Thursday, September 16, 2010

Law & Order: LA Official “Team” cast Photos

NBCU has released a few official cast photos with the detective/prosecutor teams (see below). (I posted the individual cast photos yesterday and you can find them at this link: Law & Order: LA Official Cast Photos )
Corey Stoll as Detective Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski and Skeet Ulrich as Detective Rex Winters

Terrence Howard as DDA Jonah "Joe" Dekker and Megan Boone as DDA Lauren Stanton
All photos by Florian Schneider/NBC

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Anonymous said...

Do we know if this show is going to have an actual District Attorney in it, ala McCoy/Branch?

All Things Law and Order said...

I haven't heard anything about whether there will be anyone in the show that will be the equivalent of the Manhattan DA. Maybe they are waiting to see how things shake out with the cast they have before they add to it?

robinepowell said...

I read on either EW's Ausiello or TV Guides Scoop (questions again) that the L.A., D.A. will be male but so far no one has been cast.

Only a description that mentions the D.A. will be a man.

robinepowell said...

I noticed something wrong (I think) with the caption above the photos. You put Terrence Howard as "DDA" Jonah Dekker and Meghan Boone also as DDA. Aren't the men on this show ADA and the women DDA?

All Things Law and Order said...

News: Peter Coyote has been named as DA in a recurring role:

The character descrptions above come directly from NBC and are their official titles. I also saw another press release where there are all called DDAs as well, but I did think that the women reported to the men. I have to admit I too am a little confused about the hierarchy in LA but hopefully things will be made clearer once the show airs.

robinepowell said...

Thanks for your help. It is confusing as to who's who with the lawyers. I've watched close to season of "Mothership" and all seasons of SVU, so having an ADA who reports to the DA is what I'm used to.

Maybe it's different in L.A.?

Me too, I've tried looking up the DAs official titles for confirmation, without any luck. I hope by the time the pilot episode airs, we'll be clearer on who reports to who and their actual titles. ;)