Friday, June 24, 2011

Law & Order UK: Harriet Walter on DI Natalie Chandler

(Source: ITV publicity)

Harriet Walter is 
DI Natalie Chandler

Harriet Walter believes having worked with new Law & Order: UK co-star Peter Davison before it gave the pair a head start in their scenes together.

"You get a sense of history between Natalie Chandler and Henry Sharpe, says Harriet. "He's got a very different way of working from Bill Paterson's character George Castle, the former director of the CPS. He seems to have a different style and a different dynamic within his team.

"It's interesting as my character interacts with different heads of the CPS and when Natalie meets him there is a sense of history that they've worked together before. A sense of two leaders of their teams confiding in one another in a way that cuts out a lot of chat and gets right to the point.

"He certainly affords her a certain respect for her way of doing things. He allows her the time to do things her own way.

"I've worked with Peter a couple of times on Dr Who and we also played husband and wife in a Channel 4 film so perhaps we are building on that history; using that prior knowledge to add atmosphere to the part."

Harriet continues: "With the other new character in the CPS, Jacob Thorne, Natalie is withholding judgement. He seems younger than James Steel and less confrontational although still forthright. I think Natalie is still waiting to find out more about him, she hasn't quite got a handle on him yet. She is not quite sure of where they stand.

"There is a natural tension between the police and judiciary. We are all ultimately working towards the same cause but there are times when the police know full well they've got their person but so often the prosecution is less straight forward and the CPS make demands on the police to go back and do something again.

"It can be frustrating when they can't prosecute for lack of evidence or because a defence lawyer throws in a left field tackle. We see that frustration in the legal team but rarely revisit the police to see how it takes its toll on them."


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