Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SVU On Location with Chris Meloni, Richard Belzer, Henry Ian Cusick, Peter Strauss

Here are several photos from Law & Order SVU on location in New York City on July 17, 2010. Included are Chris Meloni and Richard Belzer, plus guest stars Henry Ian Cusick and Peter Strauss.

Photos from WireImage

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jenthegypsy said...

Completely awesome shots of Ian Cusick! He looks so darn happy ~ and lovely to boot! Thank you so much for posting.

Melody said...

Cool!!! Can't wait to see Ian Cusick and can't wait for the new season. Thanks for posting.

havers said...

Oh Richard looked like a dress man...so handsome.

Anonymous said...

Desmond!!!!!! Hee I love Henry Ian Cusick. Hopefully, he'll be on more than just a few eps.

And Peter Strauss should always be on TV. He's always been one of those actors who brings so much to the table. I enjoy him in a major way.

I'm so excited about the new season of SVU.