Saturday, June 4, 2011

Law & Order LA : The Appeal

The verdict was swift – Law & Order LA was canceled. The problem is, the series didn’t have enough time to make its case. I think that the decision to cancel should be appealed. Don’t let Law & Order LA fade into oblivion. Write to the network and/or your local NBC affiliates to ask them to keep Law & Order LA alive. Here’s my video message – let’s help Morales and TJ get back on the streets, Gonzales back in RHD, and Dekker and Rubirosa back into the courtroom. What can you do to help?

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Annie Z. said...

I just want SVU to come to its senses and play nice...

Jeremy said...

I agree with you, but I still think the original should've never been canceled either.

I personally wish they would've kept Morales in the courtroom and Skeet Ulrich on the street. Terrence Howard's terrible acting really hurts the show in my opinion.

I was really thinking LOLA was going to be a big fail, but I have to say that the wife and I were pleasantly surprised by the writing and the show over all.

I especially can't see why SVU gets to stay around. Speed Weed and company have really made that show into a stinker the past two seasons.

cbsplaysdirty said...

I wouldn't even fight for this if they had kept Ulrich as the detective. The writing is just dull.

K&B said...

I love Dekker and Molina where they are now and applaud Wolf Films for revamping the show in a way that is more appealing. It's just too NBC messed it up by putting the older episodes in the holster while waiting for it to be redeveloped, as well as moving it to Monday.

I will do everthing I can to save LOLA.

Alicja Buczkowska said...

Us fans need to do everything in our power to save this show. I've had enough of people not watching it because it's "boring". It isn't boring, if you were mature enough you would understand the show. I have been watching the franchise since I was a little girl, instead of watching Disney Channel, I was watching L&O.

It seems as if NBC purposefully moves shows to Monday to kill them. I say we file a Motion to Appeal to NBC, and bring back all the shows of the franchise. If we show them what it means to us, we will bring it back.

ReviveLawandOrderLA said...

SVU has no bearing on LOLA's case Annie... sorry. All that is between Meloni, NBC/Wolf; Wolf can be blamed for Meloni's departure in some extent.

As for LOLA: a facebook campagin page,

A petition for BOTH L&O and LOLA to TNT: - couldn't hurt to sign.

Tell other fans - Twitter, Facebook, telephone/email, letters message boards - to send letters to the networks (mainly NBC & TNT), local outlets, etc.

LOLA's cancellation can be appealed if NBC and Wolf see fans have enough drive to want the show back.

janethyland said...

This weeks episode of LOLA, Cathay Circle, is written by Debra Fisher. I think shes an SVU writer.

Dorothy Alice said...

I can figure out how to write to my local affiliate, but the NBC website makes it very difficult to write to them. Does anybody have a good link or address for the NBC network?

gahks said...

@janet: Debra Fisher was a writer for "Criminal Minds". She was one half of the 'Gruesome Twosome', the other half being Erica Messer, who was recently installed as the showrunner for the seventh season of the show. They wrote some notable episodes together during the early years.

Incidentally, Judith McCreary, a longtime "SVU" writer, was on the writing staff of that show for the first season. She also wrote some "LA" episodes.

janethyland said...

Interesting about Erica Messer. she must be one of the few women showrunners.I never watched "Criminal minds".

Judith McCreary wrote Harbor City and Debra Fisher wrote Passadena,both of which I enjoyed.

All Things Law and Order said...

Dorothy Alice, I got this information off the NBCUiversal site as a contact (in fact it was the only one I could find!):

NBC Entertainment
Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity
Link to contact info:

Or - if you are on twitter, you can tweet @nbclola - or comment to them via Facebook at:

You may get better visibility using twitter and facebook!

cbsplaysdirty said...

"...if you were mature enough you would understand the show..."

Mature enough? I'm mature enough to think it is absolutely ridiculous that a guy would spend years to rise to the level of Detective, then become a high ranking lawyer, then switch back to become a cop again, and just so happen to become the partner of the guy who just lost his partner and is the whole reason why you left law and.....what about the whole 'the cop finds a picture the neighbor took of the cult killer's killer holding the exact pruning knife that is the murder weapon?' I'm surprised it didn't have a nice red bow on it.

Or in the same episode how the cult killer's killer walks past the desk of the husband cop who is investigating her this time and his ex-cop wife's picture is on the desk (who just happened to be the one to interrogate her years before) and now there is a conflict.... it's like they subcontracted high school writers.

There were a few good episodes, but overall I don't think it was a high caliber show and I won't miss it once it is off the air. Not being harsh, just truthful.

I mean I watched a few episodes of CSI NY which has been on the air for many seasons and it bored me to death, so....?

Alicja Buczkowska said...

@cbsplaysdirty Y'know, if aren't a fan of LOLA, why are you hating on it in a place where it clearly isn't rational to? I respect your opinion, but if you're going to just flame the show, do it in a place where it's appropriate.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Abbe said...

Please see @abbebuck on twitter. #fb, too. I've been busy. Thank you Janet, all for doing this! ab

cbsplaysdirty said...

I'm a fan of some of the actors on the show so I like to watch some of their clips. Molina is a strong actor and I liked him as the ADA, I liked Ulrich and Stoll and hope that Corey finds another gig as he is a very engaging and talented actor.

I didn't know this was a site for people to only voice their undying love? I've seen other people complain as well ..... and the things that I mentioned others were complaining about even before the reboot and it was predominantly about the banality of the writing and Howard's melodramatic line delivery.

But don't worry, I'll only watch the video clips of the last few episodes and then the show will be done and you don't have to worry about me boosting the stats on this site.

All Things Law and Order said...

cbsplaysdirty - this is not strictly a fan site. It's called ALL Things Law and Order, which means it covers the good and the bad. I think most people DO come here because they have an interest in one or more of the shows. I often wonder what motivates people to come to a site in order to repeatedly bash a seems like a wasted effort.

As far as you boosting my stats: my stats, along with the several thousand visitors who come here daily, wouldn't even notice you were gone.

GreatFurry1 said...

While I applaud the appeal to save LOLA, the effort seems half-hearted.
It has been weeks since the cancellation and no rumors or speculation that any network has any interest in reviving LOLA.
It is hard to support the appeal sine the audience appears fragmented - half seem to like the re-booted version of LOLA (me included), many seem to like it as it debuted.
I think besides LOLA weak ratings, the new Comcast-led regime at NBC wants to break from the past; and the past, at NBC, for the last two decades, has been dominated by Dick Wolf and L&O.
It may not be smart but it is how takeovers work.

Dorothy Alice said...

Wanna know what's weird? I just "discovered" my Comcast/Xfinity On Demand menu about 6 weeks ago. I've been re-watching every LOLA episode since then. At first, the 30-second ads were for new movies and other NBC shows. This past week, however, the ads have been "Watch LOLA on Monday nights at 10!" Why use ad space for a cancelled series? Could it be that NBC is reconsidering? Or am I just a hopeless dreamer? Any thoughts?

janethyland said...

Greatfurry, good post.
It was a divided audience.
That can never be resolved, so i think NBC made the right decision.
This week ratings fell back again. You may be right ,that NBC has to forge new relationships and break with its past.
How else will it entice people in to watch its shows.

I love the Law and Order writing. I love its humanity. But i think the moment is over aqnd Wolf now needs to do more experimental work. After all he cant be short of money!

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing LOLA has been canceled Then I hear they were picked up by USA Network.sombody pick up LOLA

Walter Mulder said...

NBC should revive this show as a summer series, like 13 episodes or so during the summer months.
Please, don't let it die!!!

Anonymous said...

Walter thank for the news a friend of my keeps saying that USA Network will pick L&O LA in the fall because L&O CI is gone

Law&Order LA keep it going