Friday, June 24, 2011

A Tribute to the 10th Season of Law & Order Criminal Intent

From Wolf Films, here’s a tribute to the 10th season of Law & Order Criminal Intent.

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UDENGUI said...

Odio pensar que esta sea la ultima temporada de LOci, por favor, proque nos las quitan??? no val la pena hacer un esfuerzo por mas temporada???. VOTO POR MAS LOCI!!!!

gahks said...

Would've made a pretty neat trailer for season 10 too!

Taliba said...

Was it coincidence that the first session with the shrink occurred in the Consoler episode, where the Catholic priest abuse scandal is at the heart of the story? Most of the behavior that has come to light over the years occurred during the 60s and 70s, when the Church decided to take advantage of a new, scientific method to deal with troublesome priests - psychotherapy. It sounded perfect (according to a report published a couple of years ago by the Irish government) - the priests were quietly removed from the parish and sent to residential treatment centers for months, sometimes years, sparing the Church's reputation, the priest's reputation, and preventing further abuse by curing the abuser. The only problem was, it didn't work - insight didn't change desires or behavior. And amidst his delving into the current scandal, Goren trustingly asks the psychiatrist whether she thinks it's possible for her to help him have the normal happiness that other people have. Past performance (of the technique) suggests this may not be the way to achieve it.

It it turns out in the final episode that the sessions didn't help, we'll have to admit that we were warned.

At this point I think I know the answer to the puzzle of what's bothering the poor guy, but I'm hoping they have a couple of unexpected twists that turn everything on its head - zebras, not horses. I don't really have a preferred outcome (except, maybe, he leaves the NYPD to return to Korea to look into what Cage was really up to there in the 90s) - I'm just hoping it isn't obviously an ending dictated by the accountants, something obviously intended to preserve the profitability of the reruns and DVDs and the possibility of additional seasons of LOCI by ignoring evidence and logic. But it's called show business for a reason, as someone recently remarked.

Music Wench said...

Wish they could have included more from later episodes. Oh well, I'm just glad they're giving the show a nice send off.

janethyland said...

well at least you keep to the point and dont make every post an excuse to blow your own trumpet.

Music Wench said...

lol I know what 'breaks' means, too.