Thursday, September 30, 2010

Law & Order: LA Behind the Scenes & Video Production Diary

Here is a behind the scenes look at Law & Order: Los Angeles with Terrence Howard, showrunner Rene Balcer’s video production diary, and the Law & Order: Los Angeles “Echo Park” promo.

Behind the Scenes Terrence Howard

Rene Balcer

“Echo Park” Promo

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gahks said...

Bugger. Can't access these here or on the NBC site either: I'm regioned out. :P

Can you Youtube these, please, All Things?

janethyland said...

Yes, can someone youtube them?

Anonymous said...

Hi, live in Russia, recently have opened for myself your blog. Here there are many interesting things about my favourite serial and my favourite actor - Vincent D'onofrio. Thanks for your work.
P.S. Excuse for my English.

janethyland said...

I managed to get the promo video, but not the others, on NBC site.

At least the next episode is chewing at a concept, "Is there a difference between justice and revenge?"

Thats a bit of an old chestnut from Jurisprudence,but it is a thought.Sometimes jusitce IS revenge....ask any divorce lawyer that!

Maybe episode 2 is better.
let us know if the other videos appear on youtube?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous-October 1, 2010 2:42 AM

Добро пожаловать, Соименник!

All Things Law and Order said...

gahks, the videos haven't been made available to me for uploading, it seems right now they can only be accessed through NBC or If I can get them later down the road I will upload them.

janethyland said...

Only the Echo Park video seems available.

However i did manage to access an interview with Terrence Howard which was very interesting. Who is this actor? I never saw him before but if the sentiments he is expressing are incorporated into his character then his episodes look promising, more promising than the premiere.

"the colours of the Imagination through a black and white lens"

"The Human story,Nature versus Spirit"

Now thats more like it...
"Echo park" might be worth a look