Sunday, January 30, 2011

Law & Order SVU, 30Rock Crossover BTS and Interviews with Ice-T & Richard Belzer

Here are videos with a behind the scenes look, and interviews with Ice-T and Richard Belzer, for their Law & Order SVU/30Rock crossover episode. The air date wasn’t listed with the promotional videos so if/when I find it, I’ll update the information here. Richard and Ice-T will be playing their SVU roles of Munch and Fin.

Note: The 30Rock episode aired February 3 and the episode is embedded below. Richard and Ice-T appear at about 12 minutes in. It wasn't really a "crossover" as one might expect, but their appearance was still enjoyable!

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Esaul said...

Sweet! This just adds to Belzer's number of appearances as Munch. I've never really watched 30 Rock before, but I think I will watch this episode.

GBarros said...

I can´t see the las video!! =(

gahks said...

No, me neither! Please make the last vid viewable, All Things. Ta. =)

All Things Law and Order said...

My bad! I changed the settings and the video is now public. Sorry for the problem!

Shelly said...

Obviously this could turn out to be well-done, but how I long for the days of the Mothership's crossovers with Homicide... sigh...

On the surface, this just doesn't get me excited at all :(

maggie said...

Hey All Things:

(YES that's the whole link, it works)

"" Alan Alda of ‘M*A*S*H’ fame [...], is set to make an appearance early this year in the NBC series ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles.’ ""

Alan Alda to LOLA?! YEAH! (NOOO!!! if Skeet's out.)

Anonymous said...

'Ol Hawkeye?

I remember reading it at OnLocationsVacation/LA.

He was supposed to play Winters' father. IDK if he is still or he is in another guest role.

I think the reason why the LOLA directors don't want this out too much is because LOLA fans [of Alda] will get in a tizzy and they know fans will put 2/2 together and place that Winters is gone (likely a kill-off).

That, or either his scenes were cut in the episode, or from it (episode 14 was actually set to film before New Years).

Goodbye LOLA (and SVU too at this point).

Belz' Fan said...

Maybe Munch establishes now the record in appearance in different shows but blessedly he hasn't the most years of service. So the hope stays alieve that he will retain us for a long time.

All Things Law and Order said...

The whole Alan Alda thing was never reported by any reputable or credible source so as far as I am concerned it was just speculation and that topic is closed.

Delkin said...

Probably a 'waste bin' episode. Wonder how this news would play if Skeet wasn't leaving.

As for SVU: Belzer might beat the record, that is if SVU doesn't get canceled by then end of seasons 13 or 14. I pray Neal Baer's departure turns SVU around.

Laura said...

LOVE 30 Rock, but was only able to see one or two episodes this season so I had no idea until now that Fin and Munch did a guest appearance. I've heard that Tina Fey has a thing for L&O:SVU. If I remember correctly they had three guest stars from SVU in the first season alone--Stephanie March, Dean Winters, and Peter Hermann. They really need to bring back Stephanie as Gretchen Thomas. "Blind Date" from the first season was one of the best episodes they've done.