Friday, March 25, 2011

Law & Order Los Angeles "Zuma Canyon/Silver Lake" Episode Information

NBC has released the information for two new episodes of Law & Order LA, airing as a double header on Monday, April 11, 2011.

(Please note: recaps/reviews for Law & Order LA will likely not be published until late Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Law & Order Los Angeles "Zuma Canyon/Silver Lake" Air Date April 11, 2011 (9PM ET/8C Monday NBC)

DETECTIVES WINTERS (SKEET ULRICH) AND JARUSZALSKI (COREY STOLL) INVESTIGATE A SHOOTING AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY—When a normal quinceaƱera erupts in violence, leaving multiple people dead, the detectives work quickly to follow a lead. During their search for answers, they find a young boy protecting acres of marijuana and discover he is the only witness that can help the case. As the detectives begin to close in on a suspect, Winters receives a surprise visit at home. Meanwhile, DDA Morales (Alfred Molina) must risk upsetting the Mexican government by prosecuting the guilty, which results in a shocking decision. Rachel Ticotin, Regina Hall also star and Teri Polo guest stars.

DETECTIVES MORALES (ALFRED MOLINA) AND JARUSZALSKI (COREY STOLL) INVESTIGATE A SERIAL RAPIST—Don Alvin's (guest star Tim DeKay, "White Collar") quiet life is destroyed when an intruder ambushes he and his family in their home, killing his wife and son. After searching for clues, the detectives discover similar cases that lead them to one powerful common thread. Meanwhile, DDA’s Dekker (Terrence Howard) and Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) have to tread carefully in order to get a guilty verdict after Morales’ puts their case in jeopardy. Rachel Ticotin also stars.

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Melvin Gaines said...

This new edition of LOLA seems to have captured the spark of the original Mothership. I'm looking forward to its return.

gahks said...

Agreed Melvin! This actually sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

i am just surprised to see Alana de la Garza reprises her old role!

cbsplaysdirty said...

Melvin Gaines, is that your nom de plume Dick Wolf?

Stoll actually looks better WITH the 'stache, so that's strike one. Winters dying, strike two. Howard as the DA and Molina a cop? Yeah, LOLA is DOA.

Keep rearranging the deck chairs but be sure to put on a sweater. The water's cold.