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Law & Order SVU “Mask” Recap & Review

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Law & Order SVU “Mask” featured guest star Jeremy Irons but thankfully they didn’t make him the designated pervert of the week. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have problems of his own. His character, Cap Jackson, has a clinic where he treats sex addicts, and he wrote a book about his own struggle with being a sex addict. He’s estranged from his daughter, who he learns has been attacked and raped by a masked man. He’s also afraid that years ago, while drunk, he raped his daughter. All these elements provide for a solid roadblock for Stabler in solving the crime. Jeremy Irons was excellent in his role of a doctor who wants to follow the rules to protect his patients, while struggling with his own demons and trying to find his daughter's attacker. Despite the creepy element to Cap Jackson’s past, Jeremy Irons made the character seem almost respectable and likable.

Without Irons, though, the episode would have been average. While Chris Meloni fans likely celebrated another episode with Stabler in the forefront (and that scene with him in a “wife-beater” t-shirt), the episode had a disjointed feel. Rather than have Benson and Stabler work together on the case all the way through, Stabler flitted between Fin, Huang, and Cragen, with a bit of ADA Hardwicke shoehorned in. I also don't understand why Benson was hanging out at the hospital the entire time - did she really need to be by this woman's bedside every minute? Which brings me to one scene that didn't sit well with me – the attack victim regains consciousness and immediately Benson is in her face, asking her potentially upsetting questions. I know that detectives like to get information as quickly as possible but I would have expected Benson to first make sure that the patient is stable enough to be able to handle questions.

Speaking of Benson, Mariska Hargitay seems to have reduced screen time lately. She’s wearing lot of layered, dark clothes and she appears to have gained some weight. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I hate to start any rumors or speculation, but it’s almost impossible to NOT notice that something seems different. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from fans asking why there isn't as much Mariska in the last few episodes, which tells me it is not just my perception. I also can’t explain why Richard Belzer is conspicuously absent. I really miss the social commentary - and the sometimes dark comedy - that we get from John Munch. One never knows when tuning in to SVU which members of the credited regular cast will actually appear in the episode, and this inconsistency can be annoying to fans. Thankfully in "Mask" we had Jeremy Irons to make things interesting.

Here is the recap:
Two kids with a pair of camera binoculars see Debbie Shields (AJ Cook) being sexually assaulted. Her partner, Ann Jackson, returns home and also is attacked by the intruder wearing a mask. The kids call 911.

Later, Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Chris Meloni) are at the scene. Fin (Ice-T) brings the kids over to the detectives, who look at a photo taken during the crime and see the man in the mask.

At the hospital, Benson speaks with Debbie, who is a doctor. Benson wants to get evidence from Debbie’s hands but Debbie wants to aid doctors in treating Ann. Debbie has received threats because of her work with the Tri-State Reproductive Institute.

At Tri-State, Fin and Stabler find that Debbie has found a way to create disease free embryos by combining the father’s sperm with two mothers’ eggs. They also are given a letter where Debbie was threatened for this work. Afterwards they speak with the man who wrote the letter and he has an alibi which checks out.
Back at SVU, they confer with Dr. Huang (BD Wong) who thinks the mask may have a ritualistic or ceremonial importance.

Back at the hospital, Stabler gives this information to Benson. Benson and Stabler speak with Debbie and show her the photo of the masked man. While talking, a man rushes up and asks if they are talking about Ann Jackson. He introduces himself as Cap Jackson (Jeremy Irons) and is Ann’s father and a doctor. He also finds Debbie is Ann’s partner. He is reluctant to talk about family issues and is more concerned about Ann’s recovery. He tells Debbie if there has to be a medical decision it is Debbie’s to make. They hear Ann made it through surgery. Outside the ICU, Debbie describes the attack to the detective with Cap also listening. She adds that the attacker said he would “cure her of Falmouth” and this phrase seems to strike a nerve with Cap.

When Cap walks out of the room, Stabler follows. Fin shows Stabler a police sketch from Richmond Virginia from previous attacks that matches the one in Ann and Debbie’s attack. Stabler asks what the phrase about Falmouth means. Cap explains that it means he raped the wrong woman, meaning Ann was the target. Cap can’t explain any further as he is a psychiatrist and cannot violate privilege. Stabler tries to get him to help him, as a father, but Cap cannot talk about his patients. He says he specializes in treating sex addicts.

Later, ADA Hardwicke (Melissa Sagemiller), along with Stabler, try to get information from Cap, his lawyer Lorna Scarry (Mariette Hartley) is present. Hardwicke tells them they found that Falmouth is the Cape Cod town where Cap’s family used to spend their summers. Stabler tries to get Cap to say which one of Cap’s patients is the rapist. Cap becomes incensed that Stabler thinks he does not care about Ann. He insists some people get better in his program. Stabler thinks that Cap’s silence means it IS a patient who is raping these women. As Stabler walks out of the room, Dr. Huang shows Stabler a book written by Cap called “Eros Run Amok”, his autobiography, and that Cap also was a sex addict. Huang introduces himself to Cap and they have mutual admiration for each other. Huang says sex addiction will get recognized as a real disease thanks to Cap’s efforts. Huang wants to talk to Cap, not about the rapist but about his daughter Ann.
Cap talks with Huang about his own experiences with sex addiction, and that his wife killed herself. He admits his problem kept Ann at a distance for 20 years; in his book he said the estrangement started the summer Ann was 16. He is reluctant to answer their questions and he leaves the room. Stabler and Huang follow, Huang showing Cap a book of Hindu gods and goddesses and the god of erotic love has a face like the attacker’s mask. The god had a power of spiritual redemption through sex. Huang brings up the issue about the rapist wanting to cure Ann of Falmouth but Cap still won’t go into it. They follow him into the elevator and continue to press him, accusing Cap of raping his daughter at Falmouth. Cap finally shouts back that he can’t remember, he thinks he did. He breaks down.
Back at the hospital with Ann, Debbie explains to Benson that Ann does not talk much about her childhood but suggests she talk to a childhood friend, Linda. Ann begins to wake up and Benson explains what happened to her. When Benson brings up Falmouth, Ann becomes very upset and begins seizing. Doctors race in to treat her.
Back at SVU, Stabler and Huang discuss the situation and Stabler will have Fin to try to track down Linda. Stabler asks about whether Huang was just flattering Cap to get him to talk, but Huang says sex addiction is real and that Cap is a pioneer. He says most sex addicts are not rapists but that some rapists may be acting out on a compulsion. Sex addicts who rape should go to jail. Huang also says a pattern is emerging; he sent the Richmond sketch to SVU nationwide and there are more victims which match the MO. The locations are all cities with sex addiction rehab centers. Stabler wonders if the perp checks into sex rehab, hears about the women who were raped, and then rapes them again to “redeem” them. Huang also thinks the perp is a narcissist, who are prone to sudden bursts of violence when things don't go according to plan. They can’t get the files from the clinics because of privilege. Stabler says he will stake out Cap Jackson’s center and tail anyone who walks out of there. Captain Cragen (Dann Florek) tells them there has been another attack.
Later, with Stabler and Cragen on the scene of this new attack, Holly, a stripper, describes her assault to Stabler and says that the man was wearing a mask and IDs the sketch of Ann’s attacker. She tells Stabler she was assaulted before by a professor in college. Her attacker today said she was an A+. She stabbed him on his forearm with a hidden knife. Stabler takes her knife to hopefully get a match on the blood. Cragen tells Stabler that Benson said Ann is in a medically induced coma. Cap is there and will not leave her bedside. Stabler tells Cragen to keep him off the grid for a while.

At the Jackson Clinic, there is a group session and Stabler is attending undercover – as a sex addict. He listens as one addict, Clay Gibson (Chris Meyer), talks about his addiction. The therapy leader Brett (Chandler Williams) gets on Stabler for rolling up his sleeves, telling him they have a modesty rule – long sleeves and long pants. Stabler is annoyed, saying what Clay is going is illegal yet they are getting on him (Stabler) for rolling up his sleeves.
Meanwhile, Cap is with Ann at the hospital and he speaks with Benson who tells him the rapist struck again. She tells him the rapist is using him to find other victims. Cap becomes upset, saying he spoke to his group just last week about what he did to Ann that night years ago. He describes the images of what happened which came back after 20 years. He said it kills him that he was never able to say he is sorry. But he still cannot talk about his patients, whatever they’ve done they are still human beings. As Cap talks about what his patients go through, back at the therapy session, the man who was the professor is talking, and another woman, Courtney (Lindsey Craft), and another man speak about their issues with sex addiction. Cap asks Benson if she can say some people aren't worth saving, and she says she can.
At therapy, Stabler signs up for chores for the group and the therapy leader pairs him up with Courtney as a “big sib” until he gets a sponsor. She says Stabler is the kind of guy she’d be banging within 10 minutes of meeting him before she got “clean.” She asks him if he is a cop, but he says he is an accountant. Therapy wraps up and the leader declares it bedtime. Stabler goes to his room and is told by one of his roommates that he can’t wear his sleveless (wife beater) t-shirt to sleep. One of the guys there gives him their standard issue sleepwear and Stabler notices a bandage on his arm. The guy has cuts all over and says it is part of his addiction, he used to hire prostitutes to cut him. He shows the cut on his arm is almost healed.
Back at SVU, Hardwicke confers with Cragen, who tells her they looked into the employment records for the other clinic in other cities and they came up empty. Cragen believes it is a patient. Stabler is supposed to call in and he snuck in his phone. They speak with him while he is doing his chores, looking for evidence. Courtney walks up to him and he quickly removes the phone earpiece from his ear.

Back at the hospital, Benson comes up to Debbie who is watching Ann from outside the ICU. Debbie tells her that Cap went to his clinic to check up on the sex addicts as they are a delicate bunch. Benson quickly gets on the phone.

Back at the clinic, Courtney asks Stabler if he is on the phone and he denies it, but then it vibrates from an incoming call. When he stops her hand from reaching for the phone, she says those are cop reflexes. She pulls out the phone and sees it is a call from Olivia and thinks it is a girlfriend. She comes on to him and teases him to get back the phone. She heads into another room and he follows her in. She closes the blinds and removes her shirt and really tries to push his buttons. He brings up his daughter’s addiction and reminds Courtney that she is clean, and she pulls away, calling him a walking douche bag. She hurries to get dressed as they hear someone coming and he pleads for his phone. She refuses. Clay Gibson walks in on them as Courtney leaves, saying he was looking for his shirt and group is starting early. He’s holding his arm funny.

At the group session, Clay accuses Stabler of wanting to do “gang bang” girl and then mentions she would take him to Nirvana. But Cap has arrived, and when Cap sits down for group session, he sees Stabler and Stabler quickly “introduces” himself and says Cap’s book changed his life. Cap looks stunned. Stabler goes on to compliment Cap’s courage and do the right thing moral code and that he is the reason why he is here. Cap welcomes him and says he is glad he is here.
After the session Cap stops Stabler and is upset he is there under false pretenses, saying that he is jeopardizing everything he is doing. Stabler asks if that is including Clay Gibson, and Cap says he does not know if the rapist is him. Stabler says to call another meeting and get whoever it is to admit what they did, and Cap says not with Stabler there. Stabler thinks Cap wants the rapist for himself and in the meantime more women get raped. Stabler says he can’t let that happen.

Back at SVU, Stabler reviews Gibson’s previous record and that his DNA is not on file but be believes he is Holly’s rapist. He thinks that based on Gibson’s use of the word Nirvana he is their man. Cap comes in and says Stabler is right, everything he has done was an attempt to run away from his own crime. Stabler tells him it is time to stop running, and a woman comes in and tells Cap it has been a long time. She is Ann’s old friend, Linda (Jennifer Roszell). Later, in an interview room with Cap, Stabler and Fin speaks with Linda. She says Ann did not tell her about what happened in Falmouth but she was there and said that they were skinny dipping and Cap came down. She said Cap was drunk and he stripped and jumped in and Ann got upset and went back up to the house. Cap is surprised that Ann was not there, but Linda said Cap came after her and there was no stopping him. She said they had sex on the dock, he did not have sex with Ann. He apologizes to her and she says she wanted to do it and she did not regret it. She said Ann stopped talking to him because Linda was Ann’s first love and it broke her heart that night and she blamed it all on Cap. Cap tells Stabler they should go and find the man that attacked his daughter.

Back at group therapy, Stabler is saying forearms are his thing and pinning women’s arms. Cap says they traced Stabler’s behavior to his father, Stabler adding his father beat him up every day. He knew it was coming when his father rolled up his sleeves. Cap begins to roll up his sleeves so that they all will to help Stabler with his therapy by doing so and showing Stabler “a little love” by shaking hands or hugging. But Gibson refuses to break the modesty code, and, with prodding, rolls up both sleeves and there is a tattoo on one arm – and no cuts.
Afterwards, Cap asks Stabler what they are missing. When Stabler mentions the other locations where the rapist struck, Cap realizes there is an overlapping computer system at those locations. He does not use that system, though, because Brett Kincaid does a good job with their security. When Stabler asks if it's Brett who does therapy who is also doing the computers, Cap gets a look of realization. He says the Brett was in the room when he talked about Ann. Cap punches the picture of Brett on the wall, and races to the women’s therapy session that Brett is supposed to be leading. But, when they get there, someone else is leading the group, and they are told Brett left because he was not feeling well. Stabler asks where Courtney is, and is told that she didn’t show. Stabler asks for Cap’s phone and he calls Courtney on the phone and calls Courtney. She is down the street at the cop bar she said Elliot suggested. He tells her to get out of there, and he did not send her there. He tells her to meet her at Rockefeller Center, but suddenly a man in the mask jumps Courtney and she screams.

Stabler and Cap run to the abandoned cop bar while the attacker has Courtney bound and her mouth covered with duct tape. The man says he is curing her and making her respectable. Stabler rushes in with Cap alongside and Stabler fights the attacker while Cap works to release Courtney. Stabler subdues the attacker and Cap pulls off the mask – it’s Brett. Cap sees the cut on his arm that Holly gave him, and says he hopes they lock him up for life. As Stabler takes Brett away Courtney comments that she knew he was a cop.

Back at the hospital, Stabler is in the ICU with Benson as Cap walks in. Stabler asks how is he, and Cap says the clinic is empty, his patients are all gone because he let a cop in. Stabler apologizes, and says some of those guys should be locked up but most of them Cap was helping. Cap comments that Ann hasn’t woken up yet, but when she does, he’ll be there. While Stabler and Benson watch, Cap walks into Ann’s room, with Debbie waiting at her bedside, handing her a cup of coffee. Stabler and Benson look on as we fade to black.

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Anonymous said...

Mariska has had weight issues for several years now. There has been a distinct belly that makes it look like she's pregnant. But given how long it has been going on, that is unlikely.
Having Benson ans Stabler working separately is most likely the result of the last contracts for Chris and Mariska. One of the things they were reported to have asked for was more time off during filming. That would lead to more scenes when only one is working while the other has off.
As for Mariska having less screen time in general, look at the earlier episodes from this season. She had plenty of screen time and episodes focused on Olivia. And next week's looks like is will be centered on Olivia as well. It is just that Chris is finally getting some episodes where Elliot is the focus of the episode.
Belzer is absent because his last contract wasn't for all the episodes in the season. The same with Wong and Tunie. All part of the cost cutting measures Dick Wolf had to take to keep the show on the air.

Anonymous said...

I love Jeremy Irons but he isn't enough to make SVU what it once was. I don't care what their contracts say. This is a police procedural and should have both detectives working the case. If they are going to make it into a star vehicle for Meloni and Mariska they should rename it to "Law & Order:The Stabler and Benson hour." Do the writer's even remember that Belzer and Ice-T are on this show? This and the crappy writing has driven away the fans. Once I realized that it was another episode that featured only Stabler I turned it off.

Clift said...

I've got a buddy that's close to the cast. He says Meloni, Hargitay and even now Dann Florek often "joke" about departing... so looks like the "L&O" franchise is about to "die a slow and painful death".

Who jokes about leaving the cast of a high rated drama? You see that s**t happen with LOLA, that's for-real... my mom loves Skeet (and Chris).

iHeartU said...

LOL, MH has been Absent lately because she is going to be the MAIN detective in the NEXT episode.. Duh! (: Don't u read neal & nancy's tweets?
Yeah she looks little rounder, but i think its all the layers and its also winter, I ALWAYS gain a few pounds in the cold season so...
PS: If your implying that she's el-preggo, I HIGHLY doubt it.. She already has her son and she's over the mid age of 40 so I don't think she'd take the risk of having a baby...

Joanne said...

"She already has her son and she's over the mid age of 40 so I don't think she'd take the risk of having a baby..."

To be fair, she had August at an age that many other women would consider "too old" so I don't think it's much of an issue. She always said she got did everything later than everyone else.

However, I think she's put on a little weight in the last few years in general so I think less screen time is purely a time-off thing rather than a pregnancy thing.

I didn't mind the episode, but ATL&O said, it was somewhat disjointed which is a problem I've had with several of the eps this season. They've even started to blend into one another - I watched the double episode last week and couldn't remember which was about what.

The one thing that bothered me was when Stabler said he would get Fin to track down Linda. Why? Is he your secretary?

xfool said...

She said in an article in January 2010 (More Magazine) that more kids “is in God’s hands” and also said:
“I’m getting it back through Peter and August, and, strangely, through the foundation. It’s about following the signs, listening to your inner voice. I’m living my life, and I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

What’s more, at 46, Mariska says she hasn’t given up hope of making August a big brother. “It’s in God’s hands,” she says. “But we’re always open to it.”

Sounds like it’s still possible she’s pregnant. (link to article:

She also recently did that photo shoot for Shape Magazine and if she’s not pregnant, then she’s gained a lot of weight in a short time.

ATLAO, you are not the only one who has noticed she’s packing on the pounds. I wondered if she was pregnant too and didn’t want to be the first one to say it.

If SVU is going on the cheap and cutting out actors like Munch just to save a few dollars, then this spells the end of SVU or at least Meloni and Hargitay coming back next year. The show is not pulling in the ratings for them to afford the money that those two want. Face it, this is the best gig they ever have or ever will have, they are overexposed as Benson and Stabler and at least Mariska will have a problem in any role outside the show, The show also is more about guest stars than the stars themselves, which is another bad sign.

Wait until SVU airs against CBS’ Blue Bloods, a great police drama. SVU ratings will take a hit.

Anonymous said...

ATLAO, we know you are trying to be kind. She could be pregnant and that sounds a lot nicer than saying she is getting fat! (She.Is.)

I am getting tired of this show with the way they show or don't show the regular cast. Mariska hasn't had as much screen time lately but even if she is on for one minute they probably still have to pay her for the full episode, that's how it usually works. It makes NO SENSE for them to limit her screen time if they have to pay her in full for just one or two scenes. Why not get your money's worth and please the fans too? I swear they are trying to kill this show.

Anonymous said...

These episodes are Tandems, meaning 2 shows filmed at once. That is why we are seeing less of certain characters. Next week will be all Olivia and very little Elliot, if any. I wish people would quit starting rumors about the show coming to an end. The fact is NONE of us know what the future holds for SVU. We can only wait to find out, so quit making things up!!!
I personally thing Mariska looks beautiful. She's a real woman. You all should find something else to focus on rather than her weight.

Anonymous said...

I agree that MH does look rounder, heavier this season, but guess what?She's almost 47 y.o..I'm 47 myself and unless you work out fanatically your metabalism slows down with each passing year.Good for her for at least trying to maintain her figure and avoid health issues.I know I've read magazine articles that she's claimed to be at size 8, a "full-figured" woman.Whatever. She still in my book is one of the best actresses on tv. I wold imagine after 12 physically/emotionally draining years of filming a police procedurals, any and all cast members of a tv show would show changes physically and frankly deserve a break.I've been watching the older S1 episodes of SVU and the show itself has changed dramatically. The writing is much more focused on the characters, their personal lives, their relationships, then the actual crime stories.Personally I wish Dick Wolf at al would focus more on the stories again and stop lining up these huge guest star of the week.Admittedly, they are good actors,but I'd rather see the well-crafted storylines of old.I'm not sure if returning to the more well-crafted stories would save SVU- it's late in the day for a show thats been on for 12 years.All good things must come to an end, though, and I'm enjoying S12 for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I know it is wishful thinking that at her age, and based on what she said before about a sibling for August that she would be pregant. I think she's just packed on the pounds. It's even more laughable that she's gained the weight after her big feature in "Shape" magazine - she's just let herself go. There was no Golden Globe nom so her this year so she has no excuse to keep the weight off. I think the camera angles and shots are their attempt to try to make her look a little less tubby.

Regarding filming in tandems, we've seen a lot les Mariska in the last several episodes it seems. She is not showing up in any on location pictures (when there ARE pictures) so don't buy the alternating focus between her and Meloni. he's on less, period. My opinion - something is going on behind the scenes here.

Anonymous said...

Actually, watching old seasons of SVU Mariska we note that gained weight. But she's tall, curvaceous and therefore remains very beautiful. I do not like skinny women and I do not think she is fat. Regarding the fact that it appears little can be expected in the coming episodes will Mariska and Elliot back.

Anonymous said...

I think it unlikely that Mariska is pregnant. After all she is reaching 47 years. But there is in vitro fertilization, and other things that allow women to have children at that age. Of course she's gained weight in recent years. But it's still very beautiful. As one anonymous, is one of the few women "real" Hollywood. She has breasts, hips and buttocks.
She does not seem a board or stick. For me to see it is a party. she does well in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are filming her to cover her weight. Pregnant or just gaining weight, they are trying to cover it up. I was watching an earlier episode with her - before the baby = and she looked at a healthy weight. Now she seems bloated in her face and has a look of someone who is letting her body go. She is still beautiful of course, I don't like skinny-binnys, but after her big article in SHAPE magazine, she got out of shape quick. How can she be a role model for women who read Shape if she lets herself go?

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode and Jeremy Irons was superb. I do not like to see an SVU detective focusing only. I love to see Eliot and Olivia working together. The chemistry between the two is the trump card of the series. If Mariska has appeared just think it has nothing to do with his weight, or with pregnancy. I think that since she had her son, 4 years, she has maintained the same silhouette. But please do not tell me that she is fat. Mariska is one of the rare actresses who, thank God, not a slave of the dictatorship of thinness that reigns in this same Hollywood.Por that I love. She is selfless. Curvy women like her, when they gain some weight, just accentuate the hips. Marilyn Monroe had weight problems and her mother died too young Mansfiel Jayne, aged 34, one can not evaluate.
She does not look plasticized those dolls, full of botox and surgery. She is real and true and that "belly"that she has is offset by the beautiful pair of black eyes and the cutest smile in the universe. If I were Dick Wolf found a way to make her smile more.

Anonymous said...

To get away from topic of Mariska's size, I have to say I thought it was an excellent and interesting episode. Jeremy Irons was one of those rare guest stars who was there because of his acting talent and was actually given a chance to use it. Chris Meloni was also more than able to hold his own with Jeremy as well. It was great to see a discussion between Stabler and Huang that seemed more realistic than the usual three or four way conversations they usually show on the series. It was interesting to see Stabler realise that there were many people who could be helped by the therapy.
It has made a really pleasant change to have so much Stabler focus in the last three episodes which reflects the Benson focus in the first episodes of the season. It's a real pity that they couldn't fit any of Stabler into Dirty as this means that there is nothing to make me want to watch. Hopefully normal service will return soon.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is that Mariska seems to brag aboue being fit but she is clearly gaining weight.

But on to the episode. I didn't care for it. The Stabler undercover in rehab bit was so contrived, as was the "arm" thing in order to get everyone to raise their sleeves. Dumb dumb dumb.

Every time I tune in I am feeling cheated when it comes to the cast. They have made Chris and Mariska into the big stars of the show, yet when I tune in this season it feels like I am getting more than one over the other. And I miss Munch. I think this is the last season for SVU.

Anonymous said...

With all the sincerity of my soul I'ma fan of SVU. I admire the work of Cris and Mariska.Ela is so natural, so talented.
About their weight think Mariska is a kind of anti-celebrity. Something tells me that deep down she despises all these notions. She is authentic and true. In a world dominated by the appearance it has been defined as "full figured" and boasts of a size 8. And as I had wanted that corpo.Acho her wonderful, beautiful, a great actress and a great woman.
On the episode I liked. The entire cast was perfect as always.

Anonymous said...

Look, if Mariska Hargitay is fat, I want to be. And I wanted to have those beautiful eyes that look like two shining stars. The sweet smile melts any heart. The teeth are perfect. She is tall, lush, curvaceous. Mariska is a celebrity, talented, rich and beautiful. And she is always being given the awards. That bothers many people. But she is large and above that.

Detail: we appear on television at least 6 pounds fatter than they really are.

Anonymous said...

As with Marcia Gay Harden in Penetration, Jeremy Irons' performance is the best thing about this episode. But even a world class actor can't make steak out of Spam.
The writing here was nonsense. SVU had dealt with sex addiction, doctor patient confidentiality and group therapy confidentiality before. The writers didn't screw it this badly before. Elliot knows a shrink can't talk about his patients. Elliot and Cragen know that going undercover into a therapy session is not acceptable procedure. Defense lawyers would have a field day when they find out about that. And Brett could walk due to lack of admissible evidence against him.

Anonymous said...

The episode was good. Especially the last half hour. I'm a fan of Chris and Mariska, but would like SVU end. I think it would be better for the career of the two. What about weight gain Mariska would love it if she were pregnant. I'm a fan of the actress and think she is brave and have a child at age 47 would be a challenge to be vencido.E give an example for thousands of women who love her. Mariska is an icon for women. I know she is hated by some lesbians and others who do not accept your sucesso.Mas this is the price of fama.O that matters is that thousands of women to admire and see as an example. For his perseverance, his generosity, his simplicity. What this woman has done for the victims of sexual abuse is something great and humane. I think Mariska does not even have time to think for themselves. She lives for family, work and his Foundation. This is a great woman. Really.

Osiris said...

Is it just me or are Elliot and Olivia two of the worst undercover agents ever? They can't stop being cops! I cringe every time I see them try and do something undercover and give themselves away almost at the jump.

iHeartU said...

LOl, Since everyone is focusing on her weight I just thought I'd throw this out there, APPARENTLY there is supposed to be something naughty going on in Pursuit (don't yell at me, Neal said so..) so Maybe they're making MH look less attractive so that in pursuit if she has to be all sexy, they will actually dress her good and everyone will be like all shocked! Just saying... Remember Wildlife? They dressed her (really) bad in all the eps leading up to wildlife, then when she took off her shirt everyone was like "Holy shit she has a bod!"
You Know?

mikefnlogan said...


This was one of the season's better episodes, despite some shaky plot points, which someone mentioned. As much as I despise his family drama, I prefer the Stabler-centric shows to the Benson ones. Much less soap-operaish. Only Benson episode I ever liked was 911.

As far as Mariska, yeah she looks a little bigger but what are you gonna do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! how much rubbish being said. The fact is that no one knows anything about the order SVU, the contracts of Chris and Mariska and what actually happens behind the scenes. Everything is much speculation and lies. Only thing certain is that after 12 years SVU remains sucesso.Cris and Mariska are beautiful and talented actors and has thousands of fans who love them. As for the episodes I have no problem when you focus on the personal lives of atores.Afinal they are human beings and not machines.

Anonymous said...

SVU is not much. But it's still good. And Mariska is delicious. This is a male opinion. Women are spiteful and are inventing defects. Robin William when she worked on SVU Mariska called the "hot". I agree.

Anonymous said...

I hope iHearU is wrong about Naughty. Mariska needs to keep her clothes on. The only thing that Wildlife showed was that she needed to go to the gym to get rid of that layer of fat on her belly.

Janice said...

Mariska is not fat.

Anonymous said...

She IS overweight - nowhere near the size 8 she says she is. See this pic Ice-T took just yesterday:

Anonymous said...

Was this supposed to read "Ann" and not "Debbie"?

"They hear Debbie made it through surgery."

And a did Bret get Ann's address? Am I missing something? Cap wasn't close to her, so who knows if HE even knew it!

Regarding Benson, I didn't even notice the weight gain. At least she looks like a normal woman. Good for her.


Anonymous said...

She IS overweight - nowhere near the size 8 she says she is. See this pic Ice-T took just yesterday:

That pic was first posted in 2009. It's not a recent pic. It's from the wrap party they had last year.

She's gained weight but she's not overweight. She's just not Hollywood toothpick skinny. She looks like a normal woman. I think a lot of women would want to look like her.

Anonymous said...

Who else thought George and Cap had a lot more than mutual professional respect going? ;)

Chris Zimmer said...

To anonymous at 1:38 AM, yes, you're right, it was Ann. I fixed it.

To the others commenting on Mariska's weight - I didn't want to imply that she didn't look good, only that I have been getting lots of emails from SVU fans asking why she hasn't been on very much AND noticing her weight gain. As she appears to be filmed her using the usual "let's mask a pregnany" methods (bulky, dark clothes, etc.), I wondered if maybe - although at her age it would be difficult - that she could be pregnant.

As far as the "tandem" episodes - based on the emails I've received from fans, SVU fans want to see good coverage of both stars every week. When there is little Mariska, I get emails from people asking why she didn't get much screen time, and when there is not much Chris, I get similar complaints. For a show that seems to be built around these two lead roles, viewers should expect to see them prominently featured each week.

Anonymous said...

By blogger: I noticed you did not intend to criticize Mariska. But some bad people, who love to criticize, take the opportunity. I'm a fan of SVU, I'm always watching. Already noticed, of course, that Mariska gained weight in recent years after the birth of your filho.Mas anything to jeopardize their beauty. She is a kind of woman who curvilinear with age became more beautiful and more feminine. And you can be sure that in no way will hinder your performance. All these comments (a few) that criticized, will not give anything. You can bet that she will continue to be the cover of magazines, with or without fotoshop. And probably will be included in an upcoming issue of People magazine, which lists the most beautiful people in the world. Over the past six years she appeared in five editions. Excuse me resentful. Mariska is greater than all. Nobody can drop it. She has the love and admiration of millions of fans worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Mariska fat = spiteful women. Mariska is beautiful.

Osiris said...

That's one of the sad things about the internet: It gives certain people a voice(when they have none away from the computer...rightfully so)...but they use that voice to spread the same criticism and negativity that they would spread in person if they had the courage.

Mariska is a goddess walking. No matter what her weight is, she is STILL one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is supposed to be about the episode and performances and writing from Mask and about 30 of the responses here are about Mariska's weight. Seriously who cares - she's 47 and looks it but good for her she deserves to enjoy her life. She was ok in this episode but nothing special. I thought Jeremy Irons was given some good material and the rest of the cast rose to the occasion

Anonymous said...

It was great to see an episode that was fully related to sex crimes unlike the one that aired last night.

To comment towards those negatively commenting on Mariska's weight. She recently had a baby.

I do agree that it would be nice to see Chris and Mariska start working as a team rather than on separate cases. Doesn't have the same drive and drama without the duo.

Olenka said...

What I was thinking with Mariska'weight gain was that maybe she gained it for the role? I dunno, but before the season started on Neal Baer's twitter he said "Benson gets something she's always wanted". Honestly, Mariska is a really beautiful woman. She's always have curves, and it looks fabulous. Mariska looks normal.

But, away from all that weight drama, Mask was really good.

Chynna Moore said...

I just found out, Cap Jackson happens to be the name of LeVar Burton's character in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar".

Unknown said...

I always thought it was sweet that he gave the girlfriend the right to make the medical decision. But then I always wondered Why the daughter stopped speaking to her dad all because hes slept with a girl she liked. I thought that was pretty stupid.