Thursday, March 31, 2011

Law & Order SVU “Reparations” Previews, Interviews, BTS Videos

Here they are - cast interviews (Chris Meloni, Ice-T, guest stars Terrence Howard and Diane Neal), previews, and behind the scenes videos for Law & Order SVU “Reparations.” Diane Neal is reprising her role as Casey Novak, and Law & Order LA’s Terrence Howard will appear as DDA Jonah Dekker. The episode will air on April 6, 2011 (10 PM ET/9C Wednesday).

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Reparations" can be found at this link.

Please be aware that I am only permitted to keep the episode preview clips up for one week after the episode originally airs, so please catch them while you can!

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Esaul said...

At least now we know what's going on with Case and Joe. It makes a lot of sense now. I'm so excited for this episode. And omg. I love Diane so much now after seeing her interview. She's amazing. I hope they bring her back a bit more now.

nygma619 said...

So apparently Novak wasn't disbarred and just censured. I guess we can just assume Greyleck jumped the gun making an assumption.

But how long did that censure last? Why come back (as a character) now? Hopefully they answer these questions in a believable manner.

Mike said...

Who's the actress whom played the rape vicitm?

gahks said...

Think the jury's still out on Terrence Howard as to whether he makes a credible lawyer but omg am excited to see Diane Neal back!