Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Law & Order: Los Angeles “Echo Park” Advance Photos

NBC has released a few photos from the new October 6 episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles titled “Echo Park” which include Cory Stoll as Det. Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski and Skeet Ulrich as Det. Rex Winters.

Photos by Dean Hendler/NBC

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Anonymous said...

I wonder where they got this spelling - "Jaruzelski" is a fairly common Polish name. The "sz" in the spelling they used (made up?) is pronounced like "sh" in Polish (like "s" in Hungarian). I wonder how they'll pronounce it here. Anyway, I suppose they can blame it on those long-ago immigration officers at Ellis Island. Or maybe a Hungarian connection? As for the "a" - "in linguistics, vowels count for nothing - (and consonants, very little)."

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles is clearly going to be a one horse town...celebrities. Law & ORder NY should never go away. Strange how the creators, etc., have actors with similar voice tones to that of NY. The show is weak...no better than Lone Star.

Anonymous said...

It's not a good sign when your first reaction to a crime is "so what?"

But at least they pronounced J's name - "JaruZElski". I guess the "sz" is just to make it look more exotic?

(Now, what was the reason for cancelling "Law & Order" again?)