Friday, July 16, 2010

Law & Order SVU On Location With Chris, Mariska, Ice-T and The Belz

The cast of Law & Order SVU has been out filming these last few days, with Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay in Manhattan, while Ice-T and Richard Belzer were in Riverdale. The info and a photo of Ice-T and The Belz taken at the Riverdale location is at this link.A few photos of Chris and Mariska’s day are below.

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Wallyhorse said...

Some nice pics:

Bring over from the blog about "Fame" (first LA episode), as said previously about the cancellation, I still think it's possible given the deal that apparently WAS in place in March that would have had TNT paying sufficient enough fees that if in fact there was and NBC-Universal Chairman Jeff Zucker squashed it, it was to get back to Turner Broadcasting (parent of TNT and TBS) for signing Conan o'Brien to do a new show on TBS (as noted in earlier blogs, Zucker and Conan have a long-running feud that goes back to when both were at Harvard in the 1980's and apparently Zucker still holds a major grudge against Conan from that time).

That said, the real reason is likely the fact the deal with TNT (done in 1998 when there was a completely different business environment from now) that prevents NBC from "repurposing" episodes on USA Network caused the cancellation, as it appears NBC-Universal does in fact need to be able to air its shows "repurposed" (including House, which of course airs new on FOX). NBC-Universal will be able to air "repurposed" episodes of the LA version on USA Network, and that likely to me is why that version got greenlighted and the mothership was cancelled.

And as for the mothership, if AMC picks it up, it may not be about money but more of an ego trip for Cablevision head James Dolan (Cablevision is the parent company of AMC). As also noted before, Dolan is greatly despised by many in New York for varying reasons (in many cases being considered "Public Enemy #1") and might see picking up the mothership on AMC as a chance to mend fences with some in New York who have demonized him over the years.

wcgreen55 said...

Jeez, Wally--give it a rest. Can't there be one L&O blog without your pet "theories" parading around on it?

svu luver said...

wow, chris got a haircut; if only the season would deliver with that haircut.

Anonymous said...

Chris got a haircut? What haircut? He's bald. They probably just trimmed his toupee a bit.

Kiki W. said...

I heard Jeff Goldblum kicked up Facebook fans after saying, 'I'm glad Vincent D'Onofrio's gone (no offense Vince), I want to shape the show in my image.'

It's NOT something I'm making up! I wish I would watch CI after he said that. Jeff Goldblum's "Nichols Hour" is NO MORE FOR ME! I hope LA Law DOMINATES CI!

angrywolf said...

It's too late for Jeff to reshape CI.
I believe most of the fans were Goren and Eames fans and without them the show will not survive.

I don't blame Jeff for that though.

Good luck in your next project Jeff.

ci hater said...

i know i'm done with ci. i was done after loyalty, i watched the palimpset just to see how the series was and i fell back out with it. if it gets season 10, my tv won't be tuned into ci.

Wallyhorse said...

WC Green:

You do need to remember that some people don't always go back and read earlier blogs, which is why sometimes I will reply to stuff in later blogs for that reason.

And as for the thought that AMC's looking at Mothership episodes because of who heads Cablevision (AMC's parent), I don't think I can emphasize anywhere close to enough how hated and despised Cablevision head James Dolan really is with many in New York. Only people who have read the sports pages and followed New York Sports intently for the last 10-15 years or so I think truly understand how true that is about Dolan, and a lot of it is very understandable given how Dolan has run the Knicks and Madison Square Garden into the ground over that time, and is generally considered to be a buffoon worse than anything we have ever said about Jeff Zucker. This could very well be "Guitar Jim's" idea that by "saving the original version of 'Law & Order'," he somehow would be forgiven by many in New York and looked at in that regard as a saint and forgiven by others for what he's done with the Knicks in particular just for doing so.

All Things Law and Order said...

Kiki- can you provide a link to that alleged comment made by Jeff? I did a search and found nothing, which makes me think it is simply not true. Besides, I think Jeff has more class than to make that kind of comment.

wcgreen55 said...


It's not early/later blog posts; it's your ubiquity on many separate L&O blogs. Are you hoping for more people to point out the lack of proof you have for your suppositions, or are you hoping for new people to 'oo' and 'ah' at your brilliance?

Were I in NYC (are you?) I'd run a quick sidewalk poll on James Dolan. Somehow, I think I'd get a lot of blank looks and "Who Dat" answers.

Wallyhorse said...

WC Green:

I grew up in NYC (Manhattan) and have read the New York papers all of my life, still following the New York teams and their happenings.

As for Dolan, it would depend on who you ask concerning your "street poll." Ask almost anyone who has read the sports pages in NYC for an extended period, and most would have nothing but bad things to say about Dolan, and the words "bufoon" and "incompetent" are ones you'd hear a lot (and also is often said by national sports commentators as well). Many have blamed Dolan squarely (and in many cases, rightfully so) for the way he's run the Knicks over the years that a few years back there was a website called "Sell The Knicks," trying to pressure NBA Commissioner David Stern into forcing Dolan to sell the team, plus the Rangers and Madison Square Garden to someone else. You can also add in Jets fans who squarely put the blame on Cablevision's opposition to a new stadium on the west side of Manhattan for that project falling apart, as some of those fans have said they would not feel whole unless the Jets actually played their games in New York proper as opposed to the new stadium they and the Giants are sharing (which because of the current economy turned out to be the right call), and these are the people that despise Dolan a lot.

That's why I think AMC wanting "L & O" may be more about an ego trip for James Dolan than trying to expand the brand, especially if he thinks by "saving" the show he will get forgiveness by many who despise him.

wcgreen55 said...

And I sincerely doubt Dolan cares what the average "man on the street" thinks about him. Let's leave it at that since you're not going to change my mind on your cockamamie suppositions.

If you want the last word, it's yours.