Friday, March 26, 2010

Jeff Goldblum Talks Season 9 of Law & Order Criminal Intent

Earlier this week, I was very fortunate to be able to participate in a media conference call with Jeff Goldblum, star of Law & Order Criminal Intent (USA Network). I am very grateful that Jeff took an hour out of his busy schedule to talk about the show and to offer a few tidbits about himself. Jeff also gave listeners some details about the upcoming season premier two-part episode, but sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy and can’t pass along what I know about the exciting episodes. Let’s just say that the episodes are not to be missed! Based on some of the information Jeff relayed in this interview, I think that we could be in for a thrilling season of Law & Order Criminal Intent. (Part 1 airs on Tuesday, March 30. 2010 at 10PM ET on USA.)

The transcript of the call is extremely long and, as I think Jeff made some excellent points along the way, let me summarize some of the statements that I think would be most important to fans. (Please note that there were several people in on this conference call so Jeff was responding to multiple questioners.) Jeff also spoke highly of Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian. But I think Jeff’s answer to one question about the concerns that fans have about the departure of these three fine actors was very insightful and he had an interesting outlook to how fans should approach the change:

"Well, let’s see. I mean, I totally under—First I’ll say to them, I totally understand you’re upset. Those were as fantastic a bunch of characters as I’d ever seen. And fantastic actors as we’ve ever had individually or together. And I’ll be watching for all of them wherever they go. I know Eric Bogosian is in a play right now here in New York and haven’t had time to see it, but I look forward to seeing it. And likewise, Vince and Katie.

As for what we’re doing, I’m doing my best and I’m enjoying it no end. And I think the writers, who are terrific, have written different characters but fascinating characters, at least to me.

I know in Saffron Burrows’s case, she’s such a special actress. I would encourage anybody—I would recommend and as part of this grief counseling of the loss of the old show and the old characters, I would recommend that they consider appreciating Saffron Burrows and Serena Stevens, her character. Saffron is such a uniquely beautiful actor inside and out. And wildly intelligent. Wildly intelligent. And so that they know, has passions, if they look her up a little bit, politically and having to do with the world that are very interesting and compelling to me. So fun to be around for me.

And she brings all of this to the show. She’s passionate and she’s been a movie star that I’ve been very interested in for a long time. We did a movie together called Fay Grim in Berlin some years ago with Parker Posey that Hal Hartley directed. And I’ve loved her in The Guitar and The Bank Job and Troy. So I would encourage people to really get into her and appreciate her. She’s sexy as can be and does this part they’ve written for her. A very interesting part, this detective from Chicago who has an interesting back story that we can only guess at a little bit and a daughter that we can guess at a little bit. We have to imagine about. But a very whole and multifaceted life.

And then, let me encourage them to get into Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. And seeing her every week. I adore her. We’d done a play together some years ago. But for anybody who’s seen her from the beginning in Scarface or The Color of Money or an eye on the stage here in New York through the years. She is spectacular, as talented deeply, richly talented and an actor as there is. Given to a rainbow of color choices in her paint box. And they’ve written for her just the beginnings already of a character that is very—that is not only unique, but multidimensional and colorful and complicated.

So I would, as a fan, I would tune in to see those two. That’s for sure."

He also added about Saffron Burrows and her character, Serena Stevens:

Well, I now know. We’ve done several cases together. And we work beautifully together, very dynamically. I think she’s great. You’re right. She is brilliant and has her own skill set and we just work very creatively together. And it’s, as much as anything, even given the dark and horrific and nightmarish circumstances that we’re always faced with, dead bodies and gruesome places and gruesome events, we seem to both get a thrill out of the fun and the adventure of the hunt, hunting down the bad guy.

And then, of course, I sort of—we get enrolled together and she gets enrolled in my by and by, in my other peck agenda, which is not so beside the point, which is, of course, finding out what the whole story was and why, criminal intent of course, that’s why it’s named that. Why, psychologically speaking, the person has done it? Not only who did it, but why they did it? And like I said, and I say it’s not beside the point because when we finally take it to court, that’s very much the point. Part of it you got to tell a jury hey, here’s the—we’re not going to get a conviction unless they can buy and believe the whole story and the motive and why this person might have done it.

But it’s beside that, a personal thrill for me. And a personal kind of side and overall contextualizing investigation to deepen my understanding of the deeply criminal types and thereby all of us and me. I’m on a kind of psycho spiritual investigation that fascinates me and that’s infinitely mysterious. And she and I become partners in that. And it’s absolutely thrilling.

Jeff also spoke about his ability to enjoy a laugh at his own expense, taking the rumors of his death on Twitter and turning it into a humorous appearance on the Colbert Report, but also indicated that the incident was “bizarre and engendered a rainbow of feelings in me, of course. It was upsetting. People called who hadn’t heard right away or had—and would be—and called up sad. Nobody, thankfully, ran their car off the road or had a heart attack or anything, but there was some trauma. And for that, I would dissuade people from doing this. And I’m sorry that it happened and all of that. But it was not of little interest to me to get in touch with, in some cases, people I hadn’t been in touch with for a while. And said oh, my gosh, is it true. …I’m glad you’re alive and it made me think of you and all that kind of stuff. And it was trippy, trippy.”

I also got to ask Jeff a few questions about his musical interests, because having a musical background myself and being close to Jeff’s age, I wanted to know what kinds of musical influences he had growing up. I also wanted to know if we’d see any new and interesting “Goldblumisms” showing up in Zach Nichols in season 9:

“Let’s see. Gee, I don’t know if I have any other show business tricks up my sleeve or any other talents. I’m just trying to play, be as smart as I can, and bring what I know is passion in the writing and in the character and in the real lives that we’re trying to depict.

We have a great guy named Mike Struck, who’s on the set all the time, who’s a real and a masterful detective and police person. And I realize all the time that to really do that job would be very difficult. You have to have a very particular skill set for it, talent for it, and appetite for it. And I’m just trying to pretend in a way that is at least believable. Boy, that would be a tough job, I tell you.

… I remember the school, the earliest stuff I can remember is when—I mean, the Beatles were introduced when I was a kid. So I was very thrilled about the Beatles, including the first couple of—I Want to Hold Your Hand and Love you, yeah, yeah, yeah. All that. When those came out on 45s, the world had changed in some way and I was very thrilled about it. And then a little later, when the White Album and Sergeant Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour came out, it meant a lot to me. It was a big deal….Early on, too, Motown stuff was big in those days. Stop in the Name of Love. And all the Motown stuff around then was big with me. Then, my parents, we had a hi-fi and…they had—they were jazz lovers and they had a couple of—they had some Erroll Garner records, a jazz pianist who’s active, who’s also from Pittsburgh as I am. That made an impression on me. And I remember hearing Thelonious Monk. And then, my older brother was a big jazz fan and got the Modern Jazz Quartet… was into that. And some Brazilian music. I remember Stan Getz, this album he had from Stan Getz from the Astrud Gilberto records. That made a big impression on me. All of those"
When another caller asked about the atmosphere on the set makes it feel like a new show, Jeff responded:

“Well, let’s see. I mean, I know I did eight of them last year and you’re right, it was different. It was all different cast members that year. But the stories and the quality of the writing and the high quality of the production and the crew is still the same. So it feels familiar but—and I miss the cast members who are gone. I adored them.

But it does feel like a new show in a lot of ways. And I’m crazy about Saffron Burrows and the character. They wrote it for her and the way she’s doing it. And Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is spectacular and I love her and her character, too. So yes, it feels kind of new to me."

When one caller expressed concerns that some fans may feel the show may be losing its edge, becoming lighter, with some calling it the “Jeff Goldblum Hour,” Jeff commented:
"First of all, I don’t—it’s news to me because I kind of don’t stay very in touch with all the—I’ve been consumed with making the show… I don’t know. I mean, everybody has their own opinion. I’m doing the best that I can and I know the writers are trying—there are some very heavy and gruesome episodes that we’ve done. But it’s true. I think part of their idea about my character is that I have a—I love. I’m very passionate for the work, for solving these crimes and for particularly investigating the intent, like the title says of having to do with why these criminal people, these people so far off the rails would have done what they’ve done and what that means for knowing about the human being generally and for myself.

I think I’m on a very passionate and mysterious and infinitely interesting, at least in my own character kind of mission. But that along with it, I have a great time, too. Whatever I’ve been through before. And we’ve made up a lot of stuff that hasn’t come to the surface, that doesn’t come to the surface conspicuously or literally. I’m at a place where I find myself very present, feeling very present and alive and enjoying myself no end. I think I enjoy myself. Even in these gruesome circumstances and I guess, even especially when there’s been shocking loss and all the physical world has been thrown into chaos. It feels like an opportunity to Zack Nichols to find what’s important in life and find the deeper meanings in life in a very enjoyable way. And I like solving the puzzle, too."

He also gives some insight to Zach Nichols and how he deals with the crimes he investigates:

"There were crimes—I mean, the first couple of episodes that depict this killing of my friend that I’m personally involved with. That’s a horrible thing. I think I’m very bothered and personally—it’s not just a matter of—I’m always bothered in the sense that I’m passionate and outraged and full of a fierce kind of sense of justice and wanting to solve this thing. But more so, I’m a very kind of a susceptible, vulnerable human kind of guy that they’ve written. And when my friend, and old partner, gets killed. Yes, I think it bothers me in a whole different and deeper way."

Jeff’s suggestion to look at this new season as almost like a grieving process is an interesting approach. Some fans are experiencing this change as they would any major loss a person may experience in real life. Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe have been THE SHOW to fans for years, and it will be a change some fans may not be able to get past. As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, I am keeping an open mind with the cast changes. I became a fan of Jeff in this show as last season progressed, and I think he will do a fine job in helping fans make the transition. In addition, his exuberance for the role made me feel more comfortable about the show as it moves forward with the revamped cast. Based on the feedback and emails I get on a daily basis about the changes in the show, I know there are some fans that will not be returning to the show once the change is made. While I have enjoyed all the actors in all of the shows in the Law & Order "universe”, I also have learned not to get too attached to any one person and to learn to embrace change. So I plan on continuing to watch the series, and also doing brief recaps and reviews after each one. I hope that fans of Law & Order Criminal Intent - and of Jeff Goldblum - will come along for the ride!

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Jachelle said...

Thanks for posting this ATL&O. I've been switching back and forth from I'm watching the 2 part "Loyalty" and then I'm done (out of a perhaps misguided sense of loyalty to D'Onofrio and Erbe) to maybe I'll give the Nichols/Stevens episodes a shot. While Goren and Eames have always been my favorites, I've enjoyed the Logan and Nichols epidodes as well. All the actors including guest actors are very good and the writing is usually above par on most episodes. After reading your recap of the interview, I've swung all the way over to I'll keep watching to see how things develop.

All Things Law and Order said...

Jachelle, I can really understand how fans can feel torn over this. I hope it all works out for the show and for fans too!

Anonymous said...

I was also on the fence about watching after VDO/KE leave the show. Thanks for posting this interview. I've become a fan of "The Good Wife" and I tivo "Parenthood" and "Justified" another excellent show at 10 pm Tuesday. Something will have to give and I'll have to make room for CI somehow.


Anonymous said...

IDK what to do with LOCI. I'll watch but the second I feel bad about it I swear I'm done. I think VDO/KE deserve more justice than what they got. They could have at least FINISHED the 9th season and left... not leaving at the begining!

Anonymous said...

No offense, but this was not a very good interview. I read the full interview as it was posted in its entirety on another site ( JG makes no sense in half of his answers and doesn't speak in complete sentences for a lot of the interview. He jumps all over the place and many times is not very coherent. I was surprised he was not more prepared especially given the fan backlash over the exit VDO, KE & EB. I have been looking for a reason to stay and see the show as I have always liked JG, but I am very disappointed by this interview. This was a very good opportunity for him to make a good case to the fans and he just doesn't deliver. He doesn't make me want to watch the new show.

janethyland said...

I agree with Anonymous. This interview is a lot of diplomatic superlatives, sound and fury signifying nothing.
And patronising about the grieving process of fans, very patronising.

All Things Law and Order said...

Since I was actually on the call, I have the benefit of hearing Jeff's actual voice and his manner of speaking. One can't translate a person's excitement and exuberance for the show just by reading the transcript, which is why I didn't just print the transcript verbatim.

In my opinion, Jeff has always been a bit of a "stream of conciousness" type of talker (I tend to be one myself at times) and what I heard was a man who is very excited about this show, and he wants the fans to like his work and the work of others in the cast. He didn't have to take the time to talk to fans and bloggers like me, but he did. Some of you are being far too hard on the guy, after all, it is not his fault that Vincent, Kathryn, and Eric are off the show. None of us really know what happened with those three behind the scenes, so I think the constant nastiness directed to Jeff is just uncalled for. Personally, I thought the episodes he did in the latter part of the season for LOCI were excellent and far better than what I saw coming from the D'onofrio episodes. While I am sorry to see Vincent, Kathyrn, and Eric go, I am also looking at this as a new start for Criminal Intenf and maybe more fans for the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people really are taking things out on Jeff, and that is unfair. I've always liked Jeff and I know there are a lot of fans out there that like him as well, so I think the show will do just fine. It was time for D'Onofrio to get off the show, his character became so depressing and the fact that D'Onofrio gained so much weight it was hard to watch him. Watch an early episode with D'Onofrio and he's agile, he moves around a lot and seemed energized. The D'Onofrio we got last season was slow and lumbering, and it just was not the same. His energy was gone.

Some people are also mad at USA but I look at it this way, USA picked up the series when NBC didn't want it anymore, and d'Onofrio squeezed a few more years out of it. He wasn't worth the huge salary that they had to pay him, though, and I can understand why USA had to make changes. That's life people, Vincent decided to move on, and some of the rabid Vincent fans need to get over it.

JULIE said...



Music Wench said...

I wish Jeff Goldblum and company luck. But I have no desire to continue with the show. I watched his episodes last season and while they were actually better written than than the Goren/Eames episodes, the show seems to have run its course and should have been canceled outright. No writers were around for continuity - I figure it's the 'keep costs down' feature just as it is with the cast change.

I do like Goldblum's stream of consciousness style. I think he's probably a nice guy. I love that he comes across as an odd duck. I love odd ducks. I just am not taken enough with his character to want to suffer through another season of LOCI.

I would have continued with VDO and KE only because I became attached to the characters. This is not L&O. Characters are interchangeable there because they have been from the very beginning. LOCI has always been the Goren show no matter what Dick Wolf may want us to believe.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I think it was a great interview. It just wasn't enough to keep me interested. I will tape the first two epis and then I'm done.

I'm getting sick of the attitude towards fans of Vincent and Kate from the TPTB. All they're doing is alienating us more.

janethyland said...

Alot of people liked the Leight years actually, and ratings peaked for Frame, then dropped for season 8.The writing for season 8 was tedious and repetitive. VDO and Erbe also liked the Leight years and VDO mentioned that in his final interview.He mentioned it before in interviews too. He didnt mention Balcer however.Perhaps thats where the antagonism really was,over artistic direction and Leight got caught up in it,along with all the other writers who were unceremoniously dropped after season 7.

Those who think they gain from all these changes are the prime movers in it.

Chonnie said...

I liked Season 5 BEST alterternating teams wise. Balcer AND Leight were BOTH EX. Producers!

That's probbably who needs to be showruuners for LOCI now!

Not Chernuchin or Baer (rumored)!

What happened to all LOCI's old writers? They went with Leight and Balcer?!

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Palin supposed to guest star on the mothership this season?

I read that on S.U.B.E.R .

You wouldn't happen to know that would you All Things?

All Things Law and Order said...

I've heard nothing on Sarah Palin being on the show. (what or who is SUBER? The acronym doesn't sound remotely familiar to me.)

Anonymous said...

I really like Jeff Goldblum (I LOVED every episode of SNL he hosted). But yeah, I'm still out after the main three leave. His character is a little too old school for my liking, but to each their own, I could see why people would dig his character.

I tend to like shows that are more character driven (The Wire, Mad Men). CI was sort of a fluke for me. The only thing keeping me interested was Goren and Eames. As a whole, I'm just not that into Dick Wolf-brand of cold procedurals anymore. The format has gone stale for me after so many years.

Flickmyer said...

Sarah Palin on L&O! I sense a pick-up in ratings if that happens!

But I dobut it, I've heard of SUBER but I've never looked into going there. It's like a critics site isn't it?

But anywho, I'll watch LOCI until I stop paying my cable subscription. I'll give Jeff a chance. Fans should take their anger out on USA Network and Dick Wolf... NOT at Jeff Goldblum or any other star... they are just following orders and doing what they have to do.

Fans of LOCI on USA's message board plan on 'blowing up USA' before the season 9 finale anyway to try and 'save D'Onofrio/Erbe' I wish them luck.

Congrats Jeff, Saffron, and Mary. I'm gonna miss you Vinnie, Katie, and Eric! :(

Melvin Gaines said...

I think most people are not giving Jeff Goldblum, who is a very talented and gifted actor, no chance to be successful because of D'Onofrio and Erbe leaving the series. Those that say they will never watch are also not likely being truthful. The show, just like the mothership, had to evolve, and don't be surprised when SVU has a similar evolution in the near future. Change is inevitable. I would have liked to have seen another episode or two with Goldblum and Erbe. I thought they both worked well together.

Shondra said...

To: Melvin Gaines

Jeff Goldblum is NOT Vincent D'Onofrio

And that's what most LOCI fans want. If LOCI hadn't became character driven in seasons 6-7 maybe VDO fans wouldn't be so edgy on the Goldblum change. I know I probably wouldn't be.

Fans of LOCI need to blame USA Network and Dick Wolf NOT Vincent of Jeff Goldblum!

Music Wench said...

To Melvin:

I think I gave him one season. I love Jeff. Don't love the show any more. Only watched because of Goren and Eames anyway. Season 8 was awful IMO.

I think you do not recognize the difference between the mothership and SVU and LOCI. They are definitely not the same. SVU and LOCI are much more character driven and while some supporting characters may have changed on some shows, the main characters have not. I predict a severe drop in ratings for SVU if Meloni and Hargitay leave.

You seem to be a fan of L&O the series. The fans who are left watching LOCI are mostly fans of VDO and KE. Maybe Jeff has his own brood of fans. Great for him.

And while I don't like being called a liar, at least you seem to be a real person and not some intern who's responsibility it is to sway popular opinion.

And also, I said I wouldn't watch and I won't. If you choose not to believe me I'm not surprised. You seem to think LOCI is L&O light. It may be once Goren and Eames leave but until then, it's Goren's show whether you realize it or not.

Shondra said...

To Music Wench:


Maria Isabel said...

Totally agree!

The biggest problem now IMHO, is to RENAME the show. Even JG told about "Loyalty" like a spin-off. They should cancel LOCI and start Law & Order LA with Nichols moving to Los Angeles.

In that way I think we the G/E fans didn't feel so bad and upset. And maybe even we would give a chance to the new show. But in the current circumstances... no way.
At least, not me.

Joanie Swanson said...

JG, SB, and MEM would have to relocate which I doubt they'd want to do that. Burrows just recently moved from LA not to long ago.

I'd be fine with JG taking over if it was a fresh take over. VDO/KE/EB finishing out season 9. And season 10+ JG/SB/MEM could have it.

VDO/KE/EB needed to leave in the season 9 finale... so the fans could have better closure.

It's a matter of POV. Fan in general, diehard fan, fan of certain actor... etc.

I'll watch Goldblum's LOCI but if I feel that it's not being serious and has became The Jeff Goldblum Hour, I am leaving.

I wish Rene Balcer and/or Warren Leight would come back to the series as show-runner.

Anonymous said...

I have liked JG in almost every movie he's been in. I like his quirky personality. He is definitely an odd duck. But I have not seen him in a serious dramatic role in which I liked him very much. He just isn't that kind of actor IMO. LOCI is a serious dramatic show, so I have been leery of his complete take over of this show -- it doesn't play to his strengths. Well, the advertising for the show is definitely playing to a lighter side and even the show stills are not of the same dramatic weight as the other L&O shows or other season of LOCI. JG does not always speak in a stream of consciousness way. I have seen many interviews with him where he didn't do this and was very entertaining (the Stephen Colbert & Craig Ferguson shows being recent examples). I am always embarrassed for him when he does do the stream of consciousness thing. It doesn't make sense, is hard to follow and makes it difficult to take anything he says seriously. Being critical of JG does not mean that someone is taking out the loss of the main characters & actors on him -- it is just a criticism of him in this role and that is fair game. Lord knows there are many who have been very critical of VDO over the last several years. I did not like this interview and it did nothing to make me want to continue to watch the show, even though I like JG in most of his films as I have said. This is just not the vehicle for him to shine IMO. It also denigrates the show. The one consistent factor in all L&O show is that they are serious dramas. I for one don't like USA changing that with this new "spin-off" to quote JG. The smarter move would have been to just end the show.

Cherry Red said...

The new issue of EW mentions how crowded the Tuesday 10 p.m. hour is with new promising shows like Justified, Southland, Parenthood, and Good Wife. I have just learned that even Glee will bleed over into that hour. It is enough of a challenge for me to be able to watch the first 2 CI episodes of season 9 and record my other new favorite shows like Good Wife and Justified. After the final Goren/Eames episodes air, watching the remaining 14 will become such a low priority that I doubt I will have time to watch them prior to mid August when all of the good summer shows go on hiatus. There are just too many fresh new shows on TNT, AMC, and HBO to settle for a show that no longer has my favorite characters. This is not the early 1990s when viewers would put up with the many L&O changes because it was one of the few dramas on TV at the time.

When William L. Peterson left CSI, I found 2 good shows that air in the same time slot, Fringe and Supernatural and gave up on CSI. Now I rarely even give that show a thought.

Flo said...

LOCI is NOT in a good timeslot now, it needs to move to either Thursday nights or Saturday/Sunday nights. House in season 7 (if it gets renewed, no doubt though) Dave Shore told us that the show could move back to it's Tuesday slot again. I already have other shows to watch (I DIDN'T see even 1 White Collar episode when it moved to Tuesdays!)

LOCI - I'm only watching 9.1/9.2 and i'm going back to Southland.

Chris Noth needs to come back to LOCI as Team B if there is no chance of Vd'O & KE coming back! They did basically leave his character open after "Last Rites".

janethyland said...

It would have been more honest and respectful towards the fans to have ended LOCI with Frame, which was a natural conclusion to the character instead of stting up Nichols as a kind of usurper which only annoys tyhe fans. Instead of trying to clone Goren into Nichols they could have created an original character with a new show.Then fans would have responded differently.Im not sure who they are trying to placate by doinf what they have done. Its a shambles.

I dont finf Goldblums manner to be stream of consciousness at just seems very staged and always slightly mocking.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jeff Goldblum fan and I am glad he's going to be on the show more. The critics praised him in Criminal Intent as the last season went on - he could still be intense but also he had the lighter side too. Fan forget some of the goofy things that Goren used to do, you know, his sometimes dancing, the time he whinnied like a horse - but he lost his edge a long time ago with this show. This is one of the reasons, I think, that NBC dumped Criminal Intent. The ratings were not there with D'Onofrio and Erbe and when Vincent had his episode with "exhaustion" (which is code in the business for something else) that was the end of it for him. He became someone that they could not rely on, so they brought in Noth ro try to save the show, and Chris did help for a time.

I'm glad to see more Jeff on TV, I'm glad he's going to put new energy into Criminal Intent. The show needs it. As far as I am concerned, the show needs to get rid of the nutty D'Onofrio fangurls who are too obsessed with the guy.

Cherry Red said...

I don't think you have to be a fan of D'Onofrio to think this will not last very long. What about viewers who like to watch a show that has at least one person remaining who has been in more than 8 episodes. I would feel better about this change if they kept Julianne Nicholson and Eric Bogosian. They had a 3 year history with this show. The writers had even established the "former partners" back story for Nichols and Ross. This show now has no history or link to the past.
Even the mothership has Jack McCoy and Lt. Van Buren who have been with that show longer than most network shows have been on the air.
At least Rey Curtis can be off of the show for over 10 years and return for one episode and have a scene with his former supervisor because Lt. Van Buren is still on that show.
There is also a reason why SVU is the highest rated L&O. It has more original or veteran cast members than the other shows. Viewers can watch the show on USA in reruns and still tune in to the show on NBC and see most of the veteran characters since even Alex Cabot has appeared on the show this season.
Regardless, Jeff Goldblum might be the best detective in the history of primetime TV but the competition in that hour is so tight that most viewers are going to ignore the show in favor of newer shows that have a better chance of a longer future. Even Parenthood has a better chance of surviving past this season due to fewer shows on NBC than CI does of surviving past this season on USA where they have more successful scripted shows (White Collar, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Psych, In Plain Sight and sooon Covert Affairs) than most broadcast networks outside of CBS.

Anonymous said...

Viewership from Criminal Intent actually went up once Golblum came to the show. It was D'Onofrio that was pulling it down.

There seem to be a lot of D'Onofrio fans out there who just can't imagine the show without him, but with with Golblum - and Noth - picking up the slack from VDO, they proved that the show CAN succeed without D'Onofrio. D'Onofrio fans want the show to fail as if it would be some validation of their obsession with the guy, like the world had to revolve around him. Get over it, he quit the show, there are new people taking over and the show will get new fans.

Music Wench said...

I really would appreciate it if anonymous supporters of the show had some backbone and would let us know who they really are. Only Melvin - who I am starting to like more and more despite disagreeing with him - seems to be a real person.

So I'm done being nice to Goldblum since his fans apparently have no problem knocking Vincent. Amazing how a person can be a fan of someone and then learn to dislike them when anonymous fans come by and make disparaging remarks about the actor who actually made the show what it was in its glory days. Sorry Jeff, I hope your show tanks. You may be a nice guy but your fangurls (or boys) are really making me feel hostile towards you right now.

Music Wench said...

Oh and please let us know where we can find the data you site about how Goldblum brought the show more viewers. I'd like to see it for myself.

Lizzie said...

I'm surprised to see Vincent's doctor (Anonymous) decided to comment on his 2004 health problems. I sincerely hope he sues you for defamation of character, as well as for breach of confidence. And yes, please, lets have the link to those enormous ratings your other family member (Anonymous) mentions for the Season 8 Goldblum episodes. I'm curious where the evidence for your claim is. Anyway, since LOCI's future is all set to be SO wonderful, the show clearly doesn't need the exiting Goren and Eames fans, so they won't miss us at all.

Anonymous said...

Music Wench said: "I really would appreciate it if anonymous supporters of the show had some backbone and would let us know who they really are. " Oh yeah, like "Music Wench" is your real name? C'mon be realistic. NOBODY posts here with their real identity. Not all of us have blogger IDs, either. As long as anonymous posts are allowed here, anybody can post.

Someone made a comment about Vincent's "exhaustion." I recall all the stories that went around at that time, and it was rumored - I REPEAT RUMORED - that he was taking the presidential election at the time very badly, AND that he had some sort of chemical dependency or chemical imbalance on top of it. After his treatement, his weight ballooned, either from going on new meds or dropping meds, it depends on which rumor you believe. Rumors - I repeat rumors - were that he really went off the deep end with the election so badly that Dick Wolf's group had to ban political discussions and fliers because of it. (Google this you will find all kinds of stories on this.)

I have always liked Vincent in Criminal Intent, but it has been very hard to see the physical changes in him over the last few years. Even die-hard fans have to admit that this is not the same Vincent we knew before his exhaustion. I think USA didn't want to pay the huge salary to someone who clearly wasn't drawing in the huge viewers he had before, and when Noth came on and the show went on just fine, I think they realized they could make a change. When Goldblum came on board, the show didn't collapse either, so this may be why they are going to let JG run with it.

Anonymous said...

Wikepedia has ratings info, weekly avg viewers in millions for LOCI

Season 7 2006–2007 8.38

Season 8 2008 2007–2008 4.89 (significant drop)

2009 - 5.50 (average picked up with Goldblum added)

Music Wench said...

That rumor was exactly that. A rumor. He was exhausted from overwork. Not from what right-wing nuts claim. The only people who believe that now probably attend tea parties and hate liberals.

Again, show us the site or the proof of better ratings since Goldblum joined up. The ratings I saw were that it remained pretty much the same. Give us the proof before you make those claims.

Oh wait, now you're saying the show didn't collapse? Try sticking to just one story, eh? It gets really confusing trying to figure you people out.

I guess you must have found those ratings at the same place you saw those rumors.

Again, at this point I don't see the necessity of making attacks on the actor based on RUMORS unless you purposely want to antagonize fans even further to prove some stupid point about VDO fans.

I'm done with this. Talk to someone else who cares.

Music Wench said...

Oh and the URL would be nice for those ratings. Sorry if I don't believe you but anyone who posts baseless rumors - which you admit are rumors - needs a little more credibility.

Music Wench said...

ooops, sorry I see you said wikipedia. Great source for facts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wikepedia link:

wilmingtonfan said...

I tracked the ratings last season on TVbytheNumbers for the JG & VDO episodes and except for 1 or 2 instances (one being JG's premier episode) VDO episodes rated higher than JG's so I don't know the source of the information to the contrary. Total viewership or average viewership does not mean that JG is bringing in the viewers. It is the weekly episodes that tell the story.

wilmingtonfan said...

I forgot to add -- it is clear that VDO & KE have an avid fan base. Time will tell if JG does. Regardless of which camp you are in, you have to admit that USA and NBCU have not handled this transition well at all and might as well have started a new show for all the animosity they have stirred up. I am really flabbergasted that commenters don't acknowledge the bitterness felt by fans of VDO & KE. If Mariska Hargitay or Chris Meloni from SVU had been treated the same way, there would be even greater fan furor and I can't believe that nayone except for network planted posters would support any show left over after such a change on SVU. VDO & KE fans have every right to feel animosity toward USA & NBCU for the way they have been treated not only in the way VDO & KE left, but also in the way they have handled the transition. They are the ones who are setting JG up for failure IMO

janethyland said...

Anonymous is inaccurate. Major case site collected all the data and ratings went down with season 8.There was no significant difference between the ratings of the two teams in season 8. They were all low.Numbers usually increase for Premiere and finale.

The spread of inaccurate data, rumours and innuendo has developed as differences developed between those involved in making the show.Someone obviously gains from spreading them.

Anonymous said...

Janethyland, do you have a link to support your claim? How do we know that your data is accurate?

And, Wilmingtonfan, if you have tracked the numbers, why don't you just add them here, by episode, and put this discussion to bed for good?

janethyland said...

And by the way, at the end of season 6 both LOCI and Mothership were on the bubble shows. Only one would be chosen to stay on NBC and the other sacrificed to USA. Thats how LOCI ended up on USA.Balcer had been dropped from LOCI to save money but was recruited to salvage the mothership.Mothership and LOCI have been bubble shows at the end of every season ever since. Mothership still is a bubble show in terms of ratings but will be saved because of sentiment.

Its nothing to do with VDO and health.LOCI has always been the cinderella at the ball with Mothership/SVU as the favoured sisters.

Music Wench said...

Better yet, just go to wikipedia and post numbers there. You know you can right?

So let's not be all high and mighty about YOUR numbers anonymous.

And those numbers were seen by many people who visited Major Case. Maybe stop by the NBC LOCI forum. Could be Peachy posted them there, too. I'm sure she would be happy to give you the information you seek.

janethyland said...

ratings numbers were collated from Neilson via tvbythenumbers site and put on Major Case site.
I have the record but you can check with these sites if you want to.

Trend for part 2 of season 7 was up and stable,from Purgatory to Frame,in order of viewing; 4.5,3.3 4.1,4.0,4.8,4.8,4.8,4.4,4.9,4.1,4.6,5.1

Season 8 trend was lower and all over the place for both detectives.As in keeping with usual trend, premiere and finale were highest.
Ratings in order of airing on USA: 4.5,3.1,3.1,3.7,3.9,4.0,4.1,3.4,3.8,3.9,3.4,4.1,4.6,4.2,4.8.

Any increased interest in the last three episodes is probably down to the eames factor since her being in all of them is the main difference there...mothing to do with goldblum.

janethyland said...

Wikipedia is a great site, but not accurate when it comes to TV shows. Anyone can change the data there,especially if you need to make yourself and your show look good!

janethyland said...

I meant to say this is a great site too. Its the best ive seen since Major Case ended. If i was a Law and Order fan this is where Id come....its just that Im not a fan of the franchise, only of LOCI.

But good luck with the site anyway.

Music Wench said...

Thanks for posting that Janet! I couldn't remember where Peachy and Linda got their ratings info from.

Btw, if anyone wants to know who I am, just visit my blog It's been ongoing for a couple of years now. That's what I mean by 'actual person.' You don't have to give me your name and social security number. ;-) I'm an actual person. I am pretty much known to various members of this fandom.

It's not a great blog. Just me expressing myself and you can find me easily. I can't figure out who the heck anonymous posters are. Only the VDO fans seem to actually identify themselves in some way. Guess we're proud to be VDO fans. Sadly it seems Goldblum fans aren't.

ERIC M. said...

The Jeff Goldblum Hour can go to hell!

I'm watching Loyalty Pts 1 and 2 and Broad (MEM's debut). If I feel I want to I'll tune in for LOCI's season (series) finale. But that's it! Jeff Goldblum-good luck!

I'M DONE! The ONLY show's I'm going to watch on USA are In Plain Sight and Burn Notice, and Royal Pains! LOCI should have NEVER left NBC! That's where the went down. LOCI needs to JUMP THE SHARK and pick up ratings. Blow up Nichols (Goldblum) and bring in Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin, L&O)!

Anonymous said...

I'd watch LOCI again if Jesse L. Martin came to the cast! Ed Green reminds me of Mike Logan somewhat.

I bet if Chris Noth took over the series instead of Goldblum the fans wouldn't be in much of a tizzy.

Jeff Goldblum is not the best actor for a "Law & Order" show anyway. The only quirky detective I know is Monk. And he was retired. But he had his OWN show.