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Law & Order SVU “Ace” Recap & Review

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After watching Law & Order SVU “Ace” some question popped into my head. Was this really an SVU case? It may have started as an SVU case, but after the rape was resolved, I am not sure it should have been a Special Victims Unit case. Lilli’s murder certainly was not. Would the episode have been better if Stephanie March was the ADA and not Sharon Stone? While the law they used in this case raised my eyebrows, I would have been able to swallow it a little better if it was ADA Cabot trying to sell it. But Sharon Stone, in my opinion, detracts from the episode with some of the corniest lines and with her cheesy delivery. When Jo Marlowe (Stone) says, “I don’t know, but whatever you guys stepped in I’m starting to smell the stink on me” I said to myself, “ no kidding Sharon, I smell the stink on you too and it is not from the SVU squad.”

I recall an episode of Law & Order where Jack McCoy jumped through hoops to set up a fake trial with a judge, and he caught hell for it. It still shocks me that someone can testify under oath in court - in what the defendant thinks is a real trial - and lie, because I always thought that if the lawyer knew about a witness telling a lie under oath that this was called suborning perjury. Yet it seems that a judge can just simply grant permission to arrange for fake testimony in court whenever they see fit. Seriously, now, is this really a valid legal maneuver?

Benson and Stabler pretending to be married was, I am sure, a shipper’s dream, but for me, I saw it as a stunt and I hate stunts in the Law & Order universe. It’s so nice, though, that the SVU people had all that time to create all those nice photos of Benson and Stabler as a couple. But I wondered, what would have happened if Brooks/Petrov had already staked out or checked out the Butlers and realized when he arrived at the home that they weren’t who they said they were?

I just loved when Cragen (Dann Florek) got into Jo’s face. Cragen may be one of the most underused and under-appreciated characters in the franchise and I love it when they give him scenes where he can really let it all hang out. Well, not all of it, but you know what I mean.

Hopefully, when this season ends, Jo Marlowe will be nothing but a faint memory and Sharon Stone will be banished from SVU forever. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I think Stephanie March is the only person I would accept in the ADA role, only that this show needs a more credible ADA, and an actress who doesn’t chew all the scenery while playing the role.

Here is the recap:
An outside night work crew finds a pregnant woman who is unconscious on the street. Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler arrive at the hospital where the victim was taken. The baby seems OK but it appears the woman had been raped. When the detectives go to question the woman they find she’s not in her hospital bed.

At the SVU precinct, ADA Jo Marlowe (Sharon Stone) bitches to Captain Don Cragen (Dann Florek) that the hospital let the woman walk out of there when she had a bruised face and eight month belly. Cragen tells her a major bus accident diverted the staff’s attention. When she continues to get pissy about being called down at the crack of dawn, Cragen tells her that Munch and Fin are canvassing; he called her because this is the fourth similar occurrence this month. The only description is that he wore a stocking mask but wore a condom in the first three attacks and Warner is processing DNA now. Stabler and Benson go through what they know about previous victims. All of these cases seem to have subways that intersect in City Hall subway station. Cragen radios to Fin (Ice-T) who says they’ve found squat, He notices a car with a lot of traffic tickets and finds someone sleeping inside it – “Flossie” – who seems to have a thing with flossing. He said he saw the woman being raped. He saw a guy with a knife, so they take him into SVU for a sketch. Cragen tells Munch (Richard Belzer) to send the sketch to every precinct, subway station and transit booth. Fin tells him there is nothing on missing persons but Flossie said she spoke a foreign language. Cragen tells him to check with ICE.

At U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Fin finds the woman is Sophia Zorav from Bulgaria, who was admitted on a tourist visa due to a sudden death in the family – her uncle – and she was staying at her aunt’s house, Lilli Denkova.

Stabler and Benson show the photo to Lilli and she identifies Sophia. She says Lilli never arrived at her home, she went to pick her up but she never showed and her cell phone went to voice mail and she assumed Sophia changed her mind. Stabler’s phone rings, and later, outside, Stabler tells her ME Warner got a hit on the DNA, the rapist’s name is Donovan Black and he lives right by City Hall, and that Munch and Fin are on him right now.

Donovan Black is walking with a pregnant woman and Munch stops him, and Black gets mouthy. Fin walks up behind him and when the woman says Black has a knife, he tells him he has a gun and points it at Black’s neck. Black drops the knife. The woman tells Munch that Black said he would cut her baby. Black says he didn’t rape anybody and Fin says they have a witness

In SVU, there is a lineup and Flossie identifies Black as the rapist. But Marlowe says they have no victim so there is no case as he can’t charge rape on the word of a “tooth fairy.” Benson reminds her of the DNA match but Marlowe says she can’t take it to court without a victim statement. Benson is less than thrilled, and Marlowe relents and tells her to arrest Black but they have to find Sophia. Stabler enters and tell them the clerk in the US embassy in Bulgaria was arrested for being paid off to issue Sophia’s visa. He thinks Lilli knows about it since the funeral for the uncle never happened as she has never been married.

Stabler and Benson go to Lilli’s and find her home has been torn apart inside. The detectives enter and find a blood trail leading out the back, and find a huge pool of brain matter on the back patio, but no body.

With CSU and ME Warner (Tamara Tunie) on the scene, Warner doubts Lilli is alive. Warner goes to look for a toothbrush with Lilli’s DNA inside to match to the brain matter. No bullets are on the scene. Munch found a cell phone that shows 60 phone calls to only three different numbers. Fin says the neighbors saw a rolled up rug being moved out last night and placed in an SUV, no make or plates. Stabler dials the numbers in the cell phone, one is disconnected, one is blocked, and one leads to an OB/GYN Dr. Stephen Elroy.

At Elroy’s (David Paymer) office, he remembers Lilli and Sophia as Lilli said Sophia fell and they wanted to check on the baby. He did an ultrasound and everything looked fine. When Stabler asks about the bruise on her face, Elroy assumed it was from the fall. He said he would call them if he found any evidence of sexual assault. Stabler tell him they are there for a homicide, and Elroy asks if it was the woman or the girl. After getting a call, Benson thanks the doctor for his time. Outside, she tells Stabler that Cragen shut them down.

At SVU, Cragen tells them he pulled info on Lilli’s fake husband. Dmitri. And it was signed by Dr. Elroy. The wonder what Elroy was involved in, and Marlowe says, “I don’t know but whatever you guys stepped in I’m starting to smell the stink on me.” Cragen tells them to work on the blocked cell phone number.

At the Butler residence, they question the Butlers about the phone calls to Lilli. Before you can say “lawyer” we cut to the Butlers in SVU interrogation with their lawyer, Trevor Langan (Peter Hermann). They say they have been trying to get pregnant with no luck and have tried many options and nothing worked. They thought they would adopt, but Glen has an arrest for domestic battery against his ex wife. The charges were dropped but so they would not let them adopt. Lilli called them and was referred to them by Elroy for a private adoption. Warner comes in to the observation room and tells Benson that the brain DNA matches the material on Lilli’s toothbrush. Munch enters and tells them he found Lilli used bogus death certificates to bring three other pregnant women there for sham funerals. The other women who were involved had their visas expire but they never left the country and they wonder if they are dead.
Benson enters the interrogation and tells them there is confirmation Lilli has been murdered and the Butlers are shocked and Langan says his clients had nothing to do with it. She tells them Sophia may be in danger, and they tell her that a man contacted them this morning – Mr. Brooks, who is supposed to come tomorrow at noon.

Outside, they discuss what to do next and since they know where Brooks is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon…

The next day at the Butler residence, Benson and Stabler are now posing as Beth and Glen Butler, and Mr. Brooks (Pasha Lychinkoff) arrives. They make small talk. Benson pretends to be emotional over the prospect of getting a baby. He looks at the pictures of both of them as a couple and they talk money and where to bring it. He says he will call with instructions. He gets a message and tells them it is a boy, and shows them a photo. He asks them for a name for the birth certificate, and they gives him Oliver, for her father, and he tells them to say nothing until they baby is in their possession.

Back at SVU, they are still waiting for his call and they are tailing Brooks. Fin comes in and says he lost him, saying Brooks changed cabs in the middle of the street. Munch tells them that Brooks is tied to the Bulgarian mob and his real name is Anton Petrov. Marlowe enters and says the tap on Elroy’s phone should now be up. The GPS shows he is in Harlem. Stabler gets a text that the exchange will occur at 3:00 PM at Morningside Park. Cragen says to get ESU up to that warehouse and they will take Petrov there. But Marlowe says she needs to catch him in the act. Cragen says that area is too risky and she says she is making that an order, and barks “Morningside, now.” Cragen says she is the boss in court, not at SVU. She says she is telling him that unless they buy that baby from Petrov she cannot charge him. She storms out.

Cragen follows Marlowe outside, and they argue. He brings out a case from 1995 and says he remembered why she really returned in 1995, saying that to get a guy, she burned two of her undercover detectives. She called it a command decision. She gets in his face and he yells she is not a copy any more. She says Benson and Stabler can handle themselves, but Cragen says ESU will be standing by. She says if Petrov sees them it will be a bloodbath, and Cragen calls it a command decision.

Stabler and Benson are at the location to make the switch with Brooks, and Cragen has police in the other location. Brooks frisks Stabler just to be sure he isn’t holding anything. Brooks checks out the money, and then walks off with it, smiling. Then he hands them the baby. Meanwhile, Cragen and the police hear a woman scream and Elroy is also there telling a man not to do this. Benson now calls Brooks Petrov and puts a gun to his head. Meanwhile, at Cragen’s location, a man moves to shoot Sophia and Cragen gets into the room and shoots the man first. It seems there is blood on the pillow the man used for his silencer, but it was his own, Sophia is OK.

At the hospital, Benson and Marlowe visit Sophia but she refuses to talk out of fear. She denies knowing Petrov. Benson says she saw her baby boy, and this gets Sophia emotional. They ask for her help to stop what Petrov is doing. She tells them that nobody forced her, and she wants her baby and to be deported back to Bulgaria and she will never testify against Petrov.

Petrov is in interrogation with Stabler, and Marlowe comes in with information on Lilli. He asks them if they found a body, and he plays dumb. He says he hopes they find the swine who raped that girl. Marlowe tells him Lilli ratted him out before he whacked her and told them everything he did. He laughs and says they have nothing, there are no witnesses and there will be no witnesses. He asks for his lawyer.

Outside the room, Stabler tells Marlowe that it was a nice try on her bluff, and Marlowe says Petrov thinks he is Teflon. Benson comes in and tells them Elroy refused counsel and said he would plead guilty and go to prison before he would talk. They see he is terrified, but Marlowe says not nearly enough for him. She , Stabler and Benson go into the room and pressure Elroy, and remind him he is a liability to Petrov. Elroy says Petrov can’t get him in jail, but Marlowe disputes that. She suggests witness protection and he says that is not enough. Elroy’s lawyer John Buchanan (Delaney Williams) comes in and is upset they are talking to his client. Elroy says he did not call an attorney and Buchanan says it has been taken care of Elroy has nothing more to say.

Outside, Cragen comments that they are double screwed as Buchanan’s partner Marty Cranston is there to represent Petrov. They wonder if what Elroy says gets back to Petrov, Elroy is dead. Marlowe comes in and tells them Sophia is gone; two ICE agents were driving her and her baby to a detention center in Fort Dix and the car exploded, they are all dead.

Later, Marlowe shows that surveillance cameras at Fort Dix caught the explosion, now they have to prove it was Petrov who did it. Cragen reminds them two federal agents are dead and the FBI won’t let them near this. He tells Benson and Stabler they have bulls-eyes on their backs and he is putting protective detail on both of them. Benson resists, and Stabler asks about Elroy, saying he is a sitting duck in jail. Benson adds that Elroy thinks Petrov will let things slide if he keeps his mouth shut. Marlowe says John Buchanan will never let that happen.

In arraignment court, Petrov and Elroy plead not guilty. Marlowe asks for remand and the judge agrees. Afterwards, a police officer gives Marlowe a note and says Elroy slipped it to her while he was in lockup to give to Marlowe. Buchanan approaches her and gives her a motion notice, telling her it will never go to trial.

Later, Judge Quinn (Kate Nelligan) walks with Marlowe and Buchanan as he says the police claim Elroy signed a bogus death certificate for Lilli’s bogus husband, but Marlowe used that document to get subpoena and warrants. While Marlowe praises herself over it, he tells her it was stupid, as Elroy's signature was forged. The judge says she will read his papers and get back to him, and rushes because she has to go – really has to go – as she ducks into the restroom. Marlowe says “Me too” and follows her in there. In the rest room, Marlowe shows her the note she got from Elroy, which says he does not trust his lawyer, and asks for help.

Later, in Judge Quinn's office, with Marlowe and Langan, Elroy is brought in and he wonders what is going on. Marlowe says it is the answer to his cry for help. He is irate and asks if his attorney knows he is there. Langan says he is his attorney now, and Elroy says he does not understand. Marlowe explains he is a shadow counsel and it is the only way they can keep him safe. He is worried because if he fires his lawyer, Petrov will know he is ratting him out and then he is dead. Marlowe says he is not going to fire Buchanan, they want him to do everything he says. The judge explains Langan will represent his real interests and the others won’t find out unless he tells him. Elroy accepts. Langan asks for dismissal of all charges, immunity and witness protection, Marlowe and the judge adding it will be in exchange for Elroy’s confession - in chambers with the record sealed. But he can’t say what he hears in meetings between him, Buchanan, Petrov, and his attorney. He agrees. He asks how he will testify at the hearing and Marlowe tells him that Buchanan will still be his attorney but he is worried that if he tells the truth out there he will be dead. The judge says as long as he tells the truth in her chambers - Marlowe confirming if he tells the truth in her chambers there is no crime.

At the evidence suppression hearing, with overlapping views of his testimony in chambers, Elroy is on the stand. He testifies, in court, that the signature on the death certificate is forged: in chambers he says he signed it at Lilli’s bequest, who kept the women under wraps until the women gave birth. In court, he says Lilli did not involve him in baby smuggling, in chambers he says she offered him money for every baby he delivered. She threatened him for insurance fraud. In court, he denies Lilli paid him to recruit infertile couples and says he only met Petrov the night he delivered Sophia’s baby. In chambers, admit he knows where Lilli is buried. Back in court, Marlowe says she has no questions for Elroy and moved that the motion be denied. But Buchanan says not so fast, and says he has more questions for Elroy. He says he heard the police found Lilli’s body and only one person could have told him where she was buried, and that is Elroy. Elroy says he was just trying to help, but the judge cuts him off. Buchanan Elroy if he heard about the location of Lilli’s body from a private conversation with him and Petrov, and Elroy refuses to answer and invoked the Fifth Amendment. He denies being an informant. Buchanan continues to press, and ask if the judge and Marlow told him it would be OK to lie in court and wonders if he really still is Elroy’s lawyer. The judge tells Buchanan he is out of order, but Buchanan says she is out of order and he claims fraud. He continues to argue the point and says that Lilli’s body should be excluded as evidence as attorney-client privilege was violated. The judge asks to see counsel in chambers.

Afterwards, Marlowe tells Benson and Stabler that the judge ruled Lilli’s body out as evidence and believes someone at the cemetery tipped off Buchanan. Now Buchanan is moving to have Elroy's confession thrown out and without it they have nothing. Marlowe says she and the judge may get a censure from the disciplinary committee but she feels it is worth it. Benson says she does not see how, and Marlowe says she will.

In Marlowe’s office, Benson and Stabler are there and Buchanan comes in with Petrov. He complains about it but she says she is giving him one last chance to make a deal. Petrov laugh and Buchanan says they have no case. But Marlowe brings in Sophia - she is not dead. Benson and Stabler looks stunned. Marlowe says the feds found the bomb the people put under her car before it exploded. They wanted him to think Sophia was dead. Petrov tells Sophia she will not open her mouth and Buchanan motions to quiet him. She says she is not afraid of him anymore. He tells them that Petrov came to Lilli's house the night after she was raped and made her watch as he shot Lilli in the head, and said the same thing would happen to her if his property, her belly, was damaged. Petrov becomes crazed and says he will kill her. They shout to each other and he says she is dead, her baby is dead and her parents in Bulgaria are dead. Marlowe says they brought her parents here so his people there cannot touch them. Sophia says he will rot in prison but he says he will never go there, calling her a bitch. They pull him out of the room as he screams.

Outside, Stabler comments to Marlowe that Petrov thinks he is a tough guy but he folded like a bitch. Marlowe comments that life without parole looked pretty sweet when he heard the feds wanted to fry him. Benson is walking with Sophia, who has her baby, and Benson comments that Petrov is lucky Sophia didn’t get her hands on him. Sophia asks if she will get asylum and Benson reminds her the baby was born here so he is automatically a US citizen. Stabler wishes her good luck, and she thanks them all for everything, and then is drive off. Marlowe tells them Elroy is off the hook too, the US Marshals are picking him up tomorrow to put him in witness protection. But Benson comments that Marlowe lied to their faces when she told them Sophia was dead. Marlowe says she was protecting their victim and she needed an ace in the hole. Stabler asks why didn’t she trust them, and she says she couldn’t take the chance if Petrov had his guys trailing them. Stabler says partners put their cards on the table. She says, “Well, like my grandmother always said, the strongest cards you have are the ones you haven’t played.” She walks off, leaving Benson and Stabler standing there as we fade to black.

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Anonymous said...

How much of what the ADA and the judge cooked up was actually legal? - permitting a witness to lie in court in sworn testimony, for example. And does the client-attorney privilege protect the attorney as well as the client? (Especially when the lawyer is instructing the client to lie on the stand - the business about the supposed forgery of the doctor's signature). And then, isn't having a third person present - Petrov, in this case - enough to negate the privileged status of a communication? Where does Jack McCoy get these ADAs he keeps inflicting on the SVU, anyway?

alynch said...

After watching Law & Order SVI “Ace” some question popped into my head. Was this really an SVU case?

Not to defend the episode, but you realize this could be said for something like 90% of the episodes from the last five years, right?

Shelly said...

LOL alynch... I just got done watching the ep and reading All Things review, and I thought the very same thing... they are obviously stretching the meaning of "special victim" well past anything believable.

I agree about the legality of lying in the courtroom "under oath" just because the judge says it's OK. There was an episode of the Mothership last year (I think) where Jack had to explain to Cutter that he sometimes wished someone had reined him in. Well to me, Jo needs reining... lol...

I don't know if it's possible Stephanie March would come back, and I guess the Casey chracter is gone forever too, but they need to just find a good solid actor, male or female, to play a solid DA. No scenery chewing (love that line All Things) and no histrionics... just be good and solid...

Thanks as always for the recap...

Esaul said...

I actually respectfully disagree with your view about this being a special victims case. The murder is related to the baby trafficing, and I find that baby trafficing a very special victims case. While a lot of the episodes may not be a SVU case, I feel as if this one is.

Cragen was brilliant in this episode. I was even a bit scared when he took that shot, for a slight second I thought Sophia was shot instead.

I have no doubt Stephanie March is coming back. It hasn't been ruled out yet that she's gone for good. And to me, Cabot's the only good attorney for this show.

Anonymous: Jack works in NYC as a D.A., it's no surprise there's a bunch of ada's there. Conviction showed us that when that show aired.

Dr. Elroy looks familiar...wonder where I know him from.

Idk how legitimate what they're doing in court is legal, with the shadow council and what not. I find it very interesting and wonder if it's actually been done before. I remember when Jack pulled off that fake trial. It was a very compelling episode. I think Cabot could've pulled this off better than Sharon Stone as well. I can't wait until she's gone. I clapped and cheered for Cragen when he got in her face.

SVU lvr said...

The murder case was NOT and SVU case/ Baby trafficking, well, maybe, I am not sure, but since these involved people that were not US citizens and being brought over under false pretense, my opinion is the case belonged to the Feds.

SVU used to be able to create a self contained episode for a real special victim but now has to have all these complicated twists.

And Sharon Stone stunk. Bad. No wonder she hasn't had a real movie in a long time - the woman can't act. SVU has really gone downhill and I am tired of Neal Baer going for sensationalism rather than a quality story. They are NOT getting the ratings they used to get when they had decent stories a few years back. Neal Baer is ruining this show.

Esaul said...

The murder itself isn't a SVU case, but it's related in every way. If Petrov didn't sell the babies, he wouldn't have any needed to kill the women afterward. Just the connection itself to the baby trafficing qualifies it to be investigated by SVU, at least that's what I would argue if that point was ever brought up in the episode if I was one of the detectives arguing with Cragen.

John K. said...

I think it's the writer as "Crush," Jonathan Greene, which had horrible legalese. It seems that SVU is becoming legal farce, which is a pity. Also, Jo may becoming inconsistent -- last episode, she acted more like a defense attorney. In "Ace," she acted all manipulative, like Cutter or Kibre. What's next?

Anywho, I need a transcript done between Fin and the ICE agent, up to the point of Fin calling the ICE agent racist. Take your time, and thank you, as always.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you...this episode was just bad..I'm an eoshipper myself but this...I would have prefer that this fake married couple thing didn't happen..and Sharon Stone..Let's just say I can't wait for this one to go away...

Shelly said...

Esaul, David Paymer (Dr. Elroy) has been on a ton of things, probably mostly as a guest star or recurring character. I have no idea what would be considered his biggest role to date. He has a page on IMDB, and I imagine I first saw him back when he was on Barney Miller and Happy Days... lol... yes, I'm dating myself.

Hope this helps a little.

Anonymous said...

ace was good.....but i'm tired of you ''e/o'' people....the show is call "special victims unit" NOT "liv and el play house"......and quit hating on sharon stone...

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I am done with this show. If this is the best it's got, there really are no quality eps in the future. Unless they switch writing teams -- yet, at this point, it's like why bother? I shipped El and Liv and think they are hot together, but I have accepted that their ship will never go anywhere. I am not delusional, and I do not want to see bad fanfic being played out on the actual show. I agree, this was a stunt. A poorly executed one at that. And Sharon Stone/Jo Marlowe does not fit into the Law and Order universe. It's like Nicole Wallace all over again (which is an unpopular opinion, but I don't care). She just stuck out like an unwelcome sore thumb. I do not see the point of the Jo Marlowe character besides the obvious stunt casting.

Sorry for the long rant, but after 9 long years of watching SVU, I am just disgusted. Yes, it's only a tv show, but comparing the current episodes with the old is just sad. I think it's time for SVU to pack it up and go home.

It's ironic that The Mothership has got it's mojo back just as the spin-offs are losing their edge.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with the new ADA? Is it that people don't think Sharon Stone is a good actress or they don't like the character she plays? Jo Marlowe certainly believes in asking for forgiveness rather than permission, and seems to behave in what the hierarchy must see as an irresponsible fashion, but she seems believable, if not particularly likable. Like that falling-down-drunk they had earlier. (Whatever happened to ADA Carver? The SVU could certainly use someone like him.)

Chris Zimmer said...

John, I hop ethis is what you are looking for:

ICE: No American embassy would give a visa to a pregnant woman in her third trimester.

Fin: So that whole “bring us your tired, your poor, your yearning to breathe free” thing was bull?

ICE: They sneak in, drop their litter, little tikes go right on the Federal teat, and we pay for the milk.

Fin: Spoken like a true racist.

Ol Cranky said...

Anonymous #1 - I think I'm right behind you

Anonymous said...

Where does Jack McCoy get these ADAs he keeps inflicting on the SVU, anyway?

I think that he just grabs people from modeling agencies, which is weird since the Manhattan District Attorney has the pick of the litter from Ivy League schools and doesn't have to settle for someone who clearly wants to work elsewhere.

What's the problem with the new ADA? Is it that people don't think Sharon Stone is a good actress or they don't like the character she plays?

The character bugs me. She has the exact same personality and mannerisms as Sonya Paxton from earlier this season and Kim Greylek from the previous system. It seems to me that all of the ADAs that appear on this show are upper-class WASPy women. There was nothing wrong with that the first two times, but it makes me wonder what was the point of replacing a character for the same character played by a different actress.

Anonymous said...

I think this was good for SVU's current standards. That's not saying that much but I was entertained. I've seen lamer excuses for an SVU case before (torture victims, smuggled animals...). I thought Sharon Stone was WAY over the top last week but I thought she was better this time.

CI and the Mothership are both doing far better stuff these days.

Joanne said...

Worse thing about this Sharon Stone thing is that you know it's an extended stint and she'll be back next week. It's like being run over by a bus and knowing there's a couple of other buses waiting to do it again. I don't think I've ever watched Sharon Stone act before. I've always known who she is, probably more through celebrity news than anything. Has her acting always been like this? Has her voice always sounded this smug?

As for this being an SVU case - I actually think it wasn't too far a stretch. They probably should have handed it off to the Feds, but I think the choice whether to or not was theirs and they wanted to follow it through.

The E/O thing was a total stunt and it seemed to only be done to look inviting in the promos. I'm abit of a shipper, sure, but I'd probably enjoy some nice natural banter than some fake playing-house thing.

This all better be leading into something good for the finale, I'm getting a little bored.

Rose167 said...

I think this was inarguably an SVU case. However, I am sick of Neal Baer. He has no idea what's good for the show, he seems to only be interested in stunts and temporarily attempting to please fans. Don't get me wrong, I love EO (I doubt I'd still be watching the show if they weren't on it) but the show is sinking fast.

As for Sharon Stone... meh. I don't care for her much, but she's better than Kim Greylek at least. I think the writers basically look Kim's character, split her in half and turned each half into Sonya and Jo. I think they need to hire a good actor who can bring something new to the show - why not get a male ADA? I know that SVU has a cast that is mostly men already, but it might be a breath of fresh air.

As for the scene where Elliot and Liv were married... it was cute, but hardly a shipper's dream. Neal Baer constantly goes on and on and pumps up people's expectations, then fails to deliver. It was painfully obvious that this was a stunt and nothing more. Part of SVU's charm (in my opinion) is that Elliot and Olivia have natural chemistry and have formed a close bond over the years; we don't need episodes like Wildlife or like this one where they're put into fake situations that are clearly little more than attention-whoring on Neal Baer's part.

Anyway... I didn't hate the episode. I would love it though if the show could go back to basics with more special victims and less explosions and drug cartels. Also, how many undercover stints have they been on this season? It's getting a bit much. Also, the show needs more Munch. Just putting that out there. Maybe we could see Amy Solwey again, or the show could expand on what happened with Gwen after Zebras.

John K. said...

That's perfect. Thank you very much.

As for the A.D.A. issue and everyone dropping Kim's name. I don't disagree with some of the criticisms, but it's clear (to me) that Kim acted like a true prosecutor. (Motivations we can argue, all day long, but she never deviated from her mission statement, compared to the others. Though, Paxton was close-ish.)

As for the archetypes, true, as it's about the writing. Madeline makes an interesting point about how they split the difference with Kim, turning her into Sonya and Jo. I want to mull on that, but after the season finale.

Shelly said...

I'm not particularly an E/O shipper, but I do appreciate the chemistry they've shown as partners and friends really since the beginning of the series. But I don't get why the "married" scene would get any shipper excited. Now if it had been more in-depth, or been a longer part of the show, I would get it. But how long did that scene last? Not long... if I still had it recorded, I would go back and watch... maybe if they had to spend more of the ep in that situation for a case... ??

Anyway, USA is doing the show a disservice by showing the earlier eps... for the longest time, when it was on the top of its game, it was a great show... I can't remember the last time I thought any particular ep was great... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Confession: I though Sharon Stone was great in Casino. She seems to be at her best when she's playing an insane person. I don't think this format is her forte.

Rose167 said...

I totally agree Shelly. Neal Baer and Ausiello made such a big deal out of the whole thing, so I think us shippers thought it would be a major part of the episode. Had it been the focus of the episode rather than just another five minutes of undercover action, it probably could have been great. Instead we got a few minutes of absolutely nothing, which made it obvious it was just blatant attention seeking on Neal Baer's part.

Anonymous said...

How do shippers always fall for this stuff? This isn't even the first time that they've had Elliot and Olivia play a married couple; they did it at least once before, in that episode where Elliot was undercover as a drug dealer helping a rogue cop smuggle drugs into the United States. That episode was so much better than this one, too, so you should go back and watch that to get your fix.

There was also that episode where Olivia played a hooker (The one in "Wildlife", where she plays a hooker who goes to visit Stabler, who was undercover as an animal smuggler, not "Hothouse", where she goes undercover as a hooker's madam, with Fin undercover as her henchman). That episode was not as good as "Ace", but not by a lot.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Client Privileged is null in-void if the lawyer is not representing his clients best interest and shadow council is also legal to be done. Petrov's attorney should of lost his license for supporting porgy. It is the worst offense an attorney can commit. Marlow did nothing wrong as the witness asked for the help resulting in the shadow council.

One flaw in this episode Attorney Client privileged only applies when no one else is present. Too have two defendants present at the same time eliminates the privlidge.

Anonymous said...

point of fact: Attorney-Client privilege only covers the client. It is at the sole discretion of the client to choose to disclose or not disclose discussions with legal council.