Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Law & Order CI “Inhumane Society” & “Three-in-One” Episode Information & Advance Photos

Law & Order Criminal Intent finishes its 9th season with a double header on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 beginning at 9:00 PM ET on USA Network. Here is the episode information for “Inhumane Society” and episode information and advance photos for the season finale, “Three-in-One.”

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Inhumane Society” Air Date July 6, 2010 (9 PM ET/8C Tuesday USA Network)
An up-and-coming boxer's career tanks after his involvement in a dogfighting ring is discovered by the police. Then, his troubles continue to mount when his partner is found dead. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Three-in-One” Air Date July 6, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Tuesday USA Network)
The body of a successful real estate agent is discovered in a basement, bled out. In order to understand the suspects, Nichols is forced to rely on an unlikely resource - his own father (F. Murray Abraham). Starring Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Photos by Will Hart/USA Network

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Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem much of a finale to me, just two episodes back-to-back.

I think I'll pass on the finale. Sorry.

Osiris said...

People watch this show?

Lizzie said...


Sheila said...

Again All Things I have to agree with the Morton post, he speaks volumes. CI has gotten WAY out of hand now. Fans who left are still in revolt and the fans that remain are ready to tip the NBC building over!

Me being one of them. It's not fair - they canceled the original series and now CI is going down because the show's network and the show's employees doing give a damn and frankly I don't either.

I'll be skiping our beloved (hated) season (I pray that is the series) finale!

janethyland said...

"Three in One" sounds like a cut and paste reinvention of "Endgame".
There has been no originality in this show since "Frame". Lets hope it is the End.

gahks said...

Isn't it sad? That we're all willing the show to its demise, when the reverse could be said of the mothership?

These are dark days for the 'L&O' franchise! Someone needs to be taught a lesson!

Dalton said...

Hasnt the boxer thing been done before in a past CI episode?

And @gahks,
Yes, Law & Order is in it's darkest of days.

Mothership - Canceled, Fate Unknown

SVU - Soap Opera with horrible Writing

CI - Can't really describe how bad CI has gotten.

Any status on the mothership's fate?

Anonymous said...


Yeah the boxer thing's been done. TWICE! One time with Noth and didn't DOnofrio have a case with a boxer in season 4 or 5? I could be mistaken.

SVU would be fine if Neal Baer would ease up on the Benson/Stabler drama and go back to the victims.

CI - No help. Just go ahead and cancel it. The writing is pitiful and non-original.

L&O - People keep saying it's still in negotiations. I hope it comes back!

LA - Casting rumors are flying out the wazoo! Somebody said this is Dick Wolf's acting debut in his L&O series. I wonder who he is set to play?

UK - Well, what can I say but let's fly to UK and find out!

I agree with gahks, the L&O business is really going down. I hope Jeff Goldblum took his bad luck for a show getting canceled to CI. It really needs it. I hope we don't get season 10, or it's going to be a lot of pissed of fans of CI. Both of Goldblum and D'Onofrio!

Walon Green said...

The finale is tomorrow! Thank you for watching season 9 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

Thanks for making it one the 'best scriped dramas' on USA Network!

Osiris said...

I don't know where else to put this but...why does
IMDB have all the L&O LA cast filled out, already? I had no idea that they even started casting.

Joshua Morton said...

No disrespect intended to Walon Green (if it's Walon Green), but you need to go to L&O buddy! CI needs to go for good if it's going to be like this next season!

It's time for a change. And it's you who needs changing!

I'm skipping the season finale tonight. I won't give USA Network the satisfaction. All it'll do is tickle their little humor boxes! I hear y'all now saying 'We won CI fans over with that lackluster season finale'.

People like you Walon Green (if you are, no disrespect intended) play us loyal fans like fools! You try to pull one over on fans, ruin D'Onofrio's days and then Goldblum's days are put into a shambles! Nice work Mr. Green; real swell.

I'm done with "Law & Order: CI Light"! Give me the Warren Leight days anyday! It's a shame talented actors like Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio go to waste on lackluster dramas!

What you need to do Mr. Green, is go back and give Wolf/TNT/NBC ideas to pass on Law & Order and bring IT back. You did exceptional work there, why mess up CI? - I WANT ANSWERS!

All Things Law and Order said...

Osiris - at least two of those names on the IMDB list were only suggestions by Michael Ausiello of EW. There are lots of actors "in talks" and there has been no official cast listing - at least right at this moment.

I don't always trust IMDB in cases like this. The IMDB list may or may not be valid but I won't believe or publish a cast list until I get it from a reputable source - such as NBC or Michael Ausiello or the TV Guide web site.

janethyland said...

Im hoping all the Law and Orders cease, including LOLA, because then at least it will force Balcer away from the formula and he will have to write on his own terms ...then we will see what he can do at last.There is so much more than the formula.Its too easy.

Leight made the break and never looked back. Balcer needs to do the same.

Lizzie said...

Good to know you're so happy with the lowest ratings the show has ever had and the collapse of the 18-49 demographic there 'Walon'

angrywolf said...

I am glad I found this site.
I haven't watched CI since Goren and Eames left.
I like Goldblum but the show is clearly on its last legs.
It was unfair to him for Wolf to put him in such an untenable situation.

I don't see it lasting/being renewed.

I won't be watching the La-Law version of l and O either.I don't like what was done with CI so I won't be watching that show as a protest.
SVU is also in my view, approaching a crisis with the sorry writing made to accomdate stars like Sharon Stone and the approaching contract issues.I don't see them being able to keep both Meloni and Hargitay...they will both want raises so they will have to give up one of them so I don't see the show surviving that departure as well.

Oh well...the Law and Order shows were landmark when they first came out so it's time to put them to bed.

la luver said...


SVU and CI are dead to me!

gahks said...

@janethyland: The 'L&O' franchise needs Balcer right now. He has been a superlative asset to the mothership, CI and probably now LOLA as well. I don't think he'd enjoy not being part of history anymore with the franchise. Wolf seems to be on good terms with him, the creativity isn't letting up, the shows keep on going... Balcer doesn't have anything to lose! Wolf needs him, in fact, else the franchise would be in tatters. As his return to the mothership proves.

I do agree, though, that it'd be wonderful to see him do his own stuff once the franchise is finished. I'd pay good money for a Balcer-created series!

All Things Law and Order said...

Osiris - just an update on that IMDB list - it's already been proven wrong as they just cast Skeet Ulrich in the role of Rex Winters. Here's the IMDB list - as it is today - which clearly shows someone else in that role. We can use this list to compare their incorrectness as the cast is announced:

Terrence Howard ... Detective Rex Winters (THIS IS ALREADY WRONG.....)
Kristin Kreuk ... DDA Eva Price
Matthew Marsden ... Detective Brad Turner
Aaron Massey ... Detective Tomas 'TJ' Jaruszalski
Ming-Na ... LT Parker
Ricarte Rivera ... ADA Peter Morales
Holly Marie Combs (unknown episodes, 2010)

svu and ci hatea said...

I think Walon Green would be a good EP on the original Law & Order. He wrote some marvelous works for it! He was EP on the original series from 1992-1994/1995 & he returned the 2005-2006 season as EP.

So Walon is good for L&O as Balcer or Leight is to CI. Walon should go to SVU!

Neal Baer needs to clean up Benson/Stabler and MOVE ON! Go back to the rape, we haven't had GOOD guest stars on SVU since season 8 and here we are at season 12!

I hope they cancel both CI AND SVU! LOLA and L&O need to be THE ONLY two running!