Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Law & Order SVU 2010 Emmy Ad "For Your Consideration"

Here’s a copy of the 2010 Emmy “For Your Consideration” ad for Law & Order SVU featuring Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay – for your enjoyment!

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Shelly said...

I'm sorry, if SVU or anyone associated with it gets nominated for an Emmy after the season they've had, then I'd seriously wonder about the competence of the people who pick the nominees.

All Things, do you think there will be something similar for the Mothership? I can't imagine Epatha wouldn't be under serious consideration for an Emmy. She should be, anyway...

Thanks for posting...

Ol Cranky said...

I agree with you Shelly, I finally got sick of the outlandish soap opera that is SVU that I stopped watching after the first Sharon Stone ep.

I hope someone has considered submitting the mothership. there were some fabulous eps the last few years that weren't acknowledged so I'm hoping some of the fabulous acting from eps like for the defense, brilliant disguise or innocence is recognized.

All Things Law and Order said...

Shelly, haven't seen an ad for L&O or anyone else - yet. I am still looking and hope that there will be an equivalent out there for L&O.

Madeleine said...

I think I should stop watching SVU and start watching L&O and CI. From what I hear, they are flawless shows with season after season of total perfection that never, ever fail. Sounds pretty impressive to me.

gahks said...

You should, Madeleine. The classic seasons of CI, 1-5, are pretty impressive anyhow. The mothership just IS impressive.

Anonymous said...


Law & Order - YES!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit -seasons 1-7, seasons 8-9 maybe, seasons 10+, NO!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - seasons 1-5 YES!
seasons 6-7 Okay!
season 8 maybe
season 9.1/9.2 hmm
season 9 NO!

Madeleine said...

The early seasons of SVU are pretty great in my opinion. And Season 11 wasn't half as bad as people make it out to be. Sharon Stone was a trainwreck and some of the episodes weren't their best, but you can't honestly tell me that every single episode/season of L&O and CI have been absolutely perfect.

Shows that run for a long time go through rough patches inevitably; outside of procedurals, South Park and The Simpsons have had their ups and downs, as have many other shows. If you ask me, Season 11 of SVU was a huge improvement on Season 10. I think it's utterly ridiculous that every episode gets labelled "the worst episode ever", because they're not that bad.

SVU has a great cast, I don't think anybody can deny that. Some of the writers need to go, but now that Mick Betancourt is gone Season 12 might improve.

If you don't like SVU, that's fine. However, a lot of shows have gone through worse and redeemed themselves. Like I said, they have a great cast and I also think they have a great concept. People say that they've run out of ideas, but that's not possible in our society where rape and child abuse are absolutely rampant.

I'm just a bit tired of hearing people trash SVU, because I think overall it's a good show. The last few seasons haven't been great, but they're still far more watchable than a lot of crap that gets on TV these days.

Whitney said...

^Really Madeleine? You liked season 8 of CI? That's the season that finally turned me off to the whole show. It was so uneven -- the only one I liked that didn't have huge plotholes in it was Major Case.

I agree about SVU though, but I'm done with it now. It has seen better days.

Oh, and they better submit Epatha! She's always been so amazing and understated. Subtly rarely gets rewarded it seems, and I really feel that it's her time to win or at least be nominated for her role as Van Buran.

Madeleine said...

I don't think I said that I liked Season 8 of CI... I've only seen a handful of episodes and it never really engaged me. I think you mean the Anon poster who was recommending seasons for me :)

Shelly said...


I don't disagree with you at all that every show has episodes, or a series of eps, that you watch and think, those just don't meet the normal standards of this series, whatever it may be. Even shows I consider near-perfect, such as Homicide: Life On the Street, had a few of those. It's inevitable.

And I truly did enjoy the first few years of SVU. I never liked it quite as much as the Mothership, but it was a program we looked forward to watching. But the last couple of seasons the show has been so bad at times that it's been laughable. I honestly can't believe the cast and crew got done with many of the eps the last couple of years and truly thought that was a good ep, or that they did a good job acting (or writing or directing, etal).

It's sad to me to see a show with such a strong cast and crew coming up with such turkeys, but more often than not, that's what they've done the last couple of years.