Monday, May 17, 2010

Law & Order CI “Love On Ice” Preview Clips

Here are a few preview clips from Tuesday’s (May 18) episode of ” Law & Order Criminal Intent “Love On Ice” airing at 10 PM ET on USA Network.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "Love on Ice" can be found here.

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Claire said...


or (MyTVHistory Blog)

Chris Zimmer said...

Claire, sorry, this looks faked. The link you listed to the Futon Critic doesn't work, and the press release again has text that doesn't sound appropriate for a press release. (I can't imagine anyone saying a show is "finished."

I am not sure where you are getting this stuff, but unless you have a valid link from a reputable source, I would appreciate you not posting this kind of stuff here.

By the way, I checked the NBCU press site and there is no press release like this. It also isn't anywhere else on the Futon Critic, either.

lovesSVU said...

Christine, I'd agree with you on things like this if it weren't for one thing... I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT IT.

I'm not talking about the image either. I see it in MY OWN browser window! Did you check your link? I'm looking dead at it. Plain as day. Futon is loading crazy today, rumors have it they are clearing the server today.

But I think THIS ONE is real. No reps from NBC or execs. talking except Bromstad and Wolf (and Maples). They are getting to the point and not lagging on about the episodes like that one that was 'released' Saturday. Want me to post samples (or the whole thing) in the comment section? (Check your link).

l and o lvr said...

ATLAO: this crap is coming form this blog:

I think the person who runs that blog is trying to pass that garbage here. Probably some desperate VDO fangurl.

Syd said...

Huh? If it weren't for the screencap I'd "call her a lyin' *****" - Logan (LOCI - Diamond Dogs). I don't know what to believe anymore. The whole L&O franchise has lost it.

I typed the link - it didn't work.
I tried again five mins later - the page stays white but the title changes to "Breaking News - USA Network Announces "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Is Finished On USA July 6 And In..." (But the page won't finish loading).

IDK. It's a brain wracker!

Anonymous said...

I think we should leave her alone now. ATL&O, I found you a credible one. I guess it's true, LOCI is gone too!

Joshua Morton said...

Wow it WAS real! Boy, I feel like a jackass. Where's Walon Green at now?

Rob said...

The Futon Critic link still isn't loading. The main site is. The story does not appear in their news feed where it does in the "screen cap". The font doesn't exactly match Futon's typical font, either.

And the personal way the runner of the blog linked to above responded to Christine's (reasonable) scepticsm. One also only needs to take a look at the blog (with the banner for "The Jeff Goldblum Hour" banner, and references to how they won't be watching "The Jeff Goldblum Hour" etc in previous entries about LO:CI) to see that someone clearly has a vendetta or something against the show.

And seriously... wtf? Why go to that effort?

loci forever said...

That anonymous link to the Star site does not say LOCI has been canceled only that it THINKS it will be. Some of you LOCI fans are really desperate for the show to fail that you are willing to fabricate press releases and then stretch a news story that speculates to back u your claim? EPIC FAIL.

ATLAO is credible - and you LOCI haters are nuts!

Whitney said...

I won't believe it until it's actually announced. Until then, I wished people would just stop it with the fake-outs. Yeesh.

That said, I think CI will chug along for a couple more seasons until it runs out of steam for the final time. Or until history repeats itself and USA gives it the boot so they can get younger viewers.