Saturday, September 25, 2010

Law & Order: Los Angeles Behind The Scenes and On Set Interviews

Here is a video of an "on set" interview with Law & Order: Los Angeles Executive Producers Rene Balcer (“The Brains Behind Law & Order” and “He Who Makes It Happen”) and Christopher Misiano, plus a behind the scenes look at the set. I have also included a video of an interview with Regina Hall and Alfred Molina taken at that same time. You can also check out the article and photos from this event at

I actually got an invite to go to this set tour, but as it only came about a week before the event and as I live on the other side of the country, air fare (plus hotel) was steep. Besides, I don’t like to fly anymore unless I have to, and I couldn’t change enough plans to make the 3-4 day drive out to Los Angeles. These videos are just like being there – for a lot less $$$. (Still, I would have loved to be there.) Enjoy!

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janethyland said...

They seem buoyant.

Sense of Place. I always wanted to see the Egyptian Coptic Church of Los Angeles,though i suspect i never will,because of the Icons there by Isaac Fanous.

janethyland said...

Giggle. They need to work more on Continuity,I think!