Thursday, March 25, 2010

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Loyalty” Episode Information, Plus More Cast Photos

TV Guide has released the basic episode information for the 2 part season 9 premiere of Law & Order Criminal Intent, which is listed below. I also included two more official cast photos (Saffron Burrows and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and new photos of Jeff Goldblum and Saffron from an upcoming episode.

Please do not forget to tune in when Law & Order Criminal Intent returns on March 30 on USA Network!

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Loyalty Part 1” Air Date March 30, 2010 10PM ET/9C USA Network

In Part 1 of the two-part Season 9 premiere, Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a wealthy businessman and his girlfriend, who were embarking on pirate-hunting exhibitions off the coast of Africa. Elsewhere, Ross receives a lucrative offer.
My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Loyalty, Part 1" can be found here.

Law & Order Criminal Intent “Loyalty Part 2” Air Date April 6, 2010 10 PM ET/9C USA Network

Conclusion. Goren and Eames clash with the Feds over a murder investigation involving a complex political power play while also dealing with a loss. Saffron Burrows joins the cast as Det. Serena Stevens, Nichols' new partner, while Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe exit as series regulars.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Loyalty Part 2" can be found here.

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havers said...

So it will be Danny, really?

Oh, why is that so hard? I don't want to think about everything.

TJara said...

Seems it's Danny who dies and gets the promotion... hmmm... that leaves Goren to be fired and Eames to quit (or reverse, but I doubt that)

Nick said...

Ross - murdered
Eames - promoted/resigned
Goren - fired no doubt

Nichols - needs to be murdered.

I think YouTube fans should do what L&O horrorcore fans did. Post fan-videos about what USANetwork did to LOCI.

I think VDO was fired from the seires like KE/EB. But he left before he could be given the boot. Like Noth left before he could be given the boot. But rather people know it or not but Seasons 6 & 7 of LOCI were originally meant to be written for Noth's character for him to develop more on LOCI which he did.

Warren Leight was originally told not to make Goren/Eames more than what they were already. And he messed that up and the 6/7th seasons. Then these "new" writers came in a screw up the series even more for VDO/KE... the eps for JG/JN episodes were better than the G/E ones.

LOCI/ NBC-U hide a lot of stuff and it needs to be uncovered, That's why rumors of Neal Baer coming to showrun LOCI in 2010-2011 surfaced in February... because it's a leak at NBC/U. It's a conspiracy and crime.

Sara said...

I stopped watching Law & Order when Chris Noth left and I have never been a regular viewer since. I felt betrayed when Noth was brought back for what amounted to a brief few seasons on LOCI, but I didn't abandon the series entirely because I like D'Onofrio, Erbe and Bogosian.

With their exits I will no longer be watching. I have never cared for Jeff Goldblum. Wish the series well.

M.M. Bailey said...

I agree with the two comments above mine.

Rumore has it that Noth would guest spot in this season. IDK as Logan or not. I think LOCI/the mothership went down the drain when both series changed exec. producers. Rene should have stayed with LOCI, the mothership was fine until he went back!


I'm DONE with Criminal Intent after Loyalty.

Shelly said...

I'll watch the two-part premiere and then will give the new cast a chance. I may like it; I may not, but I'm not going to know until I actually see it. I'll give them a chance to settle in as a cast, etc. I think all the fan loyalty is great, and it will be very different without Goren and Eames, but I've gotten over many of my favorites leaving the Mothership over the years. This could be the start of something good, or it could be the beginning of the end... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Shelly I'm sorry but 'The Jeff Goldblum Hour' is not for me or the fans who have ever enjoyed VDO/KE Chris Noth, Julianne Nicholson, Alicia Witt, or even Annabella Sicorra. The B team is not worth watching without the A team with VdO/KE.

I'm done with LOCI after Puntland/Mad Mullah/Loyalty. May LOCI go down the flusher! If VDo/KE came back in season 10... I might watch. But if no, I pass on the Nichols/Stevens team.

Jane said...

@ Tjara, Vincent left voluntarily he wanted to leave[had done for a while I think] and basically once the "star" of the show was out the others were too which is sad but that's what these big companies are like, I do hate the fact that they have been left out of the cast photos given that they are still in the season up to a point but that's like saying that the first two episodes are not part of the series but just a spin off before the "real" series begins grrrrr>:(

@Nick:I don't think Jeff is at fault I notice many that didn't like even Chris being on the show, but if he hadn't been we would of being saying goodbye long ago.

TJara said...

@Jane, I'm not quite certain why you are addressing me, I didn't say anything about VDO, but about the content of the episode "Loyalty". And as for that, I think it's Goren who is fired.

My oppinion about what went down during contract negotations is quite different, but I don't want to turn this into a "why VDO/KE/EB left thread".

Music Wench said...

All I know is, no Goren and Eames and that's enough to drive me away. I noticed the writers all left at the same time - save for one who was only there for a year. I say cost cutting was going on from that point on and it's only been a matter of time before they get to the point where they cut the only reason for anyone to continue watching this show. Doing it on the cheap just brings it down.

Season 8 was awful and I don't expect much from season 9 unless they hired better writers. From the sound of it, they didn't.

It's better to just let the show be canceled than let it continue floundering.

Nothing personal against the new cast but they're not enough to keep me watching. When the writing was awful, the only reason I continued to watch was Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian. A lot of fans will be leaving with them. If the new actors can bring fans to the show, well, fine but it's not a good show any more and quite frankly hasn't been since season 7.

Amanda said...

I really can't see myself watching CI after next week. I honestly would rather have had the show cancelled than ruined, which, imho, is the case. If USA wanted to do a cop show with featuring JG/SB/MEM WHY didn't they just start a new one? I wasn't disappointed with tonights episode, I actually thought it was exciting. But knowing that VdO/KE are being written off in one episode, next week is not satisfying. I guess I feel like they had something special in this show, and I was a devoted fan, and as a devoted fan I feel betrayed! Cheated! Robbed! By the writers. I thing VdO/KE/EB deserved more, that I as a fan, deserved more... I should probably just remember USA saved LOCE after nbc killed it, and be grateful it was on for a few more years...

June said...

I like Jeff Goldblum a lot in his role on Criminal Intent--he's really good--but his new partner is FLAT. The new chief is fine--but that new partner needs to go. Ilike Chris Noth old red headed freckled partner (whose name I can't remember)--she had the personality to go with JG and his comments-