Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Law & Order SVU & CI Opening Credits – UK Five Versions

Here are videos of the opening title credits for Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Criminal Intent as they air on UK Channel Five. (I had already posted these quite some time ago, but these newer versions are of much better quality.)

(To view any of these videos directly on YouTube, just click on the YouTube icon in each video frame.)

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Anonymous said...

Ours are better.

Belz' Fan said...

Not bad! It pleases me.

Anonymous said...

I liked the US version music better but the UK cast photo's are great. Boy Belzer and Mariska have not aged well at all!

Kris Ann said...

Interesting. I didn't realize they did different openings in the UK.

Joe S. Walker said...

The originals are much better, not least because they have an actual theme tune! Glad to see them reinstated on our DVDs.

Anonymous said...


I've got a friend who has some "ears" with NBC...

This is quoting him, I have no idea what's to become LOLA (and SVU) but he told me: "Likely when February sweeps are over and SVU takes a break for two weeks (Chase will be ending first season at episode 18 in March), LOLA will likely go back to 10/9c (double header) when SVU is on break. SVU likely going back to 9/8c"

He says NBC is doing a lot of 'discussing' about LOLA's time slot (he says they are talking about SVU's too) -- SVU needs 10/9c (as does LOLA). He said that likely LOLA's season finale will be a double header during the first or second week of June.

I just passed this on to you to let you know to expect some LOLA news on the timeslot to come out soon.

NBC is really screwing up this season (more so than last season)

janethyland said...

Thanks for the info.What will be will be!

The intro music presented here is about reaching different audience groups.The USA audience is very different from UK audience. For instance Skins does very well with youth numbers in UK where as luther numbers crashed and it has been axed. However Luther was received wuite well in USA while Skins is crashing.

I suspect the muted intro music here is to appeal to a perceived audience group.However its confusing because this into only applies to the shows on Channel 5. otherwise,on universal and on Irish TV the shows just have the same intro as USA.

Likewise the UK rewrites series was called Law and Order UK in UK, but Law and Order London in Ireland.

Its marketing.

The Mrs. said...

Did you know Elisabeth Rohm is on Facebook! Just found her!

gahks said...

@The Mrs.: Cool! So are Neal Baer and Diane Neal! I don't suppose you've taken the liberty of adding Ms. Rohm? XD

@janet: You are quite correct in that Five produces its own titles and selects its own theme music while Universal Channel (formerly Hallmark) and Irish broadcasters use the original US titles and music.

It takes me back, though, to my very first encounters with the 'Law & Order' series on Channel 5 (as it was then called) back in the early 2000s, before I got the DVDs and discovered the American titles. I happen to like both the US and Five versions for their differences. I suspect Five decided to do their own thing in the first place because the mothership 'Law & Order' originally aired on a Saturday at 10pm straight after 'CSI' and the channel's bigwigs realised the traditional 'Law & Order' titles wouldn't sit well against the flashy modern ones of 'CSI'.

There was one instance, I remember, when Five aired the CI episode 'Gemini' with the UK Version 1 music and the US titles. It was a good combination, actually.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if LOLA has a kill-off planned for episode 1x14, AllThingsLawandOrder?


All Things Law and Order said...

I haven't heard anything about anyone dying on LOLA or anything on how they are going to work any of the actor's exits. The only thing that has been mentioned is that Alfred Molina's character is supposed to move to being a detective. But - since the show has delayed their return, anything is possible. My personal opinion is that, since people hadn't really become "attached" to any of the characters because they haven't been on long enough, killing one of them would seem too much like a stunt. It wouldn't have the dramatic shock value as the recent death of a detective on "Southland" which was kept a secret and really shocked viewers.

Anonymous said...

I've always HATED channel 5's LOCI credits.