Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Law & Order: LA Official Cast Photos

NBCU has released some official cast photos for Law & Order: Los Angeles. Here are the photos for the following cast members and their roles:

Alfred Molina as DDA Ricardo Morales (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

Corey Stoll as Detective Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski

Megan Boone as DDA Lauren Stanton

Regina Hall as DDA Evelyn Price

Skeet Ulrich as Detective Rex Winters

Terrence Howard as DDA Jonah "Joe" Dekker

All Photos by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Update September 16, 2010: additional team photos have been posted here:
Law & Order: LA Official “Team” cast Photos

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gahks said...

Wow! Awesome pics!

Any word on de Jesus' replacement as Lt., All Things? I'd suggest Kim Delaney or Kelly Hu myself!

Chris Zimmer said...

gahks - no word yet!

Anonymous said...

Where is Molina's photo?

Maybe they should have a promo picture that all of them stand in front of the court,if they can find the new Lt.

Chris Zimmer said...

No official photos has been released as yet of Alfred Molina.

Chris Zimmer said...

Afred's pic has been released and I've included it above!

robinepowell said...

Again something wrong with the captions for the photos of the male lawyers. Aren't they ADAs and the women ADAs?

When did that change that the men are now also DDAs?

Chris Zimmer said...

These are the official titles from NBC. I don't fully understand the structure of the LA DA's office, maybe the titles and working relationships will bemade clearer when the show airs?

nanaboop said...

Not sure who is going to get killed off Monday, but please don't let it be Skeet Ulrich!