Monday, March 21, 2011

Law & Order LA “Back to The Badge” New Promo

Here’s a new promo from NBC for Law & Order LA featuring Alfred Molina, whose character DDA Ricardo Morales makes the move back to “the badge.”

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lgl said...

Wow, he is a good actor. He managed to keep a straight face through the whole promo. LOLA is DOA.

Leo Toma said...

Hum... that was quite... cheesy.

janethyland said...

Its exposition to save time.

The walk is different, more of a copwalk than a lawyerwalk.Maybe Molinas will enjoy this form of his character more.There was something incomfortable about him being a lawyer.

"A trial is rarely a search for Truth".

The job switch is a first in the franchise?

It does happen. There are people who take lateral side moves in their career lives,rather than the customary linear scaling of the hierarchy.Ive met them.Multi-qualified but not tied to status.

True,its a road less often taken.A person who is a teacher or leader or initiator or mediator etc by Nature would be that where ever they went and whatever they do.

janethyland said...

Maybe LOLA is a return to its Dragnet,where the formula began.The Black/white promo with badge reminds me of the black/white badge sequence in the opening frame to the 50's Dragnet.
That would be interesting...if we get more 50's Noir!