Friday, June 18, 2010

Law & Order CI "The Mobster Will See You Now" Episode Information

Here is the episode information for the June 22, 2010 new episode of law & Order Criminal Intent, "The Mobster Will See You Now".

Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Mobster Will See You Now” Air Date June 22, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Tuesday USA Network)

A government official blackmails two doctors for overcharging patients before he is killed. The doctors have another secret to protect, however, and worry that someone will find out mobsters financed their practice. Stars Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent " The Mobster Will See You Now " can be found here.

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Joshua Morton said...

How to FIX - Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

All Things, could you send this out to as many folks as you can? Or post a link back to it here. I intend on passing around the wrong USA Network has wrong to CI. From the casting to the writing!

Sheila said...

Amen, something needs to be done about this show. To me it hasn't been right since Balcer left in 2006. People say the recent seasons I say the start of the Leight seasons!

Music Wench said...

You said it Joshua. I agree whole heartedly with your assessment. I was going to post your link here because I just read it. Haven't been here much since Goren and Eames left.
I did think your POV should be shared here.

Why did Jeff Goldblum episodes suddenly get worse? Walon Green. He ruined Goren and Eames in season 8 and is apparently now ruining Goldblum episodes.

The show should have been canceled if USA felt they couldn't afford it. You get what you pay for.

So I guess from having seen some of the ratings, it just got worse not better. No influx of Goldblum fans and certainly no influx of 'people who don't like VDO.' Hmm...guess some people are the 'crazy' ones. Or at least wrong. ;-)

ci luver said...

alright josh!

atl&o post his link and spread the word. hes right, ci has gone down since the 8th season!

janethyland said...

Of course he is right. LOCI finished with season 7....the rest is irrelevant.

For those who think VDO would return to it, check out interview on The Reel where it says "he quickly dismissed any possibility of returning to LOCI again".Why on earth would he even consider it!

He also says he is " in talks with AMC over a new show". That looks more interesting because its a cable that isnt afraid of its drama....which is, i guess, why it wasnt afraid to revamp "The Prisoner" recently. ON AMC VDO has the chance of doing something more in keeping with the rest of his career...unusual!

Anonymous said...

I'm a mean what I say - say what I mean kind of person and Joshua Morton just hit the nail on the hammer about Criminal Intent and I appluad him for that!

And he's right when he says "USA Network/Dick Wolf/NBCU – You should be ashamed for letting this happen to Law & Order: Criminal Intent, it’s just as well – you should have just canceled the show after “Loyalty” (Part 2). I tell you if you’re not going to try to save it, it needs to be canceled after “Three-In-One” (season 9 finale, rumored – series finale)."

I agree with the last lines more so than the whole rant. Why is USA Network even trying to pass of CI as it's former self. The show isn't even about the detectives jobs anymore! And as he mentioned, the character Zach Nichols has gone through a MAJOR personality change from season 8.

I think Law & Order: CI should be canceled after the season finale episode. It may prompt Dick Wolf to push to bring the original Law & Order back!

Jamie D. said...

I see the promo: I don't care if Goldblum fights with a bear, my attention will be elsewhere Tuesday night!

I agree with Morton to an extent. Vincent D'Onofrio is not coming back! Kathryn Erbe is not coming back! Rene Balcer and/or Warren Leight are not coming back! Chris Noth... is definetly not coming back!

I think it's best if USA Network gives up on Law & Order: CI or either make the show a syndicated or straight to DVD show. I'm watching White Collar/Covert Affairs after CI's finale (whether it be season or series).

Anonymous said...

Geez, some of you people really need to get over your Criminal Intent fixation. D'Onofrio and Erbe are gone and the show has changed. Watch it or move on, but quit bringing your hangups to every single message board or forum. It's getting tiresome. Your comments are way off topic and I don't know why ATL&O puts up with you all. The show is moving on without you and there are plenty of Goldblum fans who are enjoying the show.

Kasi said...

In All Things Law and Order and anyone else who loves CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIM defense.

People have their views on the show. Like for me, CI can come or go as far as I'm concerned, that's me. Fans of the old actors and current actors have their opinions and we as people don't have the right to silence other people's opinions.

Whether it be the Mothership, SVU, CI, or LA we've all talk on one subject and then we go off on another. It's been that way for two years (how long I've followed All Things).

All Things loves when the fans talk and critize about the shows - she just hates it when the commenters start trying to yell and be degrogatory.

There is nothing wrong with a litte constructive critisim. It's called Freedom of Speech. Just like we can't tell someone not to by a gun if they want one - the right to bear arms.

And speaking for Goldblum fans (as I am one on occasion) his episodes are worse like Josh Morton said. As a fan of Goldblum I think the show could use some positive changes. But we know USA Network doesn't want to put forth money to a show like CI (it's not origianlly USA's). Which is why I don't mind if the show stays or leaves. All Things probably feels the same way. Unless she says otherwise. (If I'm wrong on some of this All Things; correct me)

John Stodder said...

The new episode was good. Really good. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

@ John Stodder:

What is wrong with you? That episode needed HELP!

janethyland said...

The lack of interest on sites is reflected in the lack of ratings for this weeks episodes.
2.7million watching and 0.8 in key demo.Thats a long way from the numbers LOCI used to pull.

As LOCI numbers decline,Plain Sight makes a resurgence with 4.1 million watching last week.