Thursday, May 27, 2010

Law & Order Honored by Alliance for Justice: Waterston, Roache, Berner Appear (Video)

The Alliance for Justice paid tribute to the creative team of "Law & Order" for its commitment to human rights and justice. The event was held on May 26, 2010, in Washington, D.C. Sam Waterston and Linus Roache, along with Executive producer Fred Berner, appeared at this event and are featured in the video below.

Photos from the event can be found here:
These Are Their Stories: Waterston, Roache, Balcer Appear at Alliance for Justice Luncheon

Also, a nice article on the event here:
Cast and Creators of 'Law & Order' Win Justice Award

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Unknown said...

Sorry but I can't see a video here. The only clickable item is an ad. Am I missing something?

Chris Zimmer said...

Scarlet, it is playing fine for me on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers. (I haven't tried any of the other browsers.) The ad starts and right after it ends the video automatically begins - at least for me!

Unknown said...

I'm on Firefox. That might be the problem.

Unknown said...

Looks like Firefox on Windows doesn't display the video (it puts he sponsor list in place instead), though oddly, Firefox on Mac does. Bizarre. I checked on Chrome on Windows and no problem as you mentioned so it's not a location problem.

Anonymous said...

Scarlet - Using Firefox on Windows (XP), I get the video and no ad.

You could try checking your LAN setting: Control Panel - "Internet Options" - Connections - LAN Settings. Remove all checks in the boxes for automatic configurations and proxy server. "OK"

Before unchecking the LAN setting, for example, I couldn't use IE or RealPlayer.

It would be a good idea to write down which items, if any, you change, in case you want to restore what was working before, except for this clip.

Good luck.

gahks said...

This is an awesome accolade for the show! Vindication of L&O's success as powerful social commentary, as well as being intelligent drama.

And yes, the reruns will keep me going. (Season 16 is currently getting its first national broadcast here in the UK... yep, where I'm from, that's new!) But what struck me most was Waterston's muted emotion in his response to the show's cancellation, talking about how being on the show for 16 years "just doesn't happen" and how what mattered most was "the community that's broken." Another reminder that L&O did not deserve the ignominious end it succumbed to.

Kasi said...

LAW & ORDER IS MOVING TO USA! - Miracles DO happen!

Dalton said...

I dunno Kasi, that video looks fake to me, I haven't heard anything official yet.

Kasi said...


Question: Who would fake a promo?

A press release maybe, but you could not possibly fake a promo. The only promo faking is when people mash stuff together from other shows/episodes and call it a 'trailer' for something that's not even in existance. People love doing that with SVU and CI! I remember seeing this video back for season 6 of CI saying it was a trailer for season 7 (which was in question at the time). It was mash-ups from old CI episodes (from season ONE).

I may be gullable but hey, it is what it is fake or not. I believe the promo myself, for now. Until USA Network THEMSELVES say otherwise; No Twitter sources, NBC reps, other website refs who claim to be close to NBC/USA. USA Network THEMSELVES!

Dalton said...

Well, I could be wrong, I'm not saying it's fake, I just thought it LOOKED fake because you'd think they would do something else other than recycle an old commercial and put the new title on it. I hope to God I'm wrong because I'd love to see L&O make a return, but I don't have my hopes up.

And something I noticed is that under where it says "Law & Order" in the promo, you see yet the address doesn't work in my browser (Firefox). Maybe it's just my browser.

Kasi said...


The website may not be up yet. I remember it was the same way for me when LOCI was moving and was repurposed at the time. The site was on and off working.

We'll know when a twitter page and a facebook come out.

loci lovr said...

FAKE FAKE FAKE. How do I know? It looks like a clip from an old promo that was made when Law & Order CI moved to USA. The web address in the promo doesn't work and doesn't fit the format for the other USA shows. It is very easy to fake a video like this.

It's fake, they wouldn't show a promo before the neftwork announced it.

Nice try, faker!

Chris Zimmer said...

I checked this out with a VP at USA Network who said that this promo IS NOT LEGIT and is not airing on any network.

Right as of this minute there are no plans to air season 21 of Law & Order anywhere and frankly I have no idea how long TNT has the rights to air previous seasons' episodes but I don't think it was leaving TNT any time soon.

svuluver said...

I saw it this morning during the SVU marathon!