Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rene Balcer to Head Law & Order LA

Good news - reports that Rene Balcer will serve as showrunner for the new Law & Order: LA. You can read the full story here: ” 'L&O' Veteran Rene Balcer To Run 'LOLA' “

Rene was showrunner for both Law & Order and Law & Order CI during some of their best seasons, so we should expect Law & Order LA to put on a good show!

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janethyland said...

That means Mothership has gone?

Lets hope he does something really different with it.

What happened to Masters of "Brotherhood"? Did he go?

Anonymous said...

So L&O really is gone? I thought another channel was going to pick it up. That's good news, though, for L&O LA but I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping Rene Balcer would move to SVU and save it. At the rate SVU is going, it will be the next one cancelled. A bit OT but who is the showrunner for CI? I'm totally hooked and really enjoying it. The new cast is great and so are the stories.

loci forever said...

LOCI - Waylon Green

Anonymous said...

I hope LA is a good show and does well, but I want to hold out hope that the original will be picked up by another channel.

Unknown said...


I think those of us holding out hope for the Mothership just got another nail in the coffin.

Lucky for LOLA.

So sad for the mothership. :(

Anonymous said...

I wish Nick Waooton would come back to the mothership

DonnaJo said...

Since I have pretty much accepted the fact that the mothership is gone (in terms of new episodes),at least my favorite show runner is returning to run LOLA. LOCI was the best under him, IMO, as was L&O the last few seasons.

Now I'm actually excited about LOLA! Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Wow well I guess that's it for the mothership. I was still holding on to the hope that TNT would step in. So I'll be down to watching the occasional SVU when Sam makes an appearance and CI when I get around to catching up on Tivo. What a great run for the mothership. We'll always have the reruns. 10 pm on Wednesday's will always be the mothership. I don't know when if ever I'll catch LOLA.


janethyland said...

If NBC offer Wolf a film slot he might want to write and showrun that final script himself,since he started it all?

Anonymous said...

All the hand wringing that the mothership is really gone is really silly.

First of all, LOLA is 13 episodes. Most people think that the mothership would have 13-16 episodes on TNT. together, that's a full season. He can do both. Also, this was in the works long before the mothership was cancelled. Basically, it doesn't matter.

Second of all, it is about 90% that the mothership is coming back on TNT or MAYBE USA or MAYBE NBC still. It's still up in the air.

Remember, they're calling the last episode the Season Finale for a reason. It's not being cancelled.

gahks said...

Wow! Great news! The man who brought home the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy for L&O in 1997 is heading up LOLA!

Now fingers crossed he'll be running that show and a newly-resuscitated mothership and I'll be ecstatic!

janethyland said...

Balcer is too expensive to hire as showrunner for cable. That was the reason given when he left LOCI as it went to cable.They will have to cut costs if they go to cable unless wolf chips in more.

gahks said...

@janethyland: I would hope Ed Zuckerman, Fred Berner, William N. Fordes and Richard Sweren would still be on the mothership, were it to move to TNT. They have done a sterling job with it, season 18+.

I would like to see Michael S. Chernuchin return maybe, as well as Walon Green and Robert Nathan.

gahks said...

Also @janethyland: Balcer left LOCI at the end of season five. It was only after season six, when the show's ratings plummeted, that it moved to cable. I think Balcer's departure in that instance may be more likely attributable to wanting to work on other projects, or simply retiring.

But your point about Balcer with regards to TNT still stands, I suppose.

janethyland said...

Ratings didnt plummit during season 6. In fact Blind Spot had 11.6million watching. It was up 25percent on the premiere for season 5.

Both Mothership and LOCI were on the bubble at end of season 6. They have been on the bubble every year ever since,whoever was showrunning.

At the end of season 6 when both shows were on the bubble nbc told them only one show would be picked up...that show was Mothership. LOCI went to cable,but cable isnt about failure as Mothership might discover.

That scenario was outlined in an interview given by Balcer on a site.

Anonymous said...

I heard Warren Leight is on the L&O calling list if the show is moved to TNT. I see some personal stories coming.

Rosemary said...

I hope Dick Wolf would not let Leight do to the Mothership what he did to LOCI...

Anyway all this remains to be seen. I will miss Rene Balcer on the Mothership if he is indeed leaving.

janethyland said...

Warren leight is too busy showrunning "Lights Out" for FX, and also co-writing "A separate Peace" for Broadway.

All the Law and Orders have gone personal now,even Mothership with its personal cancer story, and SVU has always been personal.At the time balcer agreed that things would have to change if the shows were to survive and he brought those personal changes in to Mothership when he revived it for Wolf.

Jeffery said...

Leight is on the list but he won't get called, or either he will back out. Unless he can handle a whole bunch of shows.

The Motherhship isn't personal, like SVU and LOCI. SVU is personal EVERY episode and LOCI is personal for Goldblum's character Zach Nichols!

The Mothership may have one or two personal episodes but nothing over dramatic like SVU and CI.

I hope LA is like how the Mothership, LOCI, and SVU USED to be. I think NBC should have canceled SVU and USA canceled LOCI (rumors have it they intend to cancel it anyway after July 6).

Kept the mothership and Los Angeles. I just hope Rene doesn't make it political like L&O is. The only reason L&O got political is because Waterston's character got moved up because no one wanted to find an interim actor to play an interim DA after Thompson (Branch) left. I wish Thompson would return to the mothership but I like McCoy as DA with Cutter as EADA.

I think if D'Onofrio/Erbe were to return to LOCI, Alana de la Garza should join the cast as ADA Rubirossa. That's the only way I'd watch her on LOCI.

Rumor has it as well that Dick Wolf and TNT are talking numbers. - I wish they would take the show.

janethyland said...

You are illogical jeffrey.

You say leight is on the list,making your own assumptions about what he will do, and then say LOCI is cancelled anyway, so why bother with a list?

After leight left they had enough trouble trying to find a replacement. It took months and eventually fell on Wolfs old friends so i cant imagine many clamouring to join any list.

And where do you get your information about any list and who is on it?Who gave you that information?
Very illogical.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janet are you by any chance Jeffery Zucker? You sure are hitting the "let's make a movie" in every single one of these talk backs. If you aren't Mother Zucker you have to be a shill for NBC. You sound alot like a NBC lackey.