Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Law & Order CI “Bad Guys Beware” New Promo

Here’s a new promo from USA Network for Law & Order Criminal Intent, titled “Bad Guys Beware.” It features Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Jay O. Sanders, plus guest star Neal McDonough. Law & Order CI returns on May 1, 2011 at 9PM ET on USA Network.

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havers said...

What a great and cool promo trailer clip.

janethyland said...

Neal McDonough is another ex the LOCI new showrunner.The hand of Boomtown on the heart of!McDonough won awards for his acting in Boomtown. Its a good match for Goren.

Music Wench said...

Yes!!! I'm so happy to see this. Makes it even more real. Boomtown! Now that was one show that deserved a longer life. Really enjoyed it and McDonough.

UDENGUI said...

EL REGRESO CON GLORIA!!! Feliz regreso GOREN & EAMES, sin ustedes LOCI no es nada. Goren, mas bello aun, No veo la hora de verlo, pero me gustaria que gravan mas temporadas, en una serie tan buena, estoy cansada de las nuevas serie que pasan de perrsonas extraordianrias, que vuelan, desaparecen, vuelan, sin sentido. Mas temporada de LOCI

gahks said...

Neal McDonough on 'LOCI'? Good choice!

Awesome promo btw.