Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alfred Molina To Join Law & Order LA

Various sources report that Alfred Molina has joined the cast of Law & Order: Los Angeles, playing Deputy District Attorney Morales (no first name given as yet). “LOLA” is scheduled to air on Wednesdays at 10PM ET (the premiere date has been unofficially moved).

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gahks said...

Ooh. This is very interesting news!

All Things, when you say the premiere date is now 2nd August, do you mean the premiere date proper or the first day of filming?

Wallyhorse said...

That's the first day of filming. Unoficially, the premiere was postponed to Sept. 29 as noted in an earlier blog post.

I suspect we now will get rapid fire announcements of the rest of the cast (DW confirmed this one in an Ausellio article), as with a two-month run of major sporting events back-to-back having now concluded, a lot of people whom DW may have wanted to talk to, but were not available due to events related to such sporting events now can do so without the distractions.

All Things Law and Order said...

gahks - yes thanks, that was an oops on my part. I did mean to add that the start of filming the premiere was moved to Aug 2 so the premiere date has unofficially been moved and in my haste I messed up the sentence. I fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Finally some star power. I hope LOLA is good. I am most interesting in how the crimes of LA will differ from the crimes of NYC.

Dalton said...

Alfred Molina is a terrific actor, I think he'll be great on LOLA!

angrywolf said...

So he gives up being Doc Oc in some future spiderman for this.

He's a very good actor..although I don't know if he has the temperament for this kind of role.

I'm still not interested in watching it but I hope Molina does well.

Anonymous said...

I just can't see Alfred Molina in this role. Doesn't pique my interest at all.

Anonymous said...

Interested in how folks feel about the L&O Mothership cancellation, now that a few months have passed and it is apparent Dick Wolf has not been able to get any cable network to take on the series for new episodes. Also, no word out of NBCU about a series finale movie or other closure plans.

It is mid summer - L&O should be shooting new fall episodes.
My take is that every day something is not happening, hopes fade for any new production.

shade said...

I heard Jeff Goldblum is unofficially ending his contract for CI. All things, some info on that?!

I hope so: comparing this last of CI to all the others I'd vote season 5 over 9!

All Things Law and Order said...

Shade - I haven't heard anything about Jeff's contract with the show.

I also have heard nothing about whether Law & Order CI will be renewed.

Wallyhorse said...

I have not heard anything that even remotely suggests Jeff Goldblum was leaving "CI," so I would for now say that's most likely wishful thinking by certain fans who want him out.

As for the mothership cancellation, I still think what in the end happened was this: Ad buyers would not pay sufficient rates, even with TNT paying for repeats to warrant doing a 21st season on NBC, coupled with NBC seeming to rely on being able to "repurpose" shows it produces on USA Network (including House, which of course airs first on FOX). The fact NBC can "repurpose" new episodes of the new version on USA Network whereas that can't be the case with the original due to the TNT deal.

And speaking of the mothership, given the AMC rumor only came about in the last couple of weeks, if anything happens there at all, I would not be shocked if it doesn't until sometime in August or September. That to me is still more likely an ego trip of Cablevision head James Dolan, who might be trying to do it to win favor with people in New York who have been PO'ed at him for a long time over how he's run the Knicks in particular.

Joshua Morton said...

All right Alfred!

From what I've understood Dick Wolf and AMC heads are talking $$$$$$! Other than S. Epatha Mekerson: Linus Roache, Jeremy Sisto, and possibly Anthony Anderson won't return to the cast.

Somebody said Alana's going to be doing a lot of commercials/infomercials for soaps and beauty products. Sam from what I here is staying at home and relaxing (which he should - he and S. Epatha have been with the show since the early 90s).

AMC/Wolf is only talking $$$$$ per episodes and for cast/crew. They can't just 'rush' the show back to television without deals.

NBC/TNT 'rushed' to cancel the show and most fans have rebelled - mostly against CI and LOLA - why IDK (it's senseless).

NBC/USA Network don't give a damn if fans watch the shows or not; proof being VD'O and KE aren't back on CI - USA doesn't care about renewing contracts for them. NBC didn't care about cancelling Law & Order WHILE IT WAS TRYING TO BREAK RECORDS!

You think NBC is going to care if you watch Law & Order: Los Angeles or not? - I think not.

The ONLY people who are going to care are the actors/crew and Rene Balcer, Dick Wolf, and Blake Masters. You don't watch the show for them, the show is dead, the WHOLE franchise is dead. Rene Balcer FLEW TO LA FOR US to have ONE DECENT LAW & ORDER RUNNING - so what if it's in LA? It's STILL LAW & ORDER, just in a new city... what is the real problem?

SVU was in New Jersey and filmed in New York. NCIS is filmed in LA and based in D.C. When NCIS: LA was created fans jumped at the chance to see the show.

Shows like CSI (which are slowly failing) trying to pull in people like Justin Beiber is just a gimmick for his fans... Beiber is NOT even an actor!

Fans can't get mad because we are about to see high-priced guest stars and Hollywood related stories (RAN BY RENE BALCER)! We saw them on L&O: I recall the Chevy Chase episode! I also recall the Fran Drescher episode of CI. The Anthony Anderson episode of SVU! The Annabella Sciorra episode of TBJ!

I'd feel bad if I was a rebelling fan, Rene Balcer packed up himself and his family to keep a basic "Law & Order" on television and how some fans can repay him - 'I won't be watching'. Puleaze give me a break!

If you ask me the fans of L&O mad because the show did a city change are acting like stuck up waiters!

Give the show a chance man - if nobody watches LOLA - the franchise is done - it's possible that AMC will turn down L&O if no one watches LA too!

Wallyhorse said...


Nice to hear they actually are talking about money. It will take some time for that to go on, so it's possible if the mothership comes back, it may not be until March or April since I would suspect filming would not even begin until after the Christmas holidays if it does manage to come back.

While money obviously is a factor, I still think the driving force behind this is the ego of Cablevision head James Dolan (Cablevision is the parent company of AMC). "Guitar Jim" is not exactly popular with many in New York (especially because of how he has run the knicks into the ground), and I do think he may think of himself as a "savior" if he manages to get "L & O" back in New York for a 21st season (and I don't think I can stress enough how despised Dolan really is, especially by sports fans in New York).

Oukan said...

In the deviantART community fans frown on Law & Order: CI more so than they do it's original series (Law & Order). I hope AMC revives the show and I hope the USA Network cancel CI - I give it another 2 episodes. CI should just end anyway with "3-in-1". Good finale.

Anonymous said...

Exciting news! Molina is a terrific actor. Let's hope they have a decent show runner. LOCI was destroyed when Balcer left. No matter who the stars are, it is the writing and directing that make the show. Poor writing without a clear direction ruined LOCI - not the departure of D'Onofrio & Erbe.

Dalton said...

All Things -

Apparently Jim Beaver from "Supernatural" is going to be making a guest appearance on the LOLA premiere.

Lexi said...

to Anonymus on 07/27 at 2:19;

"LOCI was destroyed when Balcer left." - I agree on some level; Warren Leight breathed a little more life (and death) into D'Onofrio and Noth's characters.

"No matter who the stars are, it is the writing and directing that make the show." - In some ways yes and some no; Melina Govich on L&O was a turn off until Jeremy Sisto joined the cast.

"Poor writing without a clear direction ruined LOCI - not the departure of D'Onofrio & Erbe." - Actually it's both. Some DIEHARD fans stayed (I feel sorry for them). CI would have been down anyway regardless of the writers - D'Onofrio, Erbe, and Bogosian (and Nicholson) all had separate fans as well. BUT I AGREE that Walon Green as EP took the show down. The only GOOD episodes were "Loyalty (1)", "Disiple", and "Three-in-One" (which should be the series finale).

IMO Michael S. Chernuchin and Ed Zuckerman need to come back to CI IF the show is renewed (if Green is still EP I hope NOT). Green was okay as EP and writer on L&O, what happened to him on CI?!?!?!

Alfred Molina??? Hmm, sounds good so far.