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Law & Order Criminal Intent “Loyalty” Recap & Review (Part 1) RIP Danny Ross

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The season 9 premiere of Law & Order Criminal Intent opened with part 1 of “Loyalty”, a very intense episode which signaled a big change for the show. News was out long before the episode aired that one of the three main characters – Goren, Eames, Ross – would not be alive when the episode ended. In an act that will have mixed feelings for fans – Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian) exits the episode in a body bag. While this event is troublesome as no one likes to see a main character die on the show, this means that Goren and Eames will live on after Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe exit the show after Part 2 of “Loyalty”. This also means their characters may live to see another day somewhere in the Law & Order Universe (one can hope!).

This was a somewhat complicated episode but it was required in order to set up Danny Ross’ undercover work for the FBI which led to his murder. Goren is worried that their continued snooping around after Ross told them to back off may have contributed to his killing, and maybe Goren and Eames should have known better that when Ross didn’t give them the usual “nod and a wink” that they should have tread very carefully. All the actors were at the top of their game in this episode, with the segment at the scene of Ross’ murder showing D’Onofrio and Erbe pulling out all the emotional stops to relay their shock and grief. It was hard not to get choked up. The differences in acting style was evident – maybe even a little jarring – when Jeff Goldblum made his appearance as Zach Nichols. It still made sense to pull him into this case as Zach worked for Ross and also had a history with him, but it is clear that Nichols is wired differently than Goren and Eames. Goren and Eames are also likely at different places in their heads with Major Case, working there as long as they have, so maybe they are showing more wear and tear. I think this is by design, as we will see their exits in next week’s episode. While I was not a huge fan of Bogosian when he first came to Law & Order Criminal Intent, I think that they eventually gave his character more purpose and I became very comfortable with him in this role. One thing is for sure; his exit will surely be remembered by fans.

Here is the recap:
In the Indian Ocean, a pleasure yacht sees another ship approach and yells that they are pirates. They arm themselves and shoot at what seem like defenseless occupants, eventually blowing up the ship. They take a piece of cloth floating in the water from the ship and wave it like a flag and applaud their success. Later, at a party, a group watches the video of the shooting and the host tells them to enjoy. Afterward, the host tells another mystery man that he’s taken some of the people from that ship and he can make a profit off them. The mystery man says he found someone clean – a New York City police captain who is struggling to recover from a nasty divorce. Meanwhile, in New York City a couple talks about the people killed on the ship. The man killed was a sheik, and the woman tells him the man’s death means the fun is over for him – Hassan – and it is time for him to seek guidance.

Elsewhere, mystery man (David Pittu) is talking with Captain Danny Ross at a restaurant about creating a law enforcement area for northern Somalia for an area called “Puntland” whose current government borders on anarchy. When Ross expresses concern about pirates, mystery man says Ross can turn that around with the latest technology.

The man from the yacht is in New York City, going out with a woman, getting into the back seat of a car. Later, we see the car pull up to the water’s edge, and the back door opens, and we see them both dead. Someone takes the cloth that was taken from the blown up “pirate” ship and ties it around the neck of the dead woman.

The next day, Detectives Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe), along with ME Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) inspect the body of a woman washed up on the bank of the East River. She appears to have expensive tastes in attire, jewelry, and in her appearance. Eames notices she is wearing one article of clothing, cheap sari cloth, that is cheap and is a “glitch” in her fashion statement, and Goren wonders if it is even hers. While at that scene, Goren gets a call telling him that another body has been located off Governor’s Island; it is a man with a single shot to the head, who also is wearing a very expensive watch. Goren thinks the killer wants them to know it is not about money.

In Captain Danny Ross’ office, he comments that John and Jane Doe were both shot execution style and dumped in the East River. They are trying to identify the bodies, and Goren adds he checked on the watch, which is a Sky Moon Tourbillon and you can only buy those in person from Patek Phillippe in Geneva. Ross hopes the limited client list will help, Goren saying the watch costs over a million dollars. Ross says whatever this man did, he did it far better than he has done. Eames gets a call and tells them that Rodgers is ready. They head to the morgue and ME Rodgers says both victims were shot with a .22 hollow point, and Ross hopes that they can get info of the bullet. She also says they were killed around 11 PM and after a very lavish meal and he drank more wine. She opens the bottle of his stomach contents and holds it to Ross, who reluctantly sniffs it. He says it is too yeasty and he will go with champagne. The caviar dish they ate is likely served in a limited number of restaurants, but Goren asks about the breast implants, and Rodgers says she knows, they have serial numbers.

The detectives are at the office of Dr. Malcome Laventhal, and they find the implants belong to Marya Onegin, 29 years old. She had a fiance who was an older man, who seemed rich, and he identifies the other body as that man; he said he heard they were heading to Africa for big game.

Elsewhere, another man asks Hassan (Ato Essandoh) what he knows about his grandfather, and Hassan comments that he was known as the Mad Mullah. The man gives him poems so he will know of his heritage. The man utters a phrase in another language and tells Hassan not to worry, he will help him. Hassan later runs to a car where a blond woman – Jill (Jicky Schnee) – waits – and she asks about the memorial services. He tells her he can’t invite her and she understands.

Elsewhere, Eames is trying to catch Captain Ross but holds up when she sees him talking with a woman at her car.

Back at the Major Case Squad, Eames tells Goren they have an ID for the male victim – Taras Broidy. The files are redacted as there is a pending federal indictment for possible illegal weapons trading. The FBI copied Ross on the indictment so he knew about it before they did, and Goren wonders why he didn’t tell them. Eames thinks Ross has other things on his mind and tells Goren about seeing Ross with a woman, and they both seem happy about it.

Elsewhere, Ross is meeting with the mystery man in an out of the way location for privacy, referencing exploring employment opportunities. He says he is on board, pending a certain detail – money. The man offers 2 million for a 2 year contract, and Ross wants travel and expenses, the man throws in use of the corporate jet. They talk about payment and the man mentions Cook Islands Trust, saying they know all the tricks. Ross agrees to the deal. Later, we see Ross talking to his mystery woman, looking out on the river, telling her he thinks he sold his soul. But someone is watching– and taking pictures.

The detectives inspect Broidy’s apartment, and Goren notices photos of war criminals on his wall. They find lots of photos of travels, plus all his meds. His daughter Jolie arrives, asking about her father, she tells them she was in Scotland visiting her mom. She has animosity towards her father’s girlfriend as she thinks he was “working” him. The name of her father’s security company was Damocles Security and he always had bodyguards, she tells them to check with his partner.

At Damocles Security, they speak with his partner Van Dekker (John Sharian) and he says he will be happy to provide an alibi. He also tells the detectives there are no “silent partners” in the company.

Back at the Major Case Squad, Goren and Eames update Ross, and he asks them if they noticed the FBI file for Broidy was redacted, and tells them they were redacted for a reason, and they want a moratorium on this and he is honoring the FBI’s request. The detectives question why, and he says he is not contesting jurisdiction and there will be no more warrants and no interviews. When Eames asks if they have a name of who is in charge, Ross shuts them down completely and tells them to organize their files and put them on his desk and he will see that they get it, and he walks out of his office. Eames asks Goren if he was waiting for what she was waiting for, and Goren comments about not getting the wink and the nod that tells them to proceed with the case.

Back at their desks, Eames shows Goren some emails she found on Broidy’s computer, and it is an email from Roy Lofton to Broidy which says “2mil for 2yrs. Ross approved.” Eames says they will ask him about it. Eames says the FBI looked at Lofton as a weapons transport person and he has air space at Patterson airport.

At the airport, Goren begins to take photos of an airplane and says he wanted to see a special airplane, pretending to be an airplane geek. He tries to take a picture of Lofton and asks if he is a cop and asks what department he is in. Goren asks why that would matter, and Lofton says he will go over his head. Goren asks who he will go to, and Lofton makes a call saying they have an unauthorized person in the hangar

Elsewhere, Jill is hanging pictures on a wall and Hassan approaches her, and they kiss. But Kadra walks in and interrupts them. When Jill walks out, Kadra tells Hassan that Jill can no longer be a part of things. His phone rings, and Jill enters and asks Kadra for a hand. Hassan tells the caller they will have to take action.

Back at Major Case, Ross is looking at Lofton’s file and puts it in a drawer when Goren walks in, telling him it looks like they made a decent start. He also tells Goren he can read the look, it’s hard being pulled off a case. Goren says he understands, but says there are a lot of questions. Ross says he is sure there are, but he can’t give him any assurances. They stare at each other and Ross asks if there is anything else and Goren says no, nothing.

Ross, walking outside, gets into the back seat of a car, and a man tell him that is for him. Ross opens an envelope and sees a photo of him with the woman, and he turns and the man shoots him point blank, killing him. (Viewers - pause to weep!)

Later, Eames get a shocking phone call.

ME Rodgers is on the scene as Goren and Eames arrive, and Rodgers is beside herself. She says it was a small caliber weapon. When Goren moves to get to the crime scene, she yells to him they won’t let him in there as they have their own people, and they attempt to restrain Goren as he tries to move in closer. Meanwhile, Ross’ mystery woman is there, she identifies herself as Agent Stahl and says Ross was killed working a federal assignment and they know the law. Eames says she saw Stahl with Ross, and she admits Ross was undercover and she was his contact. Goren is angry, saying they lost him on the FBI’s RICO case. Eames says this is not about politics, he was their friend. Stahl tells him that Ross was contacted by Lofton for a job offer to set up a police force in northern Somalia, and they told him to go along with it and the FBI told him to go along with it as a cover. When Stahl says nobody regrets it more than we do, Goren gets upset and say, “ Aww c’mon with the regrets! You can’t keep us from there! We do what our boss tells us, you’re not our boss, our boss is over there! You’re not stopping us!” The detectives pass the agents and move to the scene where Ross is being placed in the body bag. Eames fights back tears and an equally anguished Goren consoles her. As they walk off, Goren says he thinks their investigation got Ross killed, admitting he ambushed Lofton who took him for a cop. Eames says they don’t have time to torture themselves, they have to beat the FBI to his files.

Back at Major Case, they look through the files, and as they do so, Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) comes in and cautions them about them trying to take the hard drive from the computer., saying it is theft. He says he just spent the last hour trying to console Danny’s sister and Ross was his former partner. Goren asks if he has as screwdriver, and Nichols gives him a flash drive to download the information.

Elsewhere in a parking garage Lofton speaks with “Russell” who expresses concerns over the death of a NY City police captain, but Lofton says he has deniability. Russell says this is an outrage, and Lofton says his side was not involved. Russell tells him without the captain they can’t legally ship the weapons. Lofton says they have a plan B, it was not a matter of choice, and Russell says that Lofton said the same thing about Broidy and the woman and it is all coming from the other side. Russell tell him to move things along and don’t contact him.

Back at Major Case, Nichols enters the office where Goren is working and brings them article about a sheik who was lost at sea between Djibouti and Somalia. Goren finds photos that seem to be taken from the same area from Broidy’s yacht. Eames notices the cloth the sheik’s wife was wearing in the photo looks like the cloth that Broidy’s girlfriend was wearing when her body was found. They see s stranger enter and he comes to the office where they are working. It is Lt. Stanley Maas (David Zayas) and the Chief of D’s sent him there to maintain order, he says he knows they searched and asked what they find. They tell him very little and he tells them until he gets a memo saying the case is not theirs that it still belongs to Major Case and to pull warrants and do whatever it takes.

At an industrial warehouse, Hassan is there with Lofton and Van Dekker looking at weapons. They go outside to test the weapon and Hassan fires a missile that hones in on a small fire and it hits it and explodes.

Later, Goren serves Van Dekker with a warrant and he and Nichols begin a search of his office. Nichols tells Van Dekker that there is a law on the books since George Washington that allows them to prosecute pirates wherever they are apprehended. An officer finds a hidden gun in the outer office when Eames show it to them, Nichols arrests Van Dekker. Meanwhile, the man that shot Ross looks on from another area in the office.

Back at Major Case, Nichols, Eames and Goren look over the case files, Maas enters and tells them he gave the gun to FBI labs to be tested, saying their lab is the last place they will look.

Elsewhere, FBI Agent Stahl is talking with another agent who says headquarters says they can have the federal attorney and six marshals there within the hour. Stahl asks if all the paperwork will be done, with the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, as she wants loaded dice for these pricks.

At Major Case, Nichols has Van Dekker in interrogation about the contradictions in his behavior, and Van Dekker blows some of it off as professional risk. Meanwhile, the man from Van Dekker's office who killed Ross has caught Lofton unaware and shoots him. As Nichols continues to question Van Dekker, Van Dekker gets flip and asks for lunch.

Hassan, elsewhere, has received a call and tells Kadra that they will have transport but she says it is too easy and she hope the Americans won’t interfere. He wonders if the Americans arranged this plane as part of their plan. She says in Somalia he can dismantle the GPS, and Hassan says – or not. She says she was once worried her brother was not ruthless enough to rule.

Back at Major Case while Nichols is in interrogation, Goren and Eames are watching and Maas comes in, saying he got the ballistics – and something else. They walk out of the observation room and Goren and Eames walk into interrogation as Maas heads off the FBI entourage that has entered Major Case.

Van Dekker is going on in interrogation and Goren shows him a photo that shows Lofton is dead. The FBI serves Maas with papers and says he has to look it over, and they tell him to read fast. He closes the office door on them. Back in interrogation while Van Dekker eats lunch, they show him the car that was on the scene where Lofton was shot belongs to Damocles Security, and the gun found in his office matched the gun that shot Captain Ross. Van Dekker says it was planted, and Nichols wonders if he could be right. With detectives planting concerns that Van Dekker may be next on the hit list, he tells them that killing the captain was stupid and was not part of it. He wants a deal and he wants the DA there in order to discuss it first. But the FBI enters and Maas says they have to stop as the FBI has the paperwork and Van Dekker must go into their custody. As they exit interrogation, Goren complains about this and is worried Van Dekker will jump bail and leave the country, or get killed. Stahl says they have bigger priorities and Goren is upset, saying that their captain is dead and that is a big priority. He makes a move for Van Dekker but Maas stops him. Eames tells him when he clears federal arraignment they can arrest him on a different charge, Nichols adding if Van Dekker is still alive. When Nichols asks who is running the show, Goren says they are a long way from knowing that, and he walks off as we fade to black.

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SunnyT said...

I went to record L&O CI and set the timer for 10:00 (my time) on NBC and ended up recording THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!! I AM SUCH A LOSER!!! Please tell me it was not on NBC. Please.

Effie said...

Good stuff... the fireworks will no doubt come next week.

Just noticed "Loftin" was in Cherry Red. I can't place him in my mind... but that's just a good excuse for a rewatch. :D


Rosemary said...

I was not looking forward to seeing Bobby and Alex leave the show (and also Ross) but the fine performances helped get me through it. Thanks for posting that photo of the "Goren Lean!"

I think it's a shame that Goren will apparently leave under a cloud but the franchise has done that before and it would not rule out a return. I am not crazy about the complexity of the plot - it really isn't typical CI - but I suppose it was their excuse to set up the characters' exits.

I still feel so bad for the actors and their fans but I think the cast went about things with typical professionalism.

All Things Law and Order said...

SunyT, the series is airing on USA Network. You may want to check their web site for your local times, hopefully they wil re-air it again before part 2 next week.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode, well done all around. D'Onofrio seemed back to his old self, a lot more energized I think since last season. Maybe knowing that this is it for him was liberating? Erbe and Bogosian both did well. I actually liked the "fill in" captain too.

I like Goldblum but he did seem a bit of a mismatch with the other two. No matter, they were never supposed to be like clones of each other. If the show keeps up the quality of the storytelling as it did here, Jeff and Saffron will be OK.

Anonymous said...

For myself, Goren was the best part of the show , a great actor, and I imagine he was ready to move on. If they threw him out for other reasons, it's beyond me! I don't want to disparage the new guy (Jeff G.), but for myself he doesn't seem to be in the same league as the "old man".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap and the pictures. I'm gone with Vincent and Kate next week, although I dread to think what they're going to put us all through first!

janethyland said...

Does anyone know the ratings yet?

TJara said...

Lovely recap and review. I'm leaving with Goren and Eames.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching Criminal Intent since it first came on and and will probably stop watching now that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will be leaving.

I do like Jeff Goldblum and would prefer that the actors alternate as they did last season. Writing off D’Onofrio and Erbe is a mistake.

Esaul said...

How can it be a mistake if D'Onofrio wanted to leave in the first place? I mean, if he wants to move on from Law and Order, all the more power to him. It was a fantastic episode, and I can't wait to see the rest of the season.

Splosh said...

I want D'Onofrio!

Screw Jeff Goldblum!

I'm done with LOCI after Part II!

Yaro Kasear said...

Meh. Can't say I'll miss Captain Ross all that much. He just didn't seem as engaged with the detectives as Captain Deakins did.

I am going to sorely miss Eames and Goren. Honestly, they made Criminal Intent a success. However, I would be lying if I said I felt Goldblum couldn't carry the show. He does play the sort of quirky characters that made CI a success.

No, if CI is going to die, it'll be the USA executives trying to transform Criminal Intent into a lighthearted Law and Order spinoff instead of the well known dark and gritty tone we came to expect since the very beginning.

On the bright side, IF they find out letting D'Onofrio and Erbe go was a HUGE mistake, they can always rehire them with much higher salaries, since it's now revealed neither of their characters gets killed.

But, I reiterate, I'm not gonna miss Captain Ross all that much. I really hated to see Deakins leave, as well as the COMPLETELY random and unexplained departure of Ron Carver. I rather liked Ron.

Peprowni said...

I quit Law & Order: CI until/unless the stars come back. Jeff Goldblum needed his OWN series!

Animelee said...

The good:

* Still realistic.
* Still documentary style (except for the weird yellow fadeout and flash at the beginning).
* No stupid vocal, non-Mike Post music in the background.
* They brought back the doink-doink!!!

The bad:

* Goren and Eames leaving, Ross being murdered. :(

Anonymous said...

The Law and Order franchise has proven it can move forward with a revolving cast. Since CI"split" successfully a few seasons ago, I also think it can live on without Goran and Eanes. Now don't get me wrong, Robert Goran was the reason I became HOOKED on this show, but his personal drama these last few seasons have become a turn off (I loved Eanes telling him they didn't have time for a personal drama, hee).

I've never been of Goldblum but he really won me over last season. My big complaint though of the split cast is they should have at least had 1-2 episodes dedicated to big storylines that involved both sides. They didn't do that nearly enough.

I'm going to miss Danny Ross. I was really worried this episode was going to have him die in scandal (I think it was obvious fairly early on he would be the one to go) but relieved he was double crossing the bad guys.

Poor Rodgers.

Annie said...

My mom told me Jeff Goldblum isn't worth the screen time he's getting on LOCI.

I agree... LOCI HAS gone down... it's been down since season 6. They need to ALTERNATE between the cast not one cast does all like it used to be. Who wants to see Jeff Goldblum in EVERY episode of the season? - Other than his fanbase.

I for one will not watch 'Nichols Drivel'. I will be watching Southland after April 6th. Sorry. All Things I won't be commenting here on your LOCI stuff unless VDO/KE are somehow involved. I may pop in once or twice and read a review on LOCI but that's it.

I'm done - Jeff Goldblum is not my speed.

VD'O - He can give you some CRANK! I love you Vincent! And Katie!

janethyland said...

The raitings were very low for the LOCI premiere,perhaps the lowest ever,despite the spin tyhat TVbythenumbers is making about them. 1.1 in the young demo and 3.56 watching is not good and down even from Season 8 premiere which was 4.5.

This is especially bad since its had publicity and since its the goren Finale.

However it is nice to see that In Treatment, showrun by Warren leight during 2009, just won a 2009 Peabody Award for its excellence as Drama. "In Treatment gives new meaning to theatre of the Mind...the very essence of Drama".Warren leight and his team of writers left LOCI after Season 7 when he was head hunted to run In Treatment.

MissJanet said...

Leslie Hendrix is the best. Her scene at the crime scene was heartbreaking. Does anyone know if she stays on the show?

I'll miss GE very much, they made the show and it was good as it was.

The ratings: For alot of people CI ended last season, JG is a wellknown actor, but honestly, who wants to see him in a dying TV show on cable that is not even showcasing his talents or playing his strengths? Phewww.

janethyland said...

This episode sounds like a compilation episode, a sort of summing up with Goren in all his guises and wardrobe and with references to all that has been in the past 8years,including doinks.

But the manner of wizzy plot manoeuvres,effusing emotions over yet another death, and action man bangs and explosions is more like SVU that traditional LOCI, which used to be much slower and cerebral.

TJara said...

I have to disagree with tripp3235. Now the Mothership might have had a few major cast changes, but CI and SVU have a more steady cast. Time will tell whether people (casual viewers) will adapt to the changes, but when one looks around the fansites, it doesn't seem like the fanbase will.

janethyland said...

yes, I thought SVU was like LOCI in that they had the same lead detectives since the beginning, even if cast changed around them.
Mothership is different because it began with an ensemble cast in two distinct sections so attention was dispersed from the beginning, not focused.

LOCI was always out on its own, an experiment between Wolf and VDO as a different sort of actor.Thats why alot of us started watching in the first place,people who would have no interest in the formulaic Law and orders.

All Things Law and Order said...

Updated numbers from TVbythe numbers:

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10pm, 59 minutes)
- 3.559 million viewers
- 1.1/3 A18-49

Music Wench said...

I was not impressed. It was an okay episode. There were a few good moments but I can see why Vincent wanted to leave.

Don't worry L&O people, Vincent fans will be out of your hair quite soon. One more episode and I'm done. So stop telling us to get over it. We will be 'over it' when Vincent and Kathryn are done.

I do like Jeff Goldblum. I just don't like him enough to keep watching this sinking ship.

Lizzie said...

Did I read the ratings wrong on TVby thenumbers or did LOCI come in at no.1 for cable shows? They may be lower ratings than they've had before, but they're higher (on cable) than any other show got - at least that's what I'm seeing. I'm done after next week anyway, so it won't matter any more after that.


All Things Law and Order said...

Lizzie, it looks to me that LOCI had the best numbers which I think is a good thing. I wonder if they factor in DVR numbers what it will look like?

Here's the link to the #s in case everyone han't seen them:

Anonymous said...

TJara: CI might not have had as many cast changes as the mothership, but they have many additions and leavings. We no longer have the DA representative. And once they split the cast, we've had 3 different partners for Mike Logan and Wheeler now has had two.

I do think CI has gone down in quality but I think it's because they let it get bogged down into the spiral downfall of Goran which has not been enjoyable to watch. His family deaths, the lazy ass way they wrapped up Nicole (that was just bad) and his own personal demons were really out of control. The only enjoyable episode was finding out he might be the son of a serial killer.

I was sad to see Logan go but I think Goldblum's character is fine. I think a TV show should never be about ONE character and in the case of L&O, that applies tenfold.

Again, I'm not suggesting that Goran and Eanes (and even Ross) leaving won't leave a gigantic hole. But I am willing to give the current cast as well as the incoming actors a chance.

Anonymous said...

This show belongs to BOTH (Wolf) D'Onofrio and Goldblum... it's set for BOTH not one or the other.

They make the cast turn from 5 to 3... this show is gone. Like L&O when Merkerson leaves. Rumors say Jeremy Sisto's character will be written as the Commanding Officer. I assume you'll keep us in the loop on that All Things.

Anonymous said...

vincent made the show- a great actor!! He along with Sam waterston, ice-t and mariska made the shows something you didn't want to miss!!! great job and many thanks for the entertainment!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap! I'm glad you made some sense out of the whole thing, it was a wee bit confusing.

I like Ross (even better than Deakins), but I feel like this would have had more impact if it were Deakins instead, you know, the whole "go with the captain you came in with" thing.

This episode turned out better than I thought it would, but there's still part II, so who knows.

My one complaint (predictably)is Nichols presence took down the momentum. At the very least,I thought that Goren and Eames would have their own send-off to themselves.

janethyland said...

In Plain Sight premiere was also low and similar in numbers and rating. It got 3.8 million and .9 in the key young persons demo.

I wonder if thats a trend of young people leaving USA and watching elsewhere now that some major broadcasters are putting on more interesting and new work.I really like Glee for instance and watch it as a family weith my teenagers. Nice to have family drama occasionally.

Variety had an article where it said USA had lost 12% of key demo this year from last year.

Last year both Plain Sight and LOCI dropped in numbers and demo. LOCI has the oldest average age audience on television, at 59. Thats old, even older than me!

Lizzie said...

Thanks for confirming I haven't quite lost the plot yet 'All Things' ;)

It was a new time and night for the show, I thought it did well. Wish I cared what happens after next week - but I don't.


Anonymous said...

I'm done after VDO/KE leaves. USA Network's Bonnie Hammer released a statement (in 2006) saying original programming (Like Monk/Psych) when the ratings fall to low and stick for 3 episodes of a series or more... the shows get put on pause (like Monk before the final season) or canceled.

LOCI will probably do the latter. And it'll suit me just fine.

I love you Vincent D'Onofrio!

A Fan Done With LOCI (Jake) said...

"Now on Tuesday nights... everyone will have an alibi." - USA Network.

I wont have an alibi after April 6th on Tuesday nights... I'm done after that!

Anonymous said...

IMO this episode was like a bad plastic surgery. The plot is too artificial to my taste. Which is a shame because the acting was pretty good.

It's a fact. The magic is all gone. It's not LOCI anymore, but LOCA = Law & Order Criminal Aberration.

janethyland said...

yes, the magic has gone.
On Tuesday night The Good Wife got the biggest audience in terms of numbers, and that was in a repeat. It got 8.2million and 1.5 in the demo.

More than V, which appeals to a different young audience and which got 3.2 in the demo, The Good Wife appeals to the same aging audience as LOCI.So Id say alot of old LOCI fans are watching that, especially since Chris Noth is in it.

janethyland said...

I forgot, V was actually down by 6% in the key demo from last seasons last episode.

Anonymous said...

I think the LOCI episode will be rebroadcast at 9 a.m. (Eastern) Sunday, April 4, on USA Network. But please check your local listings and/or online to be certain.

Victoria said...

I know after April 6th I'm going back to "The Good Wife" & "Southland"!

Law & Order: CI can go to the dogs now. I agree with the Anonymus that say LOCI was LOCA (Law & Order Criminal Aberration) It's more like:

LOJGE: Law & Order: Jeff Goldblum Edition... which is going to suck in the ratings.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty heartbroken. I loved D'Onofrio as an actor and truly loved his character. The backstory was one of the best things I've ever seen on television. Erbe was lovely and it's sad to see her go. And, oh, Capt. Danny Ross. I loved his intelligence and truly enjoyed what little backstory there was about him: divorced, dating Rodgers, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, connected as all get-out.

My hope is that LOCI writers will give as much to Goldblum as they did to D'Onofrio. His character's backstory -- son of two (?) shrinks, maladjusted in a different way from Goren, also keenly intelligent -- has tons of potential.

It saddens me to read anti-Goldblum comments: my feeling is that everyone is already missing D'Onofrio and that the comments are a reflection of the nostalgia and not so much a representation of what Goldblum has to offer.

Great blog, by the way. You know your L&O.

Anonymous said...

What's with the name "Serena Stevens"? Not good.

Music Wench said...

I have to agree with Whitters. Nichols presence took away from Goren and Eames and made for some annoying moments. It would seem the writers have no idea about Goren and Eames at all. Like Eames should have been at the computer while Goren would be poring over the files. Also, I'm sure Eames has an idea about flash drives. She wouldn't have needed Nichols to point that out.

So it made them look dumbed down and Nichols look smarter. Nothing against Nichols looking smart but don't make Goren and Eames look like they need his help. They've been doing fine without him for eight seasons thank you.

Why Walon Green was given the show runner job over the person running the Goldblum epis is beyond me.

At this point I'm just counting down the hours until the stress is over. After Tuesday I'm gone.

I'll still check in on These Are Their Stories and other blogs by this author but there is no point in being here any more. It's Goldblums turn and his fans can have at it without any critiques from those of us who may not appreciate him as much.

I feel sorry for Jeff in a way as he is stepping into the middle of quite the controversy. I hope the writers do better by him than they have for Vincent in the last season.

Anonymous said...

I've NEVER liked Jeff Goldblum: even when he came to LOCI last year I didn't watch but 1 episode ("Rock Star") and I fell out ever since... the only good part about his episodes last year was he was teamed with Julianne Nicholson (Wheeler). I liked Wheeler but not enough to watch Goldblum.

I'll be damned if I watch him after Loyalty II with Saffron Burrows.

I'm going to miss D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. Goren/Eames are probably the best team in the L&O franchise (excluding: Benson/Stabler).

I'm done after next Tue. I hope the show get's canceled. but that's my opinion on what LOCI needs if VD'O/KE aren't coming back.

janethyland said...

I think the purpose of the episode was to hand over to Nichols by forcing you to watch him in the same episode as Goren, rather than honouring Goren and eames.Hois presence just annoyed me.

The show is back to being a straight Law and Order type, nothing special like it was. VDO really made a difference. Pity. The magic is definitely gone.

Anonymous said...

Come back Rene Balcer!
Bring VDO/KE back with you!

Anonymous said...

I've made some searches regarding the ratings of the two last CI episodes with Vincent and Kathryn. Unfortunately I've found nothing.
Do anyone know how many viewers Loyalty parts 1 and 2 got?
Thank you in advance for the answer. :)

A fan of Vincent's (but who isn't?)

Anonymous said...

Me again.
Just after I posted my previous comment, I found the link to tvbythenumbers and the ratings for Loyalty.
I can't help but notice that the show hasn't lost any audience. Vincent must be happy for that. ;)

The same fan of Vincent's...

David Shields said...

I realize that this is ancient history, but every time I see this episode (Loyalty, that is)I'm mystified.

When did Goren and Eames ever become friends with Ross? He was always at odds with them.

All the emotion around his murder doesn't make sense to me. Enlighten me, anyone?

Music Wench said...

Hey David, I'll be glad to enlighten you. Not sure if you were an addict who watched every second of this show sometimes more than once. lol

I am one of those people. Ross and Goren after working together over time seemed to learn respect for each other. Ross is Ross. He's a hard ass. IMO, most of their arguments and problems came about because Goren and Ross were both more similar than not. They both were very smart - Ross apparently shares some of Goren's interest in authors and history. Ross always considered Goren his 'best man' from the very beginning despite his misgivings about his methods. They're both alpha males so they both tend to clash more.

But, Ross stood by Goren during Purgatory. He put his job on the line in doing so. I know Goren appreciated it. He helped him get back on the squad - again, risking his job. In Frame, Ross urged Eames to give Ross a reason NOT to tell superiors about the suspicions that were popping up around Goren. He faced off against Goren but in the end, you just knew he was hoping he was wrong. I think Ross and Goren managed to come to an understanding and mutual respect.

Ross put himself on the line a couple of times for Goren. I think it finally got through Goren's head that Ross did care about his detectives. I think Eames realized it, too.