Sunday, July 18, 2010

LOLA Season Premiere Schedule Change; SVU Update

Neal Bear, Executive Producer of Law & Order SVU, advises via Twitter that the Law & Order LA premiere will be moved to September 29. No official word from NBC on that, but since it has already been reported that the start of filming of the LOLA premiere episode “Fame” was moved from July 22 to August 2, the change in premiere date sounds completely credible. Neal also states that TWO new episodes of Law & Order SVU will air on September 22 and he listed the episode names of the first several episodes of Law & Order SVU’s season 12:

? (to be determined)

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Wallyhorse said...

Not surprised there's no official word on anything from NBC right now:

Any word from NBC I suspect will come this week now that we are at the end of what has been a two-month stretch of non-stop major sporting events (French Open, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Cup, US Open Golf Championships, Wimbledon, MLB All-Star Game and British Open) with little-to-no breathing room over that time. NBC and Dick Wolf I suspect have been waiting until now in order to get maximum buzz in New York and LA, the two cities that matter with regard to these announcements as well as ad buyers.

With people likely taking vacation time (especially for the World Cup, which had games for 18 straight days from June 11-29) on several fronts, it likely has delayed negotiations, particularly if agents for some people have not been available due to planned vacation time, in particular for the World Cup. If there have been delays in casting, I would suspect that and all the more normal vacations taken at that time have been the main culprit.

Wallyhorse said...

I should have said 19 straight days concerning the World Cup from June 11-29, not 18.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't there been only one person cast on this show? I doubt the Sporting Universe had nothing to do with the fact that LOLA has been pushed back.

Wallyhorse said...

Only one person has been listed as being in the show so far in Skeet Ulrich, however, even that has not been made official by NBC or Dick Wolf.

And yes, I do think sporting events have in this case affected casting. A lot of people (actors, agents and the support staff) likely planned vacations during this period well in advance, and especially if they were planning to go to South Africa for the World Cup and/or St. Andrews for the Open Championships (which it's called in the rest of the world while the US still calls it the British Open). Some likely went to South Africa for the entire month of the World Cup, and if anyone planned to pull off the World Cup-Open Championships doubleheader, that meant taking up to six weeks off from work for what probably would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially this year with the Open at St. Andrews on The Old Course (where it's only held once every five years). That, and many of the other events in this two-month stretch are the kind people plan vacations around, and because of the calendar and the World Cup, there has been no real breather on that front since the end of the TV season (Monday is in fact the first non-holiday weekday that there are no major sporting event distractions at all since before the last TV season ended in May). That I think has hampered negotions to get actors signed onto LOLA, especially if they want someone specific and (s)he or his/her agent has not been available because of long-planned trips to any of the major sporting events over the past two months, especially for the World Cup and Open Championships.

Neal Baer said...

Oh my.

Jason Rule said...

It's funny that they've never had an episode in the L&O canon where the title is simply ?

gahks said...

Well the closest L&O has come is simply * (sometimes given as 'Asterisk').

Hmm. These titles aren't setting me on fire. They don't sound particularly thought-provoking or hair-raising.