Friday, March 5, 2010

Law & Order Criminal Intent To Be Summer Fill-In on NBC

NBC has announced that episodes from the 9th season of Law & Order Criminal Intent, scheduled to begin their first airing on USA Network on March 30, 2010, will “encore” on NBC beginning on Sunday, June 20, at 10 PM ET. They also state that those episodes will also “repeat” on Saturdays beginning June 26, 8 PM ET.

I know many fans wanted Law & Order Criminal Intent to return to NBC for the first run episodes, but this may be the closest fans can get, for now.

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Sara said...

This would have been great news if LOCI was going forward with Vince, Kathryn and Eric. As it stands, I'm not a Jeff Goldblum fan and when summer rolls around, I will have long stopped watching.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with that.I'm glade to here it. Last year when they showed the episodes CI did better in the ratings then most of the other programs on NBC.That includes the brand new ones!

Anonymous said...

I guess this is business as usual for NBC, cheaper than airing new stuff, plus it's in the dead of summer, so they save money.

Also, I don't understand these people who want CI to return to first-run on NBC. They are championing a lost cause./end debbie downer rant

Anonymous said...

I am very sadden to hear that Vincent is leaving the show. Jeff Goldblum shows me absolutely nothing, except looking at him as "the FLY." He does not have that soothing kind of voice effect that Vincent portrays as a detective. To be his role is someone of a "madman" trying to fit into the scene as a character. I regret that Vincent and Kathy are not going to be the partners that they were. They made a terrific team and I did so want them back on NBC, just as I wanted "Kings" back. NBC has done a lot to hurt their ratings by not asking those who are in tune with certain shows to rate how we feel, not by a poll, because I for one have never been polled, neither by NBC or the politicans, who say that they are speaking on my behalf. That's crazy! BRING VINCENT BACK!