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NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates 2022-2034 Season


NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates 

NBC Press Release

NBC will begin its 2022-23 season with the #1 program for 11 consecutive years, "Sunday Night Football," on Thursday, Sept. 8. On the heels of the NFL kickoff, season two of "Capital One College Bowl," hosted by Peyton Manning, will debut the following night with back-to-back episodes.

Scripted programming will launch the week of Sept. 19 and will include the premiere of the reimagined "Quantum Leap," starring Raymond Lee.

On Nov. 4, family comedies join the lineup with the premiere of "Lopez vs. Lopez," starring and executive produced by George Lopez, followed by the third season of "Young Rock," starring and executive produced by Dwayne Johnson.

NBC has more shows in the top 20 than any other network in the key 18-49 demo and finished the 2021-22 season #1 in the demo for the eighth time in nine seasons.

NBC's fall slate rolls out as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 8
8:15-11:30 p.m. - Sunday Night Football: NFL Kickoff Game (Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams)

Friday, Sept. 9
8-10 p.m. - Capital One College Bowl (Back-to-back episodes this night only)

Sunday, Sept. 11
8:15-11:30 p.m. - Sunday Night Football (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys)

Friday, Sept. 16
9-11 p.m. - Dateline NBC

Monday, Sept. 19
8 p.m. - The Voice
10 p.m. - Quantum Leap

Tuesday, Sept. 20
8 p.m. - The Voice
10 p.m. - New Amsterdam

Wednesday, Sept. 21
8 p.m. - Chicago Med
9 p.m. - Chicago Fire
10 p.m. - Chicago P.D.

Thursday, Sept. 22
8 p.m. - Law & Order
9 p.m. - Law & Order: SVU
10 p.m. - Law & Order: Organized Crime

Saturday, Sept. 23
9 p.m. - Dateline Weekend Mystery
10 p.m. - SNL Vintage

Tuesday, Sept. 27
9 p.m. - La Brea

Friday, Nov. 4
8 p.m. - Lopez vs. Lopez 



It's been nearly 30 years since Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. Now, a new team, led by physicist Ben Song (Raymond Lee), has been assembled to restart the project in hope of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.

Everything changes, however, when Ben makes an unauthorized leap into the past, leaving the team behind to solve the mystery of why he did it. At Ben's side throughout his leaps is Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who appears in the form of a hologram only Ben can see and hear. She's a decorated Army veteran who brings level-headed precision to her job.

At the helm of the highly confidential operation is Herbert "Magic" Williams (Ernie Hudson), a no-nonsense career military man who has to answer to his bosses who won't be happy once they learn about the breach of protocol. The rest of the team at headquarters includes Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), who runs the Artificial Intelligence unit "Ziggy," and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee), who heads up digital security for the project.

As Ben leaps from life to life, putting right what once went wrong, it becomes clear that he and the team are on a thrilling journey. However, Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn know that if they are going to solve the mystery of Ben's leap and bring him home, they must act fast or lose him forever.

Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt will write and executive produce. Don Bellisario, Deborah Pratt and Martin Gero executive produce.

Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, will produce in association with I Have an Idea! Entertainment, Belisarius Productions and Quinn's House Productions.


A working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection and all the pain and joy in between.

The cast includes George Lopez, Mayan Lopez, Selenis Leyva, Brice Gonzalez, Matt Shively, Laci Mosley (recurring) and Kiran Deol (recurring).

Debby Wolfe (showrunner) will write and executive produce. Bruce Helford is a supervising executive producer. Katie Newman, Michael Rotenberg and George Lopez executive produce. Mayan Lopez will produce.

Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, will produce in association with Mohawk Productions, Travieso Productions, Mi Vida Loba and 3 Arts.

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Video: Chris Meloni Discusses Crossovers and Setting the Scene On Law & Order: Organized Crime

Here’s a video from NBC featuring Chris Meloni (and scenes with Mariska Hargitay) discussing working on Law & Order Organized Crime and crossovers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mehcad Brooks Joins Law & Order For Season 22

Various sources report that Mehcad Brooks is joining Law & Order for season 22, playing a detective. Read the story here: TV Line: Supergirl Alum Mehcad Brooks Joins Law & Order Cast for Season 22

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Law & Order Organized Crime “Friend Or Foe” Recap, Review, Discussion - Season 2 Finale

It didn’t matter that we knew going in to this finale that Stabler, Bell, and the Organized Crime Task Force would come on top at the end. The episode still provided a lot of action and suspense, enough to last viewers until the new season starts in the fall.  This series is different than the other shows in the Law & Order brand in that it gets the pulse racing by using a lot of action, and builds a story and the drama throughout the season and not just in one episode.  They juggled a lot of stories this season and they did an excellent job of wrapping up each one.  It all pays off in this finale, where we see everything come to a head.  Now we have a clean slate for the new season.

Here’s how things wrapped up for the key players: 

Preston Webb, Cassandra Webb: Preston Webb is dead, his body found in the Gowanus Canal,  a fitting place as it’s one of the dirtiest waterways in the nation.   The question remains: who killed him?   Cassandra had told Nova if Nova heard from Webb to tell him to meet her at the Gowanus and when.  Bell has Cassandra arrested for his murder, and also for hiring the hit woman to kill Stabler.  But when the charges against Cassandra are reduced and she is no longer a person of interest in Webb’s death, we can only turn to one or two people as the likely murderers: Nova or Derrick. 

Nova and Derrick:  Nova is last seen with her brother Derrick on a bus, headed out of town, likely back to Chicago.  Derrick had intended to kill Webb before,  but Nova shot Derrick to abort his plans.    The look on Nova’s face when she hears Cassandra is no longer a person of interest speaks volumes. As she likely knew where Webb was going to be and when, she may have used that as an opportunity to take him out.   Will they even worry about who killed him next season?  I consider the matter closed, partly because there’s no value to pursuing this as a new story line and I wouldn’t want Nova to end up in prison over it. 

Kilbride: Arrested.  

Ayanna Bell and Denise:  Bell gets to take down the Marcy Killers,  Kilbride and all the corrupt cops in the Brotherhood, and this is a huge accomplishment.  But it comes at a cost: Bell’s wife Denise had taken the job with Kilbride despite Bell’s advice not to, and Denise is stunned when Kilbride is arrested.   Denise decides to leave Bell and take their son with her, a devastating blow for Bell. 

Joseph Stabler and Gus:  Based on the evidence Stabler collected on his father,  he confronts his dad’s former partner Gus and knows that the shooting years ago was staged to frame an innocent man. Joseph Stabler got the Combat Cross and Stabler sadly realizes his father was not as honorable as he thought (he later talks with the father of that innocent man).  Gus, still the dirty cop that he was years ago, tips off Frank Donnelly that Stabler is undercover and the Brotherhood is in danger, which marks Stabler for death.   Hopefully Gus will pay for this deceit and for the frame job years ago. 

The Brotherhood: Arrested. 

Frank Donnelly:  Dead, but not after he gets the Brotherhood to help set up Stabler to be killed.  They almost succeed, except Stabler wasn’t born yesterday and wears a bulletproof vest, which saves his life.  Donnelly, ever the low-life, isn’t the one to dirty his hands by pulling the trigger.  His wife and child are his weak spot, and Stabler uses that to his advantage to help track Donnelly down and catch up with him after Stabler engages in a high-speed chase.   Donnelly knows that it’s over, and he steps back into the path of an oncoming train and is obliterated. 

Bernadette Stabler, Kathy Stabler, Eli Stabler and all the other Stabler kids:  All unscathed (except for Bernadette’s sprained wrist from falling) and still available to annoy us next season. 

The Stabler apartment:  Trashed. Ready for a remodel or maybe a new location next season.  If he’s smart, he’ll move to a high security area. 

Elliot Stabler:   His undercover assignment to expose the Marcy Killers, Kilbride, and the Brotherhood is over and, like Bell, he can consider his work a success.  But, like Bell,  the cost for him is high as well:  he is targeted for death by the Brotherhood and they almost succeed. Luckily he was wearing a bulletproof vest AND no one thought to shoot him in the head instead.  It was a very close call.  He is very conflicted about Donnelly’s suicide as there was a side of Stabler that seemed to genuinely like him.   Seeing Donnelly kill himself in that manner was likely traumatic for Stabler.  Rocking his world even more is the realization that his father’s old partner set up a shooting to frame an innocent man and his father received the Combat Cross based on that lie.  Stabler himself gets the Combat Cross for what happened to him, and instead of being honored by it, he seems unsure of how he feels.  Bernadette tells him now he knows the price of the Combat Cross, and I suspect he will continue to pay for it for a long, long time. 

Here is the recap:

Stabler meets with Gus and confronts him about filing serial numbers off of a gun and the slugs he pulled out of the tree.  He says the slugs are a match to the gun he shot his father with and then planted  to frame an innocent kid.  Gus reminds Stabler his father got the combat cross for that and if his dad could hear this he’d be sick. Stabler, looking tense, if his father was here he’d be telling him the same thing he’s telling him. Gus angrily comments that now Stabler is on some sort of mission, and Stabler says he is just doing his job.  Gus looks worried. 

Gus calls Donnelly and tells him Stabler is not one of them and that he’s undercover and making a book on bad cops. He tells Donnelly to watch his back. Donnelly, concerned, tells his wife he doesn’t have time for breakfast and makes an excuse to leave the house. He also tells her he has some loose ends so they won’t leave until tomorrow morning.  Bridget looks worried. 

Donnelly enters McCutcheon's and tells the Brotherhood that Stabler is undercover and he has been investigating the Brotherhood for IAB and the OC task force from the beginning.  The group is alarmed and angry.  Donnelly wants to do what they always do with a rat: exterminate him. 

Stabler arrives at the 3-7 and Stabler, seeing Donnelly, says everyone has an attitude this morning. Donnelly makes excuses and then tells Stabler he wants to talk to him.  As they walk down the stairs, Donnelly tells Stabler one of his contacts hunting for Webb may something on him  soon and they will find him and deal with him. They discuss how Stabler has liked working at the 3-7 and Donnelly says he trusted him and he will miss him and the Brotherhood. Stabler says they will see each other but Donnelly says it won’t be the same. Stabler says everything will be alright. Donnelly asks if Stabler has thought about what he will do when this is all over, and when Stabler says not really, Donnelly says he should because the end sneaks up on you.  Stabler looks pensive. 

In his car, Stabler tells Bell about his conversation with Donnelly, and how he set it. He was cagey and then said he’d help him look for Webb. He is going to take him up on the offer. Bell informs him the judge signed the warrant on Kilbride and she is going to take him down.  He wishes her luck. 

Meanwhile, Cassandra is at the gallery and speaks with Nova about trying to find Webb.   Cassandra thinks he may be laying low and thinks he will reach out to Nova and she is his VP and most trusted employee and that he loves her. Nova says she loves him too. Cassandra says she is like family to both of them. She sees when Webb contacts her to tell him to meet her at the Gowanus canal and he will know what that means.  She adds as soon as she reaches out to call her so she knows when. Nova wonders what if he doesn’t call, and Cassandra smiles uncomfortably and says he will. He would never leave his daughter without a father, he loves her too much, 

At Kilbride’s office, Bell and a group of federal officers come in and announce they are seeing Kilbride and the firm is under investigation by the organized crime task force and agents of the federal government and the offices are shut down. Denise looks on with concern. Bell  proceeds to a meeting room and arrests Kilbride for bribery, money laundering, and  racketeering.   Denise walks in and asks Bell to tell her this is not happening. Bell says she warned her and to look for work elsewhere.  She adds she is just trying to do her job. Denise says she hopes she is happy.  

Donnelly calls Stabler and says he has a location on Webb, a house in Harlem under construction.   He got the intel from a CI and he is calling the guys for backup. Stabler says he will see him there.  Stabler calls Bell and tells her about the lead and will text her the address. She tells him not to go in until they arrive.  He says he will see her there.   Stabler arrives and Donnell is there, the others are on the way.   Stabler wants to wait for backup and Donnelly says they are coming and wants to go in and take him down.  Stabler wants to be sure he means to arrest him and Donnelly confirms. They do so and enter cautiously.  They go up a staircase and, ahead of Stabler,  Donnelly walks into a room.  Stabler walks down the hall and sees Donnelly and the others in the Brotherhood step out of other rooms. Donnelly comments he didn’t want to do this.  Stabler shoots into the ceiling and then races down the stairs, shooting. The others chase him and return fire. Stabler jumps out a first floor window and while he lays on the ground, Parnell  shoots him 3 times. Stabler is still.  Donnelly looks down at Stabler laying on the ground and then turns to leave with the others. 

Soon after, Bell races up to Stabler and sees he’s alive and been hit in his bulletproof vest. He says he feels like he’s been trampled  by an elephant. She asks who shot him and he replies Parnell, Bolton. He tells her Webb is not there, Donnelly set him up. She says that means he is blown and they need to get him out of there. But he says they think he’s dead and they can use that.  She will put it out on the radio and buy some time. He says they will never see a dead man coming for them. 

Back at McCutcheon's, Donnelly  and the guys are laying low, talking that no way he made it. Donnelly tells them the next move is no move, no phone calls or texts. 

Later, Parnell leaves the bar and Stabler is waiting.   Parnell goes to urinate and Stabler pulls a gun on him and then punches him and cuffs him to the fence.  He tells him to say where Bolton and Donnelly are.  Parnell says he has nothing for him, and Stabler punches him, then calls in Parnell’s location as he walks off. Parnell yells to Stabler he will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life. 

Elsewhere, Stabler gets the jump on Bolton in the same manner and cuffs him to a gate and also calls in Bolton’s location. 

The next day, the rest of Brotherhood is arrested. 

At the OC task force, Maldonado asks Bell if anyone is talking and she says they will take a bullet before they turn in Donnelly. Stabler is at Donnelly’s trying to get intel from Bridget.  Jet announces she just got a hit on Webb  with facial rec – in West Brooklyn  - and a John Doe just turned up at the Gowanus Canal. Bell races off.

Stabler arrives at the Donnelly home where Bridget wants to know what is going on.   She hasn’t heard from him since last night and doesn’t know where he is going. He sees the suitcases and asks if they are going somewhere. She asks didn’t he tell him and Stabler says he’s not telling him anything.  Bridget gets agitated and says she didn’t sign up for this and she becomes frantic. He says he will  help her and he asks who called. She doesn’t know. She cries and hugs him and he promises he will find him.  She says she can’t live without him.  As he leaves, he gets  call from Bell who explains they found Webb’s body  dead in the Gowanus canal. 

Meanwhile Donnelly is racing off in his car and is stopped by an officer.  He gets a gun ready but the office instead warns him  to stay off certain roads and where to go and he may want to switch cars.  Donnelly says, “Thanks Brother.” 

Back at the OC task force, Jet tells Bell  she is knocking down firewalls, tracing offshores and wire transfers from account to account literally all over the planet. Right now she’s focusing on transfers to an account in Italy. Bell tells her whatever she can find on Cassandra, to let her know.  Jet gets a message and is shocked, saying  Preston Webb didn't put out the hit on Stabler. Bell asks who did. 

Cassandra arrives at the morgue where Webb’s body is laying on a table. She asks for a moment alone, please.  She looks at his body and smiles but also seems tearful. Bell enters and tells her she is under arrest for the murder of her husband. As Cassandra denies it,  Bell also mentions the  solicitation of murder of a sworn officer of the NYPD, Detective Elliot Stabler. Bell adds they know she hired Belladonna.  Cassandra says that's absurd.  As Bell cuffs her, Cassandra asks her to read her rights while  she says  goodbye to her husband?  Bell agrees and as she reads the rights, Cassandra whispers  “Don't worry, baby. Mama will take care of everything just like always.”  Bell takes her away. 

Stabler, in his car, gets a call from Jet who says Bell wants an update. He explains he is tailing Bridget and thinks she and the baby will lure Donnelly out.  She is outside a medical building and she and the baby went in about 20 minutes ago, thinking it is for a pediatrician appointment.  Jet sees it on her computer that the building is for infectious diseases immunization specials travel  medicine.  Stabler possibly realizes they are trying to leave the country and when he hears a car revving its engine nearby, he ends the call with Jet and moves to pursue.  He cuts off the car from the other side of the building  and yells for Donnelly to get out of the car. But it’s Bridget who is driving and she beats on him and yells “You son of a bitch. Frank told me. You came into our lives pretending to be a friend, a brother! You practically delivered my baby! He's named after you, Elliot! He has your freaking name! The whole time you were sneaking around our backs, selling us out to whoever the hell you work for, for what? Huh? So you can be all righteous like nobody's better than you? You know who's better than you? Frank Donnelly!”  The sounds of squealing tires are heard and Stabler and Bridget see it is Donnelly’s car..  Bridget yells “Do not go after him. Please, Elliot!” He pushes her away and as he gets into his car to pursue, she continue to yell at Stabler Do not! Do not go... Elliot!” He races to follow. 

The chase continues through the streets and Stabler radios in to Bell  he is in pursuit.  She offers to send backup to intercept but he tells her not yet and have Jet GPS him and he will let them know when he has him.  He cuts the connection and Bell tells her to track him. She does. 

The high speed chase continues with the cars banging at each other. They dodge traffic.  Donnelly races through a chain link fence to a train yard and is stopped, his car and Stabler’s hitting a pile of wooden pallets.  Stabler then rams Donnelly’s car.  Donnelly gets out and runs and Stabler chases him.  While he tries to catch him, Stabler calls out: 

Stabler: It's over, Frank! Take a look around. It's the end of the line. Let me take you in, Frank. 
Donnelly: Take me in for what, an ice cream cone? No way. 
Stabler: Didn't want it to end this way, man. 
Donnelly: Yeah? How'd you think it was gonna end? [Donnelly steps out from where he was hiding] Let me ask you something, Stabler. Why? 
Stabler: I had to. I took an oath. 
Donnelly: So did I. 
Stabler: No, you didn't. You took two, Frank... one, when you became a cop, and the second when you stopped being one. 
Donnelly: Ah... nobody cares about cops except other cops. I told you that. We're all we have. 
Stabler: You're right. You threw that all away. 
Donnelly: I gave you something I never gave anybody else, okay? I let you into my family. I named one of my kids after you. I set you and your family up for life! You threw that all away!
Stabler:  Frank, you were a good cop. You were a decorated officer. You took a wrong turn. 
Donnelly: Yeah, so now what? You're gonna make an example out of me, huh? Put me away for ninety-nine plus one? Nah. I can't live like that. [A train horn can be heard nearby and Donnelly looks in that direction and Donnelly takes a deep breath.]
Stabler:  I gotta take you in, Frank. 
Donnelly: No, you don't. [The train horn gets much louder and the train rounds a corner]
Stabler [seeing Frank standing too close to the rails]:Frank... 
Donnelly: You broke my heart, pal.[Donnelly steps back right onto the track in the path of the incoming  train]
Stabler [racing toward Donnelly]:  Frank! Frank!   

Donnelly does not move as the train barrels over him.  Stabler looks on, stunned as the train continues on. 

At a later time, Stabler is packing up his desk at the 3-7 and get a call from Bell telling him he is going to get  the Combat Cross.  He doesn’t want it but she says it doesn't matter if he doesn’t want it,  they want it and it’s happening, he has no choice. He asks what it he doesn’t show up and Bell asks when has that worked out for anybody ever in life?  He begins to cry and says it is hard for him. She reminds him it is a small ceremony. He comments he knows, it will just “be me, my family and the ghost of my father.”  Bell comments whether his father is let in will be up to him.  Stabler agrees and thanks her and hangs up.  He finishes packing and leaves.

At the ceremony, we hear: “The Combat Cross is awarded to officers who perform acts of extraordinary heroism, engaging an armed adversary under imminent hazard to life. Detective Stabler came under fire in the line of duty while conducting a joint investigation into two criminal organizations: the Marcy Killers... “  As Stabler is surrounded by his family and OC colleagues, he flashed back to memories of his father.  The speaker goes on to say “Members of our own precinct who called themselves the Brotherhood.” He has memories of being in the bar with the Brotherhood cops and other memories of Donnelly. .   The speaker continues, “It means a lot. Detective Elliot Stabler. [Stabler moves to the front] You performed above and beyond the call of duty. Your selfless conduct is exemplary of valor and heroism, and you're a credit to the department and to the shield. Congratulations.”  As Stabler wears the Combat Cross the group applauds . He thanks those family and friends people close to him for coming, including Captain Cragen.    Standing alone, he has a moment of reflection. 

Sometime later, he meets Mr. Serrano in  a senior facility and introduces himself.  He says it is about his son, saying “My father was a police officer, Joseph Stabler. He and his partner framed your son for a crime he didn't commit.” Mr. Serrano cries. 

Bell arrives home and finds that Denise has left her and has taken their son.  She is devastated. 

Elsewhere, Nova and her brother Derrick are on a bus leaving town.  Nova tells him she may be staying for good, she turned in her badge and her work is done.  Derrick’s phone busses and he says he just got an alert;  Cassandra Webb's charges have been reduced and is  no longer a person of interest in her husband’s murder.  Nova looks ahead, blankly, then says it  could've been anyone, she guesses. Derrick agrees, and Nova looks away with a serious gaze. 

Back at his damaged  apartment, Stabler looks at the Combat Cross and his mom enters.  Stabler tells her he told her to give him a few days before she and Eli came home.  She knows what he told her and he asks if she’s not going to listen and do whatever she wants. She replies “Apparently.” She asks what the hell went on here and he states he had a disagreement with someone.  She comments that's some disagreement. He asks how's her arm? She explains she  tripped and sprained it, and the doctors put all this damn dressing on it, adding she thinks it makes them feel like they've done something.  She picks up the Combat Cross that was her husband’s and asks who is Frank Donnelly, and Stabler wonders why she would ask him that?  She explains she heard Bell talking about him in the restaurant Stabler states he was a friend and a cop, a very good cop and a corrupt one, and he killed himself, leaving behind a wife and little baby.  He adds he feels  responsible in some way.  She realizes that's why they gave him the medal, and he replies yes.  She looks sadly at him and says “You know, life is so damn complicated... messy... the choices we make and the reason why we make 'em. I know. [She holds both Combat Crosses in her hands] Well, it hasn't changed much in 40 odd years. They're really very beautiful medals.” Stabler adds “Simple.” Bernadette explains “Now you know the price.” She turns and walks away and as Stabler thinks on these words, we cut to black. 

Law & Order SVU "A Final Call At Forlini’s Bar" Recap, Review, Discussion - Season 23 Finale

Law & Order SVU "A Final Call At Forlini’s Bar"  was saving the best case for last,  with a victim that at first, seemed simple-minded and prone to poor judgment, but as the story progressed,  was obviously tragic.  The story may not have been as emotionally gripping had it not been for the fantastic performance by Jordana Spiro, who played the victim, Delia Hackman.  It’s been quite a while since anyone has played an SVU victim so convincingly.  It was a tough case, complicated by Delia’s ability to continue to put herself into harm’s way, finally ending up in her killing her abusive husband.  Had it not been for Rafael Barba’s dogged defense of her, they would never know that Delia was suffering brain damage from the repeated beatings to her head.  

When a domestic violence case – which it seems lawyers avoid like the  plague – turns into a murder case,  the victim becomes the accused and things get complicated for the SVU and for Carisi.  I understand bringing in Raul Esparza in for this episode to include an attempted reconciliation with Benson.  But when the detectives talked with Benson about finding a lawyer to defend Delia, Rollins mentions the elephant in the room and the one lawyer Benson did not mention: Rafael Barba.  Oddly, I was more surprised she didn’t at least mention Trevor Langan, whom she’s called on before for help.  That would have been the most logical choice, then she wouldn’t have needed to talk with Barba at all. 

And while I’m on the subject of Benson talking with Barba, I was disappointed in Benson’s continued cold attitude toward him.  She’s upset that she told him not to defend Richard Wheatley and he did anyway.  Does she expect everyone to do whatever she asks whenever she asks, just because she asks? I found her attitude with Barba too short-sighted and closed-minded.   She’s throwing away friendship – or maybe something else – because she can’t or won’t look at the situation from his point of view.   

Benson  moans to Dr. Lindstrom that she is unhappy,  and of course Lindstrom makes it about intimacy with other men: Barba and/or Stabler.  Frankly, I wish they’d get off the whole “we must find Olivia a man” trip once and for all.  Lindstrom’s comments only reinforces that Benson may not be happy unless she can snag a man, and apparently has to be Stabler or Barba. We haven’t heard Benson mention any desire for an intimate relationship with either of these men during any of these sessions that I can recall    We also haven’t heard any discussion about whether this job is right for her. Who knows, she may need a job change to be happy; she could be burned out.  But no, it has to be about Stabler or Barba.  My own opinion is the only way Benson and Stabler will become a romantic thing is when one or both of those series ends, because frankly, that will ruin everything.  And I can’t see any romance between Benson and Barba; good friends, more likely.   The bottom line is Benson – or any woman for that matter – can be happy without a man.  Maybe Dr. Lindstrom should spend more time asking what Benson wants out of an intimate relationship and take it from there?  If we are to assume that she HAS professed her undying love for either  or both of those men and a desire to be intimate with either of them, then Lindstrom is right – and so is Rollins when she repeats Carisi’s mom’s statement "Why don't you two just go get a hotel room and, get it out of your system?"  

Poor Barba; he loves Benson unconditionally but as she’s too stubborn and blinded by her own ego, their relationship may be doomed.  Too bad, because he’d be a great friend. 

And poor Carisi, his feelings are hurt when Rollins didn’t tell him she got Barba involved in defending Delia.   He didn’t stay hurt for long;  at least he knows how to act like a grown-up and seemed to realize that she did the right thing.  But Carisi did an excellent job in presenting the case he had. 

Fin seems comfortable with his relationship with Phoebe, and also seems to be in a good place with his life.  Velasco is still a blank slate for the most part, and hopefully next season we’ll get to learn more about what kind of person he is. 

Barba, when he arrives in Lorraine Maxwell’s office, he comments “So, this is how the eighth floor looks.” I understand his sarcasm but surely in his career working as an ADA,  he HAS seen it before. 

A side note: Thank you, farewell, and best wishes to showrunner Warren Leight, who has kept the series relevant and compelling all these years. 

Here’s looking to season 24!

Here is the recap: 

Benson is speaking with Dr. Lindstrom in his office:

Benson: Noah is thriving. My career is going pretty well. So why do I wake up at 4:00 a.m., anxious, and unhappy? 
Dr. Lindstrom: When did you start feeling unhappy? 
Benson: About a year ago. You know, Noah and I were fine, during the pandemic. But now, just don't have any, you know, closure. 
Dr. Lindstrom: It's so interesting, you talk about closure. What else happened in this past year? 
Benson: A lot of change. My chief, my squad. 
Dr. Lindstrom: Anyone else? Mr. Barba? 
Benson: No, there's no closure with Barba. 
Dr. Lindstrom: I'm also thinking about you and Elliot Stabler. 

Benson looks away and says nothing.

Elsewhere, Delia Hackman is talking to a social worker  who asks if she had the locks changed yet.  Delia explains the super said he would, and she still got an order of protection against Ty. The social worker states Ty violated the OOP before and the last time, he broke Delia’s wrist. Delia explains she called the cops, and they arrested him, and adds “ring around and ring around.”  The social worker says she just wants her to be smart, and safe.  Delia comments if she wants her to be safe she should tell the judge to lock him up. The social worker explains they’re trying, adding she can get Victim Services to change the lock. Delia replies she’s got it, promise. He social worker says that's good and she’ll see her Thursday? Delia says sure.  

Back with Benson and Dr. Lindstrom: 

Dr. Lindstrom: Most of your coworkers are in stable relationships. 
Benson: Yeah, they are. And I am, really happy for them. 
Dr. Lindstrom: You're not wondering when your turn will come? Benson: Not really. You know, between Noah and work... Okay, so, you think that I have intimacy issues. 
Dr. Lindstrom: Is that what you're hearing me say? 
Benson: Can we just stop the shrink talk and you just tell me what you think? 
Dr. Lindstrom: What I actually think? 
Benson: Yeah. 
Dr. Lindstrom: I think, that you and Elliot either need to see whether there's more there, or, move on. This idealized relationship is hanging over you. Prevents you from true intimacy, Olivia, either with him, or with anyone else. That's what I think.

Benson says nothing, thinking of what Lindstrom said.

Meanwhile, Delia gets home, on the phone complaining to her super about the lock needing replacing. She  is shocked to find Ty has gotten inside and she is fearful. He taunts her and she begs him to leave. She says she is calling the cops and he approaches her, saying no she is not.

Elsewhere, Fin plays a video game on his phone and he gets a call from  Phoebe who is running late.  He goes back to the game, wanting a make a head shot. 

Carisi and Velasco are playing basketball and decide to let another group play. Velasco offers to go for beer but Carisi takes a rain check as he has to meet with Rollins. Velasco comments that they are  solid,  and then asks how did he know she was the one. Carisi replies he knew for sure when she was giving birth to Jesse. He added there were complications with doctors rushing in, and he looked at her, and she was vulnerable and  so strong, mentioning the way she fought. He states that was it for him and that’s when he knew. 

Back with Benson and Dr. Lindstrom: 

Dr. Lindstrom: Something you said in our first session. You said you didn't think, happiness was in the cards for you. 
Benson: Wow. I said that? 
Dr. Lindstrom: Yeah, you were living a narrow life. You went to work, you came home to a dark apartment. 
Benson: Well, I didn't have a lot to celebrate then. 
Dr. Lindstrom: There is now. You're a role model for survivors, for women officers. You have friends. You have a happy child. You have a happy life. 
Benson: So... Why am I feeling so sad? 
Dr. Lindstrom: Oh, Olivia. Everyone is feeling depressed now. You and I have talked a lot about what you want. What you need. I'd like you to start thinking about something else. 
Benson: And what's that? 
Dr. Lindstrom: What you deserve. You deserve happiness, Olivia Benson.

Elsewhere, Delia is going crazy, screaming and hitting a police car with a baseball bat.  The officers try to stop her, bringing out a taser and a  gun. Rollins, walking her dog nearby, helps to diffuse the situation and calms Delia, who is worried he will kill her. Rollins and gets her to give her the bat. Delia sobs and asks for help while Rollins consoles her, telling the officers it is over. 

Afterwards, Carisi races up to Rollins who  is at the hospital with Delia. She explains what happened.  She talked to Delia’s social worker who says Delia has a DV file 10 years thick and failed marriages and a stint in rehab and her third husband violated is OOP.  She has no visible injuries, saying her husband is a pro, adding she is used to the beatings. Rollins comments her gut says he sexually assaulted her and put her over the edge. Carisi says that is an automatic arrest.  Rollins explains Ty Hackman works construction and is on a job site.  The social worker approaches and says Rollins can talk to Delia.  Carisi tells Rollins he will stay with the girls. 

Rollins speaks with Delia who says they gave her something and she is now smoothed out. Delia expects an arrest, thinking this will mean he can’t get to her.  Rollins says she doesn’t have to live like this.  Delia asks what does she have to do? 

Back at SVU,  Benson, Fin, Rollins and Velasco discuss Delia’s situation, and the fact that she was raped and it wasn’t the first time. She didn’t report it as they were married so she didn't think it was rape. Delia is still married but was divorced, once and remarried five years ago.  Velasco wonders how he’s not locked up and Fin suggests he got lucky with the judges, most of his charges got dismissed. Rollins admits she's not the most reliable witness: late for court, recanting allegations.  Benson states  that's par for the course for a long-term DV victim. She adds this is their case now, and, if we can get him on the rape charge, he goes away. Rollins informs them Delia agreed to a rape kit but Benson states he's going to  claim consensual. She asks if there were any outcry witnesses. Rollins replies herself,  at the hospital. Velasco announces they located Ty Hackman at a construction site in Chelsea. Benson instructs them to him up, and then suggests  before he can react... Fin finishes the sentence and says to get him on their side. 

Later, at a construct site in Chelsea on Saturday, April 16,  Fin and Velasco speak with Ty, who says his boss tipped him off and that he should have skipped. Fin comments that would have been a problem and it’s a good thing he didn't. Velasco adds Ty  already knows the drill.  Ty states he has family on the job, and technically, he knows he’s in violation, but, Delia asked him to come over,  and she was a mess.  Velasco says “no good deed, right? Ty says he hopes they are getting overtime, because, they know how this ends.  He adds the judge looks at him, working all day, then looks at her. Velasco says “sees crazy” and Ty agrees.  Fin comments they parked around the corner and didn't want to have to cuff Ty in front of his crew. Ty says he appreciates that. Ty walks off with them.

Back at SVU, Benson moans to Carisi the judge let Hackman walk. Carisi says it was  on violating the OOP. Rollins questions that he didn't go for the rape charge, and Carisi replies no, because he didn't want to start the 180.80 clock ticking until Delia was on board and consistent. Benson states they will  go over her statement tomorrow. Rollins’s phone rings and it is Delia. Rollins puts her video call on the screen so Benson and Carisi can listen and watch. Delia asks to modify the order of protection and asks how to do that.  Carisi whispers to Benson that she wants to modify the OOP and Benson replies that can’t be her decision.  Rollins tells Delia she is not sure that that's such a great idea, asking if Delia can  tell her why.  Delia replies she thinks it would make things a little less tense. Rollins informs her she’s with the ADA now, and he says that she’ll have to go before a judge. Delia asks that Rollins is still at work and when Rollins says yes, Delia tells her to never mind.  Rollins suggests she come to her and talk and help her figure... But Delia resists, saying it's okay, and hurries up to end the call.  Benson wonders who Delia was looking at during the call, and Rollins observes she  saw her looking up.   Carisi wonders that Ty’s not stupid enough to be in her apartment.  Benson tells Rollins to call the local precinct - now. 

Meanwhile, Ty is at Delia’s and he asks her about seeing the judge. She asks when he will leave and he says he is not going anywhere. 

Later, Velasco and Fin are taking Ty away and Ty says she needed help rebooting her wifi, and says “no good deed." Benson and Rollins arrive on the scene  and get an update from an officer who responded.  Rollins speak with Delia who admitted he called Ty and that he didn’t do anything wrong and he should not be in trouble. Benson convinces her to come to the station with them.

At The Tombs in the Manhattan Detention Complex at 125 White Street on Saturday, April 16, Fin and Velasco discuss the situation with Ty and his lawyer who argues the charges were fabricated. Meanwhile, at SVU, Benson and Rollins talk to Delia who says Ty tried to explain the reboot over the phone and then he just said it would be easier if he came over in person. Benson asks how she ended up calling SVU about modifying the order of protection.  Delia explains they're on the ground floor and  have mice, and he said that, with the OOP, it's just too hard for him to help her.  Rollins asks if he hurt or threatened her today. Delia replies when she asked him to leave, he smushed her head into the wall.  Benson suggests if she needs another apartment, they can call her social worker, and they can figure something out, but she has  to get Ty out of her life. Delia is aware but claims she is nervous and sick all the time and can’t think straight.  Benson says HE can and is smart enough not to use a weapon or anything that will get him real prison time. Rollins adds except for the rape, adding if they  charge him with that, he goes away. Benson continues that Delia would finally get a chance to get on her feet, instead of him knocking her off-balance all the time.

Later, Carisi tells Benson he asked them to hold Ty overnight and will arraign him on the OOP tomorrow. Benson questions what about the rape, adding they have her accusation, his DNA on the rape kit and  that's probable cause. Carisi adds IF she sticks to her story. He adds one thing he learned from Barba is you never get ahead of your victim. Benson comments, “Barba? Please. Carisi, can we not go there?” Carisi asks if she is  still not talking to him? Benson feels Barba  never should have defended Wheatley. Carisi counters  he was protecting her.  Benson scoffs and Carisi adds  any other defense attorney would have annihilated her on it. Benson disagrees, thinking  he went after her pretty hard. But Carisi thinks Barba was pulling his punches. Benson says they both had a long day and suggests they call it a night. She walks off. 

In arraignment court part 42 on Monday, April 18, Ty is arraigned on criminal contempt, intimidating a witness and rape 1, and the court accepts Ty’s plea of not guilty. Carisi asks for remand. The defense argues it takes two to "tangle" and adds Delia is dependent on him and they will both suffer if he can’t work. The judge sets bail at $50K and orders Ty to wear an ankle bracelet and may only go from his home to work. 

Afterwards, in Carisi’s office, along with Benson and Rollins, they explain Ty getting out and the conditions. Carisi tells her not to contact him in any way.  Rollins says if Ty contacts her to call 911 immediately.  Delia thinks she does not deserve all of this but Benson says she deserves a life and to be free and not afraid.  She adds they are there to help.

Fin and Velasco take Ty back to where he’s living – he calls it a ratty B&B - and Fin tells him to cut the jokes and stay away from Delia. Velasco tells Ty not to call her or text her. Ty says if your wife accuses you of rape it takes the blood off the rose. 

Later, Rollins explains to Benson that Delia is home and she got her groceries. She has no one to stay with her and has an older daughter upstate but didn’t want to call her.  She is alone. Rollins says the cases…Benson finishes they make her feel so helpless.  She tells Rollins to go home and asks if Carisi is cooking. Rollins replies he’s expanded his repertoire to Middle Eastern and not to  tell his mother.  Benson asks if they are doing well. Rollins confirms and then asks that Benson and Stabler worked on a case while she was away.  Benson says yes and that they are always a good team. Rollins comments yeah? Benson picks up on her tone and asks what?   Rollins comments that a year ago, when she was talking to her mom about Carisi, she said, "Why don't you two just go get a hotel room and, get it out of your system?"  Benson comments “Some advice.” Rollins phone buzzes and she explains she  told Delia to give her a call if she needed anything. She takes the call and then looks at Benson. 

Benson and Rollins arrive at Ty’s to find that Delia has stabbed Ty in the back with a kitchen knife and he’s laying dead on the floor. Benson and Rollins see Delia and Rollins asks what  happened.  Delia explains Ty took her phone charger, and she needed it, so she came over and then he wouldn't her leave. She adds then she  just wanted to be free. 

Delia is in the holding cell at SVU and Rollins buzzes in. She observes Delia didn't eat anything. Delia explains she was not very hungry. They discuss how she is doing and she says it’s  nice and quiet here and she felt safe. Rollins explains her lawyer is there. 

Later, in the interrogation room with Rollins and Benson, and with her lawyer,  Delia explains she had to go to Ty's, because he took her charger and she was at 1%. When she got there he dangled it in front of her like keep away. She tried to grab it and he sat down and he put it in his pants  and, he  said "Get on your knees if you want to get it." She did what  he said. He pulled her head  into his lap, yanking her hair. She said no and he said  "You need to relax."  She explains he went to make her a drink in the living room. She says she is sorry but it was blurry after that. She goes on to explain she  was in the kitchen felt like she had to get out, like she had to get past him. She  took the knife off the kitchen counter, and he heard her. She “kind of” stuck him to get past him. Benson explains the ME said that Ty was bleeding out for about 30 minutes.  She asks why didn't she call  911. Delia replies she had to wait for her phone to charge and when it charged up, she called Detective Rollins. She adds she is  sorry. Rollins comments it's okay. Benson asks Delia’s lawyer if she needs a minute Delia and she replies they are  good and tells Benson to  the DA they are ready to talk deal. 

In the office of the District Attorney Trial Division Chief Lorraine Maxwell at 1 Hogan Place on Tuesday, April 19,  Maxwell goes over Delia's case and record with Benson and Carisi.  Benson brings up the repeated assaults and how they played out and Carisi reminds her Delia initiated contact. Benson brings up the cell phone charger.  Maxwell brings up the stabbing and Carisi brings up how Delia waited to call for help.  Maxwell thinks it is a tough case for self defense, but Benson comments about how Delia has been terrorized for over 10 years. Maxwell counters her lawyer will go for the battered woman syndrome defense. Carisi explains her lawyer is looking for a deal and will take Man 1, single digits.  Benson outlines that Delia has  been imprisoned her entire life, Maxwell counters she herself was in an abusive marriage for 15 years and got out and didn’t kill him.  Benson says she is sorry, but has to assume she had more resources. Maxwell says that is a story for another time. She comments this is a violent felony and if they take this to trial and she gets convicted of Murder 2 that’s 15 years to life, and not to leave that deal on the table for long.  Benson counters that Delia’s public defender had 20 minutes for her and if she had a competent lawyer, this might go a different way.  Maxwell explains nobody takes these DV cases; the women are either killed or the go to jail, either way they break your heart. 

Back at SVU, Fin asks how it went at the DA’s office. Benson replies Carisi is going to wait 24 hours before he finalizes a deal. Fin asks if she will get her another lawyer, and Velasco asks if that is on them. Rollins replies not really, but her public defender is in over her head. Fin comments he is not going to say murder is okay but if anybody had it coming…Benson explains she called Rita Calhoun, Bayard Ellis, even Barth. Nobody has time for this.  Rollins asks if they want to talk about the elephant in the room, saying there is someone she is leaving out. 

At Forlini’s at 93 Baxter on Tuesday April 19,  Benson walks in and sees Barba sitting at the bar, sipping a drink:

Barba: Hello, Liv. 
Benson: Hello. 
Barba: You and I spent a lot of time in this place. It's a shame they're closing, huh? 
Benson: Everything comes to an end. Um... I wanted to thank you, for represented Delia. 
Barba:  Rollins asked for the favor. How many lawyers you call first? 
Benson: Three. You think you can get an acquittal? 
Barba: I'll do my best. Cabernet? 
Benson: I can't stay. 
Barba: It's possible, to sit with someone, and have a drink, and not say a single word to each other. I miss you, Liv. 
Benson: I gotta go.

Benson quickly exits, leaving Barba to sit there alone. 

In court, the medical examiner Dr. Truman explains how Ty was stabbed and confirms that he was stabbed in the back.  Barba question him about the rate of bleeding and the doctor explains the bleeding was internal.  Barba asks if it is possible, given the small amount of blood Delia saw, that she didn’t realize Ty was in mortal danger.  Carisi objects as it calls for speculation and it is sustained, but Barba comments they know it’s possible 

The detective on the scene of the stabbing testifies Delia confessed. Under cross, the detective must admit that Delia did not seem contrite and Barba asks if she seemed more defeated. Carisi objects, saying it calls for speculation, and it is sustained.  Barba asks the detective to describe Delia’s behavior, and he said she was looking at the floor, holding her head in her hands, kind of distraught, or like Barba said, defeated. Carisi looks defeated himself and  Barba gives a satisfied look to Carisi. 

Benson testifies about what she saw on scene.  Carisi asked what Delia said, adding, according to multiple witnesses, she said, "I just wanted to be free." Carisi asks Benson if she heard  her say that. Benson says yes, but she took that to mean...Carisi cuts her off and says “Thank you. Captain, you had me at "yes," and we both know how much Mr. Barba abhors speculation.”   Under cross, Barba comments to Benson,  “I know the ADA cut you off but I'm sure the jury would like to hear the rest of  that thought, Captain.”  Carisi objects and it is sustained. Barba rephrases and says “Captain Benson, we've heard a lot of testimony about Ty Hackman's back being turned. In your experience, is it possible, for a battered woman to feel threatened, even if her abuser isn't facing her?”  Benson replies: “Yes. A victim of DV can fear for her life, even if her abuser is asleep, or not in the same room.” Barba thanks her and goes on to say, “I know that, as an SVU captain, this is difficult for you, that you'd rather not testify against any victim of domestic violence.”  Carisi interjects “Your Honor, I know Mr. Barba loves the sound of his own voice, but could you please ask him to stop testifying himself?” The judge tells Barba to walk it back. Barba apologizes, saying he is just passionate about defending his client. 

Afterwards, as they leave the courtroom, Maxwell asks Benson if it was difficult testifying for Barba when she was Carisi's witness. Benson explains she was  testifying for Delia.  Maxwell comment she knows. 

Meanwhile, Rollins speaks with Carisi and tells him he  was going pretty hard at Barba.  Carisi wonders how he ended up taking this case as he thought he and Benson weren't  speaking?  Rollins explains they're not, adding technically, it was her who asked him. She admits she should have told him. Carisi, looking hurt, says she should have.  Rollins apologizes as Carisi walks away from her. 

On the stand, Delia testifies: 

I went to get my phone charger, but Ty said, I had to have sex with him first. He went to the living room, to, um, make me a drink, so I could relax… [Barba asks what happened then.] Well, I felt trapped, like, I had to get out. And, I saw a knife, on the kitchen counter, and I just, I grabbed it, just in case. And, um, I tried to be really quiet going out. His back was... Was towards me 'cause he was pouring the drink. And I just heard him laugh, and I - I panicked. [Barba asks why is that?]  'Cause I knew his moods. I was used to him yelling a lot. But it was that weird laugh... Like, that's when I knew things were gonna get really bad. I was really scared that if he turned around and saw me with that knife that he was gonna kill me. [Barba asks what happened next]  Well, all I knew is that I was, like, waving my arms around, and, and, the knife was in his back. And then he was on the floor. [Barba asks if she tried  to revive him or call for help]  Well, I thought he would come to 'cause there wasn't a lot of blood. I had to get the phone charger out of his pants. [Barba asks why didn't she just go] Well, I didn't want to leave him lying there. So, I waited for my phone to charge up, and, then I called Detective Rollins.”  Barba ends his questioning. 

Under cross by Carisi: 

Carisi: Mrs. Hackman, when, you stabbed your husband, his back was to you. 
Delia:  Yes. 
Carisi: He wasn't moving towards you. He wasn't physically threatening you. 
Delia: Well, no, but he had earlier. 
Carisi: Yeah, but not in that moment, correct?
Delia:  Correct. 
Carisi: Did he have a weapon in his hand?
Delia: No. 
Carisi: Did he say anything to you? 
Delia: No. I mean... he was laughing. 
Carisi: He was laughing, okay. Couldn't you have just ran out the door, past him, called the neighbors for help? 
Delia: I didn't know the neighbors, and I wasn't supposed to be there. 
Carisi: No, no, you weren't, Mrs. Hackman. And if you needed a phone charger, why didn't you just go to any bodega, and buy one? 
Delia: Well, it was the middle of the night,  and I had no power in my phone. 
Carisi: Right. No, I understand that, but... 
Delia:  I don't... 
Carisi: Couldn't you, have just stayed at home, safe in your locked apartment, and just waited till morning?
Delia: I guess. 
Carisi: Wouldn't that have been a better choice than going over to your husband's place, alone, in the middle of the night? 
Barba: Objection. Badgering. 
The Judge: Move it along, Mr. Carisi. 
Carisi: Wouldn't it have been a much better choice, for you, to just simply walk out of the door, instead of stabbing your husband to death. 
Delia: I thought he was gonna kill me! 
Carisi: No, no, no, Mrs. Hackman, you just told us, that he was not moving toward you. He did not have a weapon. Did he say that he was gonna kill you? 
Delia: He's too smart for that. 
Carisi: Okay, well, if you felt so threatened at the time, why didn't you tell that to the police, when they showed up? 
Delia: I don't know. I don't remember. 
Carisi: Well, they do. They testified, that the only thing that you said was that you wanted to be free. 
Delia: I'm sorry. I don't remember. I don't remember. 
Barba: Objection, Your Honor.  Badgering. 
The Judge: Sustained. 
Carisi: What did you mean, by "you wanted to be free"? Free from your husband? Isn't that what you said? 
Delia: [Crying] I'm sorry, if you say I said that, then I said that. I'm sorry. My head's kind of hurting.
Barba:  She needs a recess. 
Carisi: Mrs. Hackman, I just have one more question. [She begins to sob] Okay? 
Delia: Okay.
Carisi:  When you realized, that your husband was dead, how did that make you feel? 
Delia:  I was... I was happy, that he was dead, and I was alive. I was... I was happy. I felt happy. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My head's really hurting. 
Carisi:  No further questions. 

Carisi looks on sympathetically as does Benson. The judge orders a recess and tells Delia to  step down.  Delia looks on the verge of collapse and Barba helps her to step away.  Delia tells him she is sorry but he said she did great.  As he helps her back to the table, Carisi looks to Maxwell with a serious gaze, then looks back to Benson. 

Later, the judge asks Barba how is Delia, and he explains that she was examined at Bellevue and released and ready to resume.  Carisi says they have no more questions, and Barba calls his next witness, Dr. Sopher. He explains she performed a neurological exam and found Delia suffers from undiagnosed brain trauma. Maxwell stands up and says to not tell  her he’s saying Delia lacked mens rea. Barba explains the jury decides her intent and this testimony can inform the verdict.  Carisi asks what is he arguing, self-defense?  Battered woman syndrome? Not guilty due to mental defect?  Barba answers all of the above, unless Maxwell wants to do the right thing, and drop the charges. Maxwell replies that is not happening. The judge allows the witness. 

In Supreme Court part 49 on Thursday May 19, Dr. Sopher, a neuroradiologist and  psychiatrist at Bellevue, treated Delia and her MRI revealed an alarming number of tau protein deposits throughout her brain, specifically along the cortex. It indicates  she'd been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, CTE, for some time. This was further confirmed after a spinal tap revealed more tau proteins in her cerebral spinal fluid. Barba asks if this could be from minor concussions or a few bonks on the head and the doctor explains no, it would only be the result of years of traumatic injuries. Barba asks if it is possible that someone suffering from this condition might be unable to account for or even remember their actions. The doctor replies of course, that is  probably one of the most significant of the symptoms.

Under cross, Maxwell asks that CTE could only be diagnosed by autopsy. Dr. Sopher explains as an official diagnosis, yes, but...  Maxwell  comments, for the record, that Delia is still among the living. The doctor states yes, she is.  Maxwell adds that her husband is not.  She ends the questioning.  

Back on the stand, Barba questions Delia: 

Carisi: Delia, over the past ten years, how many times would you say, you'd been struck in the head, by your husband? 
Delia: Do you mean with the bat, or, with his fists, or, like, my head slammed against the wall? 
Barba: Anytime he hit you in the head. 
Delia: Five, or six times a year. He said I had a thick skull, 'cause he only knocked me out a few times. 
Barba: Over 50 blows to the head. Did you receive medical treatment for these injuries? 
Delia: Well, he would take me to the ER, if I had to get a bone set, or, if, um, when I lost a tooth. Otherwise, I would just take aspirin. Barba: Do you still have headaches? 
Delia: Most days. 
Barba: Problems with concentration? 
Delia: Oh, all the time. That drove Ty crazy.  He said I was stupid. 
Barba: Dizziness? Lack of balance? 
Delia: Yes. So, I got, I gotta be careful with that, 'cause, like, sometimes, when I stop suddenly, my head thinks I'm still moving, so, like, I'll trip down subway stairs, or, basically, just, you know, clumsy. 
Barba: What about mood swings, or, difficulty performing small tasks? 

Carisi and Maxwell look around, Maxwell with a look that seems like she knows they are losing. 

In Maxwell’s office on Thursday May 19, Barba is there, along with Carisi,  and Barba comments. “So, this is how the eighth floor looks.” Maxwell asks what does he want. Barba wants an apology from the people of New York for bringing this to trial.  Carisi tells him not to push it,  they are  waving the white flag. Barba comments he'd love this to go to jury and they’d be back before they have time for a cup of coffee. Maxwell offers criminally negligent homicide but Barba counters with  misdemeanor assault, with jail time and fines waived, adding he’s already written his closing arguments. She tell him to have a seat.

Later, in the hall, Rollins asks Carisi how Maxwell took the loss. Carisi explains she handled it with grace. Rollins asks ”And you?” Carisi explains he felt relieved but don't quote him. He adds it’s one of those things you hesitate to say out loud. Rollins comments “Like I love you." She says she does, and he says it is still nice to hear. Carisi tells her “I love you too.”  He kisses and embraces her. 

Barba is back at Forlini’s sitting at the bar and sipping a drink and Benson walks in: 

Barba: You showed up. 
Benson: Last call at Forlini's. Thank you, for what you did for Delia. 
Barba: How is she? 
Benson: Her social worker is putting a team together:  PT, therapy, cognitive rehab. And, turns out that Ty had a settlement from a construction site accident which is now hers, so all things considered, she's in a better place. 
Barba: Unlike the two of us. [Benson nods] You're still holding onto this. 
Benson: I asked you not to defend Wheatley. 
Barba: And now he's dead.  We've been over this. I was trying to protect you... 
Benson: I didn't ask you to. 
Barba: No. I guess you didn't. I hear you. 
Benson: Thank you. 
Barba: What I don't get... Why you feel more anger at me, than you ever let yourself feel toward Stabler. 
Benson: You don't know anything about my feelings for Elliot, and, you don't know him. 
Barba: I got a glimpse. 
Benson: I've known him for 23 years, and, he's always had my back. 
Barba: And you grew up without a father to protect you, I know how much that means.
Benson:  Please don't. Please don't.
Barba: I grew up in a home, in a neighborhood where I got bullied. We're gonna see him through different prisms. 
Benson: This isn't about him. This is about you and me, and how you betrayed me. I asked you not to defend Wheatley and you did anyway. 
Barba: We're going around in circles. You're denying, you're deflecting. You defend him. It's all right. I get it. That's what you do when you love somebody, unconditionally. 
Benson: Please don't tell me how I feel. 
Barba: In this case I can, because I do know what it means to love someone unconditionally. When you're ready to stop feeling betrayed by me, I'll be here. 
Benson: Rafa. 
Barba: What? 
Benson: I miss you too. 

Barba says nothing as he quickly exits the bar. Benson sits there, alone, as we fade to black.

Law & Order “Black And Blue” Recap, Review, Discussion - Season 21 Finale

As season finales go, Law & Order “Black And Blue” had no big shocking reveal, no cliffhanger, and nothing bad happened on the courthouse steps.   But it did offer an interesting case that seemed to unite people who may have been at odds at times during this short season – Bernard and Cosgrove, and Price and Maroun.   The only two who I suspect will be butting heads in the future may be Cosgrove and Price; Cosgrove is a natural born hot-head and Price sometimes gives the impression that he cares for nothing but his case.   

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve come to like Cosgrove because he is unfiltered.  His oppositional behavior could get tiresome if used too much, but I think his behavior in this episode was perfectly understandable.  And I also liked that Bernard seemed to understand where Cosgrove was coming from this time, and actually defended him to Price

Lt.  Dixon is properly authoritative and also knows how to work the system. She knows enough that she can tell Maroun that she won’t tolerate her hard line about the policy, and smart enough to offer Jack McCoy whatever he needs to get the job done.  I’m hoping to see her get involved in more complex controversies next season.

I do have some issues with the case, however.  I’m not sure that Price did a good enough job in showing that Kendra shot Detective Jimmy Doyle in cold blood. Her defense seemed to be solely based on her claiming Doyle was a racist.   There was testimony from one person (Scott Gleacher) who said she had the gun out already,  and then she made a possibly racist comment to him that she’d put his “white ass” into the ground.  But that comment was never revealed during testimony.  Maybe Price wanted to draw the case away from racism and deal only with the facts of the shooting?  Sadly, they didn’t have too many facts because there were no witnesses except for Kendra and the man she shot.   I do understand that there is a lack of trust of police, but after all,  Kendra did go to confront Scott Gleacher armed with a gun  and apparently ready to use it.  If anything, the detective may have been in greater danger than Kendra because of her gun. I also wonder how the defense got their hands on the video made by Doyle to his girlfriend, who seemed to be in Doyle's corner and loved him. Why would she give this to anyone, and if she didn’t,  how did the defense get it?  I would have been interested in seeing how this evidence came about.  The IAB witness should not have been a surprise;  don’t they share witness  lists?  I know that at times for rebuttal witnesses they don’t, but the IAB detective was not a rebuttal witness.  

Price was right – the judge’s opinion on the defense using Jimmy’s IAB investigation was probably politically motivated. 

Mariska Hargitay (Benson) and Terry Serpico (Chief McGrath) were not much more than window dressing; although with the killing of a detective,  having Chief McGrath appear made more sense.  The scene with Mariska didn’t really add much and could have been handled by a few lines saying the detectives checked with SVU about Kendra’s sister.  While I can understand they’d want to bring in someone in like Mariska to pull in SVU viewers,  I would have rather had the time be used to flush out more of the legal issues in this episode OR to show closing arguments. 

Here’s looking forward to season 22 of Law & Order! 

Here is the recap: 

A woman walking down the street to the subway, getting harassed by a guy following her, hears gunshots.  She runs in the direction of the shots and finds a man dead from a gunshot in a nearby street. She calls 911.

Later, Bernard and Cosgrove are on the scene. There were no witnesses. The dead man is Detective First Grade Jimmy Doyle, and Cosgrove knows him. Cosgrove says, over the body, that he will see him on the other side, and Bernard puts a consoling hand on Cosgrove’s shoulder. 

Later, Chief McGrath is giving a press conference explaining Jimmy’s commendations. Jimmy was off duty.   Lt. Dixon watches.  Bernard and Cosgrove speak with a potential witness who saw nothing, but Cosgrove finds this hard to believe and gets agitated.  Bernard tries to calm him  but Cosgrove says they need to talk to Jimmy’s wife. 

Later, they are a Heather Doyle’s home who doesn’t know who would do this.  They find that she and Jimmy split up three years ago.  They were still close and she talked to him every day. He was her best friend.  Cosgrove asks if she has any idea why Jimmy was there. 

On Amsterdam Avenue in Washington Heights NY on Thursday, April 21,  Bernard and Cosgrove speak with a woman who has been dating Jimmy almost three years. They had dinner last night and he said he was going to sleep at his apartment. They discuss what they did that night and walking home she didn’t notice anything.  She is clearly devastated by this, saying Jimmy was special, he loved being a cop despite the protests and police hate. A lot of her friends didn’t understand her (a black woman) dating a white cop. They ask if anyone has harassed her. 

Later, in the 2-7 interrogation, they question a man who was her ex-boyfriend and he was in the area. He admits he gets obsessive but denies killing anyone.  They continue to press him and he says he saw her and Jimmy kiss and walk away, but adds that he didn’t see the shooting. He saw a white man running down the street scared as hell.

At the 2-7, Dani finds a street cam which shows the white man and she ran an reverse image search.  The man is Scott Gleacher and he works at an investment firm in midtown. 

Bernard and Cosgrove speak with Scott and show him the video of him running from the scene.   He lawyers up. 

Back at the 2-7 they find Scott has no priors and there is no connection to Jimmy. They wonder why he was there. Dani finds a photo of him at a charity even for TeamGirl Inc., a non-profit dedicated to empowering at-risk teenage girls. It’s in Washington Heights. 

At TeamGirl Inc, on Thursday April 21,  they speak with someone who works there about Scott.  They show her a photo of Jimmy and  he doesn’t look familiar. She explains that there have been a lot of rumors about  Scott.

At her home,  they speak with Regina Daniels about Scott and she admits to being “sort of” involved with Scott.  She was not at the party. Her sister Kendra walks in and when Bernard asks about the stitches and bruises that Regina has, Kendra shuts him down and  says she won’t answer any more questions. 

Near the courthouse, Bernard and Cosgrove speak with Olivia Benson about Regina’s injuries and the hospital had contacted SVU about possible domestic abuse.  Benson recalls that she said she hit her head on a table and they didn’t buy it.  She never said anything about Jimmy.  They mention her boyfriend running away from the crime scene. Benson says she was planning on calling her to see how she was doing and she will do some digging.  Cosgrove says they will pretend that conversation happened which will leverage the Gleacher to cooperate.  She wishes them luck and says it’s hard enough being a cop these days; the last thing they needed was losing one of their own. 

At Newman & Palmer Investments on Thursday, April 21,  they speak with Scott  and his lawyer about Jimmy Doyle’s murder. They want immunity and says Regina is nuts and she gets emotional and irrational.  Bernard and Cosgrove continue to press and Scott and Scott says he knows who was involved in the murder.  He won’t say unless he gets immunity. 

At the 2-7, in Dixon’s office, she and Cosgrove speak with Maroun about the immunity. Bernard walks in and says Benson said Regina knows nothing about the shooting and is not interested in pursuing a criminal case against Scott.   Maroun scoffs that Regina just fell into the table and Dixon says no one wants to give an abuser a free pass but says they need to make a deal with his guy. Maroun starts talking about their policy and Dixon stops her and angrily says a cop just got murdered,  she doesn’t really care about her policy and they need to make a deal with this prick now. She tells Maroun to call whoever she’s got to call - Price,  McCoy, the Pope.  She says to just do whatever she has to do to make this deal.  Maroun looks angry, says nothing,  and leaves. 

At the 27th precinct interrogation room on Friday, April 22,  Maroun, there with Bernard and Cosgrove,  questions Scott with his lawyer an outlines the terms of getting immunity. Scott explains after the event he met with Regina but her sister Kendra confronted her and told her to stay away from Regina. She had just gotten back from Miami and saw the cut in her sister’s eye and she went crazy. She never liked him or approved of the relationship and she went crazy and made all kinds of accusations.  He said she was wrong but she was going nuts. He tried to walk away but she pulled a gun and said if he ever got near Regina she would put his white ass into the ground.  Then out of nowhere he heard someone yell NYPD so they both took off running and about 15 seconds later he heard gunshots. 

Later, Bernard and Cosgrove talk with Kendra who admits talking with Scott that night.  She did not want Regina to know she confronted him and says he was playing Regina like a toy. She denies encountering Jimmy or hearing any gunshots.  But they says he is lying as they searched her place while he was at work and found blood on her jacket and her shoes. Cosgrove cuffs her and reads her rights.

At a later time, Dixon addresses a panel of police, with McGrath and Jack McCoy present, and they discuss the situation.  Dixons says she will support Jack.  McGrath outlines how important this is, talking about the pressure on police.  He says Jack needs to send a message – you shoot a cop, you spend the rest of your damn life in prison. 

In Jack’s office, Maroun and Price discuss the case with Jack.  They don’t know why Kendra pulled the trigger and Jack says they have to work with the evidence they have.  They discuss Kendra’s lack of a record and a good job and reputation.  Jack thinks she should have called the police and Maroun brings up the lack of trust in police.  Jack says she has to pay the consequences.  But Price says that Kendra states Jimmy used a racial invective while apprehending her and further escalating her heightened emotional state.  There is no doubt she should pay the consequences but Price wonders about the charge. He explains it is like a Rorschach test, you can see what you want to see. Jack firmly says he doesn’t care what anyone wants to see,  he cares about the evidence.  He tells him to base his decision on the facts and the law, nothing else. 

At arraignment court part 24 on Monday, April 25,  Kendra is arraigned for aggravated manslaughter in the first degree.  The police in the gallery are upset at this charge.  The judge orders quiet. Kendra’s lawyer Brian Harris pleads not guilty.  The judge sets bail at $3 million.  Two officers stand up and one calls Price a coward and the other says he is giving her a free pass.  The judge says that is enough and Price storms off. 

As Price walk into the hallway, Cosgrove confronts him: 

Cosgrove:  Price. What the hell was that? Aggravated manslaughter? 
Price: The best I could do based on the facts. Good news is it's winnable, it's still 20 years in prison. 
Cosgrove:  She shot a cop. 
Price: I know you're upset, but this case isn't as straightforward as you think. There's no witnesses, no video. The only two people who know what really happened are Doyle and the defendant. 
Cosgrove:  Don't give me that crap. Kendra Daniels pumped two shiny ones into his chest, and that's murder one all day long. 
Price:  With all due respect... 
Cosgrove:  Don't "all due respect" me. 
Price: Fine. You can preach all day long, but it doesn't actually mean anything. You can't prove what actually happened. You can only guess. That's the issue. We don't know what happened. And in this political climate, there's no way a jury is going to convict a woman for murder one based on these facts. 
Cosgrove:  You mean there's no way they're ever going to convict a Black woman for shooting a white cop. That's what you're really saying, isn't it? Because if Kendra Daniels was white... 
Price: But she's not. She's Black. There's a certain reality to that fact that if you don't understand that, or you can't appreciate that, that's on you. I'm doing the best I can with the facts and the evidence I have. I'm sorry you don't approve, but don't you dare question my integrity. 
Cosgrove:  Or what? [moving in closer to Price’s face]
Bernard: Hey! That's enough. The man's just doing his job. 
Cosgrove:  His job is to prosecute Kendra Daniels to the fullest extent of the law, not make excuses for her just because she's Black. 
Bernard [stepping  in] Hey, give me a second, Price.  [to Cosgrove]  Hey, man. You gotta back down. 
Cosgrove:  That woman shot and killed Jimmy Doyle, Kev. And she knew he was a police officer. That's it. That's all that matters. 
Bernard: That's what you believe, Frank? Hmm? You believe it's that simple? A Black woman and a white cop? Hmm? [Cosgrove walks off] 
Bernard : Hey, Price. 
Price: Yeah. 
Bernard: Frank is a good man. Says what he feels, and right now he's feeling a lot of pain. And for the record... I respect what you're doing. Takes a lot of guts to stare down NYPD on a case like this. 

Price nods to Bernard at his comments and turns and walks off. 

At a later time, Scott Gleacher testifies about what happened with him and Kendra and when Jimmy Doyle came up and identified himself as NYPD.  Under cross examination, the fact that he received immunity is mentioned. Scott confirms he and Kendra both ran off and that Jimmy chased after Kendra.  Harris asks if Doyle could see their skin color and Price objects but is overruled.  Scott thinks Doyle could see their skin color.  On rebuttal, Price brings out that Scott had no firearm but that Kendra was brandishing one. 

When the prosecution rests, the defense calls Detective Michelle Pierce. Price and Maroun look surprised and Maroun quickly looks her up and finds she is from Internal Affairs.  Price asks her to pull up any complaints involving Doyle right away and he asks the judge to speak in chambers. 

In chambers,   Harris argues they will prove Doyle was racist and he confronted Kendra because of his racism and provoked his own death. Price says this has nothing to do with the shooting;  Doyle saw the gun and thought it was an armed robbery. He thinks this is prejudicial and not probative,  Harris continues to argue racism is why Doyle pursued Kendra and he didn’t trust what she was saying and she was forced to shoot him.   Price thinks Harris is trying to divert from the actual facts and is putting Doyle on trial for two prior unsubstantiated internal affair complaints. Price argues “And for God's sake, haven't we all learned a lesson from the OJ Simpson debacle? Do we really want to go down that path again?” The judge says she doesn’t need a lecture, and agrees with the defense. She adds the victim's relationship with race is integral to their case, stating the two prior Internal Affairs investigations are relevant and provide context for the confrontation between Detective Doyle and the defendant. But Price challenges how two Internal Affairs investigations from over ten years ago could possibly provide context to this murder.  The judge says she is allowing it., and Price, irritated, say it must be an election year.  The judge threatens to hold Price in contempt if he continues. 

Detective Michelle Pierce testifies for the defense and discusses the investigations - 2 - of Doyle. They review the complaints and in one of the, Doyle said the “N” word and in the other it was racial slurs and also the “N” word. Under cross, Price brings out that the investigations were over 10 years ago and there was no disciplinary action, and he was essentially found innocent.  Price brings out information about the men who filed the complaints – one of them was charged with aggravated rape, the other with the murder of a seven year old girl.  Price says the men who accused Doyle were degenerate criminals.  Harris objects and the judge sustains it.  Price has nothing further. 

Afterwards, in the courthouse hall, Price complains to Maroun about the judge and she is losing sight of the facts and the law. Maroun thinks he offset damage on cross and the jury is not stupid.  Jimmy’s wife walks  up to Price and yells at him about what they are doing to him and that crap will follow him until the day his kids die.  She storms off. Maroun agrees is not fair but Price says they need to rebut the idea he is racist.  She suggests calling Doyle’s Black girlfriend that may prove there was one Black woman he loved and admired.  Price thinks it might not be enough but it is something. 

In Supreme Court part 11 on Thursday May 19,  Miss Gates testifies about their relationship and that he was not a racist.  Under cross, Harris brings up a video of Doyle making a comment about  her and referring to her as “brown sugar” as in the Rolling Stones song. 

Kendra is on the stand and talks about her experience with what cops and that she doesn’t trust the police.  She explains that she panicked and tried to tell him no crimes were being committed but he told her to get her Black ass on the ground.  She did not comply as she’s seen what happens even when Black people comply. He explains a situation with her cousin.  She tried to calm Doyle down and that she was just trying to protect her sister. She recalls she had the gun in her jacket and didn’t want him to be surprised. So she told him and he kept coming at her and he had this look in his eyes. She thought he was going to shoot him. She didn’t want to end up like George Floyd and the others and she did what she did as she didn’t want to die.  Under cross, Price says the gun was in her hand not her jacket, and when she says it was in her jacket, he brings up that while Doyle had his gun trained on her she was able to get her gun out of her jacket and shoot him twice.  She replies that’s what happened. Price says after she short Doyle, she didn’t call 911 or attempt to render aid. She admits that is correct and was scared and started running. He says se just left him on the pavement, bleeding, dying.  She is crying, and says yes.  Price has nothing further. 

Later, the verdict is in – they find her not guilty of aggravated manslaughter in the first degree.  The police in the gallery are outraged and yell out.  The judge calls for order.  But the jury finds Kendra guilty of aggravated manslaughter in the second degree.  Kendra’s supporter are also outraged,  Kendra is cuffed and taken away.

Outside the courthouse,  as Price and Maroun are leaving, Maroun tells Price he tried a hell of a case. He says with sarcasm everyone seemed to be so happy with the outcome. Maroun thinks it’s sort of the point, adding when both sides are outraged, it probably means it was a good result. Price comments it doesn't feel so good. Maroun tells him that a really smart prosecutor once told her, “if you try a good case, if you do it the right way, whatever the jury decides is right, whether or not it feels good.’ He raises  his eyebrows and she smiles at him. He smiles back and nods. As they walk off, we look at the frieze on the front of the courthouse which says “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government" as we fade to black.