Monday, May 17, 2010

Law & Order LA: Official NBC Sites

Photo from NBC
NBC has a web site, Facebook page and Twitter page for Law & Order Los Angeles. Right now there isn’t much of anything on the web site. (Please note that I do not endorse nor encourage the use of Facebook - their privacy policies are a convoluted mess. This of course has nothing to do with NBC, it’s just a word of caution.)

NBC Site: Law & Order Los Angeles

NBC Facebook Page: Law & Order Los Angeles

Twitter: Law & Order Los Angeles

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MissJanet said...

I cannot find a cast list. Do we know who acts in this?


Unknown said...

I don't think they have officially casted yet.

Shelly said...

Even before they p*ssed me off by canceling the Mothership, I had issues with this version of the franchise. To my way of thinking, NYC itself is a vital "cast member" in all of the various L&Os. Most series film in LA, regardless of where the storyline says they're located, so there's no real uniqueness in having another series based there. Has anyone heard a good explanation as to why this series will be based in LA?

Chris Zimmer said...

That is correct, casting still needs to be done - in fcat, production hasn't started from what I was told.

Unknown said...

@Shelly..I heard it was to attract younger audiences by making the show seem more "sexier", but that is just a rumour. I also agree that New York is a vital character of the show. Not only does it take place there but it is actually filmed there. To move to LA is not origional. I know I shouldn't be knocking LA because it hasn't even started filiming yet but I can't get over this sense of beytral and the need for the show to become a "sex sales" type thing. Although if you check the link for NBC it gives a description about how it will centre around rich people murdering and being able to afford council--beautiful people--everything else that is on TV now.

gahks said...

@Shelly and andie: As I have mentioned before, "LOLA" can work: it can be stylish and sophisticated without sinking into "CSI: Miami" territory. The producers and writers simply have to remember this. Please at least have an ounce of faith in the concept! I agree completely that it may not be the mothership, but console yourselves in the fact that it's still "Law & Order."

The show hasn't been cast yet, so here's my "LOLA" dream team:

Benjamin Bratt
Eric Close
Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Bradley Whitford
Poppy Montgomery
Lauren Holly

My reasons:
1) Benjamin Bratt's appearance in "Fed" seemed to pave the way for a California-set show, i.e. "LOLA."
2) "Without a Trace" was cancelled and this produced quite a backlash, like with the recent premature axeing of our favourite show, "Law & Order." So hiring some of those actors could bring in some ex-"WAT" viewers. There is an existing fanbase there to exploit. Also, I can so see Bratt and Close teaming up, in shades, suits and all!
3) Bradley Whitford was considered for the role of EADA for season 18 of "L&O" before Linus Roache was picked to play Mike Cutter. So I thought second choice for the mothership might have been sensible.
4) Lauren Holly's "NCIS" character departed that show and was also much missed, so as with "WAT," there is a legion of fans to take advantage of. Her role on the CBS show was as Director, so she would have no problem with playing authority figures. Personally, I am drawn to the idea of a female DA: it would freshen things up, as with Dianne Wiest on the mothership, make the character dynamic more interesting, nuanced and different.

Anonymous said...

Eric Close would be ideal for L&O. One of my favorite actors.

By the way, L&O mothership is far from dead. Might just go to TNT after all.

Shelly said...

@Andie. Thanks for the info. I missed that if it came out when they first were talking about the series.

@gahks. We will watch the show, and will judge it on its own merits. If it's good, we'll watch, and if it's not, we won't. I just don't have a positive feeling about this, and I felt that when I still assumed the Mothership would be back.

One of the premises of the original L&O seemed to be the ordinariness of it - ordinary cops conducting ordinary investigations about ordinary crimes. The idea was to show, as best they could on TV, how a case went from the crime to prosecution. It also had a grittiness about it in the early days. I don't want to see some "slick, sexy" show. It might be a good show, but that wouldn't be L&O, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Are the rumors true about Law and Order: CI?

I liked Goldblum, but if he goes it's fine with me!

Unknown said...

@gahks I don't see how it can still be L&O when it does not take place in New York. I grew up with this show and the only logical reason that I can think of to axe the origional and bring in L&O:LA is to attract a younger auidence by sexifying the show. That does not work for me. I might watch one episode to see, but Law and Order is New York. Los Angeles just has the name, not the heart.

Anonymous said...

NBC is going to dump a ton of $$ into this incarnation and it will fail. Sorry, but to recycle actors from other failed dramas? Please. @andie is right, the players on the mothership were everyday looking people and they brought the "feel" of their location along for the ride. Sunny and sexy crime dramas are not for me. Now hot and gritty crime dramas like "The Shield" worked, because that show brought a realism to the table. I don't think this LOLA vehicle is going to be that.


Anonymous said...

And by the way, I loved WAT. Eric Close is great!


Leo said...

Description from the official web site:

"From Dick Wolf, the acclaimed producer of the powerful Law & Order franchise, comes a foray into the glitz, glamour and guilt of Los Angeles. From the tony Beverly Hills to the seedy side of Hollywood, LAPD's elite Robbery Homicide Division is on the case. Fusing classic ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling with the backdrop of LA, the series delves into the high-profile crimes of the West Coast."

janethyland said...

Oh dear. I was hoping for something better than that, something different to catch the eye.
That all sounds like a bit of a cliche; the rich, the poor, the split of a city. Its all been done before.

gahks said...

@Kitty: "WAT" was no failed drama. My suggestion to recycle, e.g. Eric Close, would simply be a recognition that he would be a good fit for an LA setting, while also bringing in some disheartened "WAT" viewers. Of course, giving (relatively) unknown actors would be more in keeping with the "L&O" ethos. Official casting has not yet been finalised.

@janethyland: Mmm, you may have a point. I, too, was hoping for a breath of originality in the press statement, but this sounds way too derivative. I guess avoiding Hollywood sex and sleaze was always going to a be a problem with the LA setting...

@andie: I, too, grew up with L&O: I started watching at the age of 14when season 12 got its first national airing in 2006! NY may be the sixth character of the mothership, but LA will have its own tone and feel. It's just a question of whether the writers are able to capitalise on it without ruining the integrity and ethos of the brand. If Balcer is steering it, count me in! He has done such a fine job with "L&O" and "CI" that he would be an excellent addition to the production team. DW already has the creative talent of Blake Masters at his disposal... he had better not waste it!

WAT fan said...

I would just LOVE to see enrique Murciano in the show. He's HOT.

Unknown said...

@gahks I have a feeling that L&O:LA will have a young cast, to draw in the younger audiences. I don't sxpect to see Pratt or anyone hitting close to forty (not that I know any of the actors you posted real age). I don't know why they cancelled the original for the same thing on every other show.