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Law & Order CI “Lady’s Man" Recap & Review

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Law & Order Criminal Intent “Lady’s Man” was another strong episode for the Goren and Eames team. Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) was on the top of his game again, using some of my favorite Goren techniques, such as getting in the suspects' space, and just playing head games with them. When he sat down in the interrogation room and put his arm around a suspect, it was a typical Goren move to get the suspect off kilter. When he questioned the news anchor, he annoyed her by sitting in her chair, right up to the second they went live. Same for his jovial, almost drunk-ish behavior in the bar with Mulrooney. But I have to admit, I laughed when Mulrooney got one over Goren by getting him out of his apartment and then slamming the door in Goren’s face.

This episode was also a great feature for Kathryn Erbe, allowing viewers a snapshot into a past relationship and case. Erbe seems to always play Eames with such quiet control, and even though she maintained this control throughout the episode, she did a great job in conveying her disgust with Mulrooney. Was it a mistake that, at the end of the show, that when Eames read Mulrooney his rights, she skipped over his right to remain silent?

The story itself was also intriguing, and while it seemed obvious that Mulrooney was behind all of it, and also had somewhat of a “Psycho/Norman Bates” type dual persona, it was still interesting watch it unfold. The real story here seemed to be Goren’s concern for his partner, and all the extra work that he did to get to the bottom of the case and to protect Eames.

All in all, a fine episode all around. By the way, happy birthday to Vincent D’Onofrio, who turned the big 5-0 today.

Here is the recap:

Boz Burnham (Jack Gwaltney) is getting dressed, smiling as he hears the weather report. His wife is making breakfast for him, and he kisses her. She says she wants him to have a great day. Max gets a phone call; apparently someone is in the hospital. He calls Boz, telling him he doesn’t think he can make it. Craig, lying in bed, hears his phone ring, and when he answers it, the caller is not there. But Boz is leaving a message, telling him Max has a problem with his kid and it will just be the two of them, and he hope he can make it.

Boz pulls his car up to the beach, and he is alone. He calls his absent friends wimps and says “to hell with them.” He goes onto the beach, strips naked, says “happy birthday to me” and runs full tilt into the cold ocean. While he is swimming, a dune buggy-type vehicle pulls onto the beach, and a woman gets out. When he gets out, he sees a redheaded woman standing there in a coat, and he tells her she is standing between him and his clothes. She shoots him in the head, and he drops down, dead.

Elsewhere, Detective Alex Eames (Kathryn Erbe) arrives home with her dry cleaning. She notices something is missing. Later, she is at the dry cleaner talking about her missing red silk blouse, and the dry cleaner wonders if Eames misplaced it. Eames is insistent she did not misplace it. Eames’ phone rings, and she tells the caller she will be right there.

Later, on the East River by the Queensboro Bridge, Detectives Bobby Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames are walking to a crime scene where the body of Boz Burnham has been found. Eames knows him, and says she worked the case of his first wife’s murder 10 years ago. Goren notices the shot was from an intermediate range, and he also notices a jellyfish sting. Eames comments that there are no jellyfish in the East River. ME Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) comments that they never found his wife, and Eames shakes her head no. Rodgers tells them somebody did some hasty surgery, and Goren pulls back the cover, showing that his genitals have been removed. This elicits a groan from Eames, and Rodgers quips that she loves saving the best for last. Goren says they made him into a charismatic, like in ancient Rome, where young boys have all their genitals removed.

A man walks up to the body and says “Son of a bitch it is him.” He introduces himself as ADA Kevin Mulrooney (Raul Esparza) and apologizes, saying two lanes were closed on the Verrazano. He recognizes Eames. She asks if he is back in the DA’s office, and he says six months. Goren says this isn’t the crime scene, and when ADA Mulrooney asks if he is ignoring that he was killed there and then dumped in the river, Goren tells him about the jellyfish sting, Eames confirming that jellyfish aren’t found in fresh water. The ADA seems to try to find another explanation, and says he has problems with Goren’s explanations. Goren also asked about Burnham’s missing wife, saying that Boz was bigger than her and would have required a bigger person to move the body. Mulrooney says that she’s dead, he prosecuted the case, and Eames digs that he lost. Mulrooney snaps back, blaming the police for not finding the body. When Eames and Goren both shoot Mulrooney a look, he says they should get on the same page, Boz had enemies and maybe this is random. But Eames shows him the body with the genitals removed, and says this was personal.

At Martha’s - Boz’s wife - home, Max is there, saying that he worked with Boz and Martha asked him to be there. He tells them Boz had a deal for his own show to re-examine cases where people were unjustly accused by “people like you” – meaning Goren and Eames. Martha last saw Boz at 5 in the morning and Max tells them that every morning on his birthday they go for a swim at Atlantic Beach. He says he could not make it because he got a call that said his son was in the hospital and that turned out to be a prank. Martha tells them that Craig O’Keefe was also invited to the swim.

At the O’Keefe home, Goren and Eames talk with Craig and his wife, the latter saying Boz was up to no good. Craig tells her he also worked for Boz, and he was not with him for the swim, he had to spend the night in New Jersey. He was getting the offices ready for Boz’s new production company. When Eames asked if that took all night, he says he grabbed a few hours sleep in a motel and went straight to Atlantic Beach but Boz and Max were not there. He went to the Mohawk Avenue entrance, the same one they use every year.

Eames and Goren head to the beach, and find remnants of Boz’s clothes and a bloody towel, likely used to muffle the gunshot. Goren notices the tracks and Eames suspects a dune buggy. Goren walks over and sees what looks like blood on a broken bottle. Eames wonders where are his genitals, and Goren thinks either the killer took it or seagulls got to it.

Back at Major Case, Captain Ross (Eric Bogosian), Goren, and Eames are watching a recording of a new story from Boz. When Boz finished his story, he said he would have more for them next week, Goren says, “Nnnyaa, I don’t think so.” Ross asked about his current wife, and Goren says the doorman says she never left the building. He tells him Craig says he pulled an all nighter in New Jersey, and Eames says they think he may be lying for his wife’s benefit and they will bring him in. Ross asks Goren if he can give him a minute with Eames. When Goren leaves, Ross tells Eames to bring Goren and Nichols into the case, he’s not making it official but he wants her to withdraw. Eames objects, but Ross reminds her that on the original case a complaint was filed against her for confronting Burnham in the courtroom hallway. Eames says he was joking about his murdered wife in front of her parents. Ross says it is all about perception, and she asks him if it’s because she is not grieving for Boz. She asks Ross if he is grieving for him, and he say no, of course not. She says their personal feelings about victims do not matter, and he says she made her point. She asks if this is coming from the DA’s office, and Ross tells her he will tell them she is the best they have.

We see someone – a hand with nail polish - in what looks like Eames’ home, going through her drawers and taking something, them picking up her wedding picture.

Back at the morgue, Rodgers tells the detectives that it looks like the genitals were sawed, and that the shot seemed to be at eye level with the shooter. They wonder why, if the killing was planned so well and then it seems the genitals were removed on a spur of the moment. They decide to look at Boz’s past.

At the news studio, they speak with the news anchor, who seems in a rush as they are ready to go on air. Every time Boz was on her rating went through the roof. As Goren walks onto the set, he asks if he was close to any women here, and she says he was a flirt but he was devoted to Martha. When Eames says it could be she didn’t trust him, the news anchor says they obviously have a prejudice that she does not share. Boz told her life gave him a second chance. When it’s 10 seconds to live, Goren is sitting in her chair, and asks her if she was with him when he told her that, and the news anchor refuses to dignify that with a response. Goren stands up and says, “You just did.” He walks off the set with Eames just as they go live. Eames, smiling, says now it makes sense how he got the job.

Back at Major Case, Mulrooney walks in with her, and Eames takes him into another room, telling him he was a friend when she needed a friend, but things changed. Goren walks in, and asks if he should come back. But Eames tells him no. it’s fine, and asks what he has. Goren has the map of the currents and says it is likely Boz was dumped off City Island. Mulrooney calls it “the vacation capital of the world” and asks that they keep him up to date as he leaves.. Goren asks Eames if there is a problem, and she says she and Joe rented a place up there. Goren asks how Mulrooney would know that, and she says Boz’s case was the first she worked after Joe died and it was a time in a person’s life when they need to talk about things. He asks, “You slept with him?” Eames is taken aback, but doesn’t respond, as Ross comes in and tells them they brought in Craig O’Keefe. Eames walks out without answering Goren’s question.

In interrogation, Goren gets in O’Keefe’s space, sitting down next to him and putting his arm around him. They tell him they knew he had to lie for his wife and ask who was the other woman. He admits that he never got lucky. He met a redhead at the bar and she invited him to party. All he knows is that he woke up in room 216 at the Clinton Hotel and doesn’t remember anything after the bar.

Goren and Eames head to the room, which is still in disarray because the room had not been re-rented. While they look through the room, they wonder if the same redhead is the one who called Max about his son. Goren sees a red silk blouse under the bed, and asks if a redhead would wear a red blouse, saying it is a rhetorical question. But Eames is staring at the blouse, saying she has one the same shirt, the same size and label. Goren finds a swizzle stick from a bar which Eames is also familiar.

At the bar, the bartender tells Eames he wondered what happened to her. Goren asks him about the red head, and the bartender says he was not there that night. Eames gets a call and walks off, and Goren asks the bartender about Eames’ friend, trying to get information. He tells him that she and Mulrooney would come in there and talk for hours, white wine and bourbon rocks. When Goren says she likes wine, the bartender says that Eames was the one drinking the bourbon. The bartender Mulrooney still comes in, but he is always alone. Goren thanks him, and Eames tells him they got a hit on the ATV rental in Rockaway, it was rented by a Gabrielle Roth, a redhead. She paid with a debit card. Goren asks Eames if she is OK and she says she is fine, and asks if he found out everything he needed to know about me. He says, “Everything. Bourbon, huh?”

Back at Major Case, when Eames looks at Gabrielle Roth’s files, she discovers the address Roth gave - 111-19 67th Road, Forest Hills, NY - was of Eames’ place. Eames looks concerned.

We then see someone dressing in women’s clothing and putting on makeup. The woman looks out her blinds.

At Major Case, Goren is watching a recording of Mulrooney questioning someone for the first case with Boz. Boz asked the woman about a letter that Eames found in a desk. Eames walks into the room, and asks Goren, “What is this?” He tells her that there are things to still connect to the Burnham case, and he says Boz mentioned a letter Eames never told him about. Eames seems uncomfortable, saying that maybe Ross should reassign the case. Goren says he is asking questions – “That is what we do, right? We ask questions.” Eames says the letter is something Jenny Burnham left in her office saying if something every happened to her, Boz is responsible and Eames was the one who found it. But the defense handwriting experts made them question whether it was Jenny’s writing and the inference was that Eames planted the letter. Goren and Eames have his discussion:

Goren: And you still feel guilty?
Eames : You know, why are you taking this tone with me? You don’t know what I feel. I did not plant that letter.
Goren: When Mulrooney left the DA’s office, when he, when he lost the case, he was fired?
Eames: No, not exactly, um, but his career as a prosecutor was finished.
Goren: So he had a reason to obsess?
Eames: Well that’s crazy. Mulrooney might be irritating, but a killer?
Goren: We should at least find out if he likes redheads.

Later, with Mulrooney, Goren and Eames tells Mulrooney whoever killed Boz knew about his birthday routine. He thinks Boz bragged about that to anyone who would listen.. Goren asks about how tough it may be for him being back in the DA’s office with “kids.” Goren looks in his closet and sees how organized Mulrooney’s clothes are arranged. Goren asks about Lilly Dylan West, a paralegal during the Burnham case, and says she is the heir apparent to Jack McCoy and asks if she will get it? Mulrooney says she has paid her dues, and when Goren comments about the fact that if Mulrooney hadn’t left...and is interrupted when Mulrooney’s phone rings. He asks Goren and Eames to leave so he can take the call.

Back at Major Case, they look at Mulrooney’s file. In 7 years he was not listed as legal counsel on any court documents. There is a gap in his life. Goren wonders if bothered him to see Burnham’s career rise. Eames recalled that when Mulrooney showed up at the crime scene, he said he was late because of traffic on the Verrazano, which would be from Staten Island, where his dad lives. They decide to see his dad about those missing years.

At the home of Mulrooney’s father, he says he remembers Kevin talking about him, thinking he made her up. He tells them Kevin was a good shot, and then he went on a ban guns kick. He also said his wife – Kevin’s mother – used to visit the Irish coast once a year. He asks what Kevin did, and Eames says nothing, he just put him down as a reference for a routine check for the DA’s office. He adds Kevin stopped coming by after his mother was gone.

Later. at a bar, Goren catches up with Mulrooney. He buys him a white wine. Goren points out an attractive redhead to Mulrooney, but comments that she may be a little intimidating. Mulrooney says it is the Versace, that underneath that there is a scared girl with fake breasts, skinny bottom, and nothing. Goren tells Mulrooney he has been victimized and when Mulrooney wonders what is going on with him, Goren says Eames is a little overzealous with the case and adds she came out smelling like a rose and he got stuck in a cubicle. Goren laughs and says Mulrooney might as well be in traffic court. Mulrooney seems to laugh with him, and then says he could have won, saying that Eames blew the cross-examination. One of the witnesses messed up the date but she corrected herself, and all Eames had to do was overlook the witness’s previous mistakes. Mulrooney says he has to go, and he takes off, leaving with a blonde.

Goren returns to Major Case, and tells Eames that Mulrooney does not blame Boz, he blames Eames for losing the trial. Eames says he is a hell of a detective, looking a little annoyed with him. But he says it’s only part of it and wonders what she hasn’t told him. She gets more annoyed and asks him what hasn’t she told him. He says he asked if she slept with him and she didn’t answer him. She says he didn’t, but she would have. Before anything could happen, they got hit with a pile of motions and the trial started and whatever they felt had soured. Goren says he is concerned for Eames as Mulrooney is unstable.

In the evidence lockup, Goren is going through boxes of evidence from Boz’s trial. He looks at the difference in stationary. Later, he arrives at Mulrooney’s apartment, and Mulrooney is annoyed. Mulrooney asked if he found the redhead, and Goren says there was one in the hotel with Craig O’Keefe. Goren opens Mulrooney’s closet and sees it highly organized, and comments on the inconsistency with that organization and Mulrooney’s outward sloppiness in his apartment saying is like two different people. Mulrooney says it is just him. Goren says they need to put their two heads together. Mulrooney makes a move for the door, and Goren goes through it, asking if they are leaving. Mulrooney says yes, he can stop by after work, and then says he remember he had to send a fax. He walks back in the apartment and slams the door in Goren’s face.

Back at Major Case, Goren tells Eames that Mulrooney will meet him in the evidence lockup in two hours. Eames wants to go, knowing it won’t be pleasant.

In the evidence lockup, Mulrooney asks if he is supposed to see a case in all this, but Goren says it is unformed. Eames says if she hadn’t found that letter Mulrooney would be on the yellow brick road to bureau chief. Mulrooney wonders if she should be there but Goren says Eames should see how Mulrooney forged Jenny Burnham’s letter and planted it. Goren brings out a search warrant prepared by Mulrooney which specified the slant top desk that the letter was found in. Mulrooney says it is ridiculous, and said the search is specific because he runs a tight case. But Goren highlights the letter paper, which could only come from Ireland. Goren says Mulrooney’s mother brought it back from Ireland. Mulrooney tries to get him back to the woman involved in Boz’s murder, and Goren says they have a woman. Goren also brings out the shot between Boz’s eyes, and Boz’s total emasculation, one crime planned out, the other not. Goren asks if he has ever heard of Carl Jung, who believed that rage is the female side of our nature. “Anima” – an aggregate of all our females in our lives. He asks Mulrooney if he remembers the girl at the bar, the one who he said was skinny and had fake breasts, but wearing Versace made her more confident. Goren tells Eames he thinks Mulrooney knows how that feels. He then tells Mulrooney he thinks he know how that feels, and Mulrooney says Goren is desperate. Goren goes on to say he thinks Mulrooney wants Eames to feel the same failure that has been haunting him for years and that is why he left clues - the blouse, the swizzle stick, and dumped the body at City Island to bring it back to Eames. Eames, listening to all this, finally comments that Mulrooney wanted her to know it was him and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to prove it. Goren says that was until the search team called and told them that they found a red wig. Goren wonders what else they will find. Mulrooney says without probable cause, the search is invalid. Goren shows receipts where Mulrooney bought the clothes for “Gabrielle” , size 12 or size 14, a “big girl.” Mulrooney leaps off the chair upset, and says he is out of here. Goren continues to harp on him, asking if he is afraid and if she is afraid – what would the two of them be afraid of? He asks if the undergarments are pressing against his skin and they don’t make him feel protected. He says he thinks she screwed up, too much rouge, scent. Eames says “There’s nothing worse than having your makeup not right. I bet you can’t wait to look in a mirror.” Mulrooney says they will find things, that this bitch can gloat, but he has seen her broken, a crushed flower, sobbing for poor dead Joe, and why me. Goren says – “but not as strong as you.” Mulrooney says not strong like Gabby, and he strikes a feminine pose. He says she is someone they will never find. He says he is ready to see a lawyer. Goren moves to cuff him, but pushes him against the table instead, handing the cuffs to Eames, who is looking on in disgust. She cuffs him and reads him his rights as Goren looks on, and we fade to black.

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Wentworth Miller To Guest Star on SVU Season Premier

TV Guide reports that Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) will guest star in Law & Order SVU's season premier.

They go on to report that in the premiere episode, “he's a man in NYPD blue. Miller will play a cop named Nate Kendal, who we're told saves a rape victim and only wants to talk Benson and Stabler.”

The Law & Order SVU will be on its new day and new time, starting on Wednesday, September 23 at 9 PM ET.

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Law & Order CI “Salome In Manhattan” Recap & Review

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“Salome in Manhattan” was another strong episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent for Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Nicholson. Both seemed to settled in very well as work partners, with Wheeler possibly getting more accepting of Nichols’ idiosyncrasies. Likewise, Nichols seems more appreciative of Wheeler’s logical approach to the case.

The guest stars also were well chosen, with the usually forgettable Eric Balfour actually being very believable as the hotheaded chef. Shawn Hatosy also was a perfect match for the insecure, murdering business partner.

In Goldblum’s first episode, I found they attention they gave to his talent on the piano to seem forced, but in this episode it seemed much more natural and even enhanced the complexity of his character’s thought processes. Everyone needs to sometimes clear their head and find a distraction in order to problem solve, and hopefully there are many more methods that Zach Nichols has to help him think.

Here is the recap:
At a trendy nightclub, a young, rich woman, Lisa Wellsley (Alexandra Daddario) dances. Elsewhere, we see a chef, Max Goodwin (Eric Balfour), working on a cooking show. After the taping is done, his business partner Larry Clay (Shawn Hatosy) tries to tell him good things are coming. Later, Max and Larry speak with Peter and his wife, Larry making a pitch and being pushy. Afterwards, Larry tells Max it wouldn’t hurt to talk to her stepfather, but Max says it won’t happen. Larry is frustrated, saying he is working his ass off, but Max reminds him that he was turned down too. Max gets in a cab and leaves. Lisa is still at the club, with a young man, Jason (Liam Aiken), telling her that these people are not her friends. Lisa goes back onto the dance floor while Jason watches. Max arrives and meets up with Lisa, who is dancing with Reginald “RXO” Oldman (Treach) who tells Max not to say he never gave him anything. Max later proposes to Lisa, but she doesn’t give him an instant “yes.” Angry, Max sweeps his hand at the glasses on the table, cutting his hand in the process, and storms off. Larry, in his office, sees something slip under the door. It is an envelope from RXO Capital Corp., addressed to Max. Back at the club, Max is standing and watching Lisa dance. Larry arrives, and, seeing the white cloth wrapped around Max’s hand, asks what happened to him. Max shushes him, and then tells Larry to go home. As Max leaves, he watches Lisa dance, with Jason, Reginald, and Larry watching as well.

Later, at Lisa’s apartment, Jason is playing a video game, seemingly lost in it, and Lisa is lying on the floor behind him, dead.

The next day, at Lisa’s apartment, ME Rodgers tells Detective Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) that there was no sexual assault, and petechial hemorrhaging means the probable cause of death was strangulation. Detective Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) arrives, apologizing, saying it was a late night at the Met, adding that there is nothing like a five hour German opera to make you really appreciate a murder scene. He comments that the place is nice, and Wheeler says it should be, Lisa Wellsley, 21 years old. Nichols says that’s why there is a news crew downstairs. Wheeler says the neighbors heard something and called the super, and imagine his surprise when he comes in and sees this mess. Nichols asks, “What’s to become of romance?” Wheeler walks over to a rack of clothes off to the side, and she says the clothes are all RXO wear and they don’t even look worn. Nichols questions if she means Reginald X. Oldman, from Attica to mogul, the American dream? Wheeler nods and smiles, adding, “From Wagner to hip hop, I’m impressed.” Nichols responds, “From Glamour magazine to, ah, Wagner, so am I. You know, I have these same chairs.” Wheeler quips, “ Ah, well, there’s our motive. No taste.” Nichols comes back with “They happen to be very tasteful, but only if you’re a middle aged civil servant with nobody to impress.” Nichols says a lot of the stuff looks like it came out of a catalog, and that maybe the super rich aren’t as different as they thought. Wheeler pulls out something from Wellsley’s handbag, and says they just have better drugs, showing it to Nichols. He rattles off several names of drugs, saying that his mom has been known to use them. Wheeler says she guesses it is true, “Youth, beauty, mega-money doesn’t buy happiness.” She notes there is no pill bottle and assume no doctor was involved. Nichols notices the video game, which is exclusively geared toward adolescent males. Wheeler finds the engagement ring in Lisa’s purse, and Nichols wonders why Lisa left it in the box. Wheeler suspects this could be a motive.

At the home of Lisa’s mother (Haviland Morris) and stepfather Peter (Tyrone Mitchell Henderson), Nichols and Wheeler find that her parents spoke to her at about 9 before they left for a benefit, and left them a voice mail at 11 asking how it went. Maxwell Goodwin sat at their table. Nichols recognizes him as a chef, and Peter says he was a chef, after two years and one bankruptcy, Max and his “clown partner” were looking for backing to open a new restaurant. When Wheeler asks why Lisa would care about that, Peter says it’s another place to party. When Nichols asks for the name of her fiancé, her mother says she was not engaged. When Wheeler asks about friends, Peter says to “check Page Six.”

At Major Case, Captain Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian), Nichols, and Wheeler are looking at news footage covering Lisa’s death. Ross asks what they know about her that hasn’t been on Access Hollywood. When Wheeler says she spend a year at the University of California Santa Barbara, Ross quips that she probably flunked “suntan.” Nichols says she didn’t have a chance, and Wheeler responds sarcastically that she didn’t have a chance, growing up with a supermodel mom and royal step dad. Nichols reminds her that her father was not royal, only governor over a tiny island in the Caribbean. Ross’ phone rings, and he finds that the engagement ring was purchased by Maxwell Goodwin, to which Wheeler responds, “Small world.”

At the TV studio for Max Goodwin’s show, Max says said he gave her an engagement ring. When Wheeler comments that she didn't wear it, he asks if that is supposed to mean something, and gets indignant, but then apologizes. Wheeler asks what happened to his hand, he reminds her that he is a chef and works with sharp knives. Nichol takes over, and says he went to Endymion the week it opened, he ordered the scallops in pomegranate, and says it was so good. Max thanks him, and Nichols presses on and asks about him opening a new place. Max says no, he doesn’t know, maybe Lisa wanted it more than he did, and maybe she wanted more than a local cable cooking show for him.

Larry Clay enters and comments that this isn’t the best time to meet with the fan club, and Max tells him they are the police and they think he killed Lisa. The man introduces himself as Larry Clay, Max’s business partner and he was with him last night. While Max pounds on some meat, Larry says maybe if he didn’t drag him there to the charity function, but the investors want to meet him – he’s the star. Nichols interjects sarcastically, “Really. Sure. And you? What are…what are you?” Larry says he turns on the spot light and sells tickets. Wheeler asks about after the benefit, and Max starts to answer, but Larry cuts him off and says they went across the street to have a couple drinks and strategize. Max pauses for a minute and then adds they called it an early night. Wheeler asks if they know who Lisa was partying with last night, and while Larry quietly scoffs, Max says no, she usually made several stops in a night. Nichols says they are sorry about miss Wellsley and he moves to leave.

Outside, Wheeler says she feels sorry for the chicken, but Nichols tells her it was a duck. He says anger is the first stage of grief. Wheeler says he is a condescending jerk and you don’t need to have to be raised by shrinks to see that he has a problem with rejection. Nichols, looking a little hurt by the comment, gets into the car.

Back in the studio, Larry says Max should not have talked to anyone without an attorney. Max says he didn’t killer her, and asks why Larry lied to them. Larry points out his hand, asking what conclusion they would draw from that.

At the morgue, ME Rodgers tells them that Lisa has alcohol and anxiety drugs in her system. She adds the killer seemed very angry as evidenced by the extensive injury, and she pulled epithelials from under her fingernails. Wheeler notes from a newspaper article that Reginald Oldman – felon turned clothing designer and mogul - owns “The Crib”, the club Lisa was at the night she was killed.

Back at Major Case, the Nichols and Ross discuss Reginald Oldman’s record. Ross says he is a bad guy but one with business interests, and while they debate his involvement, Wheeler enters and says the DNA under Lisa’s fingernails matches Oldman’s.

They head to the club and question one of the bartender, Jackie (Nikki M. James). She says it is a shame what happened to Lisa. Nichols and Wheeler try to get her to talk, but she tells them to talk to “RXO.” When Nichols asks if they were close, Jackie walks off.

At Oldman’s clothing facility, he tells Nichols and Wheeler that he liked Lisa and he paid her to wear his clothes to help his brand. He adds that his brand is his life, and admits he was sleeping with her. He asks why would he hurt Lisa, and says his DNA was there because they danced.

Back at the club, Oldman yells at Jackie for talking to the police, and she says she told them nothing. He asks her, “What are cops?” and she says, “ The enemy.” When he asks what is anyone who helps the enemy, she says they are a traitor.

Back at Major Case, Ross, Nichols, and Wheeler talk about RXO. Wheeler says that Jackie wanted to talk to them. Ross says she is probably not in RXO’s purview this time of the morning.
Nichols and Wheeler catch up with Jackie, who says Lisa was good to her. Nichols asks her why she is so scared of RXO, and she says his gangster isn’t an act. She tells them to look into some kid, Jason, saying he was weird, that he was possessive. He sat at the bar and stared at anyone who came near Lisa.

At Lisa’s apartment, Jason cuts through the police tape on her door, enters, and begins to tear apart her blue party dress draped over a chair in her apartment.

Later, Nichols and Wheeler arrive at Lisa’s apartment after a neighbor called that the police seal had been broken. While comparing crime scene photos, Wheeler noticed the blue dress is missing. Nichols finds a piece of it under the chair cushion, which appeared to have been ripped from the dress. They assume someone had a tantrum, maybe someone possessive, someone who liked video games, thinking of Jason.

They later locate Jason at a video game arcade, with Nichols grabbing him as he tried to flee.

Later, in interrogation, Wheeler talks about his record, with 6 years in custody before he turned 18 – he pummeled his fifth grade teacher. He says he didn’t hurt Lisa, she tad trouble sleeping and he told her not to mix pills. But Wheeler reminds him she didn’t die from the drugs. Wheeler continues to press, and then Nichols tells him when his mom died, he got out a photograph of her and ripped it up and tore it up. He brings out the piece of Lisa's dress, and Jason leaps from his chair. Nichols tells him he knows he is mad but there is nothing to be ashamed off. He tries to continue to try to help Jason come to grips with what happened, and that the anger will become sorrow. He hands Jason the piece of the dress, and Jason opens up. He says he and Lisa talked all the time; they talked about their problems, about their mothers. She was a good listener. He talked to her the night she was murdered at The Crib, but he left the club first, RXO kicked him out because he was getting in the way with Lisa. Max was already gone, he and Lisa got in a fight and his accountant Larry stayed to try to patch things up. Lisa let him crash on her couch, and when he got there she was laying on the floor. Nichols excuses himself.

Nichols and Wheeler enter the room on the other side of the interrogation room mirror, and Nichols says he believes Jason. Ross asks what that says about Lisa. Nichols says she found a twin soul, or maybe she felt the need to be taken care of and projected that need on a needy Jason and adopted him like a pet. Ross says to Nichols, “Your mom’s not dead.” Nichols says, “I had my fingers crossed.” Wheeler brings up the fact that Max lied about going to the club and didn’t tell them about the fight, and Ross tells them to see if his partner managed to patch things up between them.

Nichols and Wheeler are at Larry’s place, he is getting dressed for a formal dinner. He tells them that he doesn’t think Max is guilty and says he would do everything to protect him - they are good friends. He says Max is a genius. Nichols picks up a photo and notes that Larry and Max went to Emerson Academy, Nichols saying he went there as well. Larry says they started their business when they were seniors. Wheeler says she’d like to hear that fight song, and when Larry laughs, Nichols says, “Go potatoes, go tomatoes” but then tells Larry his pleats are facing down. When Larry looks baffled, Nichols tells him his pleats are supposed to be facing up on his cummerbund. Larry says he will be glad when he can stop going to these things, and Nichols helps him to fix it. He adds that all Max talked about was giving her the ring and living happily ever after. Wheeler asks if this was after the celebrity benefit, and reminds him that they told them that they went for a drink. Larry he knew Max didn’t kill her, and says he is sorry but he is already late for the benefit. Nichols says, “Okey-dokey, hands to shake, money to raise, huh?” Larry tells them that’s the way it works.

Back at the studio, Max and RXO are talking about Larry. RXO puts the pressure on Max, upset that Max never told Larry he is out, saying his a poison pill. When Max says he will take care of Larry out of his end, RXO tells him Lisa wanted him out. He says it is his money and his brand, and it is his rules, Larry gets nothing. Max says “Fine.”

At Major Case, the detectives review what they know with Ross. Wheeler talks about Max’s lies, the rejected proposal, and the cut on his hand. Nichols says maybe Lisa didn’t reject Max and RXO has a jealous side and Jason said he was getting in the way. Ross tells them to talk to him. Nichols says he is going to…and Wheeler finishes his sentence, saying, “wander aimlessly?” adding that it keeps him from getting lost.

While Nichols finds a piano and plays a tune, Wheeler talks with RXO. He tells them he sent a guy over with corporate documents and he upped Lisa’s ownership interests. Playing the piano, Nichols seems to have an epiphany. Back at Major Case, he looks at news articles about Endymion and magazine covers on Max. He also sees an article about Endymion closing its doors.
Back at the studio, while a show is taping, Max seems uninterested, and then gets upset and throws a plate with food against the wall, and storms off. Larry goes after him.

Nichols continues to look at photos, and focuses on Larry.

Max runs into the street and Max tries to tell Larry about being cut out, but Larry stops him. Larry continues to ramble and Max get annoyed and tells him to shut up. Larry says he will not let their dream die with her. Max pushes Larry to the ground, and Larry says to hit him, it’s not like it won’t be the first time.

Nichols is still looking at more articles about business problems causing the failure of Endymion. He looks at the picture of Larry.

Later, at the TV studio, Wheeler and Nichols arrive, and Nichols says to Larry and Max that he doesn’t know how he will get through a dinner party when they shut down. Larry comments that they are chasing their tails. Nichols says no, he is talking about the TV show when he opens the new restaurant. Wheeler asks what did he think he was talking about? Larry sighs, and Wheeler says she bet he thought they were there to arrest Max. Max asks if they found out anything about Lisa. Nichols says that he knows that the people in Lisa’s life thought they knew her, but they only knew what they needed or wanted, saying to her mom, she was youth lost; to RXO she was a brand; to Jason, she was mommy. Wheeler says to Max, she was his muse. Nichols says to Larry, he was a hurdle. Wheeler says Lisa was taking his meal ticket away., his last best shot. Larry says that is crazy and Max would never have cut him out. Nichols brings out the Emerson connection, telling Larry he wasn’t “of” Emerson, he probably went on scholarship, and that a real Emerson person knows how to wear the cummerbund from the age of 10. Max says Nichols is off base, but Nichols tells him that people like Larry can look but they can’t play. When Larry indicates he was trying to protect Max, Wheeler says Larry was trying to frame him. Larry says he kills himself for the business, but Nichols reminds him he is expendable, “lint in the breeze”. Nichols says he has that hunger in him, and that Max is the artist and Larry is a suit, Max is the star and Larry is the spotlight, hoping some will shine back on him. Larry says he knows what he is. But Nichols continues to harp on him, trying to highlight Larry’s inferiority. Larry, of course, completely caves, and gets angry about Lisa and admits he went to her loft, and that she just laughed at her. He yells that Max was good enough but not him, while Max looks on, stunned. Lisa says everyone knew that it was over. He says if he is out, so is Max. When Nichols asks him if revenge was sweet, he loses control and, lunging for Max, says that it was. The police restrain Larry, and also Max, who is furious that Larry killed Lisa. As they take Larry off, he yells at Max for cutting him out. Wheeler gets a grip and says, “God I’m glad I went to public school!”

Outside the studio, Nichols says, “Friends, sometimes you just need to let them go.” Wheeler responds that they were never friends, they just served each other’s needs. Nichols says, “Friends.” As they get in their car, we fade to black.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Meloni, Hargitay Staying With SVU, Lahti New ADA

Michael Ausiello of EW.com has two big scoops to report on Law & Order SVU. First big story: Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have signed to stay on for two more years of the show. While the show is only renewed for one more season right now, if NBC should renew it after this next season, Chris and Mariska will be a part of it. Michael reports that we don’t know who “budged” during negotiations, but that “but indications are that a very happy compromise was forged that sweetens the duo's $385K-per-episode salary. In exchange, both actors agreed to add a second year to their pacts.”

Second big story: Christine Lahti has been hired as the show's newest ADA. Ausiello reports that “Lahti will appear in next season's first four episodes, after which she'll pass the rotating ADA baton back to the returning Stephanie March.”
An excellent choice, I say!

Michael’s reports can be found at the following links:

Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay staing on L&O SVU

Christine Lahti New L&O SVU ADA

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Law & Order UK Returns to ITV With New Episodes

The UK’s “The Guardian” reports that Law & order UK will return for a second series run.

The same cast will return, which includes Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber, Ben Daniels, and Freema Agyeman. They also report that there will be another 13 episodes created using US format. Production begins later this year. The Guardian reports the show will air next year, “after the ITV director of television, channels and online, Peter Fincham, and the director of drama, Laura Mackie, gave it the green light.”

They also report that the other six episodes filmed from the first series that had not been aired will be airing “soon.”

The full article on the renewal of Law & order UK can be read on the Guardian’s web site.

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Law & Order CI “Lady’s Man“, “Salome In Manhattan” Episode Information

It’s double trouble with two new episodes of Law & Order Criminal Intent airing on Sunday, June 28. The show begins at 8:00 PM ET with the Goldblum/Nicholson episode “Salome in Manhattan” and follows with D’Onofrio/Erbe in “Lady’s Man.” (Note: It’s tough enough recapping one episode a day, but two in one day is brutal. I am not sure how long it will take to get both of them completed, so please bear with me.)

Here are the details on both episodes, plus the promo video and a video clip from “Salome in Manhattan.”

Photos from USA Network

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Salome in Manhattan” Air Date June 28, 2009
A celebrity chef’s star is on the rise as he plans the opening of a trendy restaurant with powerful partners. Yet his world is upended when his tabloid-friendly, gorgeous girlfriend and business partner is killed under mysterious circumstances. Detectives Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) enter the seductive world of power and privilege and discover desperation and murder.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Salome In Manhattan" can be found here.

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Lady’s Man ” Air Date June 28, 2009
Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) investigate the killing of a man who became famous for dodging a murder conviction because of a mishandled trial. The man spun his notoriety into a TV show but turned up dead on his birthday.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Lady’s Man" can be found here.

Clip from “Salome in Manhattan”

USA Double Header Promo Clip

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Law & Order Criminal Intent “Family Values” Recap & Review

All photos from USA Network

Sunday’s episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent “Family Values” was a very intense, dark episode with a very creepy criminal. If I got the spelling right, the killer’s name was Paul Devildis – clearly someone with the “devil’ in him. Pathetically, Devildis kills thinking he is doing it for God when really is he answering to evil by killing those that he loves or those that he thinks need to be saved from themselves.

I have to admit that during the first 10 minutes or so I did not clearly understand who was killed and what their involvement was. In a way that was annoying, but on the flip side, this is really the way most crimes are investigated – the detectives have to find out the connections in order to get the killer. So while we saw the killer up front, it kept the suspense there as we learned along with the detectives who the first victims were and how they were connected to later murders.

While Paul seemed to have planned the initial murders, I found it laughable that he was only wearing latex gloves to protect himself. I wonder what he did with all his blood-spattered clothes? I was also a little confused as to why this was a major case. Was it because it was a double murder? Other shows in the franchise have covered multiple murders as well so what made this one special enough for Major Case eluded me. Sometimes, the criterion for a major case is still a mystery to me.

Another question I had was once it was determined that Paul’s mother could be the next victim, why they didn’t have the place staked out to watch for Paul immediately? Why did they seemingly wait until Ross got a call with a possible tip off that Paul might be coming?

Clearly, this episode belonged to Vincent D’Onofrio, who seemed back in his game while he questioned Paul. It was a skilled interrogation that chipped away very neatly at Paul’s delusions of killing in the name of God. In fact, this was the best that Goren/D’Onofrio has been all season, with D’Onofrio actually looking a little healthier. He even seemed to be moving much easier, allowing him to appear more powerful in the scene where he grabs Paul and then forces him to sit down. It is annoying, however, that this whole season has been shown out of order. In the last Goren/Eames episode we saw a very large, lumbering Goren, but in this episode, he looked like he dropped quite a few pounds and he seemed to be moving much more normally. It’s not just D’Onofrio’s back and forth appearance changes over the last episodes, but it is also the inconsistency in Goren’s apparent state of mind and even his mental dexterity and energy levels that seemed to go up and down with each episode. I hope they have all the older episodes long out of the way so we can finally see a more consistent Bobby Goren.

Here is the recap:

A young girl, Kathy Devildis (Britt Robertson) enters the stage in the play “Cyrano.” She is dressed in a low cut, period costume. Her parents, Paul (David Harbour) and Mary Devildis (Susie Misner) and grandmother (Marilyn Chris) look on from the audience. Her father’s eyes focus on the large gold cross around his daughter’s neck, and her exposed cleavage. He looks agitated. He gets his coat and leaves the play, to the confusion of his wife and mother. Later, as he sits in his car outside someone’s apartment, he hears the lines of the play playing back in his head. He starts speaking about Revelations from the Bible. He says he will save them, he will save them all.

As his daughter and play’s director, Velma (Karen Ziemba) , receive applause at the play, Afterwards, Kathy asks the director for something modern next time, maybe Tennessee Williams. Her mother tells her ‘one step at a time”. Velma asks if Mr. Devildis didn’t enjoy the pay, and Mary makes an excuse that he had to leave the play because he was called away. Kathy asks if her father left before the end of the play, and her grandmother says he left when she was in the garden. Kathy is unhappy because she left that was her best scene.

Elsewhere, Joe arrives home, but Paul Devildis is waiting inside, drinking coffee and wearing latex gloves. Joe walks in and calls to his wife Millie, asking to guess who is the luckiest couple in the world. But his wife is on the floor, dead in a pool of blood. Joe enters the kitchen with a handful of money, and Devildis hits him with a hammer, says he is sorry, there is nothing more he can do for him, and hits him again, killing him. He picks up his coffee cup.

Detectives Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Alex Eames (Kathryn Erbe) are at the scene of the double murder. Goren notes the single coffee cup and sauce and coffee pot has been washed, but the coffee grounds are still moist. If the wife expected the husband was coming home, he asks why not have the coffee waiting for him? Eames asks if he thinks the killer washed up, and Goren says he thinks he was comfortable there and the wife sat there talking and listening when he struck her – she trusted him. Erbe wonders about not envying who has to contact the next of kin and says they should get the address books and computer, and Goren adds they should get all the papers stuck on the refrigerator.

Goren speculates that if she was killed first - Eames jumps in and says that they neighbors said she often worked late - Goren says he thinks the killer knew that too, he probably sat there and waited until he heard her husband arrive. When he came in, the killer struck him on his left side, and he fell into the refrigerator, ME Rodgers adding he had a left temporal fracture. She goes on to say he also has a fracture in the occipital crown – there were two selective blows, enough to kill him, but not more. Eames says it lacks disorganization of someone out of control. Goren thinks the killer was in total control, that he knew the place, planned this, and he showed up with a small, heavy weapon. Rodgers guesses it was a hammer. Eames picks up some of the money next to the man’s body and states that the killer didn’t want it. She also adds that it doesn’t have a look of a sexual assault, and Goren agrees. Goren notes the towel across the wife’s chest, and Eames wonders if she was holding it when she fell. But Goren notes that her right hand was under her hip, and her left was at the top of her head, and it would take two hands to arrange the towels to cover her exposed breasts. Eames says, ‘Our killer is concerned about modesty?”

At the Major Case Squad, they review the case with Captain Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian). He asks about the money, which Goren tells him was $1,000 is 20s. Ross asks about drug deals or sexual components but they have no evidence of that. Ross says the covering of the exposed breast should not discount something weird. Ross wonders about this being a jealousy killing, but Goren says why would she sit drinking coffee with him if her husband were expected home? Ross’s phone rings, and he tells them her sister and brother in law have come to identify the body.

Mary and Paul Devildis - the latter who we know is the killer – identify the body, Paul says he last saw them about a month ago. and Mary says she was hoping they would have come to their daughter’s school play last night. Millie and Joe had no enemies. Money was tight for them but they knew she and Paul were there to help them. Paul says he knows of no problems in the workplace.

At Joe’s job as a crane operator, the foreman tells Goren and Eames there were no problems with Joe. The money he had was from winning the basketball pool, he spent some of it on beers for the group but took the rest home for Millie. Joe had a kid on the way, work was not as steady as it had been. Joe needed money and asked for overtime as he had a balloon payment on his mortgage that he hoped his brother in law, who was a banker, could fix.

Back at home, Mary tells Paul she spoke to everyone but his mother, and he said he called the home and they were going to keep her away from the news until he could tell her. He is working on the computer, and tells Mary it is something for the bank, and says it helps keep his mind off things. She tells him they have no idea what they lost in him.. Kathy enters and says she knows it’s a bad time but she has big scene and she promised June she’d stay over and run the lines. Paul asks about the play, and Kathy says it is “Sweet Bird of Youth” by Tennessee Williams. Paul comments that Williams was a homosexual, and Kathy objects, saying he was a brilliant writer and he wrote great role for women. Mary is supportive of her daughter and Paul says OK.

Later, as Paul waits outside the “Queens of Drama Academy”, the play director, Velma, arrives and Paul apologizes for having to leave the play early. He says he was in the area and his wife told him to stop by. His says Kathy is enthusiastic about drama but she says she knows he is not 100% approving. He says it is not something he is used to. She asks if seeing the play turned him around, and he said it had a strong impact on him. When he asks to talk about the matter, she invites him in for coffee. Later, we seem Paul walking down the dark alley, throwing a bloody ball peen hammer in the trash.

The next day, Goren and Eames are at The Queens of Drama Academy, now a murder scene. They were called there because of the similarities with the earlier double murder. Velma lay dead on the floor in a pool of blood, struck with a similar blunt instrument. They note she also had coffee and was likely sitting with the killer. Goren sees the flier from the Cyrano play, and they find she directed plays at a Christian high school. Her body was found by the woman she lived with, Doreen Howell. Eames notes that Velma taught drama and Millie Stegman taught special ed – they were both teachers. Goren wonders what else connects them.

In the ambulance, they talk with Doreen (Carol Halstead), who tells them that she called Velma from her mothers and talked about the other murders she doesn’t think she knew anything. The plays were just for kids. Goren asks how they can find who got the flyers, and Doreen says she has a list of names they got from the parents.

Back at Major Case, Goren and Eames review the case with Ross, who says they tabloids have already labeled it as serial killings. He tells them to share the information with the FBI, but Goren says there is not much. Eames add that Paul and Mary Devildis sent Joe and Mille a flier because Paul and Mary’s daughter was in the play, Goren says there may be a family connection and they will look more closely at them. Goren does not expect much from VICAP, there were no hits on prints from either crime scene. He thinks they are dealing with a first offender. Ross says there are no robbery and no sexual components, and people have been killed over school events before, maybe this originated from the drama class?

At the high school, they question the school principal, and she tells them that Velma was well liked. She referred to the school as conservative Christian, and Goren asks if there was any opposition to the kids being on stage. She indicates most parents did not have a problem, but Goren notes that “most” is not everyone. She tells them that letters are required from the parents to give permission to participate in drama, and Eames asks to see the letters, and when the principal balks, Eames reminds her the severity of the issue. The principal says she was about the lead the group in a prayer session, and Goren indicates they will wait for the letters.

Back at home, Paul is calling Ray Balger (Tim Bohn), president of Chautauqua Savings. Paul is building a pipe bomb. He tells Ray he has a restructuring plan he wants to drop by, and asks if he would review it, and says since he is no longer at the bank, could it for his eyes only? Ray agrees, and after hanging up, says, “poor guy.”

Back at home, Paul, Mary, and Kathy are there, they talk about the murders. Kathy is worried. Paul tells them they trust in the shield of their faith. Mary says he can trust all he wants but if she is there alone, she is not answering the door.

Back at Major Case, Eames tells Goren she spoke with the bank that holds the mortgage for Joe and Millie, and found their monthly payments had doubled, and the bank holding the loan was the same bank where Paul Devildis worked – and Paul was fired 5 months ago. Goren says Paul was feeling pressure from more than one place, and shows Eames the consent letter for his daughter drama class. Eames says they will have to pay them a visit.

At the Devildis home, Goren and Eames catch Devildis as he is putting a small box into his car. Kathy arrives with her dog. Goren asks about the drama class and tells him that only Mary signed the consent form. He says he did have trouble with it because she is daddy’s little girl. He admits he saw her at Cyrano, and asks Kathy how many curtain calls. She looks at him, perplexed, and says three. Goren seems to pick up on her the issue. When Kathy leaves, Goren asks Paul about Joe and Millie’s hardship with the house, and he asks since he doesn’t have his job at the bank how was he going to help them? He says they are family, he would find a way. As Goren and Eames leave, Goren comments he knows he lied about the play and no father forgets the number of his daughter’s curtain calls, and that he lied about offering Joe and Millie help, something he could not fulfill.

As Paul is delivery a eulogy at the services for Joe and Millie and their unborn child, his package is delivered to the bank, and Ray opens it, causing it to explode.

At the scene of the bank explosion, Goren found a flier for the play on Ray’s desk. The bomb exploded after closing. Ray, the bank president, was killed, and another bank worker with him, Greg Phillips, was severely injured and is at the hospital. At the hospital, Greg tells them that Paul Devildis called the bank ahead of time and said he was delivering a “restructuring plan” and they felt bad for him so they said they would look at it. Greg got the package and gave it to Ray and Greg went for coffee. They felt sorry for Ray and accepted the package because he was their manager and was corporate’s scapegoat for the banks sub prime loan problems.

Later, at the Devildis home, the police arrive en masse and break down the door. Paul is not there, and a candle is lit on the counter with religious music playing on the CD player. The dog is dead on the floor, Eames saying that is a bad sign. Goren and Eames find Mary dead in her bed, shot. They also find Kathy is not at home.

Back a Major Case, Ross talks about this “family annihilator” and hoping he would make it through his career without this particular nightmare. Goren says all the markers are there, Paul is controlling and devoutly religious. When Ross comments that two of the victims were not family, Goren points out one was a gay drama teacher who challenged his authority and was corrupting his daughter, and the banker who was throwing people out of there homes. Goren reads back some religious notations on Paul’s computer, and Ross comments that Paul is killing to send them to heaven. Ross asks that assuming his daughter is dead, who is next, and Goren thinks it is Paul’s mother. He may want to spare her the agony. Eames enters and says that a woman watching the news said Kathy spend the night there for sleepover with her daughter and Kathy’s father came to pick her up in the morning. Goren thinks he wants to spend some special moments with her, and he may have another place. Eames says they will ask any other family members where that could be, and Ross tells them to find every piece of property for the family within a 200 mile radius.

In the car, Paul is driving with Kathy. She asks about her mom, and Paul says she had to run some errands. She says she feels safe with him, and suddenly he begins to speed. Kathy becomes worried and he finally slows down. He says he is sorry, he was just daydreaming.

At a cabin, Paul is trying to jump start a red truck. He tells Kathy to give it a rest while he works on the car, and she turns on the radio and hears of her mother’s murder on new news. Kathy exits the car, and when Paul realizes the radio is on, he sees Kathy running and chases her. He catches up with her and tackles her, and she calls him a murderer. He says it is because he loves her. She says he killed mom and Millie and Joe and Velma, and he says they are going to God’s kingdom, and this is the best thing for everyone. It’s about their salvation. She looks at him with disbelief, and he said he saw her on stage and that a harlot can’t enter the kingdom. He says they will all be together and he resists him. She realizes that he is trying to start the truck because they are looking for the car, and he says he needs to save grandma. She tries to talk him into waiting until he can bring her grandmother there, she says he understands and wants to go with him, she won’t be afraid, she trusts him. He says OK but she is seriously creeped out as he kisses her.

Back at Major Case, Eames says Paul has a farm inherited from his grandfather. Goren has a picture of a house from last August so they assume the place has not been sold. Ross says someone just called the retirement home about Paul’s mother claiming to be her brother and wants her taken to a local bus station so she can be picked up so they can break the news to her in a family setting. But Eames says Paul’s mother only had one brother and he is dead.

At the Hills of Zion, Paul arrives in the red truck. Goren and Eames, along with undercover FBI, have the place staked out. He is arrested as Goren and Eames look on.

Now on the farm, the police and Goren, Eames, and Ross know that Kathy is not there. There is no blood, so Kathy was not killed there. Goren sees plastic ties, and thinks that Kathy was restrained and left trench marks with her feet while she was dragged. She also made a mark on a ground with a square and a cross on it, and another marking. They assume she means a cemetery and they send out a search team to check every cemetery within a 50-mile radius but so far nothing. They also find a marking she made with a stone on another stone but they can’t read what she meant. Ross worries that the cold will kill her if she is left outside too long.

Goren takes Paul into the house to question him. Paul is upset he is being prevented from taking his own life and seems to want to fall back on scripture, but Goren says he knows of no scripture that endorses suicide. Goren cites Abraham having moments of doubt, and said God saw Abraham’s agony and stopped him, but nothing stopped Paul. Paul says God’s will was clear, but Goren says God showed mercy with Abraham’s son but showed no mercy in Paul’s case. Paul says he doesn’t question the voice of God. Goren asks why Kathy is still alive when all the others were sacrificed? Paul quickly says, “You don’t know that she’s alive” and Goren, reading Paul, says, “Now I do.” Paul says it obvious what Goren is doing and he won’t have any more of it. But Goren continues to press on about Abraham, saying the one Paul loves most is still alive. When Paul tells Goren he can’t trick him, Goren tells him he has already been tricked – and deceived. Goren moves in closer to Paul’s space. Goren mentions Kathy’s sweetness, the glow in her eyes, her “soft, young flesh, that warmth that you feel when you hold her tight” and asks if that voice who spoke those words also told her to spare her life. Paul gets very uncomfortable and stands up, saying he won’t hear it. But Goren presses on, telling him that voice is not God’s voice it is from the “trickster” and the “tempter,” the master of all deception, and Paul knows what is name is. He tells Paul he doesn’t serve God, he serves him and tells Paul to say his name. Paul says he is the shepherd who leads them, but Goren says he delivers death and serves the deceiver. Paul says no, he saw her on the stage and he commanded him, but Goren says “the deceiver sees your desire, he commands you.” Paul tells him not to say such filth. Goren harps on about the gay drama teacher and asks if she ever touched his daughter or wanted to touch her. Paul coldly says she is dead, he ended all of them. Goren asks why is that – is that because when he saw her on stage he felt aroused and that vileness inside him. He was aroused by his daughter so everyone must have been aroused. The “tempter” saw that in him and seized on his weakness. Goren says, “Just say his name. Say his name Paul. SAY IT! SAY HIS NAME!” as he grabs Paul by the shirt collar, shaking him. He shoves him back down onto the chair, and says, ‘Come here. Whose servant are you? {Goren screams at him} If there is a God…” and Paul says that there is a God and he acted on his will alone. But Goren yells, ‘If you are God’ servant than how can you kill the people that you love?” Paul says his faith passed along from generations will not be undone by Goren. Goren retorts, “Your FAITH? “ and as he calms down, continues and looks at the pictures of Paul’s’ ancestors and a rubbing of one of the gravestones that Kathy made which is on the wall. Goren says Kathy told him about it, and tells Paul about the markings that Kathy made, how she made the marks in the dirt of the coffin and the cross, meaning a cemetery, and the mark on the stone, to indicate a stone rubbing. Goren says she was calling out to them and God wants her to love. But Paul says she wants to be with him. Goren counters that she can’t be with him, because she serves God, and is he still blind to God’s will? Goren says it is just like with Abraham, God stopped Abraham form killing his son, and it is God’s hand stopping him now. Kathy prayed to God and God answered. He asks Paul to tell him where Kathy is while there is still time and to help God answer Kathy’s prayers. Paul says he sees it, he has served evil. Goren tells him to put his God above all else, and tell him where the cemetery is. Paul caves and tells him.

At the cemetery, they find Kathy tied to a tree. She is alive. She looks at Goren and he gazes back. As they cover her and take her away, Eames, Ross and Goren look on as we fade to black.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Family Values” Episode Information

Photo from USA Network

A new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “Family Values” will air this Sunday at 9:00 PM EDT on the USA Network. Here is the episode information, plus the USA promo ad and a short preview clip from the episode.

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Family Values” Air Date June 21, 2009
When a flier from a local Catholic high school drama production connects three murders, Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) must understand the psychology of a religious fanatic before he claims another victim.

My recap and review of Law & Order Crimina Intent "Family Values" can be found here.

Law & Order CI “Family Values” Preview Clip

Law & Order CI “Family Values” Promo Ad

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Law & Order Franchise For Your "Emmy" Consideration Ads

Many networks are turning up the publicity to highlight their shows as they make their bids for the 2009 Emmy Awards. NBC Universal and the Law & Order franchise are no different, with ads recently hitting the trade publications. And here – for YOUR consideration – are the ads for all the shows in the Law & Order franchise. We must get some people with NBC Universal to get a little more creative with the ads in the future though, they appear to have primarily used their standard stock photos. Pity.

Here’s something that Starpulse.com wrote about Mariska’s Emmy bid in an article titled “TV Honorees That Don't Deserve Recognition At The Emmy Awards”:

Best Actress in a Dramatic Series Mariska Hargitay for "Law & Order: SVU"

Somehow, Hargitay has notched five consecutive nominations for her work as a cop in a procedural. A procedural. Where is the depth? Where is the character exploration in self-contained storylines about gathering evidence and interviewing perps? Sure, there was a time when her character's back story raised her stakes, but that seems like an afterthought now.


By the way, sometime you can click on a photo in my blog immediately after I publish and get a larger view; sometimes it takes a day or two before my pictures get picked up for public access. These pictures are better viewed in the larger size that I upload here, so I hope it doesn’t take too long for fans to get access to the larger version of each picture posted here.)

Law & Order Cast
S. Epatha Merkerson, Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson
Sam Waterston, Alana De La Garza, Linus Roache

Law & Order SVU Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

Chris Meloni

Mariska Hargitay

Law & Order SVU Guest Stars

Law & Order Criminal Intent

Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Nicholson, Eric Bogosian, Kathryn Erbe, Vincent D'Onofrio

Law & Order CI and Other USA Network Shows (Vincent and Jeff on the far left)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Law & Order CI "The Glory That Was" Recap & Review

All photos from the USA Network

Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Glory That Was” was an average episode, involving a woman and a bodyguard being murdered with connections to the 2012 Olympics. I rate the episode average as there was little drama in the episode, the pace was plodding, and there were too many people and names intertwined that viewers had to follow. Die-hard Law & Order fans likely recognized James Waterston, the son of Law & Order’s Sam Waterston, in the role as the husband of one of the murder victims. Another, possibly more recognizable, star in this episode was Ritchie Coster, who has appeared in almost every show in the L&O franchise (the only exception I can find is “Conviction” which is a show I think Dick Wolf would like us to forget), and he has appeared on some of the shows in the franchise more than once. In fact, this took a little of the surprise away from the ending, as Ritchie is frequently cast as a seedy character who usually turns out to be the “bad guy.”

We also got a brief look into Wheeler’s problems that may arise from her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Colin, who was arrested at the end of the last season. It was sad to see her toss her wedding invitations into the trash. Clearly, though, this episode was originally meant to be viewed much more early on in the show’s cycle, as it seems quite some time had already passed. One would think there would have been plenty of time to have the invitations canceled, or they should have arrived much sooner. (Printed invitations don't take too long these days.)

One segment that I question was at the end, when Nichols mentioned the digital signature on the photograph found with on the body of the man sent to kill Kip and Laura. Frankly, I thought a digital signature only appears on the data file for the photo, not on the hard copy of the print. If all they had was the printed photo, how did they get a digital signature from that? If they found the digital photo file in the search of Taylor's apartment, wouldn't that be enough to make he connection to the hitman, regardless of a "signaute" on the printed picture? I guess I am not quite clear on how they used the printed picture to get a digital signature to match it to any other digital signature.

If this episode was to be shown much earlier in the season, I’m glad they moved it to further in to the cycle, as this was not a very strong episode and did not seem to give Jeff Goldblum much to work with.

Here is the recap:

Someone sets up a video camera, and records two women becoming very intimate. Elsewhere, a man grabs a gun and leaves his apartment. Later, Caroline Walters (Stephanie Szostak) is leaving her husband Paul (James Waterston) and children home to go to a party, saying the party will be over by 10. In a car, a Kip (Pedro Pascal) and Laura (Jess Weixler) discuss their options, Kip telling Laura she is the one who screwed it up, she will have to finish it, and that she always wanted the Olympics, he just wanted to give it to her. Outside, the man with the gun watches as Caroline Walters stands nearby. In another location, Detective Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) is being questioned about her relationship with her ex-fiancé, and she gets annoyed at their questions that seemed to imply she was involved in covering up his crime.

A cab arrives with Kip and Laura, and they exit and Caroline Walters says “no Laura, no” and asks how much they want. But Kip says this isn’t about money and moves to talk to her elsewhere.

Detective Wheeler arrives home to a box that contains the invitations for the wedding of Megan Ann Wheeler and Colin John Ledger; she smiles, and then looks away sadly. She throws them in the trash.

Caroline tells Kip and Laura that they are out of their minds. They argue, Laura saying she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Caroline says she is going to the police, and Laura follows after her, saying, “don’t.” The man with the gun tailing Caroline runs down the steps nearby, and as we see Kip move in to Laura and Caroline, we hear gunfire. Later, we see the man with the gun walk out with a head injury; he stumbles into an oncoming car and is hit.

Later, Detective Wheeler and Captain Ross (Eric Bogosian) are on the scene of what looks like a hit and run, and as it’s a man with an expensive suit and an empty holster, Major Case was called in. Wheeler notices the head wound on one side, which looks like it did not occur from the hit by the car. Detective Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) arrives, notices there is no gun, and asks where is the other body. Elsewhere but nearby, they find the body of who we know is Caroline Walters, - but there is no ID on her body. Her expensive purse is still with her, but someone made it appear like a robbery. She has a wound on her hand, Nichols surmises she put her hand up to ward him off, and there are powder burns on her palm, so the killer may have hesitated before deciding to shoot. Nearby, Ross notices a pool of blood, which is where they think that this is where the man who was later hit by the car, was first injured. Nichols wonders out loud that someone wanted them to think this was a robbery but still left the expensive purse. Wheeler asks him how he knew there was another body, and he says that the man hit by the car had not gun as someone took it. He says that suggests one of two things, Wheeler jumping in saying he shot someone and got hit in the head, and Nichols adds that someone hit him in the head, took the gun, and shot somebody else.

At the ME’s office, Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) shows them that the woman was killed with a 9mm slug in the head. She adds that the man was hit with a blunt object and was injured before he ran into traffic. There was no gunshot residue on his hand, so he is not the shooter. Wheeler wonders if the woman went with him, or if he came to killer her?

Later, Ross walks into his office with Wheeler, talking about her being questioned by the US attorneys. She thinks they are trying to decide whether to call her as a witness, saying she doesn’t know anything. She wonders if she is being paranoid, and Ross says she is, no one thinks she screwed up, her ex-fiancé just happened to be a crook. Nichols enters, saying they got a hit on the dead woman’s prints – Caroline Walters. He says it wasn’t a robbery as it’s been 14 hours and no one has used her credit cards. Wheeler looks at her file and sees Caroline worked at the Belgian Consulate, Nichols saying she was a trade attaché. No hit yet on the dead man’s prints. Nichols says that Caroline’s husband called the consulate 4 times last night, looking for his wife – a rich wife.

Paul Walters says his wife is very involved in the Olympics and rode for Belgium in 1992 and 1996. Wheeler says Mrs. Walters told him last night that she was going to the consulate, and Nichols asks if his wife was often less than truthful. Paul seems to get offended at the remark, and Nichols clarifies that they are trying to understand her state of mind when she left last night. But Paul says he didn’t know what his wife was thinking. Wheeler shows him a photo of the dead man and asks if he recognizes the man in the photo. Paul says no. Wheeler tells him he was murdered at the same time as Mrs. Walters. Wheeler apologizes in advance for asking if it is possible his wife was having an affair. Paul says absolutely not, and adds emphatically that it is out of the question. His kids arrive home and he excuses himself and leaves the room. Afterwards, Nichols comments to Wheeler that the couple had serious marital problems and they are both seeing divorce lawyers. Wheeler asks him how he knows this, and he adds that Paul called her “my wife” three times and never used her name.

Nichols and Wheeler are at the consulate and are told there were no events last night. As they state they want to see her office, Jack Taylor (Ritchie Coster) from Cardinal International, a private security firm, arrives. He says he wants to see Caroline’s killer caught and punished. He takes them to her office, and they see some of her Olympic information. Taylor enters with Caroline’s computer password. He tells them he knew Caroline casually, they competed in the Olympics in 1996 where he shot skeet and he won. Nichols says they had gold medals in common and that didn’t sound casual. They also find a private appointment calendar and phone book. Nichols finds a piece of a DVD in her shredder and asks about the trash. Outside, while they have CSU looking through the trash, Nichols shows Taylor the picture of man who was shot killed with Caroline, and Taylor says he does not know him. Wheeler is with Caroline’s assistant, who goes not know who Gotzman and Laura G. in her personal calendar. Later, the CSU team finds DVD pieces in the trash. Wheeler approaches and tells Nichols that Taylor also appeared on Caroline’s calendar and wonders if they were having an affair. Nichols responds, “Yes, no, both.” Wheeler laughs at the comment, and adds they have an interesting email and a few names that Caroline’s assistant does not recognize.

At the home of Paul Walters, he is talking to an attorney (Robert LuPone) who says they are prepared to settle the estate without litigation, $150 million US dollars. He told the lawyer that he told them if they want to see their grandchildren they should not make things unpleasant.

Back at Major Case, Wheeler tells Nichols that Gotzman is Caroline’s divorce lawyer, and not only did her husband not mention the divorce, but that Caroline family was very wealthy. Nichols watches as Wheeler puts two packs of sugar in her coffee. Nichols wonders if Caroline dies, her money would go in to a trust and be tied up for a long time, and Wheeler adds, ‘or not.” Ross enters, and Nichols tells him they are thinking that there is trouble in paradise and the husband ate the apple. A CSU tech person enters, and tells them they will want to see what they got off the sliced up DVD they found in the garbage. It is a video of Caroline and another woman being intimate. They take a screen shot of the other woman’s face. Ross quips that it looks like Eve tasted the apple too. The suspect she is being blackmailed, maybe by her husband.

Elsewhere, Laura and Kip talk about what just happened, and Laura is upset that she will not be a champion and they will come after them. She asks him what he is going to do then.

Paul Walters arrives home to find Nichols and Wheeler waiting. They take him in for questioning, with him saying he had nothing to do with the murder of his wife.

In interrogation at Major Case, Paul says it was an amicable divorce. He doesn’t know why Caroline had what was an armed guard. Nichols asks if he was every diagnosed as a dissociative personality type because Paul described the divorce as amicable yet Caroline had an armed guard. Nichols adds, “one of us is disassociatin’, and I don’t think it’s me.” Paul says the divorce papers were already signed, Carline told him she was “discovering” herself and wanted to move to Brussels and take the kids. They made a deal, she could move, and he would get the kids for the summers. Nichols said this way he could continue to live his rich lifestyle, and tells Paul this does not show him in the best light. He doesn’t know what his wife could have that was valuable other than money.

On the other side of the interrogation room mirror, Nichols suspects Caroline was being blackmailed but no by the husband, and Wheeler thinks the man was there to protect her. They decide to hone in on Laura G. , who no one from the consulate seems to know, and her appointments seem to coincide with Caroline’s riding practice at Twin Lakes.

At Twin Lakes, they find that Caroline helped anyone who asked. They find Laura G. is Laura Green, who is an Olympic hopeful, wanting to make the trials the next trial. But one needs the right horse; Laura had Mi Dorado, Spanish for “My Gold” .

They question Laura Green – who is clearly the other woman in the video - at her apartment, and she says the horse is spectacular. Wheeler asks how much a horse like that costs, and Laura says over $200,000. She tells them Caroline helped her train it. They confront her with the photo from the video, and Laura says that her husband can’t find out about this, and says she was being blackmailed too. She though it was Caroline’ s husband trying to blackmail her. She says she did not come on to Caroline so she could blackmail her and never asked her for money.

Back at Major Case, they find out that Kip and Laura Green have their own PR company, but that Laura has a prostitution record. She was busted before she was married. Ross wonders what Laura got from Caroline and who bought her the horse? Ross got a call, Treasury got a hit on the dead bodyguard’s prints but no name. Ross has a friend working on it and he waits on the phone. Nichols says he always admired Ross for this – he works the town like crazy. Ross says, “That almost sounds like a compliment.” He tells them that Caroline Walter’s bodyguard was Jamey Riggs, ex Secret Service. He tells them to “toss” the apartment and talk to the neighbors.

At Riggs’ apartment, they find Caroline’s address and phone number, and he has an expired ID from the Austrian consulate, one of the areas that Taylor’s company Cardinal International has covered.

At Taylor’s office, Nichols sees a picture of Taylor in Rio de Janeiro. Wheeler calls him on the fact that he said he didn’t know Riggs, but Taylor falls back on the fact that he has a large company. He admits Caroline called and said she wanted someone to go along with her on an errand. He recommended Riggs for free. Nichols tells Taylor it is bad luck both of his friends are dead, and Taylor says they can agree on that.

Later, at a small convenience store, Kip and Laura arrive, and while they shop, someone barges in an announces a robbery. But the gunman makes a move right for Kip and shoot him. Laura, in another isle, tries to stay hidden but the gunman finds her and aims to shoot, but is stopped by another gunshot from the store owner, who gets shot by the gunman as he goes down. Laura checks Kip and runs out of the store.

The detectives check out the store, and when they see that the gunman has a black hand mark – Mexican mob – on his face. Wheeler says the gunman does not live here, they only wear the black and in Mexico. Someone working the scene hands them a picture found on the gunman’s body, it’s a picture of Kip and Laura, and likely so he could recognize his targets.

Back at Major Case, there are no print records for the gunman, likely he did the hit under another passport and will get another to go home. Nichols also find a picture of Taylor and Caroline from the Olympics, looking cozy. They wonder if they were having an affair during the Olympics. They also see a picture of Kevin “Kip” Green an one of Taylor’s skeet team photos., who was in publicity. Nichols makes a call to Ross to search the Green’s apartment.

At the Green’s apartment, they police storm in but Laura is not there. She is off emptying her bank safety deposit box. It looks like she packed and left, They also find a micro camera, and some blood on some shoes. Nichols gets a call and tell them to hold the plane – Laura is at JFK, she bought a ticket - Iberia to Tangier – and Wheeler comments about Morocco having no extradition. Nichols and Wheeler get to the airport in time to arrest Laura while she sits in first class.

In interrogation at Major Case, Nichols questions her about her love for horses and meeting Caroline who loves horses and is an Olympic champion. Laura says he is good enough, and Nichols says the horse is good enough, but Laura insists she is good enough. Nichols states that someone wanted her to blackmail Caroline so she seduced her. Laura says Caroline was so kind. Nichols comments that going to bed with her was easy, but states that Caroline is dead because of what Laura did, and adds angrily, “ I don’t even know exactly what that was, and that pisses me off!” Laura says all Caroline had to do was to say yes, but won’t tell Nichols yes to what. Laura is afraid that she will be killed also. Nichols says they will keep her safe, but she says she will never be safe.

Outside, Nichols tells Wheeler he knows who set this all up but he doesn’t know exactly why. He says he has to go and he will be back in a few hours. He heads over to the movie theatre to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Back at Major Case, Wheeler returns to her desk to see Nichols waiting at his, staring off into space. He tells her he went to see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Wheeler seems a little annoyed with him. But he is still deep in thought. As he looks a picture of Rio on his computer, he tells her the movie was about prostitutes with big dreams. He says Holly Golightly was supposed to get married in Rio…and he closes his computer and runs off.

Later, back at the consulate, they speak with Caroline’s assistant. She tells them that Caroline was on the site selection committee for the next Olympics, one of the locations was Rio de Janeiro. She also tells them Caroline was leaning towards Tokyo.

Back at Major Case, Nichols presses Ross for a warrant, and Ross shows his annoyance that Nichols wants a warrant based on a movie. He asks for more to go on other than Audrey Hepburn. Nichols says that Jack Taylor lied to them about not knowing Jamey Riggs, but they later found he hired Riggs for Caroline, and when confronted with this Taylor’s memory improved. He adds that someone who runs the fourth largest security company can get someone from Mexico with the blank hand, and he had a photo of Kip and Laura. All Nichols wants is Jack Taylor’s camera. Nichols adds that if Taylor gets the contract for security in Rio, his company goes way up in the ranks to first – Taylor was going for the gold. Ross tells Nichols to get Taylor and he will get the warrant.

At Taylor’s office, Nichols comments that Taylor made an preemptive offer first for the security Rio and then was making sure that Rio got picked. Nichols accused Taylor of going to Caroline for her vote on the committee, and when she wasn’t cooperative, he decided to blackmail Nichols says that Taylor knew of Kip and Laura from his past, and gave her money to buy the horse, Mi Dorado. But then Kip and Laura screwed up, so he had to get rid of the amateurs. Taylor asks if he is suggesting he murdered someone, and has to agree he would be a person of interest in a murder like this. He brings up the fact that Taylor is a photographer, and Nichols tells him that they searched his apartment and found some nice camera equipment. Nichols tells him the digital signature on the photograph found on the body of the man sent to kill Kip and Laura matches on of his camera. He says Taylor took the picture of Kip and Laura and sent it to Mexico. Taylor says that will never stick. But Nichols says that it will if Laura Green makes a deal. They arrest him and Wheeler reads him his rights.

Later, at Major Case, Laura is in interrogation, and Nichols is showing her a photo of her husband’s shoes with blood of the bodyguard on them. Laura says that kip was protecting her, Caroline showed up and they argued and Laura grabbed her. A man came down from the stairs and ran between them. Kip hit him and he fell. Caroline say Kip kill him so Kip had to kill her too. But Nichols asks if this is really why Kip killed Caroline, and Laura says Taylor said that they could have everything they wanted, he would give them the horse and make sure she would get to the trials, all she had to do was seduce someone. She says Caroline wasn’t even looking at Kip when he had the gun. Caroline was so hurt, and told Laura she never had to do any of it, she would have given her the horse and anything else she wanted, because Caroline loved her. Laura says Kip killed Caroline because he knew Laura loved her, and she never meant to fall in love.

Afterwards, Nichols put a cup of coffee on Wheeler’s desk as he says god morning. He tells her he already put two sugars in it. Nichols says he does not mean to pry but he says he is really sorry about her fiancé. She says she appreciates it. He says mom has an expression – and Wheeler laughs, saying, “This oughta be good – hit me.” Nichols says, “Um, rejection is God’s protection.” She nods at him and says, “Pithy” to which he adds, “ Or, prescient, maybe. What do I know?” As they both smile, we fade to black.

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