Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Law & Order LA “El Sereno” Promo

Here’s the NBC promo for Law & Order LA “El Sereno” which will air on Monday June 20, 2011 at 10PM ET/9C.
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cbsplaysdirty said...

Okay, I'm gonna rant again, I apologize to all the LOLA LOVERS, but this has to do with the idiocy at NBC. So, this promo ends with Morales and TJ as cops walking down the street, but it is a pre-reboot episode with Winters and TJ. Not only that, since it seems that Howard is in this episode, it can be assumed that Molina is not. So the promo implies that it is a reboot episode with DETECTIVE MORALES........when in fact, he won't even be in the episode as a lawyer. My head is spinning from the stupditiy.

WTF are they doing at NBC? Do they sit down and creatively brainstorm the WORST way to advertise a show????

It's almost like now they have to JUSTIFY cancelling the show by having the most counterproductive advertising strategy.

This is what has me the most frustrated -- the exec decisions by the network.

janethyland said...

Well i still say they wanted it to fail, and this mess confirms the fact they dont want anybody watching!They dont care.In fact I was sure Balcer had already left...becase Blake Masters seems to have left half way though the firs half season. His episode listed of Granada Hills never got made.

Maybe they thought they would get Mothership back if LOLA failed, and that was their aim.

Somthing very strange went on.

ReviveLawandOrderLA said...

I liked the promo up until the guy said "Law & Order: LA".

But I will say that NBC promotes LOLA more than they did the Mothership; although the promos for LOLA are shoddy.

They are gonna make the LOLA finale more than it really is because the finale aired on May 16th.

gahks said...

As one of those 'LOLA lovers' that cbs rather patronisingly refers to, I happen to agree that NBC's promotion of this show has been nothing short of a farce.

janethyland said...

maybe they arent advertising it well because they dont want to look fools for having cancelled the original version,so they hope the numbers watching drop.

cbsplaysdirty said...

@Janethyland -- Justification of their stupidity trumps the advertisers getting their viewers.

janethyland said...

CBS,just in case you miss this from the other thread-

well my original and immediate thought was that this decision by wolf was not about Reason but about emotion.

He made the change to make LOLA more like Mothership because it had just got cancelled. Mothership is the love of his life. He did it out of sentiment for Mothership.And thats why it all feels so irrational.

All these business men pretend they work from hard nosed business propositions, but most of the time its still about emotion.They just dont admit it.

The other thing I noted which felt like desperation at the time, was all the "politically correct" interviews the actors were clearly being asked to make, about how wonderful Mothership was and how glad they were about the changes and how much they needed secure employment.It was so overboard and absurd.In fact it was plain weird!

None of them seemed to talk about LOLA as a show in its own right anymore.Although Molina did make the point that he didnt see anything wrong with what they were doing anyway before the changes. Thats about the most honest comment that was made.Its a point that most critics made too!

So that again persuades me that Wolf made an emotional decision out of his love for Mothership.

cbsplaysdirty said...

@Jane -- that makes sense but usually these huge changes are only allowed if a large number of people/execs at NBC agree to them. I still think there was more to the story and for a show that has the second most number of viewers at the network to get a massive overhaul, there would have been more of a motivator than just his love for Mothership. Just my opinion though. I'm thinking logistically. I'm sure Wolf pulled a lot of weight at NBC, but not enough to allow him to implode the show just to bring back Alana.

Maybe Molina/Howard wanted more screen time? I don't know. It's irrelevant now.

All Things Law and Order said...

The episode has been moved to June 20.