Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Law & Order LA: Another Promo For April 2011 Return

Here’s another new promo for Law & Order LA. It’s the same video as the Law & Order LA promo that I posted a few days ago, but the voice over is different. It says “"It only takes one… a single shot… to trigger a television event… not seen in 20 years. Law & Order loses one of its own... " Based on the promo we can all assume it's Rex Winters (Skeet Ulrich) who takes the bullet. (Long time Law & Order fans should recall Sgt. Max Greevey getting shot and killed outside his home. The episode was the first episode of the second season, titled “Confession,” and George Dzundza, who played Greevey, wasn’t even in the episode.)

Law & Order: LA returns on Monday April 11th with a double header starting at 9PM ET on NBC.

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janethyland said...

Whats the "first" in Law and Order history then,if someones been killed off before?

Esaul said...

As Allthings said, it was Greevey getting shot and killed in the second season. Which does mean Rex Winters is getting killed, 'cause as we all know Green was shot (but not killed), so Jesse L Martin could do Rent. At least he's getting a send off that peole wanted? Iunno? xD And when they say losing their own, I guess they mean the cops too in this case, 'cause we've lost ADAs before. *shrugs*

janethyland said...

Unless the killing triggers Morales' change of mind and change of heart and change of job.That would be a first in the history of Law and Order...the voluntary side shift.

gahks said...

Also don't forget ADA Borgia, Annie Parisse's character on the mothership, who exited spectacularly at the end of the 16th season.

Jay Negron said...

Jill Hennassey left with a 'bang' also on a season ender, 6th or 7th season I think.

xfool said...

Claire (Jill Hennessy) was killed bu a drunk driver. Greevey was shot and killed. Ed Green was shot but did not die. Ceretta was shot and did not die. Borgia was murdered and her body was left in a trunk. Rex Winters - a detective - being shot AND killed is the event that hasn't happened in 20 years...I would think.