Friday, January 21, 2011

Law & Order SVU February 2011 Promo

Here’s the NBC promo video for several new episodes of Law & Order SVU coming up in February. The next episodes scheduled are Flight, Spectacle, Pursuit, Bully, and Bombshell (some of these will air in March and/or may not be aired in this order).

(To view on YouTube, click the YouTube icon in the video frame.)

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Anonymous said...

The February sweeps period runs from February 2 through March 3. So the last episode will run in March.
The order given is the same order as Neil Baer gave on Twitter.

Joe S. Walker said...

Teasing Olivia's boot again!

RAN said...

Not for anything, but isn't Munch a Sergeant? No way Benson should be talking to him like that! LOL

Looks like a good couple of episodes. As long as they have Munch and no drama from Benson or Stabler, all will be good!

Anonymous said...

ok boot referance!! and to RAN..munch is sergeant but seriously? liv runs that place..the stunt she pulled a few episodes back when she had calvin would get any normal detective fired..she got a good yelling then was right back out there

Anonymous said...

It looks like McCoy won't be appearing. Sad.

mickie said...

I'm sorry but SVU is getting f****** stupid now (I'm glad I skipped "Dirty")!

It's one thing that the writing turns in another direction every season (since season 8 IMO) -- but it's another how the Benson character is being written to act like Stabler (plus Munch could pull rank on her ass if he wanted to; Fin too).

To think, the next appereance we DO see Munch; he's getting his balls busted - by Olivia. WTFH?!

I hope the current writing team follows Neal Baer out the 'SVU door'!

Anonymous said...

Love Colm Feore so much!Cannot wait for next episode Wed Feb 2..Groundhog Day and MY BIRTHDAY!!!!Thanks SVU for the best