.m. - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (S)
8 p.m. - MEDIUM (S)
9 p.m. - DATELINE (S)

10 p.m. - COMEDY NOW!
10:30 p.m. - COMEDY INC.

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