Friday, March 12, 2010

Law & Order “Brazil” Episode Information

Here is the information for the new Law & Order episode “Brazil” airing on March 29:

Law & Order “Brazil” Air Date 3/29/2010 (10 PM ET/ 9C Monday NBC)

When an environmental scientist, Dr. Oscar Silva (guest star Elliot Villar), is poisoned during a global warming symposium, Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) initially suspect competitors from Dr. Silva's field of study. It is soon discovered that Dr. Silva is involved in a messy custody battle with his wife's (guest star Tammy Blanchard) ex-husband, Phillip Shoemaker (guest star Tony Hale) and the focus of the investigation quickly shifts to the victim's family. Meanwhile, the case becomes personal for Cutter (Linus Roache) as it stirs up unpleasant memories from his own past. Also starring: Alana de la Garza (Asst. D.A. Consuela Rubirosa), S. Epatha Merkerson (Lieutenant Anita Van Buren) and Sam Waterston (District Attorney Jack McCoy).

My recap and review of Law & Order "Brazil" can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

More Cutter stuff? Awesome.

Jackie B. said...


They posted a link a couple mins ago that said Jeremy Sisto (Lupo) will take the place of S. Epatha Merkerson (Van Buren) when she decides leaves the cast!


Anonymous said...

Why I'm not surprised!?

I don't think Chris is leaving. And I don't think Mariska was talking to anyone from the Courier. I think the Austriallian Courier gets their jollies telling people FAKE stories. But that's just me.

I wouldn't believe this story because

A) S. Epatha Merkerson is probably not leaving L&O yet.

B.) Sisto's character would have had to taken BOTH the Sargent's and/or the Lt's. exam.

C.) Why is [was] the Courier the only source?

It's Meloni leaving SVU all over again! I'm sorry ATLaO but I don't trust that scoop. They go into way too much detail.

I smell burning sneakers in the pot.

Julie said...





All Things Law and Order said...

Jackie - your link doesn't work and I can't find any such story on the Courier Mail - at least not right now. Maybe they moved the linl but that story doesn't appear when I search their site. Can you provide a new link or copy the story and post it in the comments?

Jose said...

The Courier is not credible (IMPO)! Sorry but I'll believe Mariska broke down when see Mariska break down.

Anonymous said...

Those of you that think the Courier Mail thing is bogus are in serious denial. Chris said what he said, even Neal Baer has clammed up on the issue which tells me it is TRUE.
Besides, it was reported by another very credible source that someone from NBC was involved in that interview too.

Anonymous said...

I'll wait until there is either proper confirmation or corroboration (to use a police term) from another source before I can believe the claims.

Anonymous said...

A rep from NBC was involved in this intervuew with Chris. It is all true. It could be a bargaining chip on his part to get more $$$ or a better contract.

If you want confirmation, you should ask yourself why are Chris or Mariska NOT denying it? Why is there no official denial from NBC? Oh yeah, that's becuase it is true. Period.

Karen said...

Well Chris and Mariska don't owe the public any explaination on their parts.

Ex. Tiger Woods - His ass should have STAYED off camera and away from the media. He didn't owe the people shit! (excuse my french)

The only people Tiger should have been apologizing to are those women and his wife (and kids).

Chris & Mariska (or any other L&O star) don't have to tell the media didly-squat.

Ex. Michael Jackson - if the media doesn't make up a story you could make one up.

* The SVU stars could be doing this for a $$$/ratings scam on SVU's part.

* NBC and other sources could be spouting out false stories to get their $$$$ and satisfaction

* Neal Bear/Meloni/Hargitay are liars (they better not be!)

Why would Neal need to lie? His rep with SVU and soon LOCI fans is a stake!

I'll believe it when Chris and Mariska get on a talk-show or the Today Show, GM America or etc.

Anonymous said...

Neal Baer is nothing but a skank-ass-hoe and if anyone belives the crap that comes out of his mouth you need to get your head checked!

Neal has lied and tweeted his lies to his fans on numerous occasions.

1.) Diane Neal wasn't going to leave the cast of SVU. (She left)

2.) Season 10 Mariska's character was supposed to be on leave on SVU and be replaced again. (Mariska was going to take a break... she didn't.)

3.) Chris Meloni isn't going to leave SVU. (Which he probably will.)

4.) He's going to be the next ex. on Criminal Intent. (He's still on SVU.)

5.) He said himself Sam Waterston would be on SVU. (That was a no show. Or either the scene was cut one.)

Neal Baer is just trying to psych out SVU fans. That's why I seldomly watch the show... it sucks now and Neal is the problem. I think people will agree SVUs seasons 1-7 were the best of the all. 8 to now is too personal among Benson/Stabler anyway. Mariska AND Chris need to leave.

If anything I'd rather JEFF GOLDBLUM go to SVU.

And talking about 'reps': Why could the Austriallian Courier risk it's reputation?! Why?

Emmi said...

Wow, All Things: looks like you have a message board going now! Lol!

Uh in my own opinion I think we shouldn't trust the stories from that site because like someone mentioned above they posted a story saying S. Epatha Merkerson was going to leave the mothership and Sisto was set to be her character's replacement. Which we haven't even heard a word from Merkerson or Sisto. And they posted a link on Meloni leaving and then removed it and posted a new one... that's kind of weird right there.

But I don't think you guys should put much stock/fault in/on poor Neal Baer either... he's just the showrunner and executive producer. Though I must say his latest work on SVU makes me think he'd have a better show being the showrunner for Days of our Lives instead of CI (season premiere - 3/30 at 10pm on USA).

Like I read on someone else's blog Rene Balcer probably needs to leave L&O again and try to stablize SVU again... the NEW storylines are whack and they get off base and turn personal. Like Micha Barton's character basically DUMPING her baby off on Hargitay's character. That was wrong... I was pissed off about that last Wed! I hope Lee Tergesun comes back though. He and Robin Williams need to come back.

Rene Balcer is a really good L&O writer. He knows how to 'touch all the bases' without going off the main topic of the story. I'd be okay if he wrote for all 3 New York L&Os.

As for Jeff Goldblum on LOCI - Congrats but I'm only watching the series to the 3rd episode of the season. I like M.E. Mastrantonio; she's a good movie actress. But I will ALWAYS like the episodes w/ D'Onofrio/Erbe on the show! I hope by season 10 USA will relized the messed up.

Anonymous said...


L&O franchise is looney now.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the SVU fans who have gone a little off. They are crazed by the fact that Meloni really is leaving. I swear some of the SVU fans are immature teens or immature adults who just can't deal with reality.

I think Law & Order is becoming far better than SVU, the stories are better, the acting is better, and we all know Rene Balcer knows how to run a good show. Neal Naer, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying his fantasty of havign all his aging female guest stars appear in the episodes and by making the show all about Benson and Stabler. Baer is ruining the show!

Anonymous said...

PS to Karen - If a story is false, the stars, or their agents, DO have a responsibility to address the falsehood, especially if is damaging to them or their careers. Chris hasn't denied it because he said it and he likely said it for a very good reason - he either really wants out or he wants more money.

Tiger spoke out because his story was TRUE and he spoke out to confirm it and apolgize for it. The situation with Tiger is nothing like the one with Meloni, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I can see where Karen is coming from though: the media sometimes can make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

Fansites, designated sites, blogs, Twitter, etc. they are all are outlets from a main source (NBC) which passes the story on and sometimes they turn false or fictional.

IMO, I'm not gonna trust the Courier Mail. Until I see further coroboration/physical evidence.

Anonymous said...

ALL THINGS you might want to edit your into...this episode is for "the Mothership" not SVU...

Law & Order SVU “Brazil” Air Date 3/29/2010 (10 PM ET/ 9C Monday NBC)

All Things Law and Order said...

oops = thanks! I had it listed correctly in the title but somehow messed up when I got to the body of the post. I fixed it. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome!!!