Saturday, July 31, 2010

Regina Hall Joins Law & Order LA Cast

Several sources are reporting that Regina Hall has joined the cast of Law & Order: LA. She will play ADA Eva Price, who was previously described as a “brainy and drop dead gorgeous assistant prosecutor [who] doesn’t take crap from anyone." An updated character profile from TV Guide lists the following: "Morales's second chair, she's an African American who grew up in the upper middle class LA area of Baldwin Hills. Her father's furniture store was burned down in the King riots. Though she has a healthy skepticism of the LAPD's treatment of minorities, she believes the anarchy she saw was worse than anything that the LAPD might do. She's right of center on law and order issues compared to Morales."

For those of you keeping track, here’s the cast so far:

Alfred Molina - Deputy DA Morales

Terrence Howard – Deputy DA (no name given) splitting duties with Morales (Update August 14, 2010 - various unofficial reports say his name is Jonas "Joe" Dekker.)

Skeet Ulrich – Det. John Winters

Corey Stoll – Det. Det. Tomas ("TJ") Jaruszalski

Regina Hall – ADA Eva Price

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janethyland said...

So far it all seems to be according to franchise formula....Ulrich to catch the ladies like Sisto etc etc...

But Molina is the interesting one that may escape formula. He just completed an interesting show for BBC2 called "Roger and Val Just got in"....a different sort of comedy with Dawn French.

Each half hour episode was a dialogue between a married couple returning from ,that moment as they reunite after a days work.Six half hour plays really. It reminds me of "In Treatment". What appears unremarkable and uneventful, isnt.

Maybe Molina will bring that difference to LOLA, as VDO brought it to LOCI?

gahks said...

Yeah, I agree Janet: Molina is certainly an unusual choice, and we'll see how it plays out.