Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Law & Order SVU Signs Henry Ian Cusick

TV Guide reports that Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond – “Lost”) has signed on for at least two fall episodes of Law & Order: SVU, as a graphic artist named Erik Weber. That's great news, "brotha!"

You can read the full story here: TV Guide: Keck's Exclusives: Law & Order: SVU Signs Lost Alum

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gahks said...

Oh no! Please tell me SVU is not suffering from a recurrent bout of stunt casting syndrome!

Anonymous said...

Naveen Andrews was good on SVU last season. Great to see another Lostie on SVU.

Anonymous said...

I bet he was cast to be Olivia's boyfriend because Neal Baer twitterd that Olivia will finally get something she always wanted and for me its between a man or a baby.

Anonymous said...

Desmond belongs to Penny!!! Hands off, Liv!!

Kidding aside, I love HIC so to have him on SVU is fab!