Saturday, September 18, 2010

Law & Order UK “Confession” Advance Photos, Episode Information

A few photos have been released by NBCU of the upcoming October episode of Law & Order UK, titled “Confession” (airing only in the U.K. at this time). The photos below include series stars Jamie Bamber, Bradley Walsh, and Harriet Walter. Jamie Bamber fans will enjoy this episode. Here are the details:

This week’s case hits close to home for DS Matt Devlin when investigating the death of a police officer, and his best friend, PS Pete Garvey. Devlin and Garvey had known each other since childhood and when Matt discovers Pete had recently been in contact with their childhood parish priest Jonathan Nugent (Matthew Marsh), his suspicions are alerted as Pete claimed to have been sexually abused by him as a child.

With nothing but suspicions and unfounded rumours to go on, a murder charge cannot be brought against Nugent. Now a married man with a family of his own, can Matt really be sure they’ve got the right man? James and Alesha take an unusual approach in order to bring a charge - any charge - against the accused in a desperate attempt to get the case home.

U.S. viewers – in case you missed the announcement, BBC America will begin airing Law & Order UK, starting with series 1, in October 2010.

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