Friday, March 18, 2011

Law & Order LA Loses One Of Its Own – Promo

Here’s the latest NBC promo for Law & Order LA – and it’s self explanatory. It also may be a huge spoiler to some (but certainly not to any respectable Law & Order fan).

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gahks said...

Guess that's the upside of being dismissed. You get an awesome death scene.

Wish Skeet all the best with his future career.

janethyland said...

"How it all ends" might be a "Law and Order" first with Morales etc....but killing a law enforcer off isnt a first, as most of you who watched for twenty years have been saying.Ross was killed off last season in LOCI too.Its a convenient way to get rid of a character. I wonder how Skeet fans take it.

Gahks, i thought Skeet left of his own volition?

janethyland said...

There is a main character called Mayor Morales on Stephen Gaghans Los Angeles crime show SILA.

There is a main character called Morales on Dick wolfs los angeles crime show called LOLA.

Do they want these coincidences?
It feels too close for comfort.

Kristi said...

So I just found this site. I'm super excited! I love law and order...all of them! I'm also happy to see LA coming back! I really enjoyed it!

Alice said...

This episode seems awesome, although in the promo where the bullet shoots the shield, they say that one of their own hasn't been killed in 20 yrs., which is wrong, because I guess Alexandra Borgia would be considered "one of there own", I guess. But, whatever, the episode still seems epic. :D

Anonymous said...

(sorry spelled her last name wrong!)

Esaul said...

@ janethyland - Hm. When I saw this promo, I have to admit I did not think of the captain at all, despite how recent it was. I was thinking mainly along the lines of the detectives, but you do bring up a valid point. As for the last name bit, I think that's purely coincidence, since you're gonna find the same last names anywhere you look, even on television. I might also find it purely coincidence 'cause I've never seen that show you mentioned before *shrugs* Now if they had the same personality or history, then we'd be talking. xD

@ Kristi - Welcome to the site! We do tend to have interesting conversations, especially after a recap of an episode. xD

@ Alice - In the promo, when they are saying 'one of their own' they are talking about for detectives/police force versus the District Attorney's Office, where Borgia's from. I do agree about the episode though. It looks to be promising and one of the show's best ones so far. I've never had a problem with Skeet Ulrich (mainly because LOLA was the first time I've seen him act), but it's just something about his character itself I did not like.

@k2 pop - Another Connie fan? Sweet! You're close with the last name :P It's Rubirosa ;) I found this interesting, her first name is Consuela, is this something that was mentioned on the show and I missed it? Or was this like a 'duh that's obvious' type of thing? xD

ChessNovice said...

The death of Ulrich's character does not surpise me.

1. Max Greevey was killed at the end of the first season of Law and Order

2. Claire Kinkaid was killed in a traffic accident.

3. ADA Borgia was kidnapped and beaten to death.

4. ME O'Halloran was murdered in SVU

5.Captain Ross on CI was assassinated,

Jane said...

I wold really like to see this series, I hope they show it here in the UK at some point.