Sunday, May 16, 2010

NBC Fall Schedule: Wednesday Night is SVU/LOLA Night

Various sources are reporting that NBC has released their new fall schedule for the 2010-2011 season. It appears that Wednesday will be Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Los Angeles night, with LOLA getting the coveted 10 P.M. time slot. Here is the full schedule, and if/when the official NBC press release comes out, I’ll share it with everyone.

Here’s the schedule, all times Eastern:




8:30 P.M. 30 ROCK



You can read one of the stories about the new schedule here at The Hollywood Reporter Live Feed: NBC's fall schedule, upfront revealed

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Josh Morton said...

SVU is screwed, again! And I'm not going to watch LA. Unless the mothership get's on a cable network or proper closure.

Despite the false press statement released yesterday, some people are rumoring that LOCI is in negs and is going to be canceled. IDK it's a shame for Law & Order.

Charles Baker said...

I hope LOLA is a great show that survives. SVU does need that coveted 10pm time slot. I am getting to the point where I would not be surprised what NBC does. Hopefully they get behind the new L&O.

Shelly said...

*slaps head*

Why didn't WE think about this... putting the two L&O shows back to back... hmmm... oh wait... we did... for THIS season... errr...

NBC, a day late and a dollar short... again... sigh...

svu lvr said...

SVU back at 9:00 PM? Ate they nuts? They already showed that SVU at 9 PM didn't work, it doesn;t matter that they think that now it will work with LOLA to follow it. FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Still drives me nuts that they start LOLA rather than just continue on with the mothership. It's not like us L&O nuts were demanding a spinoff in Los Angeles.

Or, since LOLA is simply a 13 episode order, they could have put it in the fall and our show in the spring. but no...

Leo said...

NBC screwed up twice at the same time: axing the Mothership and picking up LOLA. I say this because the new series will be seen by some as one of the reasons why the Mothership was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Will Never Watch LOLA. Ever. They will try to tempt us with some stunt casting (Benjamin Bratt is still out there unemployed) and perhaps throw in someone from the uni. But I for one believe that Law and Order is an NYC product. No reason to ever tune in to NBC. They repurpose SVU on USA so I'll catch it there. Or not at all.


Anonymous said...

Very important! Check out this link:

Basically, Zucker didn't even inform Gaspin he was going to tank Law & Order. Bet you $5 that Bromstead was blindsided too. Says an agreement was in place for TNT to help, but Zucker axed it, instead asking Wolf to pay for it. Ridiculous. Hopefully, as the article indicates, TNT picks it up.

Time to contact TNT. But don't stop contacting NBC.

Walon Green said...

I am going to tell you right here, right now!

Law & Order: CI is in negotiations right now! I can't confirm on IPS but CI is. I'm not saying hey or nay that the show will be canceled like the original series but I won't say it'll be around past season 10. It's all up to the network, the cast, and the crew.

Speaking for the writing team, we'll be sticking around for a while! ;D

Again CI is in negotiations. Maybe we'll know more next week.

Hall said...

I smell a bad fish in the water Walon.

It's a shame about our beloved Mother Ship! You will pay NBC (who better be making a deal with TNT).

Shelly said...

I just saw this on zap2it, where NBC is saying they did this for the "health" of the franchise... gimme a break... if they were worried about the health of the franchise, they would have kept the Mothership and fixed SVU.

Also, scroll down and read the comments... I love the line about L&O: NBC... now THAT'S funny...

Dick Wolf said...

lol @ "Walon Green". Dude, give it up. Most people think you are a troll. It doesn't matter how hard you claim otherwise. People lie on the internet.

The verdict's out on LOLA. Hopefully they get a good group and actually cast people who can fit into the L&O universe, unlike bad casting that is/was Milena Govich, DA Foghorn Leghorn (aka Fred Thompson), Elisabeth Rohm, and last, but not least, the latest in casting fail...Saffron Burrows.

Nothing personal against the above actors I mentioned, but thems the breaks.

Esaul said...

Well, originally they were talking about L&O:LA before the show even got cancelled. I was reading a bunch of rumors about it. And I for one was very excited. I'm a huge fan of the franchise, no matter what direction it's taken. But I don't like NBC's attitude toward canceling the show and using L&O:LA to revamp the franchise. My gut says that it will get cancelled like Conviction and L&O: TBJ were. And there's no way this show can last remotely as long as the mothership. I don't think ANY show can. Not CSI, not NCIS, hell, not even SVU. The original is the best. And in my opinion, they should've sent the mothership elsewhere if they were concerned about ratings...I mean they did that with Criminal Intent...:\ It's just stupid.

Conner said...

I heard Dick Wolf was getting together with some USA Network reps tommorrow. I hope they bring good news! And REAL news. Not this fake crap about LOCI getting canceled!

Anonymous said...

This is straight crap! NBC are some freaking idiots! Why would you cancel the mothership and replace it with this Lola. One they could of put Lola on spring line-up and tried it out then to see if it worked or something and they really need to fix SVU its starting to go downhill well never mind it started going down hill starting season 8 but still they need to fire whoever is in charge of this mess.

Wallyhorse said...

Reposting from the last blog:

What I think actually happened was Zucker himself torpedoed the 21st season, possibly to get back to Time Warner/Turner (parents of TNT) for becoming partners with CBS on the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament and because (as has been reported in a few outlets), Turner and CBS may merge new operations to save costs. If that is true, it could very well be that Zucker doesn't want repeats of a 21st season of the mothership airing on what could be to him a cable outlet of CBS, and given his reputation and the stories that came out during the Leno-Conan debacle that included his having a grudge against Conan dating back to when both were at Harvard, it would not surprise me if that is the real reason "L & O" was canceled, if only to try and prevent repeats from airing in Sept. 2011 on (what could be at least to Zucker) a CBS cable outlet.

With that in mind, I would not be shocked if Time Warner (Turner's parent) reverses course sometime in the next month or so and tries to work with DW on getting a 21st season done once Time Warner realize they can promote it out the wazoo on ALL of Turner's platforms, including with a January premiere with Conan's new TBS show during the baseball playoffs in October on TBS and then on Conan's new show when that premieres in November on TBS. In fact, I can see a scenario if that happens where first-run episodes of the mothership actually air beginning in January on TBS rather than TNT, and if so Thursday nights at 10:00 PM ET/PT as a direct lead-in to Conan's new show on TBS, which would send NBC the ultimate finger in doing so and on top of that, work with Dick Wolf to then work out their own "repurposing" deal that has such episodes then airing Saturday nights on CBS, which the original "L & O" pilot in 1988 was originally produced for.

Wallyhorse said...

Following up on that post:

As mentioned in some of my posts, apparently, Zucker has a major grudge with Conan o'Brien that goes all the way back to when both were at Harvard in the mid-1980s. If this grudge is big enough, in addition to what I already mentioned about Time Warner/Turner becoming partners with CBS, could it be that Zucker has such a massive grudge against Conan that he reneged on the TNT arrangement because Turner signed Conan to do a new show on TBS (TNT's sister network)? I know it sounds far fetched, but if it is true that TNT agreed to pay the licensing fee but Zucker then reneged and specifically wanted DW to pay for it himself, then I have to wonder if this is Zucker trying to get revenge at Turner for signing Conan, far-fetched as this may seem based on it now appearing that Zucker himself torpedoed the TNT arrangement.

And as for "SVU" being moved back to Wednesdays at 9:00 PM ET, I think that move is because next season is widely anticipated to be the last for "SVU," which has been widely expected since CM and MH signed their deals.

Anonymous said...

Let me first say that I am a huge fan of the franchise. The original is my favorite, but I also love SVU, loved TBJ, and while CI isn't my cup of tea, I still enjoy it. I even bought Law & Order: UK, which is a very good show. So, to that end, I was always a supporter of Law & Order: LA and wish there would also be a L&O: Chicago.

What DOESN'T makes sense is having FOUR spinoffs (SVU,LA,CI,UK) and NO original. The original is the CENTER of the franchise. I could see handing it off to USA or letting it be one more year on NBC before letting TNT just have it, but killing it makes zero sense.

The fact is, the show has a huge audience. Huge. A very loyal audience too, due to being 20 years on the air. It has an emotional connection with people, more than perhaps people realize. The term "Law & Order Junkie" is something people wear as a badge of pride.

I say this because it could very well be the CROWN JEWEL of a network -- USA, TNT, anything else -- and have a LOCKED IN audience. We saw that on Friday nights, even, and I think, despite the ratings drop on Mondays, that a ton of people DVR it.

Long term, I want it on TNT, because I think it fits with TNT's whole image -- cop dramas -- and I think they know how to promote shows. And, it's high on everyone's dials and it would be easy to find and promoted with the NBA, baseball, etc.

Finally, I do NOT want this simply to be a focus on the 21t season, though that is obviously the ultimate goal. To me it should be a focus on the importance of the show as a part of America, and that the beauty of the show (the ripped from the headlines basis) means it could go on for another 20. It's more than entertainment -- it's compelling television.

So, my hope is -- save it for the record breaker on NBC for 21, and then put it a place where it can grow for many more seasons.

Oh, and I don't want to see SVU die either. What they need to do is EMBRACE THE FRANCHISE and just have better stories that are possibly connected between the individual shows.

Esaul said...

I never even made that connection with Zucker and Turner. Very interesting. Man, if only the mothership wasn't cancelled, that would be one killer themed episode with a "Zucker" who fired "Conan" from a TV show and then down the road kills someone because of his connection to "Conan" who "Zucker" still had a grudge against. It'd probably be a lot simpler than this whole mess Zucker got himself into, but hey, i'd have fun watching it xD

Wallyhorse said...

The whole thing with the Zucker/Turner connection in this case would be in part because of Turner Broadcasting and CBS becoming partners for the NCAA Tournament, but mainly because of Conan signing to do a new show on TBS (which along with TNT Time Warner/Turner is the parent of) beginning in November.

From what I read during the Leno-Conan debacle back in January, the grudge in question apparently came about around 1986, when Zucker I believe was Editor of the main paper at Harvard while Conan produced a lampoon magazine there. Apparently, something happened back then that caused Zucker to get Conan arrested (I forget the full details but there were a couple of articles back in January about this). From what I read in January, Zucker apparently can hold grudges that long, and if that really is the case, then I could see it where Zucker didn't want TNT paying to help finance a 21st season of the mothership out of spite for Turner signing Conan. If that is really the case, then I'm sure there are going to be quite a few people who are going to be very angry with Zucker who are not already.

Wallyhorse said...

And speaking of first-run episodes of "L & O" if they do wind up on Turner:

It would not surprise me if Turner actually put first-run episodes of the mothership on TBS rather than TNT (possibly packaging them as "special TNT on TBS" airings), breaking the normal comedy mode on TBS so such episodes can be a lead-in to Conan's new show on TBS, if so most likely on Thursdays at 10:00 PM ET/PT (and repeated on TBS at 1:00 AM ET/PT before subsequent repeats air on TNT, including perhaps one immediately after the NBA doubleheader and Inside The NBA on TNT).

janethyland said...

There is alot of overkill going on. I wonder if walon Green knows his name is being used here.Think about it. Would walon green be so unprofessional and undignified as to say the things he is reported as saying here! Some people are just playing with the fans. Everything is just speculation unless its reported on a reputable site.

Wait for those actually involved to make statements.

Wallyhorse said...


I seriously doubt Walon Green knows his name is being used here, and it's obvious the Dick Wolf one is a real as the "cancellation" of "CI" that was reported on Saturday before being exposed for what it was.

Like I said, based on what I have read and other factors, as far fetched as it sounds, I'm wondering if the real reason for Zucker's reneging on TNT paying to help a 21st season of the mothership happening was his doing so out of spite for Turner signing Conan to do a new show on TBS given what has been said about the grudge he allegedly has against Conan going back almost 25 years.

janethyland said...

Its just wondering and speculation, casting doubt or innuendo.Its about displacing blame etc...

For some reason some people want all this side show going on while the real players do their stuff.

The only people who know are those actually involved.If Wolf wanted something known he would make it known.

I think LOLA is a great opportunity for Wolf to do something different if he takes up that challenge, instead of more of the same format.I do think the format had become stale. Bromstad talked about "the health of the franchise".Wolf has a new force to run LOLA,a showrunner who was responsible for "Brotherhood".

Its about taking the franchise forward, not looking backwards. Lets see what Wolf decides to do.

janethyland said...

In terms of LOCI,Wolf needs to get in completely new showrunners there, not rely on oldtime friends who look backwards to that old format.To survive it needs to be completely different, with new blood and new style.

Criminal Intent has been done to death on television. Criminal Minds does it with more popularity.I think we have delved into every corner of the criminal mind to the point where it is now endless repetition and sensationalism.Im bored with shows that delve into the criminal mind as if its something special to focus on.I dont have any more interest in the magnitude of the twisted criminal mind.They get enough attention anyway.

No doubt thats why Bruckheimer is going in new directions with his new pilots on NBC and ABC."The Whole Truth" is looking at the nature of perception in terms of crime and judicial process.Its a different angle and it might be of interest.At least it wont be more of the same.

Wallyhorse said...

Another follow-up:

The article that noted the Jeff Zucker-Conan feud that now might have led to "L & O" being canceled out of spite to Time Warner by Zucker:

As said before, if this turns out to be the real reason Zucker reneged on the deal that had TNT helping to finance season 21 of "L & O," then I suspect Zucker is going to have a ton more enemies than anyone ever thought.

Wallyhorse said...


It may be that DW doesn't want anything known yet OR DW himself may not really know what is going on.

Let's just say if it turned out that Zucker's apparent 25-year grudge against Conan led to his reneging on the TNT deal to spite Turner Broadcasting for signing Conan to do a new show is the real reason, I'm pretty sure things will turn ugly very quickly.

janethyland said...

You are stuck in a rut wally.
why is it so important for you to prove your point? You are all over the place saying the same thing that seems so important to you...and you must be up all night unless you dont live in USA.

Why do you want to be noticed so much?

janethyland said...

NBC has clearly made a decision to end Mothership.Whatever else, that decision is in keeping with their purchase of a large number of new shows,scripted and unscripted.They have made a clear policy decision and are going with the "new", which is why they fully support LOLA.

janethyland said...

Besides which TNT have just greenlit their own original crime drama called "Franklin and Bash", so they might not want to pay for another one.

Anonymous said...

Looks like to me that "janethyland" is an NBC/Zucker hack looking to endlessly defend NBC's decision here, which is of course, indefensible, no matter how you look at it. The poster seems to be shocked at the anger that has been to the decision, which is widespread not only on here, but on other sites as well, namely facebook, where Save L&O groups are in the thousands and they've just been up for a few days.

The fact is, we don't know if Walon Green is fake or not fake. Even if he is fake, he raised good points and I didn't find anything all that alarming about his posts. This blog is quite well known and so it wouldn't be a huge shock if he was here. Nothing he has said so far has been proven untrue.

As for the L&O format becoming stale, that seems like it's coming right out of Zucker's mouth, because 99% of people think this was one of the best written seasons in a long time. There is nothing stale about L&O -- it's a format people love and continue to love. The only thing "stale" is NBC's disasterous programming and the utter incompetence they've shown in coming up with a quality programming lineup.

The fact is, unlike NCIS and CSI, which franchises have been completely embraced outside of Without a Trace (which was part of the CSI world and did last 7 seasons, until poor programming killed it), NBC has failed to completely embrace/market/use the Law & Order Franchise -- the most compelling TV franchise in the history of television -- to the point they're actually beginning another spinoff in the same press release they're trying to kill the beloved mothership, when they had, multiple times, led everyone to believe that Season 21 was a foregone conclusion.

And it makes no sense for NBC to say that the L&O failure is because they're launching new dramas and comedies, when one of the new dramas is a L&O experiment along the lines of Trial by Jury -- which, I should note, NBC also didn't market well and didn't give a chance to, because they put it on a bad night and didn't give it a chance to grow beyond 13 episodes.

NBC really has/had something special with the L&O franchise. They could make it really interesting with TV movies, crossovers, two parters, rolling crossovers (like CSI did) and other ideas, but instead, they first relegated CI to USA, moved around L&O so it couldn't get an established night, even after it did well on Friday, developed gimicky poor writing ideas for SVU, and now have cancelled the mothership.

In the end, I think it's clear L&O is going to be saved by either going to USA or TNT, but no matter what, this decision, for those who create shows, act in the shows, and TV watchers in general, is one of the most saddest episodes in network history - and Jeff Zucker is to blame.

Wallyhorse said...


The Franklin and Bash show you're talking about was greenlit before the sudden and apparently completely unexpected cancellation of the mothership by NBC, and as noted apparently based on everything I have read being solely done by Jeff Zucker.

I'm figuring once the dust settles, based on what I have read Time Warner/Turner Broadcasting may attempt to work something out with DW to get a 21st season of the mothership on the air, especially since it may be a case where it is money well spent for publicity, which they likely can make back by getting more viewers for other shows on TNT and TBS (plus more viewers to CNN and so forth) that in turn allows all of the Time Warner/Turner channels to charge higher ad rates because of higher ratings. Plus, if a 21st season happens with most likely a January premiere, Turner can very heavily promote that in tandem with promoting Conan o'Brien's new show on TBS during the MLB Playoffs in October and then continue to heavily promote a 21st season during the first two months of Conan's new show in November on TBS. Then you may see a case of Turner breaking the normal comedy mode of TBS (packaging such as "special TNT on TBS" presentations) by having first-run episodes of "L & O" air on TBS as a direct lead-in to Conan's late-night show in what would be giving NBC the ultimate finger for what NBC, and especially Zucker has done in both cases, and even more so if it was because of Conan signing with Time Warner that resulted in Zucker, even if solely for spite reneging on the deal that was in place between TNT and NBC to get a 21st season done.

janethyland said...

well time will tell.
maybe zucker is the baddie, maybe NBC is the baddie.
Clearly its kept you two up and out of bed.

Strange behaviour for the baddies to also okay a new LOLA then...unless its a plot to make them all fail.

I will wait for wolf to make his own statement when and if he wants to.

janethyland said...

You are making the same point as me wally. "Franklin and Bash" is a legal drama that TNT greenlit BEFORE anything happened at NBC. So they already have an original law/crime show in place and that may be why they said they were not in negotiations for another.

Its not about something siniter or nasty. Its about logistics. But in time we will see what happens with TNT and if Wolf wants it on a cable channel.

Wallyhorse said...


It may be about logistics, but I think you have to put everything together here. Given how deep-rooted the Zucker-Conan feud apparently really is from what I have read AND how even Jeff Gaspin and Angela Bromstead were apparently completely caught off guard by Zucker's reneging, it would not surprise me if we found out later that it really was Zucker's hatred for Conan and wanting to get back at him through denying TNT any additional repeats of "L & O" beyond what they are already getting is why he reneged at the last minute.

Unknown said...

I for one am very disappointed with NBC. If it was not for L&O:SVU, I would never watch the network. As for L&O:LA, count me out. First, I don’t see the logic in cancelling the original only to have the exact same premise in a different state. Second, the idea of revamping the show is bull. It was stated by others [ in the note to Zucker comments] about the demographic for L&O not in the 18-49 age group thus having an effect on the marketing etc. etc. It is also rumoured that L&O:LA is supposed to be a more “sexier version.”

If that rumour turns out to be true about a sexier version of L&O I think I will lose respect for Wolf. Crime isn’t supposed to be sexy. And, myself being in the 18-49 age group (22), I am tired of every other television show force feeding the notion that sex sales. It is the lack of sex sales that made me a loyal fan of L&O—it was different and refreshing. If they really want to assassinate in order to attract younger audiences then they should call it L&O:90210. But that is just my opinion.

As for L&O:SVU on at 9:00pm, I do not know what they were thinking. What happened to the scheduling with L&O:SVU on Tuesdays at 10pm and L&O Wednesdays at 10pm. That worked—but I forgot, Leno. Further, and in my opinion the cast of the original L&O is finally back [in terms of chemistry] to the days of Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green with Abbie Carmichael and Jack McCoy [the first time I ever saw Law and Order and some pretty amazing episodes], why ruin that?

This is just my two cents. I really hope they would reconsider. Also, I honestly believe that NBC had it out for L&O by not advertising the date and time change enough from Fridays at 8:00pm to Mondays at 10:00pm . My dad who got me hooked to L&O didn’t even know the times changed—but then again he is not within the 18-49 demographic. Further, why do they care what age the demographic is, Law and Order has been on for 20 years, did NBC not take into account that the fans age too?

gahks said...

A cardboard cutout of "L&O" set in LA is pointless if the mothership is no longer there as well. Losing "L&O" is basically losing what was the franchise's centre of gravity, its raison d'etre.

LA can work, it just needs the right combination of writers, producers and actors. It can be stylish and sophisticated without sinking into "CSI: Miami" territory. As a British viewer, I would urge all American fans to keep having faith in the "L&O" brand, particularly as it is in even more of a precarious position, with the mothership about to go prematurely go: please watch the show with an open mind and for goodness' sake don't start having preconceptions! Any episode of a "L&O" show is likely to outdo "CSI" for sheer quality and consistency of writing(current "SVU" excluded - that production has seen better days and badly needs revitalising).

In retrospect, I believe NBC's poor scheduling this season has killed the mothership. The show did well in the Friday slot, but Monday evenings were always going to hurt the ratings. Zucker should have left it on Wednesdays at 10pm! Why didn't someone have the brains to think of this one earlier: "SVU" on Wednesdays at 9, followed by "L&O" at 10?!

Anonymous said...

Well, we have proof today. Several articles about Wolf taking it to TNT and exhausting every possible remedy to save the show. TNT/NBC were even going to do an 8/8 split until Zucker vetoed it. Now TNT might get the whole 21st season and beyond, which is where it belongs anyway! (so it can survive long term!)

Wallyhorse said...

And more proof from the New York Times at:

Wallyhorse said...
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Wallyhorse said...

Yet another article from Variety that NBCU and Turner are going to be in negotiations to move the mothership to Turner: