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Law & Order Organized Crime “The Man With No Identity” Recap, Review, Discussion

There’s a lot to unpack in the season 2 premiere of Law & Order Organized Crime “The Man With No Identity”. It has several moving parts with plenty of new people. It’s important viewers pay attention, otherwise they may miss how these characters connect.   The cast of characters is certainly interesting and I think this season is off to a good start.

Stabler is investigating drug traffickers, working undercover as “Eddie Wagner”,  and Sergeant Bell is in charge of the operation.    Jet is also still part of Bell’s office operation, which seems very small now.  But before delving in to the new players,  Richard Wheatley’s status is made clearer:  All the charges against him – except one (the murder of Kathy Stabler) – are dismissed.  Strangely, the prosecutor advocates for Wheatley, and it’s obvious Wheatley has pulled some strings.   We also find out later that Angela Wheatley is alive but still suffering the effects of her brush with death in the season finale.   I suspect we’ll see more of these two, especially since both actors names are still listed in the top billed credits.

Stabler’s undercover investigation drags him into a near war with two large, rival drug dealing organizations. Without one of the kingpin’s knowledge (Preston Webb, head of The Marcy Corporation, the former Marcy Killers), members of his crew steals drugs from the other group (the Albanians, headed by John Costa).  Once the Intelligence Bureau become aware of the issue,  Sgt. Bell fights hard to make sure that no civilians get hurt in the crossfire. Her boss (I never know this guy’s name because they  never seem to mention it) backs her up.  Unfortunately, it means she has to work with Sergeant Brewster, her former narco boss, and there is some bad blood between them.  

Surprisingly, the war seems to stop before any shots are fired.  It’s a mystery to the team but, we later find that two rouge “employees” who stole the drugs decided to turn themselves in to Webb, and he makes them apologize to John Costa.  Webb then proposes a partnership between the two factions.   Costa knows this means no one could touch them. But Costa doesn’t trust Stabler.  One can only wonder what Stabler will need to do to gain that trust.  And how will Richard Wheatley’s organization fit into all this?  We’ll have continue to watch to find out!

Here is the recap:

(A recap of the events of the previous season is shown before the episode begins.)

Richard Wheatley is taken from his cell and then to the courtroom for the judge’s ruling on his sentence. The prosecution notes his help on shining a light on the darkest parts of the criminal underworld.  Wheatley is thrilled as all charges are dismissed.  He thanks the defense attorney and his boss “Vince”.  While  Sgt. Bell looks on,  he tells the attorney what a pleasure it was.  He adds to tell Vince he is making plans and intends to do more good than anyone ever imaged he could do and will be the enemy of any criminal organization on earth. He asks his own attorney what happens now, and she explains he goes back to Rikers to await trial on  one last charge. Bell looks frustrated as she leaves and Wheatley asks her where’s Stabler? 

Meanwhile, on the dock, a container is being off-loaded while a group of men watch.  But the police arrive and say they need to inspect the container.  The police enter it and find something, and then hand it to two people on a motorcycle who drive by.    The men waiting for the container begin to beat the men who said they were officers while one of the group of men stays in the car.  As shot is fired and the man in the car exits and runs to help.  The profile looks like Stabler.  More police arrive with guns drawn to break it up.  Everyone exits the container and are arrested.  One of them IS a bearded Stabler. 

Back at Intelligence headquarters, Sgt. Bell challenges how the situation with Wheatley happened.  Her boss says she is there to answer questions.  She has to explain how Stabler – her UC – got arrested as part of the operation.  She tells Chief Kirkpatrick says nobody was supposed to be arrested. She makes her explanation that she coordinated this with harbor control.  Sgt. Brewster argues no one coordinated with them.  She argues he had her UC arrested, and he said no, it was patrol unit responding to a call for help.  Clearly there is an issue between these two and Bell explains Brewster was her commanding officer when she was a narco detective. Bell is asked if this operation is getting her anywhere – how many more months, shootouts in broad daylight and dead bodies floating up in the East River before she moves on these Albanian gangsters? She replies her UC is making headway and is cultivating a relationship with Reggie Bogdani, one of the Costa organizations mid-level lieutenants. 

In the jail cell,  Reggie complains to the other members if his gang that the cops were suspects. An officer comes to get “Eddie Wagner” – who is Stabler.  One gang member worries what Eddie will say and Reggie thinks he’ll say nothing, and vouches for him. He says back in the day they called him “Eddie Ashes”. 

Bell enters and interrogation room where Stabler is waiting and says the cameras are off and they have 10 minutes. Stabler explains someone talked somewhere and some harbor cops were just in the right place at the right time.  He saw plenty of nothing but Bogdani thinks it is rogue cops because the harbor patrol guys on duty were well greased and they were supposed to let that shipment through.  He agrees with Reggie – maybe.  They are not dealing with just two yahoos, this was well organized. Stabler thinks  he will be fine – he has Reggie’s trust.  Bell explains the narcotics task force has been tracking the same group they are tracking, which is run by her old boss Sgt. Brewster.  He is still gunning for her.  Another woman buzzes into the room and Bell tells Stabler she is cool.  The woman explains that Stabler will be released and the other 5 Albanian guys says there were no drugs vouchered in the arrest so all she can charge them for is a scuffle that their lawyers are characterizing as self defense.  The DA recommends they void all arrests.  Stabler questions that no drugs were vouchered and Bell says she is going to get a manifest to see which harbor control cops worked that dock. The woman says Stabler will be back on the street in a few hours. 

At Besa Boxing Gym,  Reggie bitches about the situation with Stabler. Stabler tells him to relax and says he has his back and is loyal to him.   Reggie says before they go in there, there are a few things Stabler needs to know about Albi.  Never look him in the eye, it is sign of aggression, never  contradict him, and never make a promise you can’t keep.  Stabler says he knows the code of honor. 

Inside, Albi  asks Reggie what happened and Reggie calls it a hiccup.  Albi says to tell HIM – a boxer – who beats him.  Stabler gives Reggie instructions on how to fight back and Albi asks who is he. Stabler explains he works for Reggie, who invited him along to explain how they will get his investment back.  Stabler looks right at Albi.  Reggie, looking intimated, explains that is Eddie Wagner and he works for him.  Albi asks if he works for him, why is he talking for him?  He tells Stabler to come there and asks that he will get his money back, and Stabler says no, THEY are going to get his money back. Albi gives them 48 hours.  The boxer punches Stabler in his midsection and Albi tells Stabler that is a little taste of what will happen if he breaks his promise. 

Later, Stabler appears to be  on the phone asking someone if they remember what he told them about the bluebirds, adding they are back.  He says he knows they are pretty but are so loud he doesn’t sleep any more. He breaks the phone and throws the phone away in a nearby trash bin. He enters a building using a security card in a door off an alley.  He enters the OC office and comments to Jet about the bluebirds, and she explains it is an algorithm that aggregates data from all his texts to select a new security code every 24 hours.  Stabler wanted something less flowery and when Bell enters and says like go ahead make my day, he quips she is profiling him again.  She asks about the Albania code of honor and Stabler says it means he has to keep his promise.  She says he means Eddie Wagner’s honor and Stabler thinks Eddie would not worry about that.  They discuss the harbor control cops and Stabler IDs one of three who transferred out – Beau Campbell.  He left the force – Stabler thinks he boosted the coke.  Stabler says if the find him he’ll get it out of him, but Bell says he got a jump start on them. Jet adds he is spending a lot of money and find an image of him outside a restaurant where he spent $600, and was with Sheri Thompson, his girlfriend of 3 years.  Stabler says when Sheri tells them where Beau is, they need to find a way to get the information to him and Reggie. 

Later, Bell and Jet approach Sheri outside her car, looking for Beau.  She tries to explain they broke up and she hasn’t seen him but Jet rattles off details about where she was with him last night at the restaurant. Sheri looks caught. 

Meanwhile, Reggie and Stabler arrive at Reggie’s mom’s who is cooking and she gives Stabler a suspicious look.  Reggie introduces her and she smiles but says nothing. Stabler asks if she understands him and Reggie says she can hear she just can’t talk good. Stabler asks if she had a stroke and Reggie says no, she was shot in the head and it screwed up her speech.  Reggie’s phone buzzes and he walks off to take the call. Stabler sits down with Reggie’s  mom and says he will wait for Reggie bus she pushes a drink in a cup to him and he says he will drink it now.  After he drinks it she takes it and tips it over and looks at the grounds.  Reggie explains she is reading the grounds and she tries to say something to Reggie.  Reggie explains she wants to know why she doesn’t tell her how he feels. Reggie adds about the person he loves, then says what does he know.  He hugs his mom and she whispers something to him and he tells her not to be so suspicious.  They leave and Stabler glances back at her. 

Later, Stabler and Reggie catch up with another one of the cops, and, masked and using guns, force him to tell them where Beau is.  The officer gives him the location of a cabin and Stabler throws the cops car keys away and he and Reggie drive off.  The cop makes a call to Bell and says they are on the way to the cabin and he couldn’t tell which one was undercover. Bell thanks her then walks into another room where Angela Wheatley is doing a crossword., She says she is feeling better and walked 3 blocks yesterday, She used to run 6 miles every morning before teaching a seminar.  She ask who Bell was on the phone with and she says it wasn’t Stabler.  Bell asks if she will be well enough to testify next month for Richard Wheatley’s trial for the murder of Kathy Stabler and she nods yes. 

Elsewhere, Stabler and Reggie break in to Beau’s place and Stabler beats him and asks where are his bricks. Beau says he is just the middleman and after Stabler exerts more pressure, Beau says it’s a black guy who someone called Red Bull, 25-30, drives a Cadillac Escalade with a gold tooth.  Stabler punches the guy and says nobody likes a dirty cop.

Later, parked in his car on a street,  Stabler meets with his son Eli.  He suggests they meet with Kathleen and all go home for dinner.  Eli can't, he’s having dinner with a friend Brett.  Eli says he made the soccer team and would not have tried out had he not pushed him.  He misses him and knows he doing work because he’s the only one that can do it and he just doesn’t want him to feel guilty, Stabler thanks him and his friends call out to him and he goes back to join them. 

At another location near the river, Bell tells Stabler Beau is in custody and is in ICU at a Bronx hospital.  He explains Reggie wanted to ice him so he made an executive decision.  Bell says she hopes he talked before he knocked his lights out, she couldn’t get anything out of him.  Stabler explains they got paid cash -150K from Red Bull.  Bell knows him – Lance "Red Bull" Flowers, one of the Marcy killers – they started off as a street gang in Bed-Stuy and now they are running a multi-national corporation.  They operate out of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan.  She says their corners probably changed since she got out of narco and will see if Brewster can give her a map of their territory.  She walks off.

A guy gets out of a car and two women were kissing next to it.  After the guy talks to one of the women and then walks off, Stabler and Reggie approach them and Reggie holds one at gunpoint and says he hopes that’s not his coke they are selling, and Stabler asks for the coke.  The one woman not at gunpoint gives it up and Reggie and Stabler leave.  When the guy who was in the car returns, the girl asks him where he got that coke from. 

Back at the gym, Reggie enters a room for a meeting but keeps Stabler out, saying it is insiders only. Reggie shows him the small bag of coke and Albi checks it and asks where he got it.  Reggie explains it’s the Marcy killers, selling it for $200 a gram. Albi says this is his coke.  Albi says to paint the street red with the blood of the Marcy killers. 

Hugo is in jail and visits with a woman who says Lance got a hold of some new stuff selling like wildfire, but he jacked it from the KO and they found out. He asks if Mr. Webb knows and she replies not yet. Lance is her boy and doesn’t want to see him get hurt but he is about to get caught.  He says he will handle it.  Back in his cell, he makes a call to Webb who is at a restaurant.  He comments to Hugo he is dining with Congressman Kilbride but Hugo says they have a problem. Webb says to get ahead of it but Hugo says they are way past that.  Webb listens intently. 

Later, Preston Webb meets with Mr. Flowers and Ms. Reilly and says this is a first time meeting under less than salubrious circumstances.  Reilly tries to take the blame but he tells her she’s not on the hot seat, but stares at flowers. 

At her home, Bell is with her spouse Denise (and baby) who says she had an interesting phone call from Congressman Leon Kilbride.  He wanted to talk about Damian’s lawsuit against the NYPD and wants to meet them.  He knows she is married to a police officer and wants to use this to reframe the conversation about police misconduct.  Bell can see where this is going but Denise thinks he is one of the good ones. Bell does not want to be used as a pawn in someone’s political ambition.  But Denise wants to meet him.  Bell’s phone rings, and says they will talk about it later.  It’s Stabler calling, who tells her it’s confirmed the Marcy Killers are on the street dealing the Costa organization’s stolen cocaine.  The Albanians have short tempers, military-grade weapons, they are going to war. 

Elsewhere, Stabler helps ready the weapons while Bell is at the Intelligence Bureau with her boss and Brewster arguing  how to proceed.  Bell argues it is their job to protect innocent civilians who can get gunned down in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Albi winds up his people.  Bell continues to argue but her boss says that’s enough.  He says Bell is right, they don’t want an all-out war on the streets and the two of them will work together to make sure that doesn’t happen by a joint task force. He says they will be co-commanders.  Neither look pleased.  Meanwhile, Albi hands Stabler a launcher. 

Bell and Brewster watch a group at John’s Delicatessen while the Albanians have left another location, Stabler with them. Brewster tells the team to take their places. Albi gets a call and he says they are en route.  They pull off and Stabler asks what is happening.  Reggie gets a message and says Albi is calling it off. 

Later, Stabler is bartending at a  party, Albi is there, and one man – John Costa - says his eldest daughter is getting married.  The large group cheers.  Reggie speaks with Costa and comments about his other daughter Josie.  Costa asks who is Stabler and Reggie says that is his boy, Eddie Ashes and he’s good, an ex-con.  Reggie goes over to Stabler at the outside bar and mentions Albi asking him there, because they don’t let outsiders at Costa’s house.  Stabler realizes this is John Costa, and Reggie says Costa wants Stabler to make him a drink. Stabler asks what does he drink and Reggie doesn’t know, saying Stabler is the bartender.  Another woman asks Reggie who is his friend with the sexy buns. Reggie’s mom whispers to him, and Reggie adds his mom says Stabler’s coffee grounds are full of misfortune so stay away. He tells  his mom she is full of crap but he loves her.  Suddenly three people appear and the partygoers look uncomfortable. John says their guests have arrived. Mr. Webb is  in the group with Flowers and Reilly and they walk into the house and John, Albi and Reggie follow. 

Inside the house, Costa opens a duffel back full of drugs and Webb says he believes this belongs to him. He adds if things go well between them he will make him whole. Costa asks what does that mean, and Webb says the theft of the product was not orchestrated by the Marcy Corporation.  He asks how come it gets dropped off by him? Webb states that heist on the docks was an insurrectionist act by a rouge member of his organization but they would like to apologize and ask for his forgiveness. Flowers steps up and says if there is anything he can do to earn his forgiveness, let him know and…Costa pulls out a gun and points it at Flower’s head.  Stabler can see this from outside.  Costa says usually he shoots people caught stealing from him, and Reilly steps up and says he doesn’t have to do that. Costa points the gun at her and says maybe he should shoot her too.  Webb steps in the way and says that is an option, but they both know every business decision comes with consequences. Costa puts the gun down and says since he brought back his product he’d love to hear what he has to say. Webb says the Marcy Corporation is not looking to be at war with the Costa organization,  they recognize their strength and would rather work with him than against him.  They touch fists as in agreement and Webb and his group leave. 

Back outside, Costa says a partnership with the Marcy and Costa organizations, no one could touch them.  He asks Reggie where is his drink, and Stabler steps up, saying he has it right there, he had it chilling for him.  Costa tells him to hang on, takes a sip, and says it’s nice, and Stabler says it is bourbon and Amaretto, he used to make it all the time in Chicago. It’s called the godfather. As Costa walks off, Costa asks Albi if he is supposed to trust him, and Albi says Reggie likes him. Costa says he is not sure he does. Costa stares back at Stabler and walks off as Albi and Reggie also look back at Stabler as well. Stabler looks back with a serious gaze. 


Law & Order SVU "And The Empire Strikes Back/Never Turn Your Back On Them” Recap, Review, Discussion

NOTE: As of this writing, I’ve only seen the first hour - "And The Empire Strikes Back” – so commentary on the second hour - “Never Turn Your Back On Them” – will be added later. I recapped this episode from the screener version so hopefully nothing has changed in the aired version. 

Season 23 of Law & Order SVU is off to a fine start, continuing the story which began in the season finale, Law & Order SVU “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing”.   In that episode, women were being trafficked for sex in exchange for living in safe, comfortable housing.    Dr. Catalina Machado, the founder of “Proud Life,”  was the mastermind behind the scheme, and she cuts a deal by offering up the involvement of many current and former government officials.

It's an amazing feat that this show, starting its 23rd year, has such a high quality production,  a cast with great chemistry, stories that are meaningful, relevant, and compelling, and a fervent fan base.  The episode is engrossing, but right from the start, and throughout the episode,  one can’t help but feel unsettled.  There’s a sense that something is going to go wrong, and that trouble lurks just around the corner for each of the lead characters.  It's a great start to the season and only makes one want to see more. 

It begins with Carisi and Rollins sharing a late-evening kiss in an empty courthouse hallway. Despite the lack of people, it's not the right place to be intimate.   Of course, the old  “lipstick on his collar” got noticed on Carisi.  I’ve never been much of a Carisi/Rollins “shipper” but I’m okay with this story line.  Those two have been dancing around it long enough and it’s time to see if it can work - or not. Maybe the courthouse kiss wasn’t the smartest thing to do if they want to stay under the radar but hopefully they’ll come clean with their colleagues at some point soon.

While Benson is driving and on the phone with Stabler,  an aggressive driver forces her off the road and she’s  injured in the accident.  (Mariska Hargitay’s real life ankle injuries had to be explained, and this scenario worked very well to accomplish that. )   Benson seeing Stabler in her dazed mind instead of the real EMT tells us where Benson’s head is at when it comes to her feelings for him – he’s back in her life to help in her time of need.  Sadly for Benson, it was only her mind playing tricks. 

While we’re on the subject of Stabler, the only time I felt the momentum of the episode was broken was when Benson was questioned by IAB about the hospital shooting of Detective Morales in the Law & Order Organized Crime season 1 finale, “Forget It Jake; It’s Chinatown” .   Benson has to explain that the text from Stabler drawing her there was faked by Richard Wheatley, and feels anyone close to Stabler is in danger because of Wheatley. 

I felt sorry for Deputy Chief Garland.  He feels like he’s being tossed aside (he is).  Benson has unwittingly helped, being forced by (jerk) Chief McGrath to cut Garland out of the loop.   At McGrath’s order, she kept information to herself about an undercover detective, not only from her own detectives and Carisi, but from Garland as well.  She wasn’t aware, however, that McGrath had no plans to have Garland present at the press conference about the arrests of the congressman and other officials.  Clearly McGrath wants Garland out. It was painful to watch how hurt Garland was when he realized he’d been left out of the loop on the press conference. Worse yet, he doesn’t know Benson left him out of the loop on the UC as well, thinking that Benson has his back.  Benson looks guilty, knowing that she didn’t have his back on this.  

And speaking of (jerk) Chief McGrath,  besides having contempt for Garland, he also doesn’t understand that a man, especially one in a position of power, should never tell a female, directly - or indirectly as in the case of a witness - to “grow a pair”.  He also says the DA’s office on the 8th floor has no balls.  It seems McGrath equates testicles to intelligence or courage, and that you have to be a man to have those traits.   He’s a harassment case waiting to happen.  He’s a bully and  I don’t like him, and I suspect that is by design. 

Kat threatens to move to France with her partner Celine if Congressman Howard becomes president.  But it’s Kat’s discomfort with having to get a witness to testify that they promised they’d leave alone that is what is affecting her more.  It felt wrong to her, but Rollins explains that is part of the job and she must get past it.  I don’t think Kat can. 

In the real world, I wonder why someone like Carisi, who is still a relative newbie in the Manhattan DA’s office, would be handling a case against a sitting Congressman.  Despite it being a sex crime, I would think someone higher up in that office, or even an Executive District Attorney, would be running the show.  Carisi does a decent job but it becomes evident at the end of the episode that he could be in over his head.

Somewhat expected, but disturbing nonetheless, was how Congressman Howard – or the power behind  him – worked to take out witnesses against him, even to the point of murder. 

As of this writing I haven’t seen the second hour of the season premiere.  This review will be updated later to include the events from that episode. Stay tuned!

Here is the recap: 

(A recap of previous events from the season finale Law & Order SVU “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing” takes place before the episode begins. )

After Fin and Phoebe’s (non)wedding reception, and in an empty courthouse hallway at 10 PM, Carisi and Rollins are kissing passionately. Carisi wonders if anyone at the wedding saw them and says this (kissing in the hall)  is not a great idea. Rollins replies it’s not like the cleaning crew is going to bust them. She asks if it is even real, and Carisi says it seems like it is. Rollins asks – “and tomorrow?”  Carisi doesn’t answer. 

Meanwhile, Fin passes along flowers from their (non)wedding ceremony to Kat and her partner Celine.  Fin explains they can’t go on a “we-didn’t-get-married-moon” as the captain wants all hands on deck all weekend. 

Later, Carisi meets with the attorney from the second district and she notes lipstick on his collar, asking if he had fun at the wedding. 

Garland is driving in his car with his wife Lamai, and concludes a call with the Chief McGrath about a  CompStat meeting  first thing Tuesday morning.    He explains to his wife that Catalina Machado is with the southern district right now and they thought she was the ringleader but if she is the middleman, who knows how high this goes?  He explains SVU takes the lead on this case;  politicians and congressmen involved in sex trafficking is the break he needed in the NYPD.

Back at the DA’s office with Carisi and the southern district and Catalina’s legal team Carstairs and Atwood and Catalina Machado. One of her attorneys asks where is Benson and Carisi explains she is en route.  The attorney bitches about this messing up his weekend.  Carisi tries to call Benson again. 

Benson is in her car, speaking with Stabler  on the speaker.  Stabler says it was a great night and with everything that’s been going on, it’s  nice to get a break.  Benson agrees it really was. Her phone buzzes and she asks Stabler to hold; she has Carisi on the other line.  He tells her to take it, he’ll be right here.  Carisi asks Benson where is she, he has half of the southern district right there. Benson  explains she is on her way, and Carisi comments he will see her soon.  Carisi re-enters the room and says Benson may be a few more minutes and suggests they get started. 

Benson explains to Stabler she was supposed to be at the DA’s office an hour ago so she has to go. She adds she has some idiot with his brights on behind her and Stabler suggests she should pull over.   The car honks its horn and Stabler tells her to let him pass.  She says she is trying, and suddenly the car following her hits Benson’s car in the back end and Benson’s car drives off the road and  we hear a crash. 

Later,  disoriented, Benson sees Stabler on the crash scene and he calls out to Benson, who is on a stretcher, and says he’s got her.  But it’s  not Stabler, it just someone from the FDNY with a beard, saying she will be okay, he’s got her.  She seems to pass out. 

The next day, back at SVU, Benson is at her desk,  with Carisi, Rollins, and Fin, who says she scared the hell out of them. Benson said she is fine – airbags – but Rollins asks about her ankle. Benson explains they want her to get an MRI but she’s not going to have time.  Carisi insists she has to see an orthopedist, you don’t mess around with an ankle.  Benson says. “Thank you, Dr. Carisi.”  Rollins inquires if the crash investigation got anything, and Benson explains that Stabler and the OC are looking into it, going through her car and looking at traffic cams, bus so far the working theory is a drunk driver, hit and run.  Fin adds it was someone who knew how hard to hit her and how fast to run. Benson comments if there is anything there, they will find it.   She asks Carisi how did it go with Catalina and was she helpful, and Carisi replies and then some, she is a fount.  Fin thinks Chief McGrath will be happy but Benson states even when he is happy, he’s not happy.  She asks them to bring her up to speed. 

At One PP,  Benson, there with Garland, explains to the CompStat committee that the investigation stated from a prostitution complaint from a neighbor and they quickly ascertained that homeless mothers were being given subsidized housing and then threatened with eviction if they didn’t provide sexual services. When asked how that got them to Catalina Machado, Benson explains they picked up Reuben Ortiz who is the aid to Congressman George Justin Howard.  Garland adds that the congressman gave up Catalina, and she in turn named co-conspirators the former HUD secretary and two former assemblymen.  Chief McGrath comments there are a lot of “formers” and asks who is their  highest ranking public servant who still has a job. Benson says it is Congressman Howard. 

At the New York Stock Exchange,  Congressman Howard is there with Janet Whitman of the Whitman NeoChip Corporation to  help ring the opening bell.  Fin watches on line with Kat and says there is nothing sadder than white people congratulating themselves. Kat notes a “bulldog” standing near Howard and asks if that is the congressman’s handler, and Fin explains that is Myron Gold,  Howard’s lawyer and political consultant.  The word is Gold is going to make Howard the next president.  Kat scoffs and says if that happens, she and Celine will move to France.  

Back at the hearing, Benson goes on to say that Justin Howard was born in Westchester and is the only son of a prominent New York family.  McGrath interrupts Benson and tells her to cut to the chase, asking if she has Catalina and Ortiz wearing wires. Benson says yes, and Garland adds neither of them knows that the others are wired. McGrath comments “Even better” and asks about victims. Benson says yes, and McGrath asks about phone records and Benson and Garland both nod yes.  McGrath asks when do they pick him up, and Garland replies there is a fundraiser this weekend,  but Benson interjects that to be fair, they are still building the case, going over NDAs, following on-line payments…McGrath interrupts and says he doesn’t want the investigation to stall out like the feds with Kendall Gates. He tells them if they reel this guy in, that is a win for them – and for Chief Garland…everything will be forgiven.  Benson and Garland nod. 

At the Capital Grille, Catalina and Ortiz are dining with Howard and she comments about him at the opening bell. He tells her wherever  he goes, there is a place for her.  She says god bless him and whatever she can do.  He comments since she mentioned it, he went by Holt Tower to visit his mother and couldn’t find his friend Paulie the maintenance guy.  She explains he had a family emergency.  He replies that he misses his sweet Rosa.  Catalina explains Rosa has been a bit difficult; she is worried about what her son might know. Howard says he needs another NDA, and Ortiz says he is on it. As Fin and Kat listen to the conversation,  Howard adds the problem is these young mothers are worried about their kids. He asks aren’t there deserving homeless families with teenage daughters?  Catalina says she is sure she can find some.  He thanks her.  Kat and Fin are sitting nearby and Kat comments that Howard is a piece of crap. 

Back at SVU in her office,  Benson listens to a recording of the conversation as Howard goes on to say he loves to mentor, asking that maybe she can let him know by Saturday. There is a knock on her door – it’s McGrath.  She moves to stand up and he tells her to stay off that leg.  Benson comments it’s not a big deal, and he says they are lucky it wasn’t worse – especially Chief Garland. McGrath is well aware this is more Benson’s case than Garland’s.  Benson states she wouldn’t say that, she’s been working closely with him on this.  McGrath smiles and says that is good to hear.  He adds that – between them – he has a very good UC that he can trust.  Benson states Howard is going to a fundraiser and she has two CIs in the room with him.  McGrath comments even so, it can’t hurt to bolster their testimony. He asks who can do that, and Benson suggests maybe Dr. Machado – and she will let Garland know.  But before she can text a message to Garland, McGrath stops her, saying don’t.  He adds the department is worried about Garland’s prior relationship to Catalina.  Benson is momentarily at a loss for words, but them comments she can assure McGrath that Garland’s loyalty is to the department. McGrath comments there is still the matter of Garland’s judgment. He states  he is trusting her not to mention this UC to him – or anyone else on her squad for that matter. He gets up to leave.  Benson suggests this could be dangerous for HIS guy, and he tells her to  make sure it isn’t.  Benson nods, and McGrath exits her office. 

In the SVU squad room, Benson explains to Carisi, Fin, Rollins, and Kat that the Holt Tower trafficking  case is now focused on Congressman Howard’s involvement.  Rosa, Lulu, and Denise have all disclosed that Howard paid them multiple visits, and asks if they are all solid.  The group is silent and Benson asks if there is a problem.  Fin comments that Lulu is not talking until she gets her daughter back and he doesn’t blame her, she’s already been burned twice.  Carisi says he is working with protective services on that. Rollins explains Denise is out and Benson questions if she is not worth another run. Rollins replies no, she means out of the city, she can’t find her.  Benson concludes that leaves Rosa, and Kat comments they promised to leave her alone so she and her son could have a fresh start.  Benson admits they did, but then says Kat and Rosa have a good rapport so ask her about Howard and see where it leads.  Kat reluctantly picks up  her phone.

At Harlem Meer in Central Park, Kat meets with Rosa who is not thrilled to see Kat there, as Rosa is there with her son on a field trip.  Kat explains things are moving quickly and they are looking to make a case against Howard.  Rosa says no, reminding her that Benson said after she helped with Catalina she could keep the apartment and that it was over.  Kat explains it is over – for her, but he is hurting other women, raping girls.  Rosa states the man is a pig, the worst of them all.  Kat says they need her help to put him away.  Rosa worries that is by testifying against him and asks Kat if she is crazy, Kat knows who he is. Kat confirms she does,  but they can protect her.  Rosa’s son calls out to her and Rosa walks off, saying she has to go. Kat asks her to think it over, and Rosa tells her to let he be with her son.  Kat walks off, dejected. 

Elsewhere, Carisi and Rollins are at the jail,  speaking with Paulie Banducci, who asks if they are nuts, adding  it is bad enough he had to rat out Catalina but says Howard is going to be president some day.  He has a machine behind him and do they think they’re going to let someone like him blow that up? Rollins suggests they drive him, saying he has a medical issue, no one there has to know.  He states he told them already, he took Howard to Lulu’s apartment, Denise’s apartment, and Rosa’s apartment. Carisi presses him, saying now they need him to testify to that. 

Meanwhile, in a car, Howard asks Ortiz what are they doing on the after party for the fundraiser; he hasn’t heard from Catalina.  Ortiz, who is driving, replies she is working on it but Howard thinks it’s not  fast enough.  He adds it’s been a busy week and he needs to unwind. He asks about the girls who interned, and asks if that was last summer, and Ortiz says they were still in high school. Howard says make sure they have IDs, saying the petite blond was like a colt. Ortiz has to explain that a colt is male horse and a filly is the female. 

At SVU, Benson, Carisi, Fin, Garland, and McGrath are watching a feed from a camera placed inside Howard’s/Ortiz’s car as the two of them make disgusting comments about Jenna and her cute friend, Hayden.  McGrath complains that Ortiz got a law degree to become a pimp.  The team then discusses Jenna’s age, which Benson thinks is 16, McGrath thinks maybe even 15. He comments he has three girls at Sacred Heart and this makes him sick.  He adds to make sure Ortiz gets Jenna to this fundraiser and catch Howard in the act and arrest him on sight. Carisi counters that the thinking here is to let this play out, and McGrath asks “why?”.   Benson replies some of their witnesses are reluctant and they are thinking if them give them more time…McGrath angrily interrupts and tells her to tell the witnesses to grow a pair, he wants this guy to go down, NOW.  Garland quietly says they only have one shot at Howard, and Carisi adds that the 8th floor agrees. But McGrath tersely states they have no balls either.  Benson shakes her head. McGrath tells Carisi to correct him if he is wrong, but as soon as Howard announces his exploratory committee for presidency, then any arrest is going to be perceived as political, asking if he is right. Carisi agrees but adds that is still a ways off.  McGrath counters that what’s not is a new mayor.  Benson’s phone buzzes ad McGrath adds that after the year they just had, Howard is the perfect target.  Garland, looking down, asks if he means white. McGrath says privileged,  right, the headline makes this…he sees Benson is distracted by her phone and, annoyed, asks Benson if she is with them.  She apologizes and says something has come up, and says she has a situation and need to leave. Fin sits up, alert,  as Benson excuses herself.  

Later, back in the squad room with Rollins and Fin, Kat enters and asks where is the captain.  Fin says they don’t know, they still haven’t heard from her.  Kat says it didn’t feel right pressuring Rosa today, she feels like they are rushing this. Maybe Benson will talk to McGrath about it. Fin sarcastically says “good luck”. Kat adds she knows the job  is not supposed to be easy but today is the first day where it just felt wrong.  Rollins explains that is part of the job too,  she has to get past that. 

In the conference room at IAB,  Benson is being interviewed and recorded, and states that Morales was cop gone bad and he was distressed and he couldn’t handle it.  She’s asked what happened next, and Benson replies Morales put a gun to his head and Sergeant Bell was trying to talk him down. The events flash back, as Benson adds  Morales finally lowered his weapon and they all took a breath. But them Morales moves to shoot at Bell and Bell fires as Benson says everything happened so quickly, Morales aimed his gun at them and Bell was forced to fire first.  Benson states it was a good shooting – textbook, suicide by cop.  When asked if there is anything else she can add, Benson replies no.  Benson is asked why she was at the hospital, and Benson explains that she received a text from Detective Stabler but she knows now he didn’t send it. She adds Stabler told her, and when asked if she had no reason to doubt him, she replies that he was her partner for 12 years. Benson states it was from Richard Wheatley, he has a vendetta against Stabler; any woman who is close to him is a target.  The investigator questions that Wheatley wanted to kill her, and Benson informs her that she was run off the road the week before and that may have been a warning shot.  But the investigator says she was aware of that, but at the hospital, he sent Morales to kill his ex-wife, Angela.  Benson counters “ Or – both of us.”  She flashes back to her first meeting Wheatley before the hospital incident and she gives a silent stare to the investigator.

Afterward, as Benson gets into the car, Fin asks how it went with IAB. She replies “it went.” She asked if they are set up for Howard’s fundraiser, and he informs her everything is in motion. She asks if he can help her understand what is it with these men – Wheatley, Howard.  Fin thinks it’s too much money and too much power – they think they can do whatever they want.  Benson is in pain and yells out “Ow!”  Fin asks if she is okay, and Benson explains she tweaked he ankle again and says she’s fine. But Fin counters she is not, and says he is taking her to the doctor.  He drives off.

At a hotel, in a suite set for surveillance. Ortiz is being fitted for a microphone with Rollins, Carisi and Kat there. Rollins tells Ortiz to make sure Howard gets to the suite with the girls and they will do the rest.  Ortiz wants to know if Howard will know he set him up, and Fin enters and says they will burn that bridge when they get to it, meanwhile he should continue to rockin’ in the suite.  Ortiz explains that Howard gave him his first job out of law school  and has been his friend since college.  He then says he can’t do this. Fin asks him if he wants to continue that friendship in jail. Rollins adds if the roles were reversed, Howard wouldn’t think twice about him.  Kat says it is show time, and offers to walk him out.  As they leave, Carisi asks Rollins and Fin if Ortiz will keep it together, and Fin tells him not to worry. 

As Ortiz moves into the party, Carisi and Rollins observe from the hotel surveillance suite.  Rollins asks Carisi if he is ready, they have a lot riding on this.  He replies yes; if it all goes well his bosses will take all the glory and when Rollins asks if it doesn’t, he suggests they open up their own agency. She laughs and says she likes the sound of that.   Carisi says it is a waste of a good hotel room and Rollins laughs and tells him to hold that thought – it’s on.  

At the event, Catalina comes to the podium and makes a speech about for Howard has always helped  Proud Life and she was honored to introduce him.  The crowd claps.  Howard speaks about his partnership with Proud Life and his alliance with Catalina, and that results are better than petty politics.  Carisi says Howard has his rap down, and Rollins agrees she’ll give him that much.  

After the speech, Howard continues to talk the talk to attendees alongside Ortiz and Gold.   He leans over to a beautiful woman and comments that all this tax talk must be boring to her.  She replies not at all and says he had her at lowering capital gains rate. Gold’s phone buzzes and then Gold leans to the Howard and tells him to take it easy tonight,  tomorrow is an early day. Gold takes the call and walks off.  Catalina introduces Howard to Danny Quinones – AKA “Q” – reminding him she told him about him.  Howard is glad he decided to make it and that Catalina told him he was a major influencer.  Catalina says he is,  he reps a clothing line and a photo sharing app and he says he has millions of followers.  Catalina adds it will be a lot of teenagers eligible to vote in ’24.  Fin and Kat observe from nearby and Fin asks Kat if she knows this guy.  Kat finds that he has a net worth of 120 million, he guest d-jays, and he is has many big name followers.  Catalina tells Howard if they treat Q right, he will lead them to the promised land.  Q says he is all about the youth, asking Howard if he knows what he is saying, but as Howard nods, Q says he doesn’t see a lot of it there. Ortiz says they have some young activists in the hospitality suite. Howard asks Q if he cares to “caucus.”   Q replies if that means party, hell freaking yes.  They laugh. 

In the surveillance room, Carisi comments that it’s amazing how these people find each other, and Rollins comments  players always do. Howard and the group get into an elevator.  Getting into another elevator, Kat comments to Fin that it’s on, and Fin replies it’s about time.  Both elevators ascend at virtually the same time. 

Howard and the group enter a room stocked with girls, and Howard welcomes Q to politics, where the men are 4s and the women are 10s. Q looks happy and Howard says the girls will do anything they want.  Howard makes introductions and they speak with two girls. Jenna and Hayden.  One girl says she came from Jersey.   In the surveillance room, Carisi comments that transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes is a felony. Fin and Kat enter the surveillance room. They listen to Howard and Q talk to the girls, Howard mentioning JFK’s intern girls they used to “frolic” with code named “Fiddle and Fiddle” . The girls drink and one seems to be getting quickly affected. Howard says she needs to lay down.  They get into another room and she almost falls over. Howard leads her to the bed and begins to kiss her and Rollins comments that he roofied her drink which is assault in the second degree - felony number 2. Q is in another room with the other girl.  The girl with Howard tells him “no, wait” and Carisi says that is attempted rape, that is all he needs.  Kat says they need to go and stop this and Fin tells her to go. She, Fin and Rollins head out of the surveillance room into the other room with police backup.  Rollins enters the party room and she announces they are NYPD and orders the partygoers to put their  hands up.  Howard, in the other room, quickly zips his pants and as Fin and Rollins walk in, puts his hands up. Rollins tells him the party’s over and he says he did nothing wrong.  She pushes him against the wall.  Fin tells the girl she is okay and that Howard is in trouble. As they are led out of the room,. Q accuses Howard of setting him up, and Howard tells him to lawyer up, they can’t prove a thing.  Q says it was just a dance, they can ask her. Kat tells him to keep talking.  Q shouts he was invited, Howard set him up.  Rollins tells them to get Howard out of the while Q continues to object.  Q then tells the detectives to take off the bracelets and make sure to bag the  fluids, the champaign was probably laced.  They give him a questioning look and he smiles, saying he is Joe Velasco,  he’s on the job.  Fin says, “Nice Try” and Rollins adds they didn’t know anything about a UC.  He says it was a need to know, mentioning Chief McGrath. 

Benson is at SVU – her foot in a cast -  with Fin and Rollins, and on the phone with the Chief, saying they are maintaining the UC’s cover, adding he is in holding with Congressman Howard.  She tells the Chief she will let them know.  Benson ends the call and states that McGrath sends his thanks to the entire team.  Rollins comments it would have been nice to know who the entire team was, moaning that McGrath and Garland didn’t let them know about the UC.  Benson tells her to close the door.  Benson explains Garland didn’t know.  Benson adds McGrath told her not to tip anyone off.  She explains the UC’s name is Joe Velasco,  McGrath is apparently his rabbi.  Fin is stunned that McGrath doesn’t trust Garland,  adding that is not good.  Rollins asks how long they are keeping Q in holding, and Benson replies until Howard’s  lawyer  gets here and maybe he will  get him talking. Rollins wonders if that is admissible, and Benson suggests they let the lawyers sort it out.  Benson’s phone buzzes and it’s Kat and Benson tells her Rollins is on her way to meet her.   Benson hangs up and explains they gave Jenna fluids and a sedative and she is lucid.  Rollins states they need to make sure they run her urine and asks if her family is there. Benson says her mother is on her way from Jersey and to talk to Jenna before she gets there. Benson will have Carisi get a warrant for her phone. Rollins leaves the room and an officer enters, who tells Benson that Howard’s lawyer is there and he will only talk with her.  Benson instructs her to put him in interrogation.  Benson is clearly still in pain and Fin asks what the doctor said about her ankle.  Benson informs him it is fractured and he had to reset it and that was “crunchy” – it is too swollen for them to do surgery on it. Fin suggests she go home, he can handle this.  She knows he can but she can’t tell McGrath that she has a sitting Congressman in holding and she needs a sick day.  She pops a pill in her mouth. 

Meanwhile, in the holding cell, Q - AKA Joe – complains about getting out and Howard asks him again if he wants him to get him a lawyer.  Joe says he has one, and this won’t stick, saying the girls brought the drugs and two phone calls from Howard they are out of here.  Howard tells him they are looking to take him out and not to say anything. Joe says there is nothing to say.. Fin enters and tells Howard his lawyer is here.  Joe complains to Fin and asks if Fin can put him somewhere else, and Fin says sorry, and he shuts the cell door. 

At the hospital,   Rollins and Kat speak with Jenna who is upset they called her parents. Rollins reminds her she is 16. Jenna insists she did nothing, and Kat explains she had rohipnol, alcohol, pot, and MDMA in her system,  Jenna says she doesn’t do ecstasy, all she takes is addy, she bought it on-line, she has ADHD.  Rollins asks how she knows Howard, and Jenna says she met him on a class trip in DC. He took photos of all of them and asked for her number to text her pictures.  He follows her on insta.  Kat asks if she lives in his district and Jenna explains no, she is from Bayonne. She told him she was interested in politics and climate change and he said he could get her an internship. Kat asks how often did she see him, and Jenna says mostly in the summer, he’d send a car service with parties at his house and had a Fourth of July party on his yacht.  Rollins asked if he got physical with her, and Jenna asks what she means. Rollins says she knows what she means. Kat informs her she is not in trouble and whatever happened is on him. She insists nothing happened. Rollins states Howard drugged her and took her back to his bedroom, and asks if they ever had sex.  Jenna replies “not sex sex” and she explains she gives him massages. He said it was not illegal, he told her, and he went to law school. 

Benson and Carisi are in interrogation with Howard and Gold and they explain Howard is there because the girl he drugged and put in his bed is 16.  Howard says anything she took must have been hers and her vaccination card said she was 18.  Carisi says as a lawyer, Howard has to know that is no excuse. Howard insists nothing happened, saying she must have taken something, she seemed dizzy. He helped her lie down and administered CPR – Benson comments “with your pants unzipped” – and Gold tells them to stop right here. But Benson asks Howard if he always parties with teenage girls after a fundraiser.  Gold says Howard is single and has a spotless record and this is a political witch-hunt.  Carisi suggests they move on from the girl, and says Howard is a regular visitor at the Holt Tower apartments in Manhattan.  Howard admits he is, adding his mother has a pied-à-terre overlooking the park.  Benson shows him photos of some of the  young women involved and asks which one is his mother? He says he doesn’t know these women, and Carisi says they know him, and they have security footage of him on their floor and asks if he can explain that to him. Howard claims due diligence, saying he was inspecting their apartments, part of his duty as part of the housing subcommittee. Gold calls this a fishing expedition, adding he understands it is every ADA’s wet dream to take down a presidential contender, saying they are done.  Howard asks who  put them up to this, his party or there. Benson says nobody put them up to it; they are SVU, he is a sexual predator,  so guess what happens next. 

At arraignment, Howard is arraigned on sex trafficking, rape 3, facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance, and attempted rape.  Gold says Howard pleads not guilty, adding this is a political move by the NYPD and the DA’s office. The judge says this is not the time or place. Carisi asks for remand.  Gold says he has an obligation to his constituents, but Carisi counters Howard is looking at 20 years in prison. The judge asks the Howard to instead surrender his passport. 

Right before a press conference, Benson sends a text message. She comments to  McGrath that Garland is not there yet, and McGrath says maybe that is for the best. They don’t need any questions about his relationship with Catalina.  McGrath starts the press conference, with Benson and Carisi standing with him, along with the attorneys from the SDNY.  He announces the arrest of Proud Life director Catalina Machado, Congressional aide Rueben Ortiz, and New York State Congressman George Justin Howard.  He adds that them, along with other unnamed co-defendants, will be charged with sexual assault and sex trafficking.  Garland watches from his office, stunned, and he calls out to Celia.  As Benson continues to talk,  Garland asks Celia why this was not on his schedule.  She too looks surprised and apologizes, adding she didn’t know.  He asks that no  one notified her, and she says no.  He asks if she is sure she didn’t miss and email, and she replies she will check, wondering if it went to spam.  She asks if she should call McGrath’s office, and Garland says no, and thanks her. She leaves the room.  Clearly angry, Garland throws the TV remote at the wall.

In her office,  Benson pops some ibuprofen as Garland enters the room.  He asks how she is feeling, and she says she’ll live.  She mentions the press conference,  she never would have gone had she knew he was not coming. He said he spoke to McGrath and he was surprised he wasn’t there too. He apologized, it must have been a communication error from his office. Things moved  pretty fast, which is why they didn’t tell him they had a UC at the fundraiser.   Benson is surprised he said that, and Garland nods. Benson counters that is not exactly what happened.  Garland says it is water under the bridge, if they play this right, there are plenty of attaboys for everybody. He asks how close are they to an indictment, and Benson explains they are prepping Catalina and Ortiz today for the grand jury tomorrow.  Garland asks if they trust Catalina, and Benson replies she is looking at 20 to life if she doesn’t cooperate. Garland comments he is still trying to wrap his head around somebody who has done so much good how she got caught up in that.  Benson explains she didn’t get caught up, she orchestrated it.  He admits he knows, he was having a conversation with his wife last night about his blind spots. Benson says we all have them. He gets up to leave and says if he hasn’t made it clear, he appreciates her pointing them out to him…and for having his back.  Benson comments, “always.”   He turns and walks out. 

It the grand jury room, Carisi, with Rollins,  preps Joe on his testimony about that night with Howard and the young girls. Later, with Fin and in a different location, he preps Ortiz, who said Howard wanted him to make sure Jenna and Hayden were in the suite.   He reminded them they were still in high school, and was told just make sure they have IDs.  Elsewhere, with Benson, he  also speaks with Catalina about Howard’s previous interest in high school girls. She said he was tired of the young mothers and asked her to find apartments for mothers with teenage daughters.   Benson prompts “and you took that to mean” and Catalina goes on to say she was to find homeless women whose daughters would have sex with him in exchange for subsidized apartments.  Carisi says that was a clear quid pro quo. 

Fin speaks with Paulie in the jail who said Ortiz said he was bringing his boss, Congressman Howard, to Holt Tower, and Howard expected the VIP treatment. Fin asks what he meant by that.

Rollins and Carisi speak with Jenna who said she will not say they did anything, but Rollins explains they will just ask her to tell the grand jury her age.  Jenna says she is almost 17 and Carisi comments that she went to the hotel bedroom with Howard after he gave her the drink.  She reluctantly nods. 

Rosa talks to Kat and Carisi and says she had to let him to whatever he wanted to her, on her knees, forcing her, and then he turned her over and it hurt and she couldn’t scream because her son was in the next room. Carisi asks how often did Howard come to her apartment, and she replies 2 or 3 times a week. He told her his mother lived in the building and he could come over whenever he wanted to. If she didn’t submit to him, he would tell Catalina to send her back to the shelter.  Kat thanks her and she starts to cry. 

Later, Benson and Carisi are in a conference room with Howard and Gold. Howard says he is days away from launching his political action committee and no one will believe this victims. Carisi thinks the grand jury will. Gold questions they will believe these homeless women who get to keep their apartments if the testify, and Howard asks or Catalina who is lying to save her own ass and she has been robbing Proud Life for years. Benson challenges that Howard knew that yet he still asked her to introduce him at his fundraiser. Gold says they should not litigate who knew what when. He says Howard is prepared to testify that Catalina offered to bribe him with sexual favors in exchange for supporting Proud Life.  Benson shakes her head and says it’s not sexual favors, they are called rapes.  Gold calls the women grafters and the only reason Howard went to Holt Tower was to visit his mother and she will make a better witness than their rapist handyman or Dr. Machado. Carisi is annoyed and comments that Gold asked for this meeting so he knows it means any deal offered, he goes on the registry and he does prison time. Howard laughs and says he is not going to prison, he’s going to be president.  Benson counters she’s seen a lot of powerful men in this position and they all thought they could commit crimes with impunity.  Howard insists he is going to be president and he will  not let a politically motivated ADA and a bitter woman cop who’s spent her life getting back at men take him down. Gold tries to stop him but he goes on, saying Gold should tell them who they are dealing with. Carisi says they are well aware of who he is.  Howard questions do they, stating that Gold can make two calls and they are gone like that from the ADA’s office and tells Benson she’d be on traffic duty in Staten Island with her old boss.  Benson says. “Excuse me?” and Gold stands  up and says he needs a moment with his client. As Howard and Gold move to leave, Carisi says, “Good luck.”

In the courthouse stairwell, Gold tells Howard he should have kept his pants zipped and he needs to keep his mouth shut.  Howard says he is not going down for this, and Gold glares at him and says “Not another word.”  Howard says he need to make this go away, and Gold slaps him across the face and says, “Shut up, you idiot!”  Benson and Carisi are listening nearby and Benson asks if they should break this up, and Carisi says with sarcasm that it is a private conversation, they didn’t see or hear any of this.  They walk off.

Later in Carisi’s office, Rollins is there and tells Carisi she knows he will say no but they are in good shape and asks if he can take a break.  They smile at each other and Carisi asks, “You know what? You’re right.” He puts his papers down and offers to take her to dinner.  She asks, seriously the night before his grand jury?  He sates he has a UC,   2 informants, wires, cameras – Howard doesn’t know it yet but he is a dead man walking. She says, “let’s go.” But before they can leave the room, both their phones buzz/ring and they answer their phones. 

Carisi arrives on a scene with multiple police cars already there.  Carisi and Fin walk inside and apartment and find Ortiz dead in the bathtub. Elsewhere, in a jail bathroom,  Paulie is being beaten by three men. Rosa, at home, gets a phone call and then tells the caller to stop calling her.  She looks out the window and see some men approach her building.  She runs and wakes up her son and tells them they have to go.    Meanwhile, Benson and Rollins are at another scene where Catalina lies dead on the top of a car; Rollins says passersby say they saw her jump.  Benson shakes her head and tells Rollins to find Rosa and Jenna NOW.  She shakes her head with concern as we fade to black. 

Recap:  “Never Turn You Back On Them”

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Law & Order SVU “One More Tale Of Two Victims” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order SVU,  “One More Tale Of Two Victims”. 

Law & Order SVU  “One More Tale Of Two Victims” Air Date October 7,  2021 (9 PM ET/8C Thursday NBC)

The SVU searches for a serial rapist who preys on mothers with young children. Benson and Fin struggle under the tightened reins of Chief McGrath. Guest starring Octavio Pisano, Jade Marie Fernandez and Johnny Pemberton.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Law & Order SVU "And The Empire Strikes Back/Never Turn Your Back On Them” Photos

Here are photos from the 2-episode season 23 premiere of Law & Order SVU "And The Empire Strikes Back/Never Turn Your Back On Them” which will air on Thursday, September 23. 2021 at 8 PM ET on NBC. 

The photos feature Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Kelli Giddish, Peter Scanavino, Jamie Gray Hyder, Demore Barnes, Terry Serpico as Chief Tommy McGrath, Octavio Pisano as Joe Velasco, Maddie Corman as Laura Evans, Ryan Garbayo as Ruben Ortiz, Zabryna Guevara as Dr. Catalina Machado, Glenn Fleshler as Myron Gold, and Ben Rappaport as Congressman Howard. 

 "Never Turn Your Back on Them" 

 Photos by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC 2021 and by: Will Hart/NBC 
2021 NBCUniversal Media, LLC 

 "And The Empire Strikes Back” 

 Photos by: Bennett Raglin/NBC and by Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC
 2021 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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Law & Order Organized Crime “The Man With No Identity” Photos

Here are photos for the season 2 premiere of Law & Order Organized Crime, “The Man With No Identity” which will air on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 10 PM ET on NBC. The photos feature Chris Meloni, Danielle Moné Truitt, Ainsley Seiger, Guillermo Diaz as Sergeant Bill Brewster, Vinnie Jones as Albi Briscu, Dash Mihok as Reggie Bogdani, Barbara Eve Harris as Athena Davis, and Dylan McDermott as Richard Wheatley. 

Photos by: Zach Dilgard/NBC and Virginia Sherwood/NBC 
2021 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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