Sunday, May 16, 2010

Law & Order “Rubber Room” Behind the Scenes and Cast Interview Clips Season (Series) Finale

Here are several cast interview clips, courtesy of NBCU, where they speak about the season (and right now series) finale of Law & Order, “Rubber Room.” The clips feature Alana De La Garza, Anthony Anderson, Jeremy Sisto, and guest star Lindsey Vonn.

My recap and review of Law & Order "Rubber Room" can be found here.

Don’t forget to catch the preview clips from the episode at this link:
Preview Clips from & Order, “Rubber Room.”

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Rosemary said...

I can't believe that stunt-cast non-actress "look at me" Lindsay Vonn will be on the possible (barring a miracle) *series finale* of L & O. Worst guest appearance since Bobby Flay (can't remember if that was Mothership or SVU but it was in a 2 parter with the 2 shows).

No justice. I hope the rest of the ep will be good though.

Sorry I guess I'm bitter and her appearance only makes it worse.

Unknown said...

It was so sad to watch AA talk about next season, now that we know there isn't going to be one. Obviously, it wasn't a decision that was long time coming.

Interesting to hear that Lindsey's parents are both lawyers which is why it was a family event to watch it.

l and o lvr said...

Lindsey Vonn - don't quit your day job.

This is a case of stunt casting gone horribly wrong. The network made such a big deal about her appearance and is this the crap we get?

IMO se jinxed the show.

Wallyhorse said...

As said in the two blogs on the cancellation and "SVU" and the new LA version airing on Wednesdays:

I think the mothership's cancellation may have had to actually do with a very deep-rooted feud that Jeff Zucker has with Conan o'Brien going back to when both were at Harvard in the 1980's, which I made several posts about in the "SVU/LA" blog in particular. I now suspect that Zucker's reneging of the deal that was in place between NBC, TNT and Dick Wolf may have been done out of spite for Turner Broadcasting signing Conan to do a new show on TBS beginning in November as Zucker apparently has such a deep-rooted hatred for Conan and hold such a grudge against him from 25 years ago that he would go that far to get back at Conan based on everything I have read (you can read about what started that feud from 25 years ago at: )

gahks said...

Fingers crossed this'll be a decent, if premature, end to the show. Rene Balcer is both writing and directing, so I for one will be looking forward to watching it online from the other side of the pond!

Wallyhorse said...

This assumes that this will be the final episode, which it now may not:

Unknown said...

If what that article says is true, that would be fabulous!

Whitney said...

I really hope it's true that they get a proper sendoff. It still just doesn't seem right that they wouldn't get to wrap things up properly.