Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Law & Order LA Names “Fame” Premiere Episode

TV Guide reports that the premiere episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles will be titled “Fame”. UPATE August 4, 2010: The premiere episode of Law & Order LA has now been titled “Hollywood.”

They also state that “In keeping with the brand's ripped-from-the-headlines tradition, LO:LA will debut with a story that sounds similar to that of the Burglar Bunch, the rambunctious kiddies accused of targeting celebrities like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom.”

I’ve also heard that the show is tentatively set to begin filming in July 22, so hopefully we will also hear more casting news soon. Stay tuned! (Update 7/16/10: various sources report that the start of filming has been moved to August 2.)

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gahks said...

Hopefully this "Fame" will be much better than the trite L&O outing of the same title, back in season 17!

Anonymous said...


Kasi said...

Who ever did the 'ZZZZZZz' should be ashamed.

YOU KNOW if we DON'T watch LOLA the whole damn franchise is gone?! It'll probably be the best L&O going (unless the Mothership goes to AMC). I'd rather have LA and L&O than SVU and CI WOULDN'T YOU?!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kasi. LA would be better than that soap opera, and far more interesting than CI. And the executive is Rene Balcer, so its gotta be good

Anonymous said...

I hope for all of those that are hoping for a great run with LOLA get crushed when they take this show off the air after 2 airings. It'll fail miserably regardless of who the showrunner or producer is. No LAO original no LOLA.

To hell with Zucker and NBC. I hope his entire network fails. SVU is a pale shadow of the wonderful show it was. It's unfortunate that they have to continue on this pathetic network.

angrywolf said...


I agree with you.I couldn't care less.
Let L and O go.

I won't be watching because of what was done to CI.

Joshua Morton said...

You people are acting ignorant! Passing up a series YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN YET! What happens if L&O is revived by AMC, will you tune in to LOLA then... if you do it's a piss-poor reason to tune in then!

Dalton said...


I can't lie: SVU and CI really went down the crapper, but look at the mothership's twentieth season. It was at it's best in years. Just because CI went down the drain doesn't mean every Law & Order out there deserves to be shut out.

And besides, Rene Balcer, who'll be heading up the producer title for LOLA, was the mothership's Exec Producer during it's finest years.

At least give LOLA a chance before you totally dismiss it.

Wallyhorse said...

I do agree that the mothership's cancellation is a poor reason for not wanting to see the new version, especially since I do suspect part of that has to do with NBC being able to air "repurposed" episodes of the new version on USA Network whereas they could not do that with the original because of their deal with TNT, done in 1998 when we had a completely different business environment to now (though it would not surprise me one bit if we found out later, and especially if Jeff Zucker is fired from NBC as soon as Comcast takes over that the real reason a deal that had been in place for a 21st season was squelched by Zucker to "punish" Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner (TNT's parent) for signing Conan o'Brien to do a new show on TBS).

As for the new version, this opening episode sounds like it should be a good one, especially if done right. I suspect we won't hear much else on the new LA version until next week, following the conclusion of the British Open Golf Championships that conclude a two-month stretch of major sporting events that have occurred in succession and have distacted many people in New York and LA (the two cities that matter with regard to these announcements). In my opinion, NBC and Dick Wolf are waiting until after that so they can get maximum buzz in New York and LA and for ad buyers, which have likely not been at full strength since the last TV season ended due to having the French Open, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Cup, US Open Golf Championships, Wimbledon, the All-Star Game and now the British Open all come up with minimal breathing room during that entire period and many people taking vacation time for one or more of these events. I know if I'm a top producer, I'm waiting until after the British Open before I make any official announcements.

Wallyhorse said...


I have to disagree on "CI" going down the crapper. The episodes after Goren-Eames were not anywhere near as bad as some think, and I suspect if "CI" gets a 10th season they will be better.

Dalton said...


I see what you mean, but when I said "gone down the crapper" I was mainly referring to the fact the show is nowhere as good now as it was back during the NBC years (Seasons 1-6), but of course that's just my opinion.

And I agree with what you said about maximizing ad buyer's interests, it does make sense.

Joshua Morton said...

CI is down the crapper (IMO) and SVU is gone with it (IMO)! CI DOES NOT need a season 10! SVU needs to END this season!

The mothership needs to be revived by AMC! And L&O: LA needs to live!

Sheila said...

You guys are acting like my kids!

I agree with Morton, Kasi, and Dalton!

Esp. about CI and SVU; we need to just let those show's go. If Walon Green and Neal Baer ruin them off the air it's fine, they gone through so much suffering anyway. They've had good runs, CI made it to season 9, SVU made it to 12. Now I think we need to take them off the air if they are going to maitain their poor quality. SVU ended season 8/9; CI ended season 7/8! To me the new 'SVU' and new 'CI' is not time worth wasting to watch.

For the fans who are throwing fits because the mothership is gone and LA is coming to NBC; you need to GROW UP! It's just a TV show: fine if you watch it, fine if you don't - who really cares?!

I wouldn't be fast and say I'm not going to watch a show I haven't even seen yet!

I said last night I wasn't watching USA Network's Covert Affairs! Ten minutes into it I was enjoying it, and now I want more! And the same thing is liable to happen with LOLA!

Jesus, you guys are acting like a couple of 5 year olds over a TV show franchise! I hope the mothership comes back by AMC too, I don't think it was fair NBC rushed to cancel it! I WILL watch Law and Order: Los Angeles and see what it's like BEFORE I judge it!

I watched 6 out of 16 episodes of CI's ninth season and I stopped watching and I didn't come here ready to tear people's heads off!

And we ALL SEEM TO BE FORGETTING RENE BALCER/BLAKE MASTERS are with the LA show as EPs. So the show isn't losing it's 'L&O flavor' it's just moved to LA!

Guys, we need to GROW UP! I know we have opinions but sometimes we put the cart before the horse.

Dalton said...

You know, I think that the move to LA might do Law & Order some good.

To the people who don't like the location change:

When a 20 year old franchise like L&O establishes it's roots in the city that every show in the franchise (with the exception of L&O: UK) has taken place so far, of course it's going to be different knowing it's leaving it's "hometown" you could say, and that's perfectly normal.

And as for the show's quality:

Like's it's been previously stated, the show is being head up by Rene Balcer, who was with the show during it's finest years. So quality shouldn't be a problem as long as he's attached to the project.

And, finally, for the people that don't want to tune in due to NBC cancelling the mothership:

The way I see it, if you turn your back to the new show because of what NBC did, not only are you turning your back to them, but to the entire franchise as well. For all you know, this might be one of NBC's greatest shows to ever hit the television. Don't take your anger about the idiots at NBC out on LOLA. At least give it a try.

Shelly said...

I'm certainly planning on giving LOLA a fair chance. Whether we like it or not will be solely based on what we think of this show, not how unhappy we are with NBC.

In a perfect world, LOLA would be great, the Mothership would move to AMC, and SVU and CI would both get their acts together and present good seasons the next time around. Since we don't live in a perfect world, who knows how much if any of that will happen... but they're nice thoughts anyway :)

gahks said...

I couldn't agree more with Josh Morton, Dalton, Shelly and Sheila.

Please, for goodness' sake, give 'LOLA' a chance! Rene Balcer has done some fine work with the mothership; Blake Masters wrote for the excellent series 'Brotherhood.' Together, they may be able to convince a seemingly sceptical television audience that: (1) 'LOLA' is not 'Dragnet'; (2) 'LOLA' is an extension of the relocation of the 'L&O' formula to other cities, as pioneered in the British version, and will do equally well.

At least I would advise you to watch the first few episodes before making your minds up about the show! If the producers keep making intelligent casting choices as with Skeet Ulrich, they may well give us perfectly good reasons to tune in. Right now, the franchise needs viewers when the other shows are steadily eroding in quality, sadly.

janethyland said...

UK version is not an extension but a remake of season 1 Mothership episodes.I have two neices over tyhere,one in the legal profession who loved it, and one who writes music for the arts, who hated it.

Despite its strategic position following Coronation Street to capitalise on that guarenteed audience of 7-11million,its ratings have been mixed.

Season 1 of about 7 episodes started out by clearing 6 million.Season 2 dropped to 5 million plus for Finale.

ITV is looking for cheap alternatives to The Bill/ Heartbeat etc which are shows they had to terminate when they closed their northern studios because of financial problems. Id say the Uk version of Law and Order is therefore a cheap available alternative. The Bill was an episodic crime show that had been on over 27years and which was as uncerimoniously dumped as mothership by NBC.

Its always about quick returns on money.

Esaul said...

Also forgetting there's a French adaptation of Criminal Intent out there... ;)

And no, I don't think it's "childish" to not go and watch LOLA. People have their own free will to choose what they want or don't want to watch, whatever reason it may be. A lot of people feel strongly about the franchise being a New York show even though SVU was filmed in NJ. I always planned on watching LOLA up until the mothership was cancelled. Now I'm not interested in NBC.

To me, it's just being loyal to the mothership, showing NBC that show is what matters to me. I think the franchise is nothing without Law and Order. Hell, I'm still sad that we may not see Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy again. That character, as silly as it seems, is the reason why I'm interseted in law and want to become a District Attorney. Out of anyone I can choose, Sam Waterston's portrayl as McCoy is my idol, even if he's fictional. Not just that, but I grew up with that show being on air, it being only a couple months older than me.

And to be quite honest, I'm done with any NBC affiliation due to this. Again, not childish, just standing up for what I believe in. I did the same exact thing when it was announced Conan was being removed as the Tonight Show host, I even refused to watch the Law and Orders until it was announced Conan signed a deal with TBS.

I personally think LOLA will fail. Not 'cause people are gonna not watch it, but because it's been done already. The Closer, Southland, and NCIS:LA all take place in LA. The first two excelled greatly in that location. Law and Order SHOULD stick to its roots, and I'm not even a New Yorker. And the whole "sexified" revamp to the show, it's been done before as I mentioned in another section with the shortly lived Conviction (I'm about to watch the last episode again of it :( ). I loved that show greatly, but I don't think they need to go there again.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that NBC will affect how LOLA will be written??? If it were on any other channel, it would still be same. So IMO, the fact that it's going to be on NBC is irrelevant. If LOLA gets low ratings, do you really think that NBC would care??? They only care about money, not their fans, so your protests wouldn't really help because they have a bunch of other popular shows. Boycotting LOLA would be a complete insult to Dick Wolf & Rene Balcer, NBC doesn't give a damn.

And do you honestly believe that the quality of a tv show is based on the tv network??? If it aired on another network, it would still have the same stuff as the NBC airings, so don't go judging the show just because it's on NBC

Joshua Morton said...




svu hatea said...

neal baer is a lying son of a bitch. he tweeted svu would have a whole 2 part premiere to itself. i wont be watching svu, i might not watch la either.

angrywolf said...


We're all entitled to have our opinions.
I don't see AMC being able to afford L and O.It costs an enormous amount of money to produce a show like that.
Linus Roach already has another job lined up.

I don't see it happening.

As for SVU the quality of that show has seriously gone downhill and like I said before I don't see them being able to keep Maloni and Hargitay when their contracts come up for renewal.

I'm not interested in the LA show. Wolf let CI go downhill when he could have saved that franchise.
I don't see he deserves my loyalty for his new show.
If others here want to watch it that's fine for you, no hard feelings.
I just won't be watching it.

Michelle said...

All I see is people being indeed childish because L&O was canceled, CI is being run down be Walon Green, SVU is now Days of Our Lives for Benson and Stabler and Neal Baer is lying on Twitter.

I bet if SVU or CI was canceled wouldn't nobody say a damn thing about LOLA! Just shut up if your not going to watch it! SOME OF US WANT to give the show a chance! NOT EVERYBODY is mad at NBC/Wolf/Green/Baer! (Well maybe but not because of L&O, it had 20 good years and now the show is going to LA I won't complain.) A change after 20 years is nice!

If AMC revives L&O for 13-16 episodes hey, we can get on a table and dance! But if you boycott LOLA you're only hurting Rene Balcer, Blake Masters, and Dick Wolf; they're trying to keep the L&O in L&O: LA (I know Rene is). NBC doesn't give a damn, they can cancel the show when they get ready, RATINGS don't mean a damn thing!

As much as it pains me to say it, even with weekly ratings in the mid-late 2 millions... CI may be renewed for season 10 (I hope not)!

So if you watch or don't watch NBC DOESN'T CARE. Wolf and BALCER do!

I WILL watch LA. I'll tune in to SVU. CI, well it can go as far as I'm concerned.

angrywolf said...

we don't have to shut up michelle.


If you want to want the LA law version of l and O then feel free.I wouldn't try to take that away from you or anyone else.

we'll see how things go.

angrywolf said...

I was wrong michelle. we deserve to shut up.

andie said...

I don't think its childish not to watch LOLA--even if L&O wasn't canceled I still would not have watched LOLA because I feel they are only creating that show to attract younger viewers by moving it to LA. There was nothing wrong with the original--it has actually gotten better from season 18-20. I just personally feel that L&O belongs in New York and after SVU has aired my TV is off.

Josey said...

I admit I'm a college student. But I have watched the original "Law & Order" since 2000-2001 (i was in elementray or middle school) and I must say I've enjoyed every episode since (the show got rocky by seasons 16&17 but Mr. Balcer brought the show back to life.).

I always thought the show should have had a spinoff (not in NYC), but I was thinking more of D.C. than L.A. (which L.A. is fine). I think that's why Mr. Balcer is in L.A. doing "Law & Order: Los Angeles"; he wants the fans of the original "Law & Order" to watch the SAME 'ripped from headlines' stories, just in the city of Los Angeles!

I don't think canceling "Law & Order" and created "Law & Order: LA" was done to gyp fans. The cancellation of "Law & Order" is NBC and TNT's faults (which is where the blame needs to be; and off Dick Wolf and Balcer)! I hope the AMC network can come up with a deal with Wolf to bring the show back even if it's 13+ episodes at a time!

I WILL INDEED be watching "Law & Order: Los Angeles" this fall because I know that's what Mr. Balcer would want us to do!

I don't think the plans are to make "LOLA" "Law & Order: Light while in Los Angeles away from New York City" like "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is now, which was a good show before Mr. Walon Green and Jeff Goldblum took over and the show did 'the cast shakeup/the big take over'.

We 'need' to direct our anger at Walon Green and Neal Baer (SVU) because as a young person and fan of SVU since the jump... we 'know' that the show didn't 'always' follow Benson and Stabler. It was always following Munch and his partner and Stabler with Benson; now the show has gone melodramatic on Benson and Stabler to a point where it's frustrating and you BARLEY see Munch or Fin together as parters and working a case themselves anymore!

Anyone who says Neal Baer and Walon Green know what they are doing as executive producers; they need to be shot in the foot! I don't see "CI" coming back for another season and "SVU" at the rate it's at won't be around too much longer either, it'll be lucky to make season 13 as will "CI" for season 10 (which they don't need new seasons).

Which is why we 'NEED' to watch "Law & Order: Los Angeles", so we can at least have ONE "Law & Order" on TV if AMC (or anyone else) fails to get their hands on the original version! Rebelling from "Law & Order: L.A." because the original series was canceled or you don't want to see the show in Los Angeles; I must say you are just being a plain IDIOT (yes I said it). Bad reason, you're judging a show that doesn't even have its FULL cast yet! (All Things Law & Order: filiming HAS moved to August 2; I saw a link at Deadline about it) Watch the pilot or the first 5 episodes and THEN make a decision! I stopped watching "CI's" 9th season after the episode "Love on Ice"! You can stop watching "LA" after whatever episode 1.5 is give it a chance instead of shutting it down!

Wallyhorse said...


As said in the post in a later thread for the new "SVU" episode, it may not be whether AMC can afford it or not, AMC wanting the mothership may very well be an ego trip for Cablevision head James Dolan for reasons well noted in that blog.

angrywolf said...

That was cute michelle..using my name.Oh well..

fans like yourseld fon't always act rationally it would seem.

Enjoy the La Law version of L and O .

angrywolf said...

I'm kidding michelle.. i'm just acting like a royal prick.childish?

I might click to Nbc sept 22 at 10!

I liked when sharon stone was on svu. killer performance.

Wallyhorse said...

And as noted in later blogs, I suspect the delays in filming have to do with there having been major sporting events non-stop with no real breathers since the last TV season ended in May. It would not surprise me if people they want in the cast for the LA version have either been on vacation for one or more of those events or their agents have, making it impossible to talk with some people until now.