Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mariska Hargitay, Ann-Marget Nominated for Emmy

Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order SVU) has been nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series”. Here is the list of nominees (the competition) for her category:

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
The Closer • TNT • The Shephard/Robin Company, in association with Warner Bros. Television
Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson

Damages • FX Networks • Sony Pictures Television, FX Productions and KZK Productions
Glenn Close as Patty Hewes

Friday Night Lights • DirecTV • Imagine Entertainment in association with Universal Media Studios and Film 44
Connie Britton as Tami Taylor

The Good Wife • CBS • CBS Productions
Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • NBC • Wolf Films in association with Universal Media Studios
Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson

Mad Men • AMC • Lionsgate Television
January Jones as Betty Draper

Congratulations to Mariska!

Ann-Marget was also nominated for her guest starring role in the Law & order SVU episode “Bedtime”. Here is the list of nominees in her category:

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Big Love • The Might And The Strong • HBO • Anima Sola Productions and Playtone in association with HBO Entertainment
Mary Kay Place as Adaleen Grant

Big Love • End Of Days • HBO • Anima Sola Productions and Playtone in association with HBO Entertainment
Sissy Spacek as Marilyn Densham

The Cleaner • Does Everybody Have A Drink? • A&E • CBS Paramount Television in association with Once A Frog Productions for A&E Network
Shirley Jones as Lola Zellman

Damages • Your Secrets Are Safe • FX Networks • Sony Pictures Television, FX Productions and KZK Productions
Lily Tomlin as Marilyn Tobin

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Bedtime • NBC • Wolf Films in association with Universal Media Studios
Ann-Margret as Rita Wills

Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios
Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke

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Jojo said...

I'm really glad Ann-Margret got nominated because she was positively nutty in her role!

Anonymous said...

I love Mariska Hargitay but she did not deserve an emmy nod this year. SVU went from a mix of good and bad last year to continuous, flat out soap opera with consistently bad stories this year - I actually stopped watching.

Esaul said...

Mariska is great and everything but I want to see Julianna Margulies win tbh.

Shelly said...

Errr.... where is Epatha's nomination? I can't believe she was left off the list. I don't watch all the shows for the best supporting actress (where I assume her nomination would have been) but I can't believe all those actresses did a better job than Epatha. Very disappointing.

As for Mariska, I agree with anonymous. As much as I like her, this just wasn't an award-winning season. I do watch most of the shows associated with the best actress nominees, and sorry to say, I don't see Mariska in the same class this year. It's not all her fault, of course. The show has been saddled with lousy writing and plots this season.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I agree I love Mariska but I think she should'nt have gotten a emmy nod and I wish Jill Scott and Epatha would have gotten a nod.

gahks said...

Where is the Epatha nomination?!

This is outrageous!

Jojo said...

Is there a particular episode that NBC submits for Mariska? If so, does anybody know which one it was?

I wouldn't say she necessarily doesn't deserve it, because while the show and storylines are questionable, she is always convincing in her role. But really, the Emmy's always seem to have a set of favourites that keep getting nominated and I'm guessing Mariska is one of them.

CSI never really gets a look-in at the Globes or the Emmys, and it is one of the most watched shows in the world.

Epatha would be in the supporting category? I always assumed she was considered one of the leads.

janethyland said...

CSI did get nominations...for technical behind the scenes work..several I think.Im not a fan of it, but in Europe it gets decribed as "the most watched TVshow on the planet,with CSI Miami as 2nd most watched on the planet". They seem to travel well in original form and DVDs dominate the shelves.

LOCI is most watched of the Wolf franchise here...on satellite.

Jojo said...

Sorry, I forgot to specify that I meant the acting awards. You're right though, they do get nominations for the behind the scenes work like sound or cinematography, but even those haven't come around for a couple of years.

I did read an article about CSI being the most watched show because it does well in USA and very well on an international scale. Not sure about CSI Miami, I can't stand that show ;) I'm getting quite off topic, though.

SVU is definitely the highest rated L&O in Australia.

janethyland said...

I wonder how well LOLA will travel ?

Anonymous said...

u know what i love mariska hargitay she is amazing and i think chris meloni deserves a nom i mean mariska won and i love her and want her to win again but yeah this season was not as good which was not her fault it was the writers or who ever dont blame mariska freak off i love her screw the other b*****S!

Anonymous said...

I think they are confusing things. What is being tried is the actor and not the series. Hargitay as Olivia Benson is fantastic. PC in the episode, its intervention in the last minutes of the episode since it would be worth an Emmy. She was nominated by Perverted.