Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wanda De Jesus Joins Law & Order LA Cast

Wanda De Jesus has joined the cast of Law & Order LA to play Lt. Arleen Gonzales, in charge of the Robbery Homicide Division.

For those of you keeping track, here’s the cast:

Alfred Molina - Deputy DA Morales

Terrence Howard – Deputy DA (no name given) splitting duties with Morales (Update August 14, 2010 - various unofficial reports say his name is Jonas "Joe" Dekker.)

Skeet Ulrich – Det. John Winters

Corey Stoll – Det. Det. Tomas ("TJ") Jaruszalski

Regina Hall – ADA Eva Price

Wanda De Jesus – Lt. Arleen Gonzales

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Joshua Morton said...

Rene Balcer CONFIRMS "Law & Order: LA" won't go 'soft and fuzzy'

Wallyhorse said...

So, it looks like we have our cast for the new version:

I suspect the delays in casting were largely caused by all of the sporting events that took place from late May through mid-July, and especially for the World Cup caused major distractions that in turn had a lot of people whom Wolf may have wanted to talk to and/or their agents not being available because of long-planned vacations for some of those events (and aside from the World Cup, the Open Championships as this year, that was at St. Andrews, where it is only held once every five years).

janethyland said...

As an outsider looking in, when I look at New York I see the world in microcosm reflected back at me ,when I look at LA I see a microcosm of America divided between the haves and the have-nots.Thats the difference to me.

Esaul said...

I'm indifferent.

gahks said...

Wow! This show is getting more and more interesting by the day, as news filters out!

Looking forward to seeing how Rene, Blake and the writers handle the Shirley Sherrod controversy and the 'Jihad Jane' case!

Wallyhorse said...

One of the delays I suspect happened was this:

If you remember, for quite a while, Holly Marie Combs was the only person listed on IMDB as being in the cast. As Ms. Combs is currently starring on "Pretty Little Liars," which has clearly become ABC Family Channel's biggest hit, she likely was not available and DW was forced to bring in someone else to replace her.

Otherwise, I still think most of the delays had to do with the fact that from May 23 to July 18, you in succession had the French Open, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Cup, US Open Golf Championships, Wimbledon, The MLB All-Star Game and the Open Championships (British Open Golf Championships). Many of those are events people plan vacations around well in advance (and especially the World Cup, and this year, Open Championships as this year that was at St. Andrews), and as a result, people DW wanted to talk to likely were not available and/or their agents were not until after the Open Championships concluded. Given both the World Cup and Open Championships (when at St. Andrews) are events you likely plan to go to over a year in advance, I suspect if any people DW wanted to talk to were not available, it was because they were in South Africa for the World Cup and/or Scotland for the Open Championships, and DW had to wait until they got back from that.

angrywolf said...

Wally... shh!

Angrywolf said...

ah another angrywolf

Not the "real" angrywolf....
shrugs...The Pretender series went off the air a long time ago...


I agree with Eusaul...I am very indifferent...

While some who post here feel we owe Dick Wolf some sort of gratitude..indeed we mere fans should be groveling at his feet and swearing our eternal alligence to his magnificence..
I disagree..

I don't feel I owe him anything...

He has to bear responsibility for the demise of CI and the recent poor episodes of SVU.
I don't blame him for the cancelllation of the " mothership" as someone called it.I dislike that term but will use it.The original L and O.
That was pure economics.
The show just cost too this day of a recession and cheap reality tv.

I could care less about this LA Law version of L and O...If anything being out in LA it is morte likely we'll see dumbed down/tabloid stuff not worthy of a discerning viewship because it will be easier and cheaper to do.

So I will be looking elswhere for a good criminal drama.

janethyland said...

Having just watched the Finale of the UK crime show "Ashes to Ashes" Season 3 and end of series,I suggest you watch that, Angrywolf 2

It took my breath away!

MissJanet said...

I was not really convinced until right now. Wanda De Jesus is a great addition to the cast, great news, I have hope again.

Anonymous said...

Janet, is "Ashes" available to download or watch on line? I love to discover new shows especially British one.

Also, Angry wolf2, if you don't mind subtitles, try "Epitafiios" from Argentina. There's two seasons of that show. Most excellent.


Angrywolf said...

Nothing personal against the cast of LA Law and O...
They are fine actors I am sure.

I don't trust the writers and production company.The producers and directors who did a poor job with CI and more recently with SVU.

I'll have to see if the shows that were mentioned are on BBC America which I get...or are available on videotape...

I might give them a look see.Thanks for the recommendation.

I am the original Angrywolf..the one and only.....rotfl...

Katt said...

I won't give up on L&O: LA because L&O was NY based.

Skeet Ulrich, Terrence Howard, Alfred Molina, and Wanda DeJesus are REALLY good actors, esp. DeJesus in CSI: Miami.

I'll give the show a chance. I'll watch "Law & Order: Los Angeles" over the new "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and the new "Law & Order: SVU" - I hope CI and SVU reach THEIR expiration dates and soon!

Rumors say CI is done. I WISH BOTH CI AND SVU were done!

janethyland said...

I watched "Ashes to Ashes" from the complete box set DVDs,available from its region 2 so check your player.

You should watch the two seasoned two Emmy awarded "Life on Mars" first though because there are thematic structures that continue in "Ashes to Ashes" in dialogue and visuals.The ending of one explains the beginning of the other.

Its a Lifework that took the writers eight years to be accepted by a network. Check it out on Wikipedia.Philip Glenister does for his character Gene Hunt what VDO did for his character Goren.The UK version is nothing like the American version by the way. The UK version is about psychology and metaphysics,not science fiction!

Also interesting and available on DVD is "Collision" where a crime is not a crime (!), and "Waking the Dead" with a season 7 very similar to LOCI season 7, and also try "Silence" (clearly influenced by the Silencer episode of LOCI Season 6).

"Wallander" with Kenneth Branagh is on BBC America and also DVD.

Look out for a series called "Sex Crimes" still in negotiation stage with BBC,about a married couple detective/profiler who investigate sex crimes.Its an unusual exploration of the range of the human love-emotion, from marriage to sex crime.Love is not all it appears to be!What ends up as abuse often starts with affection. Its a muddle not easily defined and not always black/white.

Also try the Swedish version of Wallander with its obvious influence of Swedish cinema....not surprising since Mankell,who wrote the wallander series, is married to descendent of Bergman!!!

Are you in Argentina Misskitty? I know another LOCI fan there...but she stopped watching after season 7.
Lots of genre bending work going on with crime shows in Europe. Enjoy!

janethyland said...

Just wanted to add "Sex Crimes" explores thoughts previously touched in "Kiss of Death",not on DVD yet.That programme was very disturbing,especially the scene where the woman detective kisses the serial killer in her interview!
That really got the audience going!

janethyland said...

It got the killer going too!

Jason Rule said...

I'm a bit confused...wasn't there supposed to be a Lieutenant Park as the squadron commander?

gahks said...

Yes, Jason, you are right: the casting calls originally named the police commanding officer as Lt. Park. Speculation was afoot that Kelly Hu had been approached for the role, but Wanda de Jesus was chosen instead and the character became Lt. Arleen Gonzales.